The author Sky Ariella during her solo travel in Columbia with the view from the mountains of Minca Colombia, one of the best Solo Travel Destinations

20 Best Solo Travel Destinations in 2023 (USA & Abroad)

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Picking the best solo travel destinations is the first step to having a great trip. Traveling solo doesn’t just introduce you to the world, it also helps you get to know yourself better and gives you confidence in your self-reliance. However, there is one huge thing that every solo traveler must consider before setting off – where should you go? 

You’ve come to the right place to uncover the best places to travel alone. I’ve traveled alone as a woman everywhere from Asia to South America. Let’s put my experiences with traveling solo to good use and figure out where you should go on your next solo trip.

Here are my personal picks for the 19 best solo travel destinations, starting with spots in the USA and then covering international destinations.

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Best USA Solo Travel Destinations 

New York, New York

A renowned urban playground filled with culture, shopping, and iconic U.S. landmarks.

View of people walking at the Central Park in New York
People strolling through Central Park

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse New York Hotels on Booking 

When you ask a random person, “What’s the most iconic city on planet Earth?”, there is a fairly high chance that New York City is going to be on their list. With that notoriety, it makes sense why traveling to the big city of New York is a fantastic destination. It’s filled with endless entertainment for when you travel solo. 

There is so much to explore in New York City’s neighborhoods. From famous NYC museums and cultural sites to Broadway shows and delicious food, you won’t be bored on a solo trip to NYC. It’s true that New York is very expensive, but it’s possible to do NYC on a budget if you plan ahead and stay in affordable accommodations like hostels. 

Nashville, Tennessee

A country music haven with a welcoming, rich nightlife scene.

Aerial view of Nashville and the colorful sky during sunset
Nashville skyline at sunset

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Nashville Hotels on Booking 

One of the best southern cities for solo travelers is easily Nashville, Tennessee. Music lovers hoping to find a solo travel destination will adore this city. It’s quite literally known as Music City, USA. 

You can learn about musical history at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Or, catch a show for yourself at one of Nashville’s many music venues, like the Ryman Auditorium and The Basement. No matter which Nashville neighborhood you visit, you’re sure to be met with a warm, welcoming spirit, which is perfect when you travel solo. 

Anchorage, Alaska 

A winter wonderland filled with ski trails, intoxicating landscapes, and diverse wildlife.

View of buildings and houses at the snowy town of Anchorage in Alaska
Snowy Anchorage

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Anchorage Hotels on Booking 

Taking a solo trip to Alaska might seem a little intimidating at first, but it could be one of the most magical experiences of your entire life. While there are several towns in Alaska, the best one for solo travelers is Anchorage. 

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest and most populated city, which brings a lot of needed creature comforts for a solo traveler. Even though Anchorage offers the luxuries of bigger cities, you’re truly out in nature. There are tons of skiing trails, gorgeous snow-covered state parks, and wildlife unlike anything you’ve seen at home. 

Anchorage is one of the top destinations for outdoorsy solo travelers. Just make sure you do your research and determine the best time to visit Alaska for you as the weather can get intense in the winter months. 

Portland, Maine

A laid-back coastal city with top-notch seafood, lots of summer activities, and a historic lighthouse.

A man with his dog in front of the Portland Head Light
Famous Portland HeadLight

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Portland Hotels on Booking

If you’re looking for a place where you can relax and eat your days away on your next solo trip, you’ll love Portland, Maine. Located right on the coast, Portland offers a smorgasbord of mouthwatering food and drinks. Particularly, their buttery lobster rolls, blueberry wine, and signature potato donuts are worth a taste. You can snap a photo of the Portland Headlight, take a whale-watching group tour, or just hang out.

I’d recommend Portland for solo female travelers with minimal experience traveling solo. Portland is a very entertaining city, but it’s still extremely safe and chill for a first solo trip in the USA. 

Moab, Utah

A desert escape featuring enormous national parks containing otherworldly landscapes.

Clear blue sky over the Arches National Park in Moab
Arches National Park in Moab

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Moab Hotels on Booking

Solo travelers on a hunt for a memorable, photo-worthy outdoor adventure should book a trip to Moab, Utah. There are miles and miles of unique landscapes to wander and photograph in Moab. 

Some of the most famous national parks in the western United States are located right here, including Arches, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Parks. You could spend an entire trip in these mind-blowing parks and still never run out of things to do in Moab

👉 Pro Tip: The easiest way to make the most of a solo trip to Moab is by renting a car with Discover Cars. Otherwise, it’ll be tough (and expensive) to make your way to all its famous national parks. 

San Francisco, California 

This foodie’s paradise offers endless activities, history, and tasty morsels to explore.

The Golden Gate Bridge covered with fog on an early morning in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge With San Francisco in the Distance

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse San Francisco Hotels on Booking

San Francisco, California is one of those cities that has something for nearly every sort of solo traveler. You don’t need a travel buddy to have fun in San Francisco. You’ll be too busy snapping photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting Alcatraz, and getting into the downtown San Fran food scene. Not to mention San Francisco’s world-famous museums, like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Exploratorium. 

The general appeal and endless opportunities for things to do in San Francisco give it a razzle-dazzle that’s hard to find in many places. It’s easily one of the best places to travel alone in the United States.

Big Sky, Montana

This snow-covered city has almost 6,000 acres of skiable land to glide through the Rocky Mountains.

View of a man at the Big Sky Ski Resort
The Famous Big Sky Ski Resort

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Big Sky Hotels on Booking

Are you a skier or snowboarder who craves a solo retreat to the slopes? Big Sky, Montana might be the place you never knew you needed. Located in the Rocky Mountains, Big Sky is a resort town that’s home to some of the longest ski runs in the entire country. 

While Big Sky is mainly notorious for its exceptional skiing, it’s really a mecca for all types of outdoor activities all year round. Hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and even rafting are all popular in Big Sky.

Savannah, Georgia 

A southern gem on the coast with some of the best-preserved architecture in America.

View of the water fountain at the Forsyth Park
Forsyth Park

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Savannah Hotels on Booking

Sometimes, the best places to travel alone are the simple, pretty destinations that you just feel comfortable lounging in. If that sounds like a slice of heaven to you, Savannah, Georgia should be a top destination on your solo travel bucket list. With its tree-lined streets, historic squares, and the massive Forsyth Park, Savannah’s Historic District alone is a sight for sore eyes. 

Savannah is also a great fit for solo travelers hoping to meet new friends along their journey. A guided tour or pub crawl to join is always easy to find in this fun city, such as this Savannah haunted pub crawl. It’ll bring you to all the city’s best nightlife spots and give you some insight into creepy Savannah history. Plus, you’ll probably meet fellow travelers along the way. 

Miami, Florida

A party hub featuring year-round perfect weather, stretches of beach, and varying cultures.

Neon lights on buildings at night in Miami, Florida
Colorful Miami at night (photo: DiegoMariottini / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Miami Hotels on Booking

It probably comes as a surprise to no one that there are a lot of things to do and see in Miami, Florida. The parties in Miami will get your heart pumping and it’s just the social gathering you need if you’re getting a case of the solo travel blues. When you need to recover and relax, Miami provides beaches that span as far as the eye can see. 

Miami has stuff for tamer solo travelers, too. There are unique, world-class museums to peruse, like Wynwood Walls and The Vizcaya Museum, along with plenty of tempting shopping at Bayside Market. Or, you can get in touch with southern nature at Everglades National Park. 

Boise, Idaho

A nature-heavy city that’s filled with a vibrant cultural scene and things to do outside.

Colorful hot air balloons over Boise during Balloon Festival
Hot Balloons over Boise during the Balloon Festival

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Boise Hotels on Booking

You may feel the urge to scroll right past Boise, Idaho, but don’t be so hasty. It’s secretly one of the top destinations in the U.S. for solo travel. 

Attractions in Boise range from the Old Idaho Penitentiary and the World Center For Birds of Prey to the Freak Alley Gallery and Idaho Botanical Garden. Plus, there are plenty of parks to soak up some vitamin D, like Camel’s Back Park, Julia Davis Park, and Boise River Greenbelt. 

Looking for an event when you travel to Boise alone? Visit from August 31 to September 4 when the Spirit of Boise hot air balloon festival goes down. During this Boise classic, multi-colored balloons fill the sky every morning. 

Bellevue, Washington

A serene alternative to Seattle packed with activities that range from adventure sports to blueberry picking.

Aerial view of Bellevue during sunset
The sun setting over Bellevue

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Bellevue Hotels on Booking

When most solo travelers think of a place to go in Washington, their mind immediately jumps to Seattle. However, the nearby neighbor of Bellevue just 15 minutes away should be a contender as your solo trip destination. Similarly to its Washington cousin, there are heaps of things to do in Bellevue.

Walk around the Bellevue Downtown Park or pick blueberries at Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm for a dose of nature in the heart of the city. Go shopping in Bellevue Square or Old Bellevue for a more intimate browsing experience. If you’re hoping for a bit more adrenaline, Bellevue has ziplining, indoor rock climbing, and paragliding. 

Plus, it’s still just a quick trip across Lake Washington if you want to see the Seattle staples, too. 

Best International Solo Travel Destinations 


A paradise of jaw-dropping natural wonders from volcanoes and glaciers to hot springs and the northern lights.

Aerial view of the Mount Eystrahorn in East Iceland
Mount Eystrahorn in East Iceland

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Iceland Hotels on Expedia

Iceland is a place that will leave your jaw on the floor while staring in awe at its natural beauty. Refreshing hot springs, gigantic glaciers, rushing waterfalls, black sand beaches, piping volcanoes, and whale watching out on the seas are just a few of the best activities in Iceland. Did I mention the Northern Lights, yet?

Every day spent in Iceland is a full-blown adventure and there are tons of tours that will help you experience all of it. This Golden Circle, Kerid Volcanic Crater, and Blue Lagoon day trip from Reykjavik will take you to several of the country’s most well-known spots in just one day. 

In 2022, Iceland was ranked as the #1 safest country in Europe. Iceland is a great choice if you’re a solo travel newbie who wants to step out of your comfort zone and see amazing things without pushing the limits too far. 


A utopia of tropical beaches and playful wildlife that offers tons of visas for solo travelers.

View of fishes and corals at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Great Barrier Reef in Australia

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Australia Hotels on Expedia

Solo travelers from the United States find traveling in Australia a bit easier than other international destinations. There’s no language barrier, and although Australia can lean towards the expensive side, the country offers social accommodations that can bring down costs and help you meet new friends. 

Australia provides plenty of natural spectacles to dive into, including islands, beaches, swimming holes, national parks, and more. For more of a city trip, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane all provide that metropolis feel with close access to all the nature adventures. 

Australia is a prime solo travel destination for people who want to assimilate into local life and travel for months at a time. The country extends a working holiday visa for travelers aged 18 to 30 that allows you to stay up to a year. On this visa, you’re allowed to work and make money for your travels along the way, so it’s a great option for budget travelers


A friendly, easy-to-travel country with out-of-this-world food, temples, and incredibly affordable prices.

People visiting the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand
White Temple in Chiang Rai
View of elephants hanging out in Chiang Mai
Hanging out with elephants in Chiang Mai

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Thailand Hotels on Expedia

Traveling alone in Thailand never really feels like you’re alone because there are so many other solo travelers there. It’s probably harder to not make friends than it is to pick up travel buddies along the way. 

Solo travelers are attracted to Thailand for good reasons – it’s affordable and high-quality. The food is so good you’ll be thinking about it for years after. The country offers everything from big cities to mountains, islands, beaches, and colorful temples. There are also elephants (who are more dog-like than you might imagine).

Thailand carved a special place into my heart as the first place I ever traveled alone. It sounds like a huge undertaking as it takes nearly 24 hours of flights to get there from the USA. However, soon after the plane lands, you realize Thailand is one of the best countries on the planet for solo travelers. 

📚 Related Reading: You don’t want to be held back by worry when you’re exploring Thailand. So, save yourself trouble (and money) by getting solid travel insurance for Thailand.


A picturesque island country with unbelievable nature scenes and one-of-a-kind restaurants to explore.

View of a cherry blossom tree in Japan
Cherry blossoms in Japan

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Japan Hotels on Expedia

Japan is a top destination on most people’s solo travel bucket lists. Any sushi lover yearns to go to Japan and try it from the source. Beyond sushi, Japan is home to some of the fanciest, strangest, and coolest restaurants on the planet, including infamous vending machine delicacies. There is far more to Japan than just a full plate, though. 

For an island that’s smaller than the state of California, Japan is packed with enticement. It has a variety of buzzing cities and small towns depending on your preference. Polished, expansive gardens, the famed Mount Fuji, and shopping are all worth traveling to Japan for.


A safe, beachy European country loaded with Port wine, fresh fish, and Medieval castles.

Aerial view of people on a beach in Setubal, Portugal
Beaches in Setubal, Portugal
View of people visiting the Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal
Pena Palace in the popular day trip town location of Sintra, Portugal

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Portugal Hotels on Expedia

Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe. It’s a small country on the western coast of Europe, but there are oodles of stuff to do and places to visit in Portugal

Portugal’s wild beaches surrounded by cliff landscapes will blow you away, and its palaces and historic buildings will leave you in awe of the architecture. The entire time, the friendly locals will welcome you with open arms. 

The great thing about a compact country like Portugal is that it’s possible to explore the whole thing in just a week and a half, as long as you budget your time properly. Take the work out of planning and give my 10-day Portugal itinerary a read. 


A culturally-rich country famous for its scrumptious tapas, festivals, and boisterous party scene.

View of a narrow colorful streets in Seville, Spain
The skinny, colorful streets of Seville, Spain
Aerial view of a beach in southern Spain during sunset
The sun sets over the stunning beaches of southern Spain

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Spain Hotels on Expedia

Right next door to Portugal is the equally entertaining country of Spain. It’s a much bigger country though with a completely different culture. Every place you visit in Spain, you’ll get a slightly different flavor. 

In the south, you’ll find the White Towns and miles of coastal paradise. In Central Spain, you’ll have access to Madrid, the 2nd biggest city in all of Europe. In the north, you’ll find wine regions and adorable fishing villages. A well-planned Spain itinerary can take you through many different worlds on a single trip.

Spain is excellent for budget travelers as it’s easy to get around on its affordable public transportation system. However, if you can splurge on it, I’d recommend renting a car. I took a road trip from the Andalusian region all the way up the coast to Barcelona and it was even better than expected. 

Costa Rica

A rainforest escape with tons of outdoor adventures, bountiful biodiversity, and delectable coffee.

A Suspended Bridge on a forest in Costa Rica
Suspended Bridge in the rain forests of Costa Rica

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Costa Rica Hotels on Expedia

Costa Rica’s beautiful scenery pulls in solo travelers from all over the world and makes them fall in love. It’s the destination for solo travelers who want to tap into that “pura vida” lifestyle. 

Costa Rica’s snorkeling scene, the lush rainforests, and of course all the exotic animals you could spot in Costa Rica make it a great place for solo travelers who love nature. It’ll quell the heart of any former nature kid who wants to get back in touch with their roots. Plus, caffeine lovers will be in good hands with the famous Costa Rican coffee. 


A coastal country with motorbikes, cheap accommodations, beautiful scenery, and endless tempting food.

Overlooking view during a motorbike trip in Vietnam
A motorbiking trip through northern Vietnam
Foods prepared for dinner on a hostel in Vietnam
Freshly prepared dinner by a homestay with other solo travelers

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Vietnam Hotels on Expedia

I would be remiss not to mention the fabulous country of Vietnam on a list of the best places to travel solo. I can’t help but gush about how much fun the insanely affordable Southeast Asian country can be. 

From intense motorbike adventures to party cruises, ancient pagodas, and markets on trains, solo travelers will have a full schedule when visiting Vietnam. Plus, Vietnam solves the age-old solo traveler’s struggle of paying for everything alone because of just how cheap the country is. My favorite hostel in Hanoi only cost a mere $3 per night (with an included breakfast!)


A lively Latin American country with nature and nightlife that’s quite safe for experienced solo travelers.

Overlooking view from a hostel in Minca, Colombia
Views from a hostel in Minca, Colombia

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Browse Colombia Hotels on Expedia

When I traveled to Colombia alone as a woman, I knew I was stepping pretty far outside of my comfort zone. The truth is, Colombia is definitely more of an advanced travel destination. English speakers are hard to find and there can be some seedy areas. Despite its dubious reputation, Colombia is an incredible destination for experienced solo travelers. 

There are plenty of hostels or private accommodations if you prefer. You can dance the night away at local Colombian clubs, climb to the top of mountain peaks, or take a tour through the country’s coffee plantations. Nature in Colombia varies from tropical to desert. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind solo travel destination that will leave an impression. 

FAQs About Solo Travel Destinations

Where is a good place for first-time solo travelers?

A good place in the United States for first-time solo travelers to visit is Portland, Maine. It’s a very welcoming city with plenty of activities, places to stay, and absolutely delicious food. Iceland is a good international destination for first-time solo travelers. Its natural attractions are astonishing and there are lots of guided tours available. Additionally, it’s the #1 safest country in Europe, so solo travelers are in good hands in Iceland. 

Is solo travel safe?

Traveling solo is safe if you take the proper precautions and plan your solo trip appropriately. Solo travelers should do ample research into their destination of choice, including specific safety precautions, travel advisories, and necessary vaccines.

Is solo travel good for introverts?

Solo travel can be an excellent activity for introverts. Solo traveling allows introverts to stick to things they want to do and don’t need to constantly engage with a travel companion on a journey. However, introverted solo travelers always have the option to get out of their shells and meet new people. It’s the best of both worlds for someone who is introspective. 

How do I travel alone with confidence?

The easiest way to travel alone with confidence is to be very well-prepared. Create a solo travel packing list, map out an itinerary, and watch lots of videos of other people traveling alone. The trick to building up confidence as a solo traveler, or in anything really, is practice. The more you learn about the place you’re going and prepare yourself, the more comfortable you’ll be when the day comes to get on the plane. 


You’re all caught up on the very best solo travel destinations for 2023. Where are you headed? If it’s your very first solo trip and you’re getting jittery, have no fear, just check out my guide for how to travel alone and you’ll be plenty prepared. Safe travels! 

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