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Human perspectives are especially important in this age, when the big tech companies want us to use their AI-robots to plan our vacations like a pack of lemmings. Travel Lemming encourages readers to think beyond those overdone, over-touristed destinations. The world is a big place, and there is a lot more to see than you may realize!

That’s why Travel Lemming has been a leading publication in promoting the world’s emerging destinations since 2017. Our travel advice has been featured in the likes of Lonely Planet, NBC News, Euronews, Mic, and many more prominent global media publications.

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Meet Our Team of Travel Experts

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Nate Hake

Founder, CEO, & Editor in Chief

Nate Hake


Nate Hake is a travel writer and recovering attorney from Denver, Colorado. In 2016, Nate started traveling the world full time on a backpacking trip which took him to 43 countries across six continents in a single year (see his favorite travel photos from that trip here). Nate has been a full-time world traveler ever since. His travel advice has been featured in leading publications like NBC News, CNN, Mic, Business Insider, Mashable, and Yahoo News.

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Taylor Herperger

Director of Marketing & Senior Editor

Taylor Herperger


Taylor Herperger is a writer and editor from Winnipeg, Canada. A lover of Guinness and window seats, Taylor got her first taste of international travel in 2007 and has been exploring the world slow and steadily ever since. In addition to her guides at Travel Lemming, Taylor can also be found chronicling her travel at her blog Taylor on a Trip.

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Abigail Bliss


Abigail Bliss is a Colorado-based writer who aspires to work from the road.  An avid hiker, skier, and canyoneer, she shares a unique perspective of the American West, highlighting destinations less traveled.  When she isn’t exploring the outdoors with her husband and two dogs, Abigail manages her freelance marketing business, Campsite Creative.

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Elizabeth Demolat


Elizabeth Demolat is a travel and lifestyle writer in Nashville, Tennessee. Elizabeth loves exploring new destinations. Her favorite travel destinations are France, Italy, and the United States. Right now, Elizabeth is focused on finding cool local spots and taking trips through the southeastern United States.

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Lea Rose Allbaugh


Lea Rose Allbaugh is a freelance writer from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She’s currently based in Chicago (except for when she’s on a traveling stint), and is obsessed with all things travel. She caught the travel bug back in 2015 during an exchange to the Netherlands, and has been traveling ever since. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire others to get up and go experience the world. Aside from travel, she loves reading, writing, and anything creative. She writes on her website Written World.

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Vanessa Ramos

Senior Travel Writer

Vanessa Ramos

Vanessa Ramos is a travel and lifestyle writer from Puerto Rico. Vanessa has traveled for international work exchange, backpacking, and solo traveling around three continents. When she’s not writing about the best things to do, places to visit, or where to stay on the island of Puerto Rico, she’s hunting airplane tickets for her next trip abroad.

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Laura Falin

Senior Travel Writer

Laura Falin at the Civic Center Park

Laura Falin is a freelance writer in Colorado who has written for publications like BabyCenter, Colorado Parent Magazine, and Denver Parent. Laura loves hiking, paddle boarding, camping, and snowboarding, and she has run exactly one marathon. She now lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband and four children. They love exploring the state and the rest of the U.S., usually by car, and they are pros at 20-hour road trips!

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Andrew Bloem

Senior Travel Writer

Andrew Bloem

Andrew Bloem is an adventure travel writer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A pirate at heart, Andrew’s travels usually don’t stray too far from a palm tree and an ocean view. When he’s not writing guides for Travel Lemming, you can find him typing away at the local tiki bar for his site OceanWide Explorers.

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Sky Ariella

Senior Travel Writer

Sky Ariella is a professional writer from New York with an insatiable craving for exploring the world. After a post-college adventure around 6 Asian countries, she dove head-first into a writing career and travel lifestyle. Sky currently lives in Mexico City with her dog Bear. When she’s not whipping up content for Travel Lemming, she writes for Booking, Zippia, and her blog.

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McKenna Mobley

Senior Travel Writer

McKenna Mobley is an avid adventurer, traveler, mountaineer, and writer from Southern California. Her goal is to climb some of the world’s highest mountains and visit as many countries as she can. She loves Latin America and has been to almost every Latin country. She also has a thirst for solo adventuring and has hiked 400 consecutive miles by herself through the Arizona desert. You can also find her on her blog.

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Chelsea Booker

Senior Travel Writer

Chelsea Booker

Chelsea Booker is a Seattle-based freelance travel writer and storyteller who loves discovering places that stimulate her imagination. Her adventures around Washington and the Pacific Northwest have inspired her to show others just how much there is to explore in their own backyards. She writes about more of what she loves – creativity, personal development, and joyful living – on her lifestyle blog, Chelsea Figures It Out.

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Katie Neufeld

Senior Travel Writer

Katie Lusnia

Katie Neufeld grew up in the Florida sunshine and currently lives in the Orlando area. Now Katie is on a mission to explore the state with her husband and infant son. Katie loves finding farm-to-table food and exploring an area through local cuisine and the great outdoors.

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Matthew Reppond

Senior Travel Writer

Matthew Reppond is a freelance writer and history nerd from Alaska, currently residing in eastern Washington. When not road-tripping around the western United States, he’s probably enjoying some lively Irish tunes in a Dublin pub or wandering the winding streets of Old Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.

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Clara Kesseler

Freelance Travel Writer

Clara Kesseler

Clara Kesseler is a world traveler, law student, and fashion model from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Clara loves exploring new parts of the world. Clara’s favorite travel destinations include Peru, Canada, and the United States. She is currently on an extended trip through Mexico. In addition to her love of traveling, Clara is also passionate about international human rights law.

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Ashleigh Bandimere

Freelance Travel Writer

Ashleigh Bandimere

Ashleigh Bandimere grew up enjoying the sunshine and beaches of San Diego, California but her love of adventure led her to live in both Costa Rica and Spain before she returned to her hometown. Ashleigh’s passions include wildlife conservation, sustainability, seeing the world’s natural beauty, and sharing these interests with others.

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Yvette Griffith

Freelance Travel Writer

Yvette Griffith is a New Jersey-based Freelance Travel Writer who loves all things travel! She takes advantage of every opportunity to get away, often with her young daughter, as they explore their state as well as the world around them. From Southern Cali, to cruises to the Caribbean, to local adventures, Yvette is always ready for her next adventure.

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Jess Levy

Freelance Travel Writer

Jess Levy is an artist, travel writer, poet, and marketer. A California native and ex-techie working in Silicon Valley by day, traveling by weekend searching for those hidden gems. She loves planning local and international trips to nourish her creative soul. She’s now back home by the beaches of Encinitas, San Diego, and loves uncovering the best dog-friendly experiences around.

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Jericha Griffin

Freelance Travel Writer

Jericha Griffin is a Travel Lemming author

Jericha Griffin is a pilot’s daughter, Jericha loved to tag along on her dad’s trips throughout North America. On explorations including Europe, South Asia, and Africa, her passion for travel expanded with each new horizon. As a writer for Travel Lemming, Jericha is thrilled to share what she’s learned, especially about her beloved home state, California.

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Nilani Thiyagarajah

Freelance Travel Writer

Nilani Thiyagarajah is a freelance writer and editor in Chicago, Illinois. Nilani enjoys exploring the Windy City whenever she has free time. Having grown up in Cincinnati, Ohio, she enjoys seeking and finding all of the best-kept secrets that any area has to offer. Nilani loves traveling and learning about new cultures and plans to do a lot more of it in the coming years!

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Brooke Horrobin

Freelance Travel Writer

Brooke Horrobin, travel writer at Travel Lemming

Brooke Horrobin is a London, UK-based freelance travel writer who originates from Ontario, Canada. She has a passion for travel, so much so that she decided to move her life to the UK in 2020 to take on new adventures. She loves giving recommendations, and her time in London so far has inspired her to share her favorite activities, places and culture with others.

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Isabelle Pavese

Freelance Travel Writer

Isabelle Pavese is a Las Vegas-based writer who loves to travel and explore new places. She tries to take at least two trips a year to places she has never been before. Some of her favorite cities in the world include Rome and San Francisco. Isabelle loves all things food-related and is on a mission to find the best restaurants in Las Vegas!

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Lana Sampa

Freelance Travel Writer

Lana Sampa is a freelance writer based in the Greater Houston area. Raised in Louisiana and proud of her Creole roots, she longed to “escape” Louisiana to travel the world. Her dream came true when she became a flight attendant, allowing her to visit more than 100 cities across 25 countries and five continents. However, Lana is most passionate when her travels allow her to immerse herself in different cultures and indulge in various cuisines.

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Seychelle Thomas

Freelance Travel Writer

Seychelle Thomas is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast originating from the DMV area. When exploring a new place she gravitates towards local cuisine, cultural gems, and natural wonders. Beyond travel writing, more of her work is located at her site Seychelle Writes.

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Betty Hurd

Freelance Travel Writer

Betty Hurd is a flight attendant from Tucson, Arizona with a degree in Journalism from the University of Arizona. Her love for travel led her to exciting careers in aviation and writing. She’s visited 37 countries and hopes to inspire others to see the world by chronicling her adventures in her blog, Have You Hurd.

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Marina Martinelli

Freelance Travel Writer

Marina Martinelli is a freelance writer and traveler based out of Tampa, FL. When she’s not writing, she’s on a quest to find the best hiking trails and dog beaches that the world has to offer. You can learn more about Marina on her website, The Caffeinated Keyboard.

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Taylor Ramsey

Freelance Travel Writer

Taylor Ramsey is an Idaho-based freelance writer with a passion for all things adventure. She loves camping, hiking, backpacking, paddle boarding, and traveling to new and exciting places with her husband. If she’s not on a mountain somewhere, you can usually find her at a local coffee shop on an endless quest for the perfect chai latte.

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Maya Nojechowicz

Freelance Travel Writer

Maya Nojechowicz is a freelance writer from Boston now living in Philadelphia. Maya’s passion for travel began with family trips to Argentina over the years to visit relatives, and has only grown since then. As a city person with a deep love for nature as well, Maya is happy traveling to almost any new destination.

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Meg O’Connor

Freelance Travel Writer

Meg O'Connor, Travel Lemming writer

Meg O’Connor is a travel writer, adventurer, and marine scientist. For years, Meg traveled the world on Navy vessels as a civilian scientist, making port stops in Bahrain, Oman, Japan, Crete, and Spain. These days, her travel is usually on solid ground. She lives on Lake Pontrchartrain outside New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Alexandria Taylor

Freelance Travel Writer

Alexandria Taylor, Travel Lemming writer

Alexandria Taylor is a travel writer based in Washington, DC. Alexandria loves exploring the DC area and surrounding cities for rooftop views and unique experiences. Alexandria’s favorite places to travel are Rhode Island, Boston, and Charleston, South Carolina. When she travels, you’ll find her checking out the local yarn stores, bookstores, and dive bars.

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Laura McFarland

Freelance Travel Writer

Laura McFarland, Travel Lemming writer

Laura McFarland is a writer, second-generation Bay Area local, and an environmental justice activist. Laura fell in love with traveling and chronicling her adventures after moving with her family to London for several months and co-writing a blog at the ripe age of 12. Laura is passionate about travel, climate change mitigation, sustainable food systems, and being outdoors whenever she can. In her free time, you can find Laura chatting with farmers at a local market, going for a swim in the nearest body of water, or drinking a pale ale.

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Niamh Hayes

Freelance Travel Writer

Niamh Hayes, Travel Lemming writer

Niamh Hayes is a New York City-based freelance writer and communications associate. She grew up in upstate New York and spent many summer months in Ireland, visiting her relatives around the country. She loves to spend the weekend taking mini-day trips and finding hiking spots around New York State. Niamh’s passions include soccer, writing, art, attempting to learn Spanish, and spending time with her friends in her neighborhood of Astoria.

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Rachel Kapelke-Dale

Freelance Travel Writer

Rachel Kapelke-Dale, Travel Lemming writer

Rachel Kapelke-Dale is a travel writer and novelist originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now a local of Paris. She moved to France in 2009. She has written about her early days in Paris in her memoir, Graduates in Wonderland, with Jessica Pan. She is the author of the novels The BallerinasThe Ingenue, and The Fortune Seller, as well as co-host of the podcast We’ll Always Have Paris.

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Contributing Writers

Jessica Hurtault 

Freelance Travel Writer

Jessica Hurtault is a freelance writer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She explored South Korea while teaching English there for three years and traveled around Europe and Asia during her vacations. Now that she’s back in the U.S., she’s dedicated to finding the best sunrise spots and vegetarian restaurants on this side of the world.

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Victoria Folz

Freelance Travel Writer

Victoria Folz is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast based in Southern California. She enjoys red eye flights, hiking, road trips, running, and solo adventures. Her favorite destination abroad is a tie between the island of Roatan and Porto Xeli, Greece. Visit her website here.

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Jasmine Pettitt

Freelance Travel Writer

Jasmine Pettitt loves to laugh and explore. She was raised in Oregon and spent her childhood adventuring all over the state. She has now traveled to many parts of the US and Ireland. Currently residing in New Mexico with her husband, Jasmine is now on a mission to discover all the southwest has to offer – from its rich cultural heritage to the stunning desert vistas.

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Larissa Albright

Freelance Travel Writer

Profile of Travel Lemming author Larissa Albright

Larissa Albright is a New York City-based writer and travel enthusiast. She loves trying local restaurants and coffee shops in her neighborhood and exploring every inch of Central Park. She visits London whenever she can and spends her summers in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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Bailey Musselman

Freelance Travel Writer

Bailey Musselman, Travel Lemming author

Bailey Musselman is a travel writer, educator, and forever graduate student in Oakland, California. After growing up in the arid Arizona desert, Bailey spent the following years studying literature in the Midwest, learning Spanish in Barcelona, and watching theater across London. Now in the Bay Area, Bailey can be found road tripping across Northern California or sharing book recommendations on her blog, The Bailey Buzz.

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Henry Michaels

Freelance Travel Writer

Henry Michaels is a travel writer at Travel Lemming

Henry Michaels grew up in
Denver, Colorado and currently lives in San Luis Obispo, on the central coast of California. Henry’s love for travel has brought him to several countries across Europe and Central and South America. He enjoys sports and the outdoors, and as a Colorado native, he is an avid snowboarder.

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Eze Onukwube

Freelance Travel Writer

Eze Onukwube has called New Orleans home for over five years. He is a technical writer who loves the city’s welcoming yet transgressive spirit. He likes exploring the city’s historical sites, attending its carnival-like festivals, and visiting the cool lounges of its luxury hotels.

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Emerging Destinations Advisory Board

Rachel Davey

Guest Judge, 2023 Best Places to Travel Project

Rachel Davey is a world traveler, food lover and travel blogger from Australia. She is on an adventure to visit EVERY country in the world, along with her female counterpart, Marty. They have already visited 190/195 countries, with the finish line in sight. You can follow their travels at the blog Very Hungry Nomads.

Marty Sebova

Guest Judge, 2023 Best Places to Travel Project

Marty Sebova is a world traveler, history lover and travel blogger from Slovakia. She is on an adventure to visit EVERY country in the world, along with her female counterpart, Rach. They have already visited 190/195 countries, with the finish line in sight. You can follow their travels at the blog Very Hungry Nomads.


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