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Travel Lemming is a site dedicated to promoting the world’s emerging destinations and encouraging travelers to think beyond the traditional “tourist traps.” After all, what fun is travel if you’re just following all the other lemmings off a cliff?

We play host to the annual Emerging Destination Awards, where some of the world’s top travel influencers help us select the next hot and trendy destinations in travel for each continent.

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For media inquiries about the awards, or if you are a tourism board looking to make a nomination for next year, please email me at [email protected] or visit our Contact Page.


Hi I'm Nate Hake, a US citizen from Denver, Colorado, a frequent digital nomad, and the founder of Travel Lemming.

In 2016 started out on a year long trip around the globe which took me to forty-three countries across six continents (see my favorite travel photos from that trip here), and haven’t really stopped since.

I love to explore emerging destinations and vibrant cities. My goal is to help end overtourism by promoting travel to places that may not be on your tourist list, but have plenty of space for new visitors. Explore all our travel destination guides to see all my long-form guides.

Want to know more? I wrote a whole post where you can read more about the story of Travel Lemming.

What’s a “Travel Lemming”?

A frequent question I get is "What's a lemming?" Well, I picked "Travel Lemming" as my travel blog name as a tongue-in-cheek reference to a small animal rumored to engage in such mindless group behavior that it will follow other lemmings off cliffs. As it happens, real-life lemmings don’t actually do this at all. But I think the lemming myth humorously describes a lot of what you find after travelling for a few months. My goal at Travel Lemming is to help you find emerging destinations to travel that are off the lemming path! 

Daytrips from Denver: Garden of the Gods

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A screenshot of Maps.me after 7 months on the road

A screenshot of Maps.me after 7 months on the road

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