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Practical travel tips to save you money & help you step up your travel game!

View of Nate overlooking ocean in a cheap hotel he got using his best travel tips
Travel Lemming’s founder Nate snagged this amazing hotel room in Puerto Vallarta for under $50 (in high season!) using the travel tips in this post.

🤓 Travel Insurance

Sure, it may seem like a nerdy travel tip, but travel insurance can really save the day when travel goes wrong! It’s important to realize that no insurance protects against all the risks of travel. It’s best to carefully read policy terms and conditions before buying travel insurance. While we are not insurance advisors and cannot choose insurance for you, we’ve rounded up some information on how travel insurance works for various countries in the following posts:

💻 Digital Nomad & Blogging

These days more and more people are dipping their toes into the digital nomad lifestyle. With the rise of remote work, the digital nomad lifestyle is the wave of the future. Check out our full digital nomad section or our top articles below, or check out our section on blogging if that is a career path of interest to you: