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View of the sunrise in the Colosseum in Rome
Colosseum in Rome

Why We Love Italy – World-renowned for architecture, history, fashion, film, and food (expect to eat your body weight in pasta), it’s no wonder why Italy is in the top 5 most visited countries in the world. Sure, you may be elbow-to-elbow with other tourists at some of the most famous sites in Rome, Florence, and Venice, but with so many nooks and crannies to explore, it’s entirely possible to have a relaxing trip to Italy. Oh, and have we mentioned the pasta?

Best of Italy

🏙️ Destinations

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy with tourists around it
Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Italy is home to exciting cities, postcard-worthy coastlines, mountainous villages, and countryside escapes alike. Here are some of our favorite places to visit:

  • Rome – Home to the Colleseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, and Pantheon (to name a few), Rome isn’t short on historical sites. Between this, the shopping, and the restaurants, Rome is sure to impress.
  • Tuscany – A central-Italian region, Tuscany’s draw is its scenery (those rolling hills, though), wine production, and beaches. But of course, we’re scratching the surface here.
  • Florence – The capital city of Tuscany, Florence is known for being home to the Uffizi Gallery, Michaelangelo’s ‘David’, and restaurants that will delight your tastebuds for ages.
  • Matera – A city in the Basilicata region, Metera is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a shining example of a Mediterranean troglodyte settlement.
  • Venice – You’ll come to Venice for the canals, but you’ll fall in love with the art, food, and romantic air around every corner.

✨ Things to Do

Modern cities, ancient ruins, vineyards, and world-renowned coastlines. The things to do in Italy are endless, but here are some of our top picks:

  • Valley of the Temples – A historical site in Agrigento, Sicily, Valley of the Temples is home to some of the best-preserved Greek architecture outside of Greece itself.
  • Uffizi Gallery – An art museum in Florence that’s home to an astounding collection of art and sculptures dating back to the middle ages.
  • Juliet’s Balcony – Though it doesn’t have a direct relation to Shakespeare’s story, you can find this gorgeous balcony in Verona. The site even includes a Juliet statue and plenty of scribbles and wishes from well-intended visitors.
  • Venice Grand Canal – One of Venice’s primary waterways, this canal is famous for the palaces that line the water. Get your camera ready!
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa – Everyone’s favorite photo op, the Learning Tower of Pisa is located in the northwestern area of Italy and is a lesson in both medieval architecture and gravity.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa and tourists in it
The Leaning Tower of Pisa (photo: f11photo / Shutterstock)

Italy Travel Advice

🗓️ Best Time to Visit

If you prefer to avoid the general tourist crowd and aim for lower accommodation prices, then the best time to visit Italy is either the spring months of April to June or the autumn months of September to October when the temperatures are moderate and cool.

⚠️ Safety

Other than the occasional pick-pocketing incidents that are common to a lot of tourist destinations, Italy is a very safe place to visit. Just practice caution and common sense, and you’ll be fine. It is also a good idea to check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination.

👉 Tips & Things to Know

  • 🚌 – Validate Your Train & Bus Tickets – Just because you’ve bought a ticket doesn’t mean you can take the ride. Make sure to validate your ticket at one of the onboard machines before you get comfy in your seat.
  • 🍝 – Don’t Expect Just one Culture – Italy is a famously diverse country. What you’ll find in the north isn’t what you’ll find in the south. Pick your destinations wisely!
  • 👂 – You Can’t Always Rely on English – Though most people in larger cities (such as Rome) will speak English, it’s a little different in more remote areas. Prepare to learn a little Italian if you’re going off the beaten trail.
  • 🎟️ – Buy Tickets Online – If you’re visiting during high season (summer), then skip the lines and purchase your tickets online in advance.
  • 🏙️ – Get a City Pass – Almost all of Italy’s major cities feature passes that will get you into popular attractions either for free or at a discount. Some of these passes even include free transportation.

🧳 What to Pack

  • 🧣 – Bring a Scarf – Though summers in Italy almost never get cold, it is expected that women cover their legs and shoulders when entering some religious grounds. Roll some extra fabric in your day bag and you’ll be good to go.
  • ☀️ – Sunscreen – Summer in Italy can be stifling, and the sun is especially strong. Don’t forget the SPF!
  • 👚 – Smart Yet Casual Clothing – Italians are a notoriously fashionable bunch, and the best way to fit in is by dressing up a little.
  • 🦺 – Travel Insurance – Besides the odd pickpocketing incident, Italy is a fairly safe country. Still, it’s a smart move to plan ahead and secure your trip with travel insurance.
  • 🚘 – International Driving Permit – If you’re traveling from outside the EU, you’ll need to secure an International Driving Permit before you hop behind the wheel.

🤓 Facts & Info

  • Population – 60 million
  • Capital – Rome
  • Currency – Euro ($1 = ~0.91 euros)
  • Language – English and Italian
  • Plugs – Type C, F or L, 230V / 50Hz.

💵 Budgeting & Money

Majority of establishments take credit/debit cards, but do bring enough cash just in case, and also for when you travel to more remote areas. ATMs widely available

📰 Italy Travel Guides

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