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23 Places to Travel Without a Passport from the US (in 2023)

Whether you lost your passport, forgot to renew it, or haven’t gotten around to even acquiring your first passport, it doesn’t matter – there are still some fantastic places to travel without a passport from the United States.

From snow-capped peaks to white-sand beaches, you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful, culturally vibrant destinations you can actually visit without a passport!

Below, I’ve compiled the web’s most comprehensive list of the 23 best places to travel without a passport. For each destination, I’ve included how you can get there, what documents you might need, plus realistic sights to see and activities to do during your stay. Enjoy!

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23 Places to Travel Without a Passport

I’ve broken down the 23 best places to travel without a passport from the US into four different sections (click to jump to your preferred section):

🌎 US Territories: the US has five overseas territories that are relatively accessible for Americans without a passport.

🚢 Closed-Loop Cruise Destinations: a style of cruise beginning and ending at the same port. For US travelers, these cruises allow entry into many Caribbean and Central American nations without a passport. We’ll also cover the US’s neighbors in this section. In addition to closed-loop cruises, special requirements and other forms of identification allow US travelers to visit Canada or Mexico by land without a passport in certain cases.

🇺🇸 US Destinations: part of the many benefits of living in the USA is the uniqueness of the places and people within the confines of our nation – we have immense opportunities to visit unique places without ever leaving the country.

US Territories To Visit Without a Passport

Puerto Rico

Enjoy easy travel to this culturally vibrant Latin American island in the Caribbean

A woman enjoying the water while looking up at the waterfalls in Puerto Rico
Enjoying waterfalls in Puerto Rico 

📍 Google Maps | Puerto Rico Travel Guides | ✈️  Browse Flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Skyscanner | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID

Of the many places to visit without a passport, Puerto Rico is among the best. The Latin American island is the largest US territory, with flights landing in San Juan daily from most major airport hubs in the United States.

Once you’re in Puerto Rico, the diversity of experiences is endless. Explore the distant islands of Vieques and Culebra. Go surfing in Rincon. Hike to historic lighthouses near Cabo Rojo. And even paddle atop bioluminescent bays – a rare phenomenon found in three separate locations in Puerto Rico! 

Other hotspots include the tropical rainforest of El Yunque, historic landmarks including El Morro (a Spanish fortification built in 1539), and many serene waterfalls hidden within the mountainous landscape.

📖 Keep Reading: Our complete guide to Puerto Rico without a passport.

St. Croix – US Virgin Islands

The largest island in the US Virgin Islands is a laid-back, multicultural Caribbean destination

The author Andrew Bloem sitting on the ground watching the ocean on a beach on the East End of St. Croix
Me enjoying the East End of St. Croix on an early morning hike 

📍 Google Maps | St. Croix Travel Guides | ✈️  Check Flights to St. Croix | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID

Although within the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix is off on its own 45 miles south of St. Thomas and St. John. Because of this isolation, the island’s communities have developed a unique cultural identity heavily reflected in the island’s cuisine, music, and experiences.

But let’s not forget about St. Croix’s incredible beauty and rich history. White-sand beaches line the coasts while hiking trails weave along the island’s ridgeline. Buck Island Reef National Monument is an uninhabited island with one of the territory’s best beaches and a dazzling coral reef. 

Christiansted National Historic Site provides a glimpse into life in the Danish West Indies beginning in 1733. Salt River Bay is another bioluminescent bay and the landing site for Christopher Columbus during his second voyage to the New World. 

Northern Mariana Islands

Sandy shores line these mountainous, tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean

Aerial view of Managaha Island surrounded with white sand and clear turquoise blue ocean
Managaha Island is a popular spot to visit from Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands

📍 Google Maps | ✈️ Browse Northern Mariana Flights | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID

On this list, the Northern Mariana Islands are by no means the easiest to get to. After all, they’re a small string of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But if you’re up to the task, they are incredibly gorgeous, with sandy shores and amazing water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing. 

The island is filled with friendly people and plenty of Polynesian cultural opportunities. World War II memorials are scattered along the islands as the territory once was a brutal battleground. 

Other natural features include hiking trails to the highest peak of Mount Tapotchau, a massive underwater limestone cavern known as The Grotto, and plenty of marine life, including friendly sea turtles and reef sharks.

St. Thomas – US Virgin Islands

Beautiful beaches await on this bustling Caribbean island

A sea turtle swimming under the clear water of the ocean in St. Thomas
Snorkeling with sea turtles on St. Thomas in the Caribbean 

📍 Google Maps | St. Thomas Travel Guides | ✈️ Check Flights to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID

If you want to visit a wonderful Caribbean destination, St. Thomas might be among the most accessible places to travel without a passport from the US. US citizens do not need a passport to visit the US Virgin Islands from the mainland.

St. Thomas is the most populated and busiest island within the US Virgin Islands. The territory’s capital city and largest community, Charlotte Amalie, overlooks a large protected harbor with two bustling cruise terminals and a large airport.

You’ll find plenty of activities scattered around the island, including some of the best beaches in the Virgin Islands, like the iconic Magens Bay. World-class hotels and resorts line the island’s beautiful East End, and dozens of exciting boat tours depart their marinas.


Luxury resorts line the gorgeous beaches of this US Territory in the Pacific Ocean

Beautiful sunrise over the waterfront hotel and resort on Guam
Sunrise over the resorts of Guam 

📍 Google Maps | ✈️ Browse Flights to Guam | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID AND proof of citizenship such as birth certificate

Guam is usually the most recognized of the three US territories in the Pacific Ocean. It’s also the easiest to get to, with flights typically departing Honolulu, Hawaii, regularly. To travel to Guam without a passport, you must be careful not to enter any other country on a connecting flight – you MUST depart from Honolulu.

Once you’ve arrived, prepare to soak up the beautiful beaches along this gorgeous tropical island. Outdoor lovers enjoy Guam with its many hiking trails and ocean sports activities. Two Lovers Point might be the most popular tourist attraction – a cliffside terrace overlooking the glimmering Philippine Sea.

St. John – US Virgin Islands

Two-thirds of St. John is protected within Virgin Islands National Park, offering stunning beaches, hiking trails, and historical ruins

The author's wife snorkeling on the shallow coral reefs within Virgin Islands National Park
Snorkeling shallow coral reefs within Virgin Islands National Park and Maho Bay 

📍 Google Maps | St. John, USVI Travel Guides | ✈️  Flights to the US Virgin Islands | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID

Of the three main US Virgin Islands, St. John is easily the most natural and possibly the most beautiful, featuring some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. 

The vast majority of the island is protected via Virgin Islands National Park with an array of pristine beaches, epic hiking trails, and fascinating remnants of the Danish West Indies. The two main towns of Cruz Bay and Coral Bay are starkly different. Cruz Bay is one of the liveliest villages in the Caribbean, while Coral Bay is a reclusive community seemingly forgotten.

The island has many options for places to stay and even more exciting things to do, like snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, and shopping.

🏝️ Island Hopping: How to Go from St. Thomas to St. John (and back)

American Samoa

Five volcanic islands and two coral atolls make up the natural beauty of American Samoa in the Pacific Ocean

A small village on the coastline of American Samoa
Small villages line the coastline of American Samoa 

📍 Google Maps | ✈️ Browse Flights to American Samoa | Document Requirements: Valid government-issued ID, certified birth certificate demonstrating US nationality, and a ticket for onward passage out of American Samoa

As of 2022, entry requirements for US citizens visiting American Samoa are more stringent. Yet, according to the US Department of Interior, it’s still possible to enter the country without a valid passport. Possessing a government-issued ID, certified birth certificate, and a ticket for onward passage out of American Samoa within 30 days makes travel without a passport possible, albeit difficult.

American Samoa is in the South Pacific between Fiji and the Cook Islands. Along with the Northern Mariana Islands, it’s the most challenging US territory to visit, with only two direct flights departing Hawaii per week.

But if you get there, you’ll be rewarded with stunning beauty, some of the best beaches in the world, and authentic, native Samoan culture. 

Closed-Loop Cruise Destinations Without a Passport

🚢 What is a Closed-Loop Cruise? A closed-loop cruise begins and ends at the same port, making plenty of stops in foreign nations in between. Many closed-loop cruises enable travel without a passport to the stunning Caribbean and Central American countries.

📄 Required Documents: to board a closed-loop cruise, you must present a government or state-issued ID and an original birth certificate as proof of citizenship.

🛂 Passport Still Recommended: Although this cruise style doesn’t require a valid passport, bringing one along is not a bad idea. Imagine missing your boat in a foreign nation with no passport to fly back to the US!

💡 Stay Updated: As of this writing (Dec. 2022), these locations do not require a passport if aboard a closed-loop cruise. However, these are independent countries, and regulations may change. Always stay updated and double check with your cruise line before departing.


British Overseas Territory with pink-sand beaches lining the coast of this popular cruise destination

Aerial view of people enjoying the white sand beach and beautiful turquoise blue ocean on Bermuda Park
Enjoy the pink-sand beaches of Bermuda 

📍 Google Maps | 🚢 Cruises Headed to Bermuda

Bermuda is a popular destination for closed-loop cruises departing the northeast coast of the United States. The British Overseas Territory is rich in colonial history, unique architecture, and stunning natural wonders. Among them is Crystal Cave, a deep cavern glistening with stalactites and blue waters.

Dominican Republic

Large Latin American country in the Caribbean with white sand beaches and Spanish colonial architecture

Exterior view of the ruins of Diego Columbus Palace in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo is the oldest European permanent settlement in North America

📍 Google Maps | 🇩🇴 Cruises Visiting the Dominican Republic

Cruises visiting the Dominican Republic typically stop in Santo Domingo or Punta Cana. Santo Domingo is rich in Spanish colonial history with impressive sights like Alcazar de Colon. Meanwhile, Punta Cana offers serene beaches with turquoise waters lapping the sand during a cruise stop.

British Virgin Islands

A stone’s throw away from the US Virgin Islands is Tortola, a popular closed-loop cruise destination

Huge rocks on the white sand and clear blue water of a tropical beach in the British Virgin Islands
The Baths are a popular destination in Virgin Gorda, BVIs 

📍 Google Maps | 🇻🇬 Cruises Visiting the British Virgin Islands

Many closed loop-cruises visiting St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands also make a pit stop in Tortola within the British Virgin Islands. Cruisers will unload in Road Town, the country’s capital city, before departing on island tours to scenic views and secluded beaches. The Baths on nearby Virgin Gorda are the most popular attraction within the island chain.

The Bahamas

Large archipelago nation in the Atlantic Ocean with pristine beaches near multiple cruise ship ports

Aerial view of a cruise ship in the clear blue ocean docked in the port of Bahamas
You can easily visit Nassau in the Bahamas aboard a closed-loop cruise

📍 Google Maps | 🇧🇸 Cruises Heading to the Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the most accessible places to travel without a passport from the US. Many cruises departing Fort Lauderdale or Miami make a pit stop in Nassau before embarking further into the Caribbean. You’ll even find short weekend cruises into the archipelago for a quick getaway.

In The Bahamas, you’ll discover beautiful coastlines lined with mangroves, white-sand beaches, and colorful coral reefs close to shore. Additionally, each cruise line has its island to stop at, including Disney’s Castaway Cay and Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay.


Closed-loop cruise ships make frequent stops at this large, beautiful Caribbean island

Aerial view of the beautiful Jamaica Island surrounded by clear blue ocean
Cruises visit Montego Bay in Jamaica

📍 Google Maps | 🇯🇲 Closed-Loop Cruises to Jamaica

Jamaica has two cruise ports between Montego Bay and Kingston. Aboard a closed-loop cruise, travelers can enter the country without a passport and explore the mountainous landscape peppered with coffee farms and waterfalls. Ocean-based activities are also popular, like snorkeling and sailing.


Go Scuba Diving during a cruise stop in this Central American country

Aerial view of the barrier reef and deep cave of the famous Blue Hole in Belize City
The famous Blue Hole off of Belize City is a popular spot for scuba divers

📍 Google Maps | 🇧🇿 Cruises Bound for Belize

Thankfully, cruise-goers without a passport can still enjoy the top thing to do in Belize: scuba dive the Blue Hole. This once-in-a-lifetime dive is reachable from Belize City, the country’s principal cruise port. The mesmerizing dive site is an open water sinkhole descending over 400 feet in the middle of a pristine coral atoll.

Costa Rica

This Central American country is a tropical paradise suitable for nature lovers with its exotic animals and biodiversity

Aerial view of the beautiful city and tourist spot of Puntarenas in Costa Rica
Cruise ships dock in Puntarenas in Costa Rica after departing the US West Coast

📍 Google Maps | Costa Rica Travel Guides | 🇨🇷 Closed-Loop Cruises Visiting Costa Rica

Many closed-loop cruises leaving California’s Pacific Coast make their way south to Costa Rica, specifically Puntarenas. From there, you can enter the country without a passport gaining access to the Central American country’s protected rainforests, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife viewing opportunities.


Enjoy legendary diving without a passport in Roatan during a cruise stop

A scuba diver swimming with a school of fish and a close-up look at the beautiful corals underwater
Scuba diving during a closed-loop cruise in Honduras

📍 Google Maps | 🇭🇳 Closed-Loop Cruises Headed to Honduras

Closed-loop cruises departing South Florida often visit the Bay Islands of Honduras. The most famous are the popular diving destinations of Utila and Roatan. Along these islands, you’ll discover dazzling sections of the Mesoamerican Reef – the world’s second-longest barrier reef system.

St. Maarten / St. Martin

Half of this Caribbean island is French, and the other half is Dutch. Traveling without a passport aboard a closed-loop cruise is possible on whichever side you end up on.

Aerial view of the beautiful downtown and ocean view of Philipsburg illuminated at night
Philipsburg during the evening on St. Maarten

📍 Google Maps | 🇭🇳 Closed-Loop Cruises to St. Martin

St. Maarten is one of the northernmost islands in the Lesser Antilles and Windward Islands. Most famous for its pristine beaches, the island nation shares dual ownership, with one half a French Territory and the other owned by the Dutch.

Cruisegoers will likely port in Phillipsburg on the Dutch side, where they can explore cobblestone streets and enjoy duty-free shopping. Other activities include hiking, beaching, and hopping aboard a boat tour.

The Cayman Islands

This tiny string of tropical islands in the Caribbean is a British Overseas Territory home to incredible beaches

Sting rays swimming under the clear blue water in the Cayman Islands
Sting rays are one of the unique marine creatures you might encounter in the Cayman Islands 

📍 Google Maps | 🇰🇾 Closed-Loop Cruises to the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a string of three islands in the west Caribbean. One of the few tropical paradises under the UK flag, the Cayman Islands might be the most dazzling of the bunch.

American citizens can visit the Cayman Islands during a closed-loop cruise. The island nation’s cruise port is in George Town, where passengers unload to discover the pristine waters, many endangered species, and other spectacular ocean-based activities.

Turks and Caicos

British Overseas Territory and archipelago south of the Bahamas with beautiful beaches

People crossing on the wide and long boardwalk on Grand Turk Island
Arriving on Grand Turk Island during cruise travel

📍 Google Maps | 🇹🇨 Search for Cruises to Turks and Caicos

South of The Bahamas is Turks and Caicos. This British Territory is home to some of the clearest water in the world, with fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. Closed-loop cruises give American citizens a chance to enter the country without a passport and discover the secluded shores of Grand Turk.


Enter the vibrant Latin American country by land or sea without a passport from the United States

Aerial view of boats around the Arches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Boats around the Arches of Cabo San Lucas

📍 Google Maps | Mexico Travel Guides

Mexico has many options for American citizens to visit without a passport via a closed-loop cruise with destinations like Cozumel, Cancun, Costa Maya, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerta Vallarta consistently on itineraries.

Additionally, American citizens can visit Mexico by land without a passport granting them access to other sections of the culturally vibrant country, including Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. However, remember that you will need a passport card if visiting the country by car.


Our northern neighbor permits travel without a passport in certain circumstances

Beautiful ocean sunset view at the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse reflected on the water
Visit Halifax in Nova Scotia without a passport aboard a cruise

📍 Google Maps | Canada Travel Guides 

Similar to Mexico, admittance into Canada without a passport requires a birth certificate and passport card if traveling by land. Sometimes, people living close to or working across the border are granted special admittance. Again, this is in particular circumstances.

Or you can also visit Canada aboard a closed-loop cruise which often visits the country’s east coast, including Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.

🚗 Wondering About Driving There? As an American citizen, you may visit Mexico or Canada without a passport by closed-loop cruise or car. However, if you visit by car, you will need a passport card at the very least. Remember that you will need a valid US passport if you visit these countries by plane.

Places to Travel in the USA Without a Passport

🇺🇸 Let’s not forget about the many unique places in the United States. Obviously, this list could go on forever, but these are a few of the most exotic locations we love that don’t require a passport!


No US passport is necessary to visit the 50th state and its many tropical places

Aerial view of the majestic Na Pali Coast on Kauai
Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to travel without a passport for Americans 

📍 Google Maps | ✈️ Search for Flights to Hawaii

As the 50th US State, a passport is not required to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii. All you need is a government-issued ID for air travel, and you’re good to go!

The culture of Hawaii is markedly Polynesian, making it a unique escape from the continental US. Hike up volcanoes on the Big Island. Go surfing in Maui. Or lounge on the beach in Honolulu. Hawaii has everything you’d need for a fun and exciting getaway!


America’s last frontier is otherworldly if traveling by plane or cruise from the continental US 

A cruise ship docked on the port of Juneau, Alaska
Either fly or visit Alaska aboard a cruise without a passport 

📍 Google Maps | Things to Do in Juneau, AK | 🏔️ Search for Cruises to Alaska

It’s hard to fathom the large scale of Alaska. This state is absolutely enormous, with much of it unreachable and yet to be explored. However, with regular flights to Anchorage and many cruises visiting the likes of Juneau and Skagway, we have plenty of beauty and culture to explore.

Get planning with our guides to places to visit in Alaska and when to visit Alaska.

The Florida Keys

100-mile long string of tropical islands offering a Caribbean vibe within the continental United States

A close-up look at the Key West, Florida Buoy sign
Key West is the southernmost point in the continental United States 

📍 Google Maps | Best Things to Do in Florida | 👉 Browse Hotels in the Florida Keys on Booking

The Florida Keys are beautiful, with crystal blue water and outstanding deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking adventures. Drive the entire 100-mile length of the Overseas Highway, beginning in Key Largo and ending in Key West. Upon arrival, enjoy the historic buildings, cool rum drinks, and lively atmosphere of the small pirate town.

🏖️ Or Visit South Florida: As they say, the best part about Miami is that it’s so close to the United States. In fact, if heading down to the Florida Keys, there’s a good chance you’ll fly into Miami first. My wife grew up there, so she’s given me tips on the best things to do when visiting Miami.

FAQs About Travel Without a Passport

What Caribbean Countries Do Not Require a Passport?

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are two Caribbean countries that do not require a passport for American citizens when traveling by air or sea. Essentially, these countries are regarded as domestic travel within the United States.

Additionally, most other Caribbean countries do not require a passport for American citizens when traveling on a closed-loop cruise. A closed-loop cruise begins and ends in the same port. This includes The Bahamas, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic.

Do You Need a Passport for a Closed-Loop Cruise?

In most cases, you do not need a passport for a closed-loop cruise. However, it’s always advised to travel with your passport as regulations in visiting countries may change, or you may miss your boarding time.

Can You Visit Mexico Without a Passport?

American citizens can visit Mexico without a passport by sea aboard a closed-loop cruise or by land using a passport card and birth certificate. If you visit Mexico by plane, you will need a passport.

Can You Visit Canada Without a Passport?

American citizens can visit Canada without a passport by sea aboard a closed-loop cruise or by land using a passport card and birth certificate. If you visit Canada by plane, you will need a passport.


There are plenty of places to travel without a passport for Americans – especially if you’re keen to board a cruise ship! Also, with the likes of the US Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico, it’ll take a while to exhaust all your options.

With that said, we still highly recommend getting a passport to open up the rest of the world to discover! There are a lot of amazing places and people out there to explore and meet! Start dreaming of your next destination with our 50 Best Places to Travel in 2023!

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