The reviewer, Abigail Bliss, admiring the scenic view while carrying the Teton Sports Scout Backpack

Teton Sports Scout Backpack Review (I Tested it in 2023)

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If you’re in the market for a budget backpacking pack, you have to read my comprehensive Teton Sports Scout backpack review. 

My friend, Skycie, and I recently tested 2023’s best hiking backpacks on an incredible 5-day trek in southern Utah. We encountered winter storm warnings and high wind advisories. But we carried on to put these packs, including the Teton Scout, through extreme, real-world conditions. 

Once home, I took the pack out on a second test, then researched every minute detail. This brutally honest review overviews features like organization, comfort, materials, and much more.  

By the end of this post, you’ll have great confidence in knowing whether or not the Scout will meet your needs and preferences. And if you decide it isn’t the right pack for you, I also share a couple of personally-tested alternatives for your consideration. 

Teton Sports Scout Review Quick Summary

Quick Summary
Teton Sports Scout

Abigail's Take: This high-performing, budget-friendly backpack is a stellar value, especially given its lifetime warranty. Organizational features, an included rain cover, and height adjustability are some of its key benefits.   

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  • Highly affordable and an incredible value 
  • Integrated rain cover included
  • Many internal and external organizational features
  • Available in several vibrant colors
  • Covered under Teton Sports’ limited lifetime warranty


  • Lacks hip belt pockets 
  • Materials could be lighter and more eco-conscious
  • Greater breathability would improve comfort
Abigail with her friends posing with a scenic view in the background
Skycie, her pup, and I tested this pack on one of Utah’s best hikes

Teton Sports Scout is best for:

  • New and cost-conscious backpackers 
  • A range of heights (torso lengths of 15 – 19.5 in / 38.1 – 49.5 cm)
  • Fans of organizational features 

Teton Sports Scout might not be a fit for:

  • Frequent backpackers
  • Long multi-day trips / thru-hikes

Overall, I’ve rated the Teton Sports Scout 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s a fantastic entry-level pack that comes at a phenomenal price. An integrated rain cover adds even greater value, as does a lifetime warranty. 

The Scout offers several organizational features. These include spacious side pockets, gear loops, and a dedicated sleeping bag compartment. It’s a reasonable weight, despite its many straps and zippers. Its hardware is also good quality, especially given the pack’s affordability. 

The author, Abigail hiking with the Teton Sports Scout Backpack in Utah
Me testing out the Teton Sports Scout in southern Utah

The backpack’s materials could be less dense, as well as more eco-friendly. But these fabric choices are abrasion, tear, and water-resistant, granting long-lasting durability. I also wish that the Scout were more breathable, but appreciate the generous padding and its load transfer ability. 

The Teton Sports Scout Backpack with other gear in a rocky landscape
The Teton Sports Scout is a stellar choice for budget backpackers

Undoubtedly, I would recommend the Teton Scout to new and budget backpackers. Its value simply can’t be beaten, and in many ways, it functions just as well as far more expensive backpacks. 

Video Review Teton Sports Scout

You can keep scrolling for my detailed Teton Sports Scout review.

Or click play on my video review rounding up the 8 top backpacking backpacks I compared on our trip in Utah.

(Note: the Teton Sports Scout section starts at 03:25 in the video).

Teton Sports Scout Features Review

The author, Abigail, carrying the Teton Sports Scout Backpack with her dog on a hike
My pup and I are out testing the Teton Scout near Denver

That was the quick summary, but I have so much more to share about the Teton Sports Scout. This section covers every one of this pack’s key features, as well as comparative insights. 

I’d recommend reading this review in its entirety so that you know exactly what to expect from the Scout. But you can click these links to skip ahead if you’re curious about a particular feature: 


⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

The author, Abigail posing while carrying her Teton Sports Scout Backpack
Me wearing the Teton Sports Scout 45
The author, Abigail posing while carrying her Teton Sports Scout Backpack during her hike on a sunny day
How the pack fits on my 5-foot, 100-lb (60-cm, 45.4-kg) frame

The Teton Sports Scout is available in three capacities, offering 45L, 55L, and 65L of volume. I tested the smallest, most affordable option. 

I was doubtful that the Scout 45 could hold more than the essentials at first glance. Largely, this was due to the number of pockets taking away from the main compartment. But I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I can stow away after personally testing this pack. 

Keep in mind, I’m a petite person and therefore, my clothing layers don’t take up much space. But also note that I don’t own the most ultralight gear. Yet, I was able to pack a 3-season sleeping bag, a 3-person backpacking tent, and much more.   

View of the Teton Sports Scout Backpack full of plastic golf balls
Measuring the volume distribution of the Scout

Curious how volume is allocated throughout the pack? I took inspiration from ASTM International’s standard test for backpack capacity to determine this. The following measurements are based on my estimate that there are 12 golf balls per liter:  

  • Top lid (both internal and external pockets) – 76 golf balls / 6.3L 
  • Front mesh pocket – 27 golf balls / 2.25L 
  • Side pockets (2x) – 30 golf balls / 2.5L
  • Water bottle holders (2x) – 22 golf balls / 1.8L
  • Sleeping bag compartment – 208 golf balls / 17.3L
  • Base pocket – 38 golf balls / 3.2L

Note that the main compartment was empty when measuring the side pockets, water bottle holders, and sleeping bag compartment. Of course, the volume of each would have been lesser had this larger area been full. The sleeping bag compartment and adjacent base pocket were also measured individually.  

This test may not be perfect, but it allows you to better understand what each pocket offers. Plus, the chart on our backpacking packs round-up shows how the Scout compares to others’ organizational features.   


⭐ STAR RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars

Weight test result of Abigail's backpack during her hike
My pack weighed 21.3 lbs (9.7 kg) during my initial test 

The Teton Sports Scout 45 weighs 3.9 lbs (1.77 kg). It doesn’t fall in the ultralight category, but in fairness, this budget pack isn’t all that heavy compared to similar, more expensive backpacks. For example, the small/medium size of the Gregory Maven 45 weighs 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg). 

However, the Scout 55 and 65L are on the heavier side. They weigh 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg) and 4.6 lbs (2.09 kg), respectively — and again, are highly affordable. But there are definitely lighter packs on the market for those willing to make a greater investment. 

Also, note that Teton Sports doesn’t specify a max carrying capacity for any of the Scout models. However, several users agree that the pack can manage heavier loads. One reviewer stated that they carried “45 lbs well over 1000 miles” (20.4 kg, 1609 km). 

Experts advise that your backpacking pack should weigh more than around 20% of your body weight. Given my build, my pack weighed 21.3 lbs (9.7 kg) during testing, and the Scout 45 managed this very well. 

Height Adjustable

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

A demonstration of the torso height adjustment of the Teton Sports Scout Backpack
This feature makes it easy to adjust the pack to your torso length

All versions of the Teton Sports Scout accommodate torso lengths of 15 – 19.5 in (38.1 – 49.5 cm). I love this generous range, and the height adjustable feature is very user-friendly. 

You’ll find multiple loops centered on the back panel. There’s also a folded fabric piece between the shoulder straps, with two sides adhered by a hook-and-loop fastener (think Velcro). Pull back one side, draw the fabric piece through four loops, then seal to adapt the pack to your height. 

The Scout’s directional arrows make it clear whether you should move the panel up or down. Adjust this higher if you’re taller and lower if you’re shorter.  

👉 Pro Tip: Check out this guide from REI to learn how to measure your torso length and ensure the perfect fit. 


⭐ STAR RATING: 4 / 5 stars

Back View of the Teton Sports Scout 45
The back of the Teton Sports Scout 45
Closeup view of the lumbar pad, hip belt, and shoulder straps of the backpack
A close-up of its lumbar pad, hip belt, and shoulder straps

I was initially wary about the Scout’s comfort level. Its straight hip belt differs from the curved shape you see on more expensive packs, and load transfer ability is crucial for comfort. 

But like I was surprised by its spaciousness, I was happy to discover that the Scout is quite comfortable. The waist belt hugged my frame perfectly once I tightened its compression straps. It performed well in taking the brunt of my pack weight during both tests. 

Generous padding is seen on the hip belt, lumbar pad, and shoulder straps. This isn’t an abrasive fabric, but it could be improved as far as breathability. 

A patch reading “airflow” is stitched onto the center of the back panel. But airflow is largely limited to that middle-back region. On a warm day, your sweaty shirt will absolutely stick to you wherever it’s in contact with this pack. 

Internal Organization

⭐ STAR RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars

View of the hydration pack inside the Teton Sports Scout Backpack
The Scout is a hydration-compatible backpack

The main compartment of the Teton Scout has minimal organization features. Its sole pocket is a hydration bladder sleeve. Above this lies a hook-and-loop fastener that can secure a variety of water bladder styles in place. You can then draw the reservoir hose through the port found on the top-center of the back panel. 

Note that Teton states this pack can accommodate a 3L water bladder. That may be the case if the sleeping bag compartment isn’t completely full. My 2.5L Osprey reservoir fit in the sleeve, but just barely with a 3-season sleeping bag packed in. Fortunately, the pack also features two side pockets for excess water. 

Closeup view of the internal and external access with the lid of Teton Sports Scout
The lid offers both internal and external access

The lid features an internal zippered compartment. It’s great for electronics like a cell phone and headlamp given the added protection. High-visibility lining also makes it easier to spot your items in low light. 

External Organization

⭐ STAR RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars

The lid also has a more spacious external pocket. I found a backpacking and camping checklist inside this zippered compartment, a thoughtful touch from Teton! 

The front face features a wide mesh pocket. Though, this pocket isn’t very deep and therefore, is somewhat limiting. But it’s ideal for small items you’ll want quick access to, like chapstick, sunscreen, and trail snacks. In some respects, it makes up for the Scout lacking hip belt pockets (which I wish it had).

You’ll also find several compression straps and lash points on the pack’s front face. Use the base straps to store heavy, bulky gear like a backpacking tent, sleeping pad, or bear canister. Ice axe loops and trekking pole loops grant even more external storage. 

Mesh water bottle pockets lie on both sides of the pack. Elastic at their mouths secure bottles in place, including wide styles like those by Nalgene. I wish they were a touch deeper to grant versatility. They’re also not as convenient as the angled styles seen on other backpacks. Such allows you to remove and replace your bottle without taking off the pack.    

However, these shallow pockets grant space for the zippered pockets also found on both sides of the pack. I stored my Jetboil cooking system in one of these and would recommend storing layers in the other for easy access. 

Lastly, the integrated rain cover is found at the base of the pack. It’s secured with a hook-and-loop fastener and, of course, the pocket can be used for other types of gear. Though be judicious about what you store here as the base of your pack will often come in contact with the ground. 

Rain Cover

⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

The author, Abigail, tested the backpack with a rain cover on a winter day
Me testing the integrated rain cover in heavy snow

This hiking backpack has an integrated rain jacket, further increasing its stellar value. I love the high-visibility color that makes you, easy to spot in heavy rain or snow. Elastic lines its edge, granting a secure fit that protects your gear from the elements. 


⭐ STAR RATING: 4 / 5 stars

Closeup view of the Teton Sports Scout Backpack on a sunny day
The pack’s primary fabric is 600D polyester diamond ripstop

Teton Sports states that the Scout’s material is 600D polyester diamond ripstop. This description applies to the colored (in this case, blue) sections of the pack, based on my understanding of backpack materials. 

“D” refers to the denier or thickness of the fabric, with higher numbers indicating a greater density. 600D is far thicker than what I’ve seen on other backpacking packs, which contributes to the Scout’s heavier weight. Though, I like that this fabric has a ripstop quality, meaning that if a hole occurs, it’s less likely to tear past the source. 

I wish that Teton further specified its pack materials, as the secondary fabric and lining are different textiles. It would also be ideal if these fabrics were recycled, even in part. 

🌎 Eco-Conscious Packs: Consider the Osprey Eja / Exos if you’re looking for an eco-friendly backpack. It’s entirely constructed with recycled and bluesign®-approved materials!  


⭐ STAR RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars

Overall, I’m pleased with the Scout’s hardware. The side-release buckles and zippers feel a bit bulkier than other backpacks, and they don’t glide quite as smoothly. However, they function as they should and I believe the quality is largely in line with the pack’s price point. 

The Scout has plastic attachment points on the shoulder straps, which are more commonly fabric. But these work great for storing items you want quick access to, like a satellite messenger

Another unique feature is the packs’ double drawstring. The cord locks on these function well and cinch the bag tightly, but I question the need for two. As previously mentioned, there are definitely ways that Teton Sports could have minimized this pack’s weight. 


⭐ STAR RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars

The author, Abigail hiking with the Teton Sports Scout Backpack in the forest
Me hiking at White Ranch Park, one of the best places to go camping near Denver

Overall, I’m a fan of this backpack’s aesthetic. It’s available in several vibrant color options, as well as neutrals for those that prefer a minimalist look. Each of the compression straps can be tucked in, and various material textures add visual interest. 

Much of the pack feels heftier than more expensive backpacks. Its straps are wider and its hardware is bulkier, but again, I feel this reflects its highly affordable price. 

Though, I knocked off a half-star because this hiking backpack seems to pick up dirt more easily than other packs. This is especially evident on the black portions of the pack where the material finish isn’t coated in the same way as the primary fabric. 


⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

Closeup view of the Teton Sports logo on the front face of the backpack
This brand offers a stellar lifetime warranty

Teton Sports offers a limited lifetime warranty on its backpacks and other outdoor gear. This guarantees that purchases “will be free of defects and misperformance for as long as you own the product.” The company will cover the costs of repairing and replacing parts, as well as whole products, “at the discretion of [its] Customer Experience team.” 

Exceptions to this warranty include damage “due to accident, neglect, misuse, or an act of God.” You must also be the original owner to qualify for Teton Sports warranty coverage. 

These conditions are very standard and overall, its warranty is highly generous! I also appreciate that Teton Sports will ship replacement parts “for a reasonable cost” even if your pack falls outside of its warranty. 


⭐ STAR RATING: 5 / 5 stars

The author, Abigail hiking with the dogs with a scenic view in Utah
Check out my guide on hikes near Denver for views like this!

Hands down, the Teton Sports Scout comes at an exceptional value. Even its most expensive model, the Scout 65, is just $94.99. For reference, the second-most affordable pack in our “best backpacking pack” round-up is more than double this cost. 

I was on a very tight budget when I first started backpacking and would have loved to own this product. In my opinion, many outdoor brands lead interested backpackers to believe that this sport requires a hefty investment. But that’s not necessarily true.  

First step: start your gear kit with this affordable pack. Then, consider buying other essentials second-hand and invest a bit more into hiking boots. You’ll be ready to hit the trail in no time! 

Teton Sports Scout Technical Specifications Chart

Teton Sports expanded the Scout series into three models with its latest update. This includes 45L, 55L, and 65L capacities, which you can easily compare using the below table.  

Teton Sports Scout 45Teton Sports Scout 55Teton Sports Scout 65
Volume2746 in3 / 45 L3356 in3 / 55 L3967 in3 / 65 L
Dimensions28 x 15 x 10 in (71.1 x 38.1 x 25.4 cm)30 x 16 x 10 in (76.2 x 40.6 x 25.4 cm)32 x 18 x 12 in (81.3 x 45.7 x 30.5 cm)
Torso Size15 – 19.5 in (38.1 – 49.5 cm)15 – 19.5 in (38.1 – 49.5 cm)15 – 19.5 in (38.1 – 49.5 cm)
Waist Belt24 – 56 in (61 – 142.2 cm)26 – 60 in (66 – 152.4 cm)26 – 60 in (66 – 152.4 cm)
Weight3.9 lbs (1.77 kg)4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)4.6 lbs (2.09 kg)
Material600D polyester diamond ripstop600D polyester diamond ripstop600D polyester diamond ripstop
Color OptionsEvergreen, Bluejay, BlackOlive, Burnt Orange, Huckleberry, BlackPacific, Buck Brown, Black
Table Data Source: data reported by Teton Sports. Travel Lemming has tested and confirmed these dimensions for the Teton Sports Scout 45. However, we have not manually confirmed this data for all other models. 

Teton Sports Scout Alternatives

Still not sure that the Teton Scout quite matches your needs? Consider these two backpack alternatives which I’ve also personally tested. For more guidance, see my full backpacking pack sizing and fit guide.

REI Co-Op Flash 55

Best for Customization
REI Co-Op Flash 55

Abigail's Take: Though a greater investment, this pack offers a highly comfortable fit and weighs as little as 2.625 lbs (1.191 kg). User-friendly customization features also grant versatility.  

Click for Best Price My REI Co-Op Flash 55 Review

The $199 REI Co-Op Flash 55 is more than double the cost of the same-size Scout 55. But budget backpackers, hear me out. 

This pack is much more breathable than the Scout, granting a higher level of comfort. It also has a near-identical height adjustment feature that’s easy to use. Plus, it’s available in gender-specific models and various sizes, providing a custom-like fit. 

Even its heaviest version, the men’s large, weighs just 2.875 lbs (1.304 kg). The Scout 55 weighs 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg), which is 57% heavier. Trust me, if you plan to go long miles, a lightweight pack makes a big difference. 

Customization is this pack’s stand-out feature. But unlike the Scout, it doesn’t come with a rain cover, meaning an added expense. Weigh the pros and cons by reading my full REI Co-Op Flash 55 backpack review.  

Gregory Maven / Paragon

Best for Organizational Features
Gregory Maven / Paragon

Abigail's Take: This backpack is available in the same capacities as the Scout, but its organizational features are more versatile. It's also more comfortable, lighter, and made with higher-quality materials.

Click for Best Price My Gregory Maven / Paragon Review

The Gregory Maven and its men’s version, the Paragon, are worthy competitors to the Scout. Of course, they come with a heftier price tag, starting at $229.95 for the 45L version. 

Like the Scout, the Maven is available in 55L and 65L capacities, and the Paragon is made in 48L, 58L, and 68L models. These Gregory backpacks are also available in multiple sizes with torso and waist adjusters. 

They offer several organizational features but with greater customization than the Scout. For example, its sleeping bag compartment has toggle buttons, allowing it to be optional. It also has deeper external pockets, as well as hip belt pockets. In addition, these packs have integrated rain covers, providing a one-and-done kit.

Read my Gregory Maven backpack review to learn more about this highly-rated pack.    

FINAL VERDICT – Is The Teton Sports Scout Worth It?

Quick Summary
Teton Sports Scout

Abigail's Take: This high-performing, budget-friendly backpack is a stellar value, especially given its lifetime warranty. Organizational features, an included rain cover, and height adjustability are some of its key benefits.   

Check Price on Amazon

The Teton Sports Scout is absolutely worth it. I’m astounded by its performance and generous warranty given its highly affordable price point. 

Its organizational features accommodate a wide variety of gear. And, many of its compartments are surprisingly spacious. I love that a rain cover is included and that overall, it’s a reasonable weight. 

The author, Abigail posing while carrying her Teton Sports Scout Backpack with a scenic view in the background
My genuine reaction to this pack — and the lovely Colorado views

Lighter, higher-quality materials would have been ideal, and I wish that the fabrics used were more eco-conscious. More breathable construction could have also improved the backpack. But overall, its thick padding and load transfer ability provide great comfort. 

Without question, I would recommend the Scout to any backpacker on a budget, regardless of experience level. Cheers to Teton Sports for creating a high-quality pack that promotes inclusivity!  

FAQs About the Teton Sports Scout

Are Teton backpacks waterproof?

Teton backpacks are not waterproof. However, models like the Scout come with an integrated rain cover which provides protection against heavy rain and snow. See our full features review for more.

How much does the Teton Sports Scout 3400 weigh?

The Teton Sports Scout 3400 weighs 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg). Its updated model, the Teton Sports Scout 55, is the same weight. See our technical specifications chart for more.


I hope this Teton Sports Scout backpack review was insightful. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve used this pack and feel welcome to leave questions in the comments, too!  

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Scout 45L Backpack

This high-performing, budget-friendly backpack is a stellar value, especially given its lifetime warranty. Organizational features, an included rain cover, and height adjustability are some of its key benefits.

Product Brand: TETON

Editor's Rating:


  • Highly affordable and an incredible value
  • Integrated rain cover included
  • Many internal and external organizational features
  • Available in several vibrant colors
  • Covered under Teton Sports’ limited lifetime warranty


  • Lacks hip belt pockets
  • Materials could be lighter and more eco-conscious
  • Greater breathability would improve comfort

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