View of an RV rented by the writer of this Outdoorsy Review via, with trees and mountains along a dirt road

Outdoorsy Review 2023 (My Honest Experience Renting an RV)

I booked a camper van through Outdoorsy last summer and took a 1000+ mile road trip through Colorado. In this guide, I give an honest Outdoorsy review based on my both personal experience and unbiased, measurable factors. These include how Outdoorsy’s rental availability, rental safety, and costs compare to competitors. 

As a Colorado local with “van life” goals, I sought out a solution to balance my desires with my budget. That’s how I found Outdoorsy, a community-driven RV rental company — think of it similar to Airbnb. RV owners list their vehicles to make extra income, and you get the experience without the cost and effort of ownership. Win, win! 

With this guide and review of Outdoorsy, you’ll know exactly what to expect when booking with Outdoorsy — the pros, the cons, and how to score the best deal.

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What is Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy is an RV rental platform that follows a similar model to Airbnb. Outdoorsy connects local, independent RV owners with interested renters. RV renters find ideal vehicles by using the filters available on

How Outdoorsy Works

From the Outdoorsy homepage, users select their starting destination, travel dates, and the number of guests. This initial query also allows you to select if you want a vehicle that’s pet-friendly and/or ADA-accessible. 

Guide to navigate the available rentals in Outdoorsy
How to to use Outdoorsy’s search features

After selecting “search,” a variety of RV rentals appear on the screen. Each result lists a featured image, pricing, and general information about the vehicle’s make and model. Location is also listed under each option, and a helpful map appears to the right of these search results. This depicts the locations of these vehicles, as well as their pricing.

Above these search results (on desktop), you’ll find more filters. Customize your results with options like vehicle type, renters’ ratings, and price. You can also search by weight and vehicle length, as well as bathroom and kitchen amenities. Rules and policies are other available filters. 

Outdoorsy RV owners are very clear about their vehicles’ features and rental policies. Don’t skim this information to avoid hassles and fees!

A guide to navigating the Outdoorsy website
Use Outdoorsy’s handy filters for price, pets, and other features

Once you find the vehicle that’s perfect for you, it’s time to send the RV owner your booking request! Create an Outdoorsy account to do so. While you wait for the host’s response, you can submit your information to Outdoorsy to become a verified driver. Complete this step by uploading your valid driver’s license and following the prompts. 

After the owner approves your request, you can finalize payment directly through Outdoorsy. In addition to the base rate of the vehicle, budget for a 5% – 20% service fee and one of Outdoorsy’s protection packages. Three industry-leading insurance protection plans are available. They all feature 24/7 customer support and free roadside assistance, among other benefits. 

You’ll also want to budget for the required security deposit. Though ideally, you’ll get your security deposit back if you return the vehicle the way you received it. Upon meeting, the RV owner will give you an overview of the vehicle, pass off the keys, and you hit the road! 

Outdoorsy Review Quick Summary

What I love most about Outdoorsy is that it makes the RV lifestyle accessible and travel more affordable. According to Outdoorsy, “RV travel is up to 60% less expensive than other types of vacations.” [Source

Outdoorsy is easy to use with tons of rental options in many places around the world. Outdoorsy also gives renters peace of mind with insurance protection and roadside support.

Outdoorsy is a trusted RV rental marketplace, vetted by hundreds of thousands of renters. Outdoorsy reviews average 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Based on my personal experience, I give Outdoorsy an even higher rating!   

Pros of Outdoorsy

  • Access to RV life without ownership 
  • Affordable method of travel
  • Straightforward booking process 
  • A variety of rentals in many destinations, international included 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Free roadside assistance 
  • Extensive insurance protection
  • Search filters for RV-friendly rentals

Cons of Outdoorsy

  • Value is debatable 
  • Must read policies closely, as the security deposit and fees add up 
  • Customer experiences vary — while Trustpilot gives Outdoorsy 4.4 stars, Better Business Bureau lists 3.9 stars 
Two dogs lying inside an RV
Yes, you can take your four-legged friends on your RV adventures (just filter for rentals allowing pets!)

Outdoorsy is best for:

  • Van life dreamers 
  • Budget travelers 
  • Road trip fans 
  • Outdoor enthusiasts 
  • Vacationers seeking a unique experience

Outdoorsy might not be a fit for:

  • Traditional luxury travelers
  • Nervous drivers and those unaccustomed to driving larger vehicles 
  • City exploration, as campground availability may be limited 

Full Outdoorsy Review

The author Abigail Nueve's husband driving the camper van rental in Paonia
My husband driving our camper van rental in Paonia, Colorado

That’s the quick summary. But now, let’s dive into my full Outdoorsy review. Below, I share more about the RV rental process, as well as Outdoorsy’s huge selection of destinations and vehicles. 

I also overview fees, which in my research, appear to be Outdoorsy customers’ greatest pain point. But I have several tips to help you save big!

Selection on Outdoorsy

⭐ Star Rating: 5 / 5 stars

The selection on Outdoorsy is vast. You’ll find Outdoorsy RV rentals in several countries, along with many different vehicle styles. This section is long, but hear me out. 

Even though Instagram might have convinced you that #VanLife is for you, there are other vehicle options worth considering. You’re sure to find something perfect for your group size, budget, and road trip itinerary.  

Available Destinations 

⭐ Star Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Aerial view of a camper van parked in the middle of the beautiful pink and blue lakes in Lake Macdonnell, South Australia
An aerial view of Lake Macdonnell, South Australia, which is one of 11 countries that Outdoorsy services

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Outdoorsy primarily services destinations in the United States. You can find Outdoorsy rentals in most major cities. According to Outdoorsy’s 2022 Year In Rearview: RV Travel Trends report, Outdoorsy’s most popular destinations are Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and Denver, Colorado. 

However, Outdoorsy also services RV owners and interested renters in 10 additional countries. These include Europe destinations like the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy, as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

👉 Pro Tip: Outdoorsy’s inventory is unfortunately slim in most international destinations. Book early if you hope to rent an Outdoorsy RV overseas!

Available Drivable Vehicles

⭐ Star Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Camper Vans parked in Utah campground with a scenic view in the background
At this Utah campground, a Class A vehicle is seen in the foreground, along with a row of Class C vehicles behind (photo: Lena Platonova / Shutterstock)

Outdoorsy rents out a variety of drivable recreational vehicles. Here’s a quick overview of each type of vehicle that Outdoorsy rents: 

  • Class A: These are the largest RV rentals available, typically ranging 25 – 40 feet in length. These vehicles often have slide-outs, which further increase space, and generally sleep 4 – 10 people. Class A vehicles often feature luxurious amenities and plenty of storage. Many drivers will tow a smaller vehicle behind for travel once the RV is parked at a destination. As for fuel efficiency, they average 6 – 8 miles per gallon.
  • Class B: These vehicles are similar to camper vans. However, they’re built specifically to be recreational vehicles. Amenities include a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. There’s also a built-in water and sewage system. Class B vehicles don’t generally have slide-outs, but sometimes, they feature pop-ups that increase space. They’re usually around 20 feet in length, sleep 2 – 4 people, and range 18 – 25 miles per gallon. 
  • Class C: These vehicles blend features of Class A and Class B RVs. They’re often 24 – 32 feet in length and feature a cabin chassis, which extends over the driver’s area. This allows for greater storage and sleep space, as these vehicles generally accommodate 6 – 8 people. Like Class A rides, they often can tow a vehicle but don’t usually feature luxurious interiors. Fuel efficiency ranges from 8 – 15 miles per gallon. 
  • Camper Van: Again, camper vans are very similar to Class B vehicles. However, these vans weren’t initially designed for camping. Rather, they’re converted to include basic amenities such as a bed and a small kitchen area. Most of the time, they do not feature a bathroom. They’re generally 20 feet in length, sleep 2 – 4 people, and get 20 – 28 miles per gallon.
  • Truck Camper: This is any type of camper that rests in the bed of a pickup truck. Styles vary — some are sturdy, well-insulated hard shell campers. Others are pop-up, soft shell options, great for summer camping. They generally sleep 2 – 4 people. Fuel economy varies by camper weight, as well as the truck make and model, but the average is 18 miles per gallon. 

Available Towables

⭐ Star Rating: 5 / 5 stars

A sedan with a caravan trailer with bicycles on the racks at the back
Even your sedan can be an adventure vehicle!

Outdoorsy also offers several styles of towables. The benefit of these is that once you reach your destination, you can park and unhitch your RV. This allows you to enjoy the amenities of an RV, plus the opportunity to easily explore an area in your truck, SUV, or even your sedan! Though, many Outdoorsy hosts also provide a tow vehicle with trailer rentals. 

Your options on Outdoorsy include: 

  • Travel Trailers: These trailers come in a variety of sizes, from tiny 10-foot spaces to spacious 30-foot options that sleep up to 8 people. Amenities also vary, with some including a shower, toilet, kitchen sink, and more. Others solely feature a bed and a bit of extra storage space. Though, all are hard-sided to provide protection from the elements. 
  • Fifth Wheel: These are large trailers, usually ranging 30 – 45 feet in length. They attach to a gooseneck extension of a truck bed and generally require a pick-up with significant power. Similar to a Class A drivable, they often feature luxurious amenities and modern interiors. Some feature slide-outs for additional space, and most sleep 6 – 10 people. 
  • Toy Haulers: If you have four-wheelers, dirt bikes, and similar toys, this is the style of RV for you. Most often, toy haulers attach to a truck bed similar to a fifth wheel. In many cases, the interior appears similar to a fifth wheel, too. But the rear of the trailer has a dedicated garage space with a back wall that folds down to create a loading ramp. However, some toy haulers are small 15-foot units with limited amenities.  
  • Folding Trailer: Also known as pop-up campers, these trailers are lightweight and towable by a variety of vehicles. They’re compact and fold down when on the road. Then, once you’re at your campground, they quickly pop up into a soft-sided, tent-like structure. Though, some A-frame folding trailers are hard-sided for greater protection. Certain styles also include outdoor kitchens. Generally, they’re 15 – 25 feet in length and sleep 4 – 8 people.  

How to Choose Your RV Rental on Outdoorsy

Now that you’re familiar with all your options, I have some suggestions on how to choose your RV rental. In short, you’ll want to consider vehicle features and your road trip itinerary. 

Features and Amenities

Two dogs lying inside the Outdoorsy camper van rental
My pups loved our Outdoorsy camper van rental as much as I did!

Personally, I don’t mind vault toilets or cramped spaces. To me, they’re cozy — and I’m also only 5 feet tall. Plus, I’m a budget traveler that prioritizes fuel economy over amenities. I also knew that on our Colorado road trip, we’d be driving through mountainous terrain. Hence why for this recent trip, I selected a camper van from Outdoorsy. 

You know yourself and therefore, what you’re comfortable with. You also know your road trip itinerary (more on that below). So consider, what amenities are a must? Do you need a full bath, or does the campground you’re staying at provide toilet and shower facilities? 

How much sleeping space does your group require? Are you comfortable on an inflatable mattress or storing meals in a cooler? Or would modern conveniences make your trip more enjoyable? If so, how crucial are amenities like gas, electricity, and Wi-Fi?

Fortunately, you have all these options and more when booking on Outdoorsy. Use its available filters to make finding your ideal vehicle an easy process. 

Consider Your Road Trip Itinerary

The author Abigail Nueve with her dog taking a picture through the car's sidemirror with a scenic view in Kebler Pass
Me taking photos of the views from Kebler Pass, Colorado

As I touched on above, it’s important to consider your road trip itinerary when selecting your RV rental. What sort of terrain will you be driving through? 

f tight mountain switchbacks are involved, a smaller vehicle might benefit you. The same applies if you plan on driving backcountry roads. Though read the fine print — not every RV owner permits off-roading. 

Also, consider how frequently you’ll be moving from one destination to the next. If you’re posting up to explore one area across several days, a towable might make sense. But if you’re moving from place to place frequently, an all-in-one drivable might be preferred. 

Outdoorsy Fees 

⭐ Star Rating: 4 / 5 stars

I had a great experience booking with Outdoorsy. But not all find this to be the case, most often due to unexpected fees. 

At a minimum, on top of the vehicle base price, budget for an Outdoorsy protection package, taxes, and security deposit. Ideally, you’ll get all of that security deposit back. 

Above that, the most common fees relate to prep, mileage, and rental cancellations. Add-ons can also increase your total price. 

Insurance Fees

A small red vintage trailer going down the road in Zion National Park
A small, vintage travel trailer in Zion National Park

Outdoorsy offers 3 protection packages that benefit both the host and renter. Pricing varies by vehicle, and package options include: 

  • Essential: This provides renters with 24/7 customer support, minimum liability insurance, coverage for physical damage up to $300K, windshield coverage, and roadside assistance. Renters who opt for this package also receive concierge services, and there is a $1,500 deductible. 
  • Preferred: This provides renters with all of the above, but rather, the deductible is $1,000. Renters also receive access to a mobile mechanic who will commute to a disabled vehicle’s location. 
  • Peace of Mind: This provides renters with all of the above perks, but the deductible is $500 and liability insurance is increased to $500K. The RV assistance hotline, expedited customer service, and faster refunds are other benefits. 


A sample of Outdoorsy receipt
Our Outdoorsy receipt featured very few fees — trust me, you can do this on a budget!

Your taxes will vary depending on the location of your RV rental. For example, the area where my husband and I picked up our Outdoorsy rental has a town, state, and county tax. This equates to 6.7%. 

Of course, your tax fee will differ based on both your location and total purchase cost.  

Security Deposit

View of the small space toilet area inside the camper van
Don’t forget to empty the toilet!

Security deposits are determined by the individual RV owner. Amounts vary significantly, often ranging between $500 and $2000. Ideally, you’ll get this total back when returning the vehicle. But this may not be the case if you return the vehicle in less-than-stellar condition. 

It’s uncommon, but some hosts will list exactly what will be deducted for various circumstances. For example, you might be charged a $500 damage penalty if the vehicle requires professional repair. You could also incur costs for not emptying the toilet / black water tank, exceeding 2000 miles on your trip (causing the need for an oil change), and so forth. 

Cleaning Fees

View inside the retro-inspired interior of a camper van

Prep fees are subjective to the RV owner. Some don’t charge any fee, while others charge for cleaning before your rental. This one-time cost is generally around $100 – 150. 

Mileage Surcharge

A camper trailer on the highway with scenic views

There’s one particular crucial element of your itinerary to consider when selecting an Outdoorsy rental. What distance will you be driving? When we travel, my husband and I like to move. For example, on day five of my 10-day Colorado itinerary, I direct readers to drive 220 miles (with lots of fun stops in between). 

An RV owner on Outdoorsy doesn’t limit daily mile usage. But here’s the thing: most only include 100 – 200 free miles per day. After that, each mile generally costs around $0.25 – $0.50. If you’re traveling far distances, that’s going to add up fast.

Fortunately, Outdoorsy offers many RV rentals that provide unlimited mileage to interested renters. 

Delivery Fees

Camper vans at a campsite with a scenic view of the mountain and the lake in Geirangerfjord
Arrive at the campground where your RV awaits!

Delivery is also optional but may provide an added level of convenience. You have two delivery options with Outdoorsy.

First, you can have the owner bring the RV rental to you. Have the host drive the vehicle to your preferred location, whether that be the airport, your home, or otherwise. Not every host offers this option, but those that do will charge you a fee. This charge ranges significantly, generally costing anywhere from $1 to $10 per mile. Some hosts also place a distance limit, which is usually a 100 to 300-mile radius. 

The second delivery option is having the host set up the RV rental in your preferred destination. For example, you can have your host set up the vehicle at your intended campsite, RV park, or any other location. I’m not sure about backcountry coordinates — but hey, doesn’t hurt to ask! 

👉 Pro Tip: When opting for delivery, Outdoorsy will ask, “Are you moving the vehicle after it’s delivered?” If you select “No, we’re staying in one place,” it will limit your insurance coverage to a station vehicle. This discounts the cost of insurance! 


Camper Van with bicycle racks at the back on the road in Mohave desert
Some hosts provide add-ons, like bike racks

Add-ons are completely optional and vary from one RV rental to the next. Some hosts don’t offer any gear add-ons, while others offer a variety of options at arguably reasonable price points. These add-ons are especially convenient if you’re flying into a destination and don’t have your usual suite of gear.

Some common add-ons include cooking gear like coolers, camp stoves, and coffee makers. Other add-ons are activity-focused, like tents, bike racks, and paddleboards. Some hosts offer electronics, like Bluetooth speakers and TVs.  

Additional Host Fees 

An arm of a man refueling a camper van with a red jerrycan
Refuel the tank before you return your RV rental!

All hosts will charge you if you don’t refill the gas tank upon return. But fees vary, with some hosts charging a flat rate and others charging a per-gallon rate. Either way, it’s going to be roughly double the cost of filling the tank yourself.

Host fees vary, but are always clearly stated on their vehicle listing page. Watch out for generator overuse fees, pet surcharges, etc. 

Cancellation Fees

An RV van parked on a campsite in the Sonoran Desert beside Saguaro cacti
The Sonoran Desert, Arizona — a trip you definitely wouldn’t want to cancel 

Cancellation policies are also decided by the host. Outdoorsy allows them to select one of three options, which I’ve outlined below. Read these terms carefully and take them into consideration when selecting your ideal vehicle.  

  • Flexible: This permits renters a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours of booking, so long as the departure date is 14+ days out. If a renter cancels 5+ days before the departure date, the insurance and booking totals are refunded. However, the service fee (including prep, add-ons, and delivery) is not refundable. If canceled less than 5 days before departure, the renter is responsible for the service fee and 25% of the booking total. 
  • Moderate: This also permits a renter a full refund if cancellations occur within 24 hours of booking (departure day must be 14+ days out). However, if canceled 7+ days before departure, the renter owes the service fee and 25% of the booking total. If cancellation occurs less than 7 days before departure, expect to pay the service fee and 50% of the booking total. 
  • Strict: Same as above, if you cancel within 24 hours of booking and departure is 14+ days out, you’re eligible for a full refund. Though, a renter is charged a service fee and 50% of the booking total if canceling 14+ days before departure. If cancelation occurs less than 14 days before departure, the renter is responsible for both the service fee and 100% of the booking total. 

Outdoorsy Alternatives

A luxurious modern interior of a Class A vehicle
The modern interior of a Class A vehicle, similar to what you might rent through Cruise America (photo: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock)

Still not sure if Outdoorsy is right for you? Consider these RV rental company alternatives. RVshare may save you some money, RVezy opens up a new area to explore, and Cruise America may provide a more reliable experience. 


The user interface of RVshare homepage with a parent and child's back on winter

As the first company of its kind, RVshare has a massive selection. In fact, it’s the industry’s largest marketplace, featuring vehicles from both independent owners and RV dealerships.

Given the endless options and greater competition between hosts, you have a better shot at booking a budget pick. If the value is one of your concerns about Outdoorsy, RVshare might be worth looking into.  

However, like Outdoorsy, RVshare’s customer experiences vary. Its average ratings are slightly lower than Outdoorsy’s, with 4.3 stars from Trustpilot and 3.8 stars from Better Business Bureau


The user interface of RVezy homepage with a camper van on the highway with trees around

RVezy has a huge RV rental selection in Canada, where the company was founded. Like Outdoorsy, RVezy offers excellent customer service, roadside assistance, and comprehensive insurance packages. According to Verified Reviews, RVezy holds an average customer rating of 4.6 stars, which is higher than Outdoorsy’s.  

However, while RVezy serves several US cities, its biggest drawback is limited inventory. Its global reach is also limited, with no RV rentals available outside of the US and Canada.

Cruise America

The user interface of Cruise America homepage with a camper van passing the rocky tunnel

Like RVezy, Cruise America only services the United States and Canada. But rather than a peer-to-peer market, it offers traditional RV rentals. This ensures greater consistency among experiences. Plus, there are corporate expectations around cleanliness and vehicle reliability. Though, you won’t find hosts’ personal touches or quirky options like you might on Outdoorsy. 

Cruise America has 122 rental locations. A very large majority are found in major US travel destinations, including national parks. However, it skips over smaller cities, while Outdoorsy rentals can be found all across the map.    

FINAL VERDICT – Is Outdoorsy Worth It? 

Based on my experience and unbiased factors, Outdoorsy is absolutely worth it. The RV business has above-average reviews, plus a wide selection among many destinations. While fees can add up, RV owners’ policies are clear and budget travelers have plenty of options. 

Outdoorsy gives travelers the RV lifestyle they want for far less than the cost of ownership. In addition, it provides great customer service, roadside assistance, and insurance for peace of mind.  

FAQs About Outdoorsy

How reliable is Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy is very reliable, in my personal experience. I had no issues during the booking process, while traveling, or when returning our RV rental. You can try out Outdoorsy yourself in a few minutes.

However, as a peer-to-peer marketplace, hosts and vehicles vary. This creates inconsistent customer experiences. Outdoorsy has a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot and a 3.9-star rating with Better Business Bureau. 

What rents the most on Outdoorsy?

According to Outdoorsy’s “2022 Year In Rearview: RV Travel Trends,” travel trailers are mostly rented on Outdoorsy. This may be due to their versatility, as trucks, SUVs, and even a sedan may be able to tow a trailer. Travel trailers also vary in size and amenities, addressing a range of needs and preferences. 


Thanks for reading my Outdoorsy review! I hope these insights were helpful and made your trip planning easier. Safe travels! 

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Compared to other RV rental sites, Outdoorsy is in a league of its own. Outdoorsy connects independent RV owners with interested renters, granting customers tons of options. The company also provides perks that improve safety and experience. Outdoorsy is highly rated and vetted by 620,000 users — including me, personally!

Product Brand: Outdoorsy

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy alternative to owning
  • Many rentals to choose from
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Security deposit & fees


  1. I am glad you had a good experience.

    My experience is that I booked with them 3 times. All three were cancelled by the owners within 2 weeks of our trips. I suppose if you are just wanting to get away for a weekend or short trip, if the owners cancel, you can find another. In my situation, the last two cancelations were for a race event.

    When I booked 6 months in advance, there were plenty of options. Canceling 10 days before the gates opened for 4 days of racing, there was nothing. Four 4 day passes, we could only use one day of and a 500.00 RV parking pass with no RV to park. A car pass is $50.00 a big difference.

    Their policy is they don’t have to try and make it right unless it is canceled within 7 days. They could have paid an owner outside the area to bring a RV over but they choose to say sorry for the inconvenience. I specifically asked about my loss on tickets and parking, they never addressed it. I then asked for the 50.00 credit they offered to be refunded. They never even replied.

    Very sad, we love camping and have done this race for 30 years. I could have been a longtime customer. Just beware of a 7 Day cancelation policy if you are renting for an event or have a large investment in plans and reservations.

    It is a great concept but you are at the mercy of the individual owners.

    1. Thank-you for your comment, I appreciate the transparency. I’m doing research as an RV owner and I will definitely be mindful of being certain when I accept a booking.
      Sorry this happened to you, it’s such a shame. I do hope you get a better response if/when Outdoorsy reads this review.

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