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Level8 Road Runner Carry On Luggage (An Honest Review)

You’ve chosen your destination, booked your travels, and now you’re wondering – is the Level8 Road Runner carry-on luggage the best fit for you?

It’s a solid question. Choosing the best carry-on luggage is important – you want something that lasts long-term, makes packing easy, and glides through security with ease.

That’s why I was super intrigued when I came across the Level8 Road Runner carry on. As a frequent traveler, it has some pretty cool features that looked perfect for my needs, and I’m happy to report I got some great results when I took it for a spin on a recent trip.

In this review, I’ll go through the pros and cons of the Level8 Road Runner, talk about some of its features, and help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Let’s get into it!

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Review Summary
Level8 Road Runner

Level8’s Road Runner is a durable and functional carry-on bag that’s perfect for business travelers and those who prioritize organization.

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Level8 Road Runner Review Quick Summary

The interior design of Level8 road Runner
The Road Runner has great interior design & compartmentalization

The Level8 carry-on luggage brand is all about producing durable, efficient, and sleek bags. In particular, the Road Runner is a functional hardshell design with interior compartments and a laptop pocket. If you’re a business traveler or someone who regularly likes to take your laptop or tablet along, then this is the bag for you.

As someone who takes her computer on most trips, I love that the laptop compartment locks and is easy to access – I could slip it out for security inspection in no time. Also, with the quality materials and hardshell design, I never had to worry about my valuables getting crushed in travel.

Another great aspect of the Road Runner is the interior zippered compartments. I usually like to use packing cubes to separate my things, but the organization of this bag made them obsolete.

This may not be the cheapest carry-on bag on the market, but the price is fair and absolutely worth it for the durability, organization, and peace of mind. The Road Runner is available on both the Level8 Website and on Amazon. If buying on the Level8 website, you can get 10% off with the discount code travellemming10.

✔️ Pros

  • Dimensions are within most international airlines regulations
  • Laptop pocket
  • Can pack 3-5 days’ worth of clothes
  • Ease accessing electronics
  • Durable and sturdy protection
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Interior zipper pockets
  • Lightweight & easy to maneuver


  • Laptop compartment takes away from interior space
  • Can’t expand or compress
  • May need to check it on small commuter planes

Level8 Road Runner is best for:

  • Business travelers
  • Organization lovers

Level8 Road Runner might not be a fit for:

  • Travelers who leave their laptop at home
  • Travelers who prioritize interior space

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Level8 Road Runner Carry On Full Review

View of the Level8 Road Runner on a snowy area
Level8’s Road Runner is full of great features

Now that we’ve covered the summary, let’s dive into the details of the Level8 Road Runner. It’s loaded with some great features like pockets for electronics, multi-directional spinner wheels, built-in TSA-approved locks, and a durable yet lightweight design. Let’s break down the best features of the Road Runner:

🧳 Looking for a more traditional spinner? Check out my Level8 Textured Carry On Review for another option from Level8 to consider!

Features of the Road Runner Carry On

Front Laptop Pocket 

A laptop pocket on the front compartment of Level8 Road Runner
This front compartment suitcase features a tilted opening

The Level8 Road Runner has a lot of great features, but perhaps the best of all is the front laptop compartment. Sure, this isn’t the only hardshell carry on with a laptop slot on the market, but what sets this apart is the multiple pockets within the front pocket area.

In this compartment, you’ll be able to fit your laptop, tablet, notepad, and any extra office accessories you need to pack. There’s even an integrated padded sleeve to keep it all safe. Further, the laptop compartment door tilts open (with velcro that you can easily release), so anything you slide in the front pockets won’t spill out when you open it up.

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TSA Lock

Close up view of the TSA lock of Level8 Road Runner
This TSA lock is great for keeping your stuff secure

If security is top of mind, then you’ll be pleased to note that the Level8 Road Runner features built-in TSA locks. These locks are fully customizable to whatever combination you prefer, are easy to use, and include separate locks for both the main compartment and the front pocket.

👉 Pro Tip: When traveling carry-on only, I only ever use TSA locks when I obviously have my electronics with me, as they’re a good deterrent for pickpockets. Otherwise, I find that locking up my stuff just draws unnecessary attention.

360° Spinner Wheels

Close up view of the durable wheels of Level8 Road Runner
Durable wheels are a must when choosing a carry-on bag

You’d think that after years of wheeled suitcases being a thing, manufacturers would have standardized wheels to outlast most terrain, but unfortunately that’s just not the world we live in. Thankfully, I’m super impressed with the Level8 carry-on luggage wheels, as they’re made with durable materials that have been put through rigorous testing.

The wheels are also multi-directional, extremely smooth, and low noise, making for a sleek rolling experience.

I’ve lost many a luggage wheel to Europe’s cobblestone streets, but I’m positive that these Level8 wheels won’t meet the same fate (it precisely says so on their website).

Internal Pockets

View of multiple internal pockets of Level8 Road Runner
The fully lined interior offers multiple pockets and zippers for organization

Internal pockets melt the hearts of organization-lovers everywhere, and this piece of Level8 carry-on luggage has some great ones.

There are two large packing compartments inside the Road Runner – the entire left hand side of the interior is made of individual pockets, while the right side has cross straps to hold your things in place. In the left area, there is a large lined compartment, a small lined compartment, and a zippered mesh divider for any small doo-dads you want to keep in plain sight.

When it comes to volume, this bag has a fairly spacious packing interior. However, I will warn that the more you fit into the front pocket, the less interior packing capacity you’ll have. The laptop access bulges into the left interior compartment.

This is fairly par for the course with hardshell bags, but there are no zippered extensions to make the bag larger.

Trolley Handle

The Level8 Road Runner's trolley handle
The trolley handle extends comfortably and easily

Another great feature of this Level8 carry-on luggage is that it has an excellent ergonomic trolley handle with effortless control. This may seem like a no-brainer if you haven’t had many suitcases, but finding a trolley handle that isn’t directly impacted by how much stuff is inside is hard to come by.

The Road Runner also has a side handle for easy lifting.

Waterproof & Anti Scratch Material

Close up view of the Level8 Road Runner
The Road Runner is waterproof and perfect for snowy or rainy destinations

The Road Runner is a lightweight PC hardside suitcase (polycarbonate) that’s both waterproof and scratch resistant. In fact, it’s made with aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon. This is huge if you find yourself going to places with regular precipitation, or if keeping your suitcase scratch-free and sleek is important to you.

I just had to test this waterproof feature on my most recent winter adventure by plopping it in the snow & slush. I’m happy to report that the interior stayed as dry as ever and you can’t tell that it ever touched water.

Technical Specifications 

  • Weight: 8.9 lbs (4 kg)
  • Dimensions: 14.5” x 9.1” x 21.9” (36.8 cm x 23.1 cm x 55.6 cm)
  • Capacity: 38 liters
  • Material: Bayer Makrolon (polycarbonate)
  • Color Options: Black, Navy Blue
  • Warranty & Guarantee: Lifetime warranty for functional manufacturing defects
Review Summary
Level8 Road Runner

Level8’s Road Runner is a durable and functional carry-on bag that’s perfect for business travelers and those who prioritize organization.

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Level8 Road Runner Alternatives

View of the Textured Carry-On
The Textured Carry-On is similar to the Road Runner, but without the laptop pouch

If you’ve read this far and you don’t feel the Road Runner is right for you, then I do have some alternatives for you to consider. Check out my full post on the top carry on luggage bags for more details, but here’s the quick summary:

Nomatic Navigator 37L Carry On

If you are looking for another high end carry on suitcase that includes a laptop compartment, consider the uber-popular Nomatic Navigator 37L Carry On.

Level8 Textured Carry-On 20”

The Level8 Textured Carry-On is similar in durability to the Road Runner, but it doesn’t include a laptop pouch and features zippered pouches on both sides of the interior. This is a good option if you want to maximize the actual storage in your bag and get rid of potential wasted space. Check out my full Level8 Textured Carry On review for more info.

👇 Use promo code travellemming10 for 10% off on Level8’s website!

Samsonite Omni PC Carry On Spinner

The Samsonite Omni PC Carry On Spinner is very similar to the Level8 Textured Carry on in functionality and price point, yet there are some key differences. Neither option includes a laptop pouch, but they’re made of different materials, have different specs, and have different volumes and storage options.

The Samsonite Omni PC is perfect for travelers looking for a no-fuss bag that’s also durable and well-matched to its price point. Check out my full Samsonite Omni RC Carry On Spinner review for more info.

Review Summary
SamsoniteSamsonite Omni PC Carry On Spinner

The Samsonite Omni PC Carry On Spinner is a simply-designed hard-shell carry on bag. It’s perfect for those who don’t need bells and whistles, yet are looking for durability and good bang for their buck.

Monos Carry On Pro

If you’d prefer to upgrade to a luxury luggage line, but don’t want to lose the laptop compartment feature of the Road Runner, the Monos Carry-On Pro is a great alternative to consider.

Like the Road Runner, the Monos has a nifty laptop sleeve. The main difference is the suitcase is more focused on design and style. One of the top selling points is the variety of unique colors Monos offers. Just be sure to avoid the lighter colors, as they do tend to pick up scuffs easily. See Nate’s Monos review for more.

Review Summary
Monos Carry-On Pro

A luxury design bag that looks and feels amazing. The Carry On Pro comes with a pop-out laptop compartment (just be aware it won't fit larger laptops!).

Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner

If you want a more budget alternative to the Level8 Road Runner, one popular option is the affordable (if less durable) Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner. Although it did not score as high marks in our review as the Level8 suitcases, at the lower end of the price spectrum it is one of the most affordable carry on suitcases. For quick weekend trips where you are just packing a carry on, it can do the trick.

Review Summary
AmazonBasics Luggage 21”

The Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner is a functional carry-on luggage option for those who prioritize low cost and expandability.

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FINAL VERDICT – Is Level8 Road Runner Worth It? 

If you’re a traveler looking for a lightweight pc hardside suitcase with a business classic design and computer storage, then the Road Runner carry-on is an excellent choice. However, if you rarely travel with your laptop, then I’d consider going for an alternative Level8 product.

Overall, the Road Runner is a durable suitcase that will last you for years and keep you stylish.

👇 Use promo code travellemming10 for 10% off on Level8’s website!

FAQs About the Level8 Road Runner

Does the Level8 Road Runner meet carry-on size requirements?

Though the Level8 Road Runner meets the carry-on size requirements for most airlines, you may have to check it if traveling on a smaller commuter plane.

Is the Level8 Road Runner waterproof?

The Level8 Road Runner carry-on bag is waterproof and can be trusted to keep your things dry.

Who is the Level8 Road Runner best for?

The Level8 Road Runner is best for people who want front laptop access and prioritize smooth device function.


That’s it for my Level8 Road Runner review. Overall, this is a solid carry-on luggage choice and I know I’ll be using mine for years to come!

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Road Runner Carry-on with Laptop Pocket 20''

Overall, the Level8 Road Runner is a durable carry on suitcase that will last you for years and keep you stylish. The Road Runner's unique value add is its laptop compartment, which makes it an ideal luggage choice for carry on only business travelers.

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