Introducing Mexico

Important Update: Please be advised that Mexico continues to experience a severe surge in its outbreak, even as it opens to tourism and even as many travel outlets encourage tourism. Outbreaks are happening still all over the country, and the USA requires travelers to get a test before returning, which is why many travelers choose to get Mexico travel insurance.


Bring an open mind to Mexico. Because, whatever your expectations are, you'll soon discover the reality:

Mexico is a big country with diversity of landscapes, cuisine, people, activities, history, and more.

Mexico is the popular Caribbean beach resorts along the Riviera Maya, sure. But Mexico is also the bustling megalopolis of Mexico City. And the arid back roads connecting Mezcal plantations in rural Oaxaca. And dusty surfer towns along the Mexican Pacific coast.

Whether you want to discover Mayan ruins, dive in underground jungle cenotes, gorge on fine fusion cuisine, or just chill with some sand between your toes, you're sure to find whatever your travel goals are in Mexico. 


Language: Spanish, with English widely spoken in tourist areas. 

Currency: Peso ($1 = ~19 pesos).
Credit Cards & ATMs: Credit cards are generally accepted in tourist areas, though many places still only take cash. ATMs widely available. 

Plugs: Type A or B, 120V / 60Hz. 

Safety: Despite what you may have heard, Mexico is a safe destination for tourists. Practice common sense and caution, make sure you have travel insurance for Mexico, and check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination. 


  • Merida
  • Mexico City
  • Tulum
  • Valladolid

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December to April is typically high season for Mexico. In most of the country, these months correspond to drier and cooler weather. But Mexico has a wide variety of regions, altitudes, and climates, so it is possible to find somewhere to go in Mexico year-round. 

Emerging Destination Spotlight: 

Looking to escape those overtouristed destinations and explore Mexico off the beaten path? Check out Valladolid, a charming colonial town just minutes from Chichen Itza that offers an authentic and friendly travel experience.


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Practical Info for Mexico


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Driving in Mexico

Mexico drives on the right and passes on the left. Renting a car in Mexico is a good option for getting around, but scams are common (many rental agencies advertise $1 rentals then tack on huge "mandatory" fees later). We suggest using Discover Car Hire to compare the best rental agencies.

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