Clara posing for a photo with the Monos Carry On Pro and Monos Check In Medium suitcases for the Monos Luggage Review

Monos Luggage Review – Are These Suitcases Worth the Hype?

My partner Clara and I travel the world full time. Luggage is one of our most important possessions, since it has to literally hold all our other belongings.

In this Monos luggage review, I’ll give you my honest take on the Monos brand after shelling out for the two most expensive pieces of luggage I have ever purchased: the Monos Carry-On Pro and The Check-In Medium by Monos.

After testing our Monos luggage on two recent trips, we have some candid thoughts to share with you – and it’s not all positive! Read on to learn the pros and cons we’ve experienced with our Monos luggage, including a crucial mistake we made when selecting colors (and how to avoid it).

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Monos Luggage Review Quick Summary

The Monos Carry-On Pro and the Check-In Medium beside each other
Our Carry-On Pro and Check-In Medium (after some cleaning)

Overall, we rate Monos luggage 4.5 out of 5 stars. My partner Clara and I were impressed by our new Monos luggage, despite the fact that our Rose Quartz color shell scuffs too easily. We like the thoughtful details, organizational features, and stylish sleek design. Clara is obsessed with style and design, and absolutely loves how the bags look and feel.

Quick Summary
Monos Luggage

Monos luggage stands out for its stylish design, elegant look, high-quality materials, and thoughtful features.

  • Stylish design
  • Unique color options
  • Sturdy but lightweight construction
  • Thoughtful organization
  • Adjustable telescopic handles
  • Exterior scuffs too easily (Monos includes a cleaning kit)
  • Laptop compartment does not fit larger laptops
  • Free shipping is a bit slow
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For this Monos luggage review, we tested out the Rose Quartz models of the Monos Carry-On Pro, which comes with a unique laptop compartment, and The Check-In Medium. Monos also offers a few other models we’ll cover below as well, including its Hybrid line (which comes with an aluminum frame). 

The Monos Luggage with the Monos compressible packing cubes
Clockwise from top Left: The Check-In Medium, The Carry-On Pro, Monos Compressible Packing Cubes

The main drawback we identified in our Monos luggage is the tendency of our lighter color Monos models to pick up scuff marks, although Monos does include a magic eraser that effectively works to remove these. This problem could be probably solved by simply opting for a darker color or adding on the luggage cover sold as an upsell by Monos.

If we had to buy all over again, we’d probably skip the laptop compartment on The Carry-On Pro (which doesn’t fit our large laptops anyway) and trade it in for the added aluminum protection of the Hybrid Carry-On.

Nevertheless, we are generally very happy with our Monos suitcases and would happily purchase from Monos again.

Pros of Monos Luggage

  • Stylish design
  • Unique color options
  • Sturdy but lightweight construction
  • Thoughtful organization
  • Adjustable telescopic handles

Cons of Monos Luggage

  • Exterior scuffs too easily (Monos includes a cleaning kit)
  • Laptop compartment does not fit larger laptops
  • Free shipping is a bit slow

Monos Suitcases Are Best For:

  • Luxury and leisure travelers
  • Stylish travelers who like to look great while on the go
  • Design fanatics

Monos Suitcases Might Not be a Fit For:

  • Adventure or outdoors travelers
  • Budget and value travelers

If Monos isn’t a fit for you, you can check out our Monos Alternatives section below.

How To Decide Which Monos Suitcase is Best For You

Confused by all the different model names? “Pro”, “Plus”, “Pro-Plus”, “Hybrid” … it all can seem to be a bit of a mouthful! But, actually, the Monos model naming makes a lot of sense once you break it down.

Basically, there are four questions you need to ask yourself when deciding which Monos suitcase model is best suited (pardon the pun!) for you: 

  • 1) Do you want a carry-on or checked suitcase? (it’s obvious from the product name!) 
  • 2) Do you want a laptop compartment? (if yes, go for a “Pro” model) 
  • 3) Do you want a slightly larger suitcase? (if yes, go for a “Plus” carry-on or a “Large” checked bag)
  • 4) Do you want an aluminum frame? (if yes, go for the Monos Hybrid models)

Here’s a table breaking down how to choose which Monos suitcase is best for you:

Monos ModelCarry On Compliant?Laptop Compartment?Extra Space?Aluminum Frame?
The Carry-On
The Carry-On Plus✅*
The Carry-On Pro
The Carry-On Pro Plus✅*
Hybrid Carry-On
Hybrid Carry-On Plus✅*
The Check-In Medium
The Check-In Large
Hybrid Check-In Medium
Hybrid Check-In Large
*Plus models are carry-on compliant for most US airlines, but may have to be checked on smaller planes or for some international carriers

Note that, in addition to the above standard sizes, Monos also offers the Hybrid Trunk model, which is a special purpose suitcase that is much taller than it is wide. The Hybrid Trunk is made for carrying bulkier items that require more depth.

Personally, Clara and I chose The Carry On Pro and The Check-In Medium for our tests. We’re planning a trip with these bags to Thailand and, while all the models are carry-on compliant for most US air carriers, size and weight restrictions are a bit tighter in Asia, so we opted for the slimmer models. 

We chose the laptop compartment to test it out, although we didn’t read closely and later realized that unfortunately the compartment does not fit our larger 17 inch laptops. 

Monos Luggage Detailed Review

A close look of Monos Luggage design from the outside

That’s the quick summary of this Monos Luggage review, but now let’s do a deep dive into how I got there. We’ll start by breaking down my individual ratings across a number of feature categories. Next, I’ll go over technical specifications, including a sizing chart and color options.


In this next section, I’ll go deep into hands-on reviewing and testing of the following Monos luggage features:


⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars 

Clara smiling for a photo with the Monos Check-In Medium on her side
Clara certainly knows better about design than I do, and she really loves Monos!

Monos is such a popular brand because of its sleek design. The suitcases just look absolutely beautiful! From its unique color palette to its elegant shape, the brand really embodies the spirit of its name (inspired by the Japanese concept of “mono,” which refers to emotionally evocative things). 

The bottom line is that Monos luggage is extremely stylish. Design is a major reason to go with the Monos luggage brand, especially considering its pricing is comparably good when compared to similar luxury luggage brands. 

Hardshell Case

⭐ STAR RATING: 3 / 5 stars 

I’m really torn about what to say here. On the one hand, the beauty of Monos is in its quality construction and elegant design. The polycarbonate case is made of high quality aerospace grade material. And, visually, well it’s just stunning.

Here’s the problem: both pieces of Rose Quartz color Monos luggage we tested pick up scuff marks VERY easily. After just one trip, The Check-In had dozens of scuffs on it! Just look at it:

Close up look of the Monos hardshell case after one flight
This was after just one flight! Thankfully, it cleans up (this was the first photo we took, all others in this post were after cleaning)

Monos is clearly aware of this problem, as they ship their suitcases with a “magic eraser” you can use to buff out the scuff marks. It works, but you’d need to do it after basically every trip, and I’m not sure that owning luggage should really come with chores. 

A GIF of Clara cleaning up the Monos luggage with a magic eraser
Monos includes these magic erasers to clean the luggage

Another solution Monos offers is the waterproof Monos Luggage Cover they sell as an add-on. I guess that would solve the scuffs, but what’s the point of owning stylish luggage if you have to cover it when you use it? I suppose at least for checking in, it could work.

To me, this susceptibility to cosmetic damage is the biggest blemish on an otherwise fantastic product. It’s really a shame. 

My advice is to purchase a darker color suitcase or perhaps consider the Monos Hybrid Carry On model, which comes with aluminum corner guards.

Materials & Construction

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars 

Close up look of the Monos brand tag on the luggage
Even details like the stitching show the brand’s quality

Monos is a boutique luggage company that really excels when it comes to materials and construction (apart from the notable issue above!). The suitcases are made of high quality materials, with a polycarbonate shell and water resistant nylon material for the interior. 

Monos claims to put their products through rigorous testing conditions. Their website shows Monos bags being put through several physical tests including a “Tumble test” involving a rotating chamber of obstacles, a “Mileage test” where the bag is run on a treadmill for 32 kilometers, and a “Drop test” where the bag is dropped. 

You can really feel the quality of the construction in the details of the bag. The zippers feel heavy to the touch, the antimicrobial nylon lining is smooth and sturdy, and the handles are light but strong. It all really does exude quality construction. 

Telescopic Handle

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars 

Clara and Nate adjusting the handle of the Monos luggage
The handle has four adjustable height settings

The adjustable telescopic handle is a standout selling point for Monos suitcases. The release button is big and simple enough to trigger, and the telescoping action is incredibly smooth.

The best feature of the handles is that you can adjust the height! There are two metal pins that can be set to one of four different height levels depending on your preference. 

As a tall person, the adjustable height handles are a fantastic and unique feature! 

360 Spinner Wheels

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

The Monos luggage spinning 360 with its spinner wheels

All Monos suitcases come with 360° silent run wheels, and they are one of the selling points for the luggage brand in my mind. 

Based on our tests, the wheels glide smooth as butter and can easily turn on a dime. The wheels are also whisper quiet.  

Internal Organization

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars 

View of the internal organization of Monon luggage

Internal organization is an area where Monos luggage really excels.

First, let’s start with The Check-In. One thing I love about it is that you get two internal divider panels – one for each side of the suitcase. Many suitcase brands only include one, on the theory that you only need a divider to hold clothing on the top half as you open the bag. But with other suitcases I often get mixed up, open it on the wrong side, and then have to flip the suitcase. Not a problem with Monos!

Each divider panel includes zippered pouches. On one side are two shoe bags, while the other panel includes a large pocket for storage (I’d probably use it as a laundry bag). One of the panels functions as a compression pad for its internal compression system. Clasp the straps over the compression pad to help create more space in your suitcase. 

Meanwhile, The Carry-On Pro only has one divider (which I’m ok with, because it’s smaller), plus a set of compression straps in the other half. Like The Check-In, there’s also a single side pocket. That’s about it for interior pockets, but of course the Pro models offer a lot more in the Laptop Compartment.

Laptop Compartment

⭐ STAR RATING: 4 / 5 stars

View of the Monos luggage laptop compartment with small pockets on it

The Monos “Pro” model carry-ons come with a unique feature: a pop-out laptop compartment containing a laptop sleeve, three cushioned zippered pockets, and a slip pocket. The concept is a really cool idea that could be useful for carry-on-only travelers..

However, the 15’’ laptop sleeve unfortunately doesn’t fit our larger laptops, which was a bit of a bummer. Although there is a bit of padding, I’m also not 100% sure how confident I am in its protective ability, particularly if overpacked and shoved tightly into overhead bins. 

But, those concerns aside, the laptop compartment is an innovative and practical feature that many travelers will find useful.

TSA Approved Locks

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

Clara opening the TSA lock of their Monos Luggage

All Monos models come with TSA locks on the side. Just set a three digit combination, pop in the rather hefty zippers, and then scramble the lock. Opening is an easy process thanks to the easy release button, which gives a satisfying “pop” when pressed. 

Sustainability Practices

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars 

One of the things that sets Monos apart as a luggage brand is its focus on sustainability. The Canadian company uses sustainable materials in its construction, even down to details like the vegan leather luggage tag. 

Monos is also Climate Neutral Certified, which is a certification for achieving net zero carbon emissions by measuring and offsetting emissions. 

Lastly, Monos is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning the company promises to donate 1% of its revenue to non-profit organizations dedicated to sustainability. 

Free Shipping

⭐ STAR RATING: 4 / 5 stars 

My final quibble with the Monos brand is about their “free shipping” policy. Yes, Monos offers free shipping on all orders to the contiguous US and Canada. That’s great, but only if you’re willing to wait!

The “free shipping” is estimated at 8-12 business days within the US. To me, up to 3 weeks is way too long to wait these days, especially if you’re buying the Monos for an upcoming trip. 

You can upgrade to Expedited Shipping, which reduces that to just 4 days. But the calculated cost to ship expedited to Colorado was a whopping $110 just for The Carry-On. I’m sorry, but that’s a totally ridiculous price just to get an online purchase within a week! 

With all that said, I did experience great customer service when I contacted Monos to obtain information about shipping. I was in a rush, and they even gave me a small discount code for expedited shipping, so it’s worth considering reaching out to customer service if you’re in a similar boat. 

One final quibble to note: their 100 day “free return” policy requires you to pay shipping, which means this is an item you’d want to avoid returning unless absolutely necessary. 

Monos Technical Specifications 

View of the Monos Check-In Medium spacious interior
We’ve found Monos luggage to be generous with interior space

Here is a table of the weight, dimensions, and volume for each of the Monos suitcase models:

Monos ModelWeightDimensions (Exterior)Dimensions (Interior)Volume (Liters)
The Carry-On7.01 lbs (3.18 kg)22″ × 14″ × 9″20″ × 13.5″39.9 L
The Carry-On Plus7.38 lbs (3.35 kg)23″ × 15″ × 9.5″21″ × 14.5″48 L
The Carry-On Pro7.8 lbs (3.54 kg)22″ × 14″ × 9″20″ × 13.5″36 L
The Carry-On Pro Plus8.38 lb (3.8 kg)23″ × 15″ × 9.5″21″ × 14.5″46 L
Hybrid Carry-On8.81 lb (4 kg)22″ × 14″ × 9″20″ × 12.95″36 L
Hybrid Carry-On Plus9.25 lb (4.2 kg)23″ × 15″ × 9.5″21″ × 13.9″43 L
The Check-In Medium9.59 lbs (4.35 kg)26.5″ × 18.5″ × 10.5″24.4″ × 17.7″70 L
The Check-In Large10.58 lbs (4.80 kg)30″ × 21″ × 11″28″ × 20.5″99.2 L
Hybrid Check-In Medium11 lbs (5 kg)26.5” x 18.5” x 10.5”24.4” x 17.5”70 L
Hybrid Check-In Large13 lbs (5.9 kg)30” x 21” x 11”28” x 20”97 L
Hybrid Trunk13.2 lb (6 kg)29.9” x 15.7” x 14.3”27.9” x 14.7”89 L
Table Data Source: data reported by the manufacturer of Monos luggage. Travel Lemming has tested and confirmed these dimensions for The Carry-On Pro and for The Check-In Medium, although we have not manually confirmed them for other Monos models.

Other Monos Specifications

  • Materials: Ultra-microfibre vegan leather, high-grade polyurethane resin, recyclable German Kamrolon polycarbonate, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Color Options (Standard Models): Desert Taupe, Rose Quartz, Olive Green, Blue Haze, Ocean Blue, Storm Grey, Stellar White, Midnight Black, Terrazzo (Limited Edition), Terracotta (Limited Edition) 
  • Color Options (Hybrid Line): Champagne, Obsidian, Silver
  • Warranty & Guarantee: Limited lifetime warranty to the original owner, covering breaks in shell or materials (but not covering “cosmetic damage”)
  • Free Trial: 100 day free trial (but note: Monos voids this if suitcases are used in transit) 

Monos Bags, Clothing & Accessories

Monos Compressible Packing Cubes inside a Monos luggage
The Monos Compressible Packing Cubes

In addition to their suitcase line, Monos also produces a variety of accessories and bags under their “Metro” line. Besides suitcases, Monos bags include the Metro Backpack, Metro Duffel, Metro Weekender, and Metro Sling. The Monos Metro Duffel in particular looks like a good option if you prefer a duffel vs a carry on suitcase.

Monos also produces the following accessories: 

We purchased the compressible packing cubes and really like them. They have a sturdy construction, the material feels durable to the touch, and they fit nicely within the Monos suitcases.

A GIF of Nate opening his Monos compression cubes

In my opinion, the Monos compression cubes are better for organization than they are for actual compression. I found the compression feature required too much squishing and pushing to get it to really save any space anyway.

As mentioned above, we regret not purchasing the luggage cover.

Monos Luggage Alternatives

Whether you’re concerned about the tendency of Monos bags to pick up scuff marks, or just put off by the luxury price point, here are a couple of alternative carry-ons to consider from our running list of the best carry-on luggage:

Nomatic Navigator Carry On 37L

If you’re looking for a premium carry-on suitcase but are more concerned about function than style, the Nomatic Navigator Carry On 37L might be a good alternative to Monos luggage.

Compared to Monos, Nomatic is understated in its design choices. But the Navigator is made of high quality construction, and offers excellent organizational features. And, unlike the Monos, it doesn’t scuff so easily!

See Taylor’s Nomatic Navigator review for more.

Level8 Road Runner Carry On

Review Summary
Level8 Road Runner

Level8’s Road Runner is a durable and functional carry-on bag that’s perfect for business travelers and those who prioritize organization.

Use code travellemming10 for 10% off!

If you like the laptop compartment feature of the Monos Carry-On Pro, but are concerned about the premium price of the Monos, you might want to look at the Level8 Road Runner Carry On. 

The Road Runner also offers a pop out laptop compartment, and it did well in Travel Lemming’s test. With a price point of only about half of the Monos, it’s a more affordable option if this feature is important to you. 

See Taylor’s full Level8 Road Runner review for more.

FINAL VERDICT – Is Monos Luggage Worth It? 

The Monos Luggage with the Monos compressible packing cubes

Overall, Monos luggage is stylish, sleek, and well designed. The main appeal of Monos luggage is its elegant style and unique colors, so it’s best for travelers who prioritize looking great while on the go. Moreover, Monos offers this style at a more accessible price point compared to other luxury luggage brands like Away.

We did find some weak points in our Monos bags, particularly the tendency of our lighter color suitcases to pick up blemishes. We also quibble with the Canadian company’s lengthy free shipping times to the US. 

Despite those qualifiers, overall Clara and I love our new Monos Carry-On Pro and The Check-In Medium bags and would happily purchase them again.

FAQs about Monos Luggage

Is Monos a good suitcase brand?

Monos is one of the most highly reviewed and respected suitcase brands, owing in large part to the company’s reputation for a focus on high-grade materials, sustainability, and design. Monos luggage is solid, but not perfect, so be sure to read our full review before buying. 

Is Monos luggage vegan?

Monos luggage is vegan. Monos uses ultra-microfibre vegan made with high-grade polyurethane resin, which produces a vegan material that looks and feels very similar to traditional leather. 

Where are Monos suitcases made?

Monos manufactures its suitcases in Vancouver, Canada.


That’s it for this Monos luggage review. We hope you enjoyed our review of the Monos Carry-On and the Monos Check-In Medium. 

For more luggage options, see Travel Lemming’s guide to the best carry on luggage.

Quick Summary
Monos Luggage

Monos luggage stands out for its stylish design, elegant look, high-quality materials, and thoughtful features.

  • Stylish design
  • Unique color options
  • Sturdy but lightweight construction
  • Thoughtful organization
  • Adjustable telescopic handles
  • Exterior scuffs too easily (Monos includes a cleaning kit)
  • Laptop compartment does not fit larger laptops
  • Free shipping is a bit slow
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Monos Luggage

Overall, we rate Monos luggage 4.5 out of 5 stars. My partner Clara and I were impressed by our new Monos luggage, despite the fact that our Rose Quartz color shell scuffs too easily. We like the thoughtful details, organizational features, and stylish sleek design. Clara is obsessed with style and design, and absolutely loves how the bags look and feel.

Product Brand: Monos

Editor's Rating:


  • Stylish design
  • Unique color options
  • Sturdy but lightweight construction
  • Thoughtful organization
  • Adjustable telescopic handles


  • Exterior scuffs too easily (Monos includes a cleaning kit)
  • Laptop compartment does not fit larger laptops
  • Free shipping is a bit slow


  1. My daughter purchased 2 pieces of this luggage in the Rose Quartz last year for Christmas. The color is very beautiful HOWEVER, after her first trip to Hawaii, it was TRASHED. The “scuffs” are full on gouges in black. She was so embarrassed wheeling her luggage thru the airport. Spent over an hour trying to remove damage with the magic erasure as well as comet (powdered bleach) when she got home and was unsuccessful. She used the set 2 more times for work and was too tired and busy to clean the set. She purchased a set of Samsonite in November and flew from Tucson to DFW to Florida to DC and the luggage still looks brand new. Btw, She reached out to Monos and they suggested buying the clear protectant covers but the damage was already done. Set looks like garbage. Save your money and buy elsewhere.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Denise. That’s certainly concerning to hear the scuffs got so bad. We’ve thankfully been able to remove ours so far, but I agree that it’s just silly that it’s even a problem to begin with.

  2. I purchased Monos with research and comparison with its competitors. What I got was was a defective suitcase, poor customer service and no recourse. The telescoping handle did not pull all the way up after my 4 day cruise and I handled the suitcase myself the whole time. I hurt myself and others trying to pull it. When I contacted customer service via text, because they do not have telephone, I was told that I overpacked it and that affected the tele-handles effectively. Who travels with an underpacked suitcase and one that costs $300?

    When I tried to return, Monos told me that since it was used outside the house, it was no longer eligible for return. Who practice packs at home and why not accept the return after the suitcase was tested for travel? What would be the point of spending over $300, only to be told to pack it lightly because it’s affects the telescoping handle effectiveness? I’ve had way cheaper suitcases in the past that didn’t have to packed lightly for the handle to work. Buyer Beware! Switch and Bait and horrible customer service.

  3. I was looking for a bigger Away suitcase because I love my carryon and Monos kept popping up in my feeds. They had a special going on and it saved me just a little money and I liked how the pockets on the inside had more smaller compartments vs Away which just has one. The first time I used this thing it was so scuffed it’s embarrassing. It truly looks worse than other suitcases I’ve had for 10 years. After ONE use! The handle sticks and it tends to tip and get off balance when you’re rolling it which is an issue. Also the inside that’s supposed to be compression is not. It loosens up on its own. The buckles are also very awkward to fasten. The company has a “satisfaction guarantee” but what you don’t see unless you go hunting through fine print in their website is that it has to be unused… how are you supposed to gauge your satisfaction with a product that is meant for travel unless you have the opportunity to travel with it?! If I could return this and get my money back I would. I have already been in contact with the company and they don’t stand by their product. I have left reviews on their Instagram page which they have repeatedly deleted and now I believe they may have blocked me because when I search for their Instagram page it won’t show for me. This makes me feel this company is not proud of their procure. Beware and save your money!!

  4. Thank you Nate for the article. I purchased the check in medium and a carry on, as well as the weekender. I received the check in bag and the other pieces are on the way. I love the color – I got the sky blue one. After seeing the reviews about scuff marks, I just went on their website and ordered the luggage cover- it sounds like a great solution and doesn’t take away from the look. At least, from the photo. After spending $800 on their site, I thought better get the cover- since the marks seem to be several people’s complaints.
    So again, thank you
    I wouldn’t have known this was an issue and would hate to see it get damaged from checking it in. I haven’t travel in many years and have a trip to Italy planned in a few months.

  5. Thanks for the thorough and honest review! My husband and I just got a full set of Monos luggage but haven’t used it yet. I got the Terazzo hoping that any scuffs will blend right in to the pattern and my husband got the darker blue. Our first trip of 4 this year is in April so we will see how they hold up!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Enjoy your travel and, if you think of it, come back here afterwards and let us know how the Terazzo version held up! I’d be very interested to hear. Thank you!

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