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21 Best Restaurants in Valladolid in 2023 (+ What to Eat)

Valladolid has long been my favorite little town in Mexico, and one of the reasons is because of all the excellent restaurants in Valladolid. From traditional Mayan food to modern fare, Valladolid is quickly developing a unique culinary scene filled with a great array of places to eat.

I’ve eaten at dozens of the best Valladolid restaurants, and this is my ranking of the top ones. I’ve include price ranges, links to Google Maps, and cuisine type for each establishment.

At the end of the post I also share 5 local dishes you MUST eat when in Valladolid. I’ve also got guides to the best boutique Valladolid hotels and the best cenotes near Valladolid, so bookmark those now.

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21 Best Valladolid Restaurants

Casa Conato Cultural 1910

Yucatecan Cuisine | $$-$$$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 111 5533

Food and interior of Casa Conato Cultural 1910 Valladolid restaurant
Whenever I visit Valladolid, on my first night I eat at Casa Conato Cultural 1910

I have been visiting Valladolid every year for half a decade. Even as new restaurants in Valladolid pop up, Casa Conato Cultural 1910 remains my personal favorite place to eat in Valladolid.

The menu offers a modern spin on Mayan and Yucatecan food, like panuchos, poc chuc, and cohinita pibil (pork belly), plus one of the more expansive drink menus in town.

The atmosphere at Casa Conato is what really makes it stand apart. You enter through a small boutique shop at the front, before walking into the large open air restaurant in the back.

Casa Conato has a covered area for rainy days, but also an open air courtyard with a music stage in back, plus a rooftop dining area. The walls are adorned with colorful murals, and the vibe is high energy.

If I only had one night in Valladolid, I would this where I would eat dinner.

L’Osteria della Nonna

Italian Cuisine | $$$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 856 5459

Pasta at L'Osteria della Nonna Valladolid Mexico Italian Restaurant Valladolid
The backyard atmosphere at L’Osteria della Nonna is unique

L’Osteria della Nonna is an absolutely fantastic Italian restaurant in Valladolid. This restaurant feels more like eating in an Italian grandma’s home. Indeed, Nonna herself leads the kitchen and comes out to greet the diners most evenings.

Like any good Italian restaurant, fresh homemade pasta is the star (I tried the ravioli and loved it). The atmosphere in the tree-lined garden makes L’Osteria della Nonna the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner in Valladolid.

El Tigrillo Taco Stand

Cochinita Pibil Tacos | $ | 📍 Google Maps

El Tigrillo cochinita pibil taco stand in Valladolid
El Tigrillo is the most famous taco stand in Valladolid

Though technically not a Valladolid restaurant, no list of places to eat in Valladolid would be complete without the famous El Tigrillo taco stand.

The El Tigrillo taco stand is located at the corner of Calle 44 and Calle 41 (one block from the main square). Locals and tourists alike line up to order El Tigrillo’s much heralded cochinita pibil tacos.

Cochinita pibil is a popular local food in Valladolid for carnivores, and is basically a traditional local spin on barbeque pork. At just 11 pesos (~50 cents) per taco, El Tigrillo is a great deal for what many say is the best place to eat in Valladolid.

Agustín Gusto

Yucatecan Cuisine | $$$ | 📍 Google Maps | Website | +52 985 111 0906

Traditional Mayan food at Agustín Gusto
My Mayan-inspired dish at Agustín Gusto

Agustín Gusto is one of the fancier and more expensive Valladolid restaurants. It is located below Hotel Maria de la Luz, just across from the main Valladolid square.

The menu sports a variety of gastronomic creations inspired by traditional Mayan food. There is also a high end bar serving up unique cocktail creations, and a variety of beers.

This is a great place to eat in Valladolid if you are looking for a fancier night out. Oh, and if you dare, you can even try guacamole with a side of grasshopper!

IX CAT IK Traditional Cocina Maya

Mayan Cuisine | $$ | 📍 Google Maps | Website | +52 985 104 1605

View of courtyard at IX CAT IK Traditional Cocina Maya
The garden vibe is just right for a Mayan restaurant

If you ask the locals where you should find the best traditional Mayan food in Valladolid, there is a good chance that they will mention the cocina at IX CAT IK.

IX CAT IK is a few blocks outside of the main tourism center, but worth the walk or short cab ride. The menu features delicious traditional dishes like sopa de lima, empanada de chaya, and polok waaj (which is something like a gordita).

IX CAT IK is one of the most popular Valladolid restaurants, so reservations are recommended.


Italian | $$$ | 📍 Google Maps | Menu | +52 985 688 0920

The courtyard at Papparazi Restaurant, Valladolid Mexico
Papparazi is one of the most expensive restaurants in Valladolid, but it’s the place to be in the evenings!

As Valladolid continues to become more of an international tourism destination, it’s also seeing more restaurants pop up with different styles of cuisine.

Papparazi is one of the latest additional to the Valladolid restaurant scene, and it’s a spectacular one. You’ll find an ornate interior opening to an expansive courtyard with a center stage where local performers entertain diners on a nightly basis.

The menu at Papparazi is a fairly standard slate of Italian offerings – salads, pastas, pizza, and desserts – but the food receives consistently stellar reviews.

Papparazi is also a great place to stop and enjoy a drink and desert after a night walking Calzada de los Frailes, perhaps the most charming street in Mexico. Considering the upscale vibe, prices are decent too.

Idilio Folklore Cervecero

International | $$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 110 5404

A singer in the courtyard of Idilio Brewery Valladolid Mexico

If you’re craft beer aficionado, you have to stop by Idilio Folklore Cervecero to enjoy the first artisan beer produced in Valladolid. But, even if beer isn’t your thing, you’ll still enjoy the food and ambiance in the gigantic dining garden at the fantastic restaurant.

To enter, you pass through a small museum which is home to several fascinating exhibits about the history of Valladolid.

The menu is varied, offering everything from pasta to hamburgers to tacos. There are a variety of options for vegans and vegetarians, excellent service, and nightly performances. Idilio is a great place to come before or after catching the nightly 9 pm videomapping shows at the nearby Parque Sisal.

Burrito Amor

Mexican | $ | 📍 Google Maps | Website | +52 985 109 0475

The exterior of Burrito Amor
How cute is the exterior of Burrito Amor?

For years I have been telling anyone who will listen that Tulum’s Burrito Amor has the most delicious veggie burrito I’ve every eaten in my life. Well, the news is out and Burrito Amor’s popularity has allowed it to expand to its new and absolutely picture-perfect location in Valladolid near Parque Candaleria.

Burrito Amor’s menu offers a “clean eating” spin on traditional Mexican food, including not just burritos but also salads, smoothies, and all day breakfast food. There are plenty of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

You’ll find great prices for truly tasty food and good service, all in a fantastic environment. If you’re looking for cheap eats without sacrificing quality, definitely don’t miss Burrito Amor.

Itamae Sushi

Japanese | $$$ | 📍 Google Maps | Website | +52 985 858 4491

Years ago, asking to find sushi in Valladolid would have probably elected some pretty blank stares. But as Valladolid grows into an international destination, international cuisine is following.

Itamae Sushi is one of the more recent additions to the city’s gastronomic lineup, and has won solid reviews for its large portions and intimate dining experience. The menu features all the traditional styles of sushi rolls, plus house specials like their Bananan roll.

Yerbabuena del Sisal

Mexican Vegetarian | $$ | 📍 Google Maps | Website | +52 985 856 1406

Outside of the Green Yerbabuena del Sisal restaurant

As a vegetarian myself, locally owned Yerbabuena del Sisal has long been on my personal list of the best restaurants in town. It’s located just across from the Convento de San Bernadino, in a picture perfect green building that really encapsulates the spirit of Valladolid.

The menu here is filled with so many delicious vegetarian and vegan options that plant eaters may have a hard time choosing: veggie burgers, chilaquiles, juices, tamales, pasta, tacos, and more.

This vegetarian restaurant in Valladolid serves up everything from lighter, healthier fare, to more substantial dishes. You’ll get great service from friendly locals, and so much good food that even your carnivore friends won’t complain.

El Meson del Marques

International / Mexican | $$$$ | 📍 Google Maps | Website

View of the Rooftop at El Meson del Marques

El Meson de Marques is one of the most popular hotels in Valladolid, and is also home to one of the city’s best restaurants. There is a downstairs dining area, but the real star is the rooftop with direct views over the main square to the cathedral.

El Meson de Marques serves Mexican fare like mole, as well as international options like pasta. And the cocktails are excellent as well.

Just prepared to pay for the privileged location, but overall El Meson de Marques is a great choice for a fanicer dinner or a romantic night out for couples.

La Casona de Valladolid

Mexican | $ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 856 0207

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in a traditional setting, La Casona de Valladolid is a great choice. Just one block from the center square, this Valladolid restaurant offers a la carte or buffet style dining in a traditional Spanish courtyard.

La Casona de Valladolid is a great place to try traditional Yucatecan fare like papazules, pancuhos, or empanadas de chaya. There are options for vegetarians, and some of the best prices in town. La Casona de Valladolid is the perfect place to stop in for lunch to escape the heat.

Le Kaat

Vegan | $$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 688 0953

Food and courtyard at Le Kaat Vegetarian Restaurant Valladolid
Le Kaat is great for vegetarians and vegans!

I recently visited Le Kaat and ordered what I think are the best tacos I’ve had (as a vegetarian) in a very long time.

Vegans are sure to find something to love Le Katt’s menu of pasta, pizza, and Mexican dishes. And the ambiance, in open air setting along Calzada de los Frailes, is perfect.

The extensive menu for drinks include healthy fruit and vegetable juices, super smoothies, several coffee options, but – to the chagrin of one of my friend’s on a recent – no alcohol is served here. If you don’t mind that though (I don’t!), this is a truly excellent vegan restaurant in Valladolid!

Elela Organic Vegan Cafe

Vegan Cafe | $$ | 📍 Google Maps

Exterior of Elela Organic Vegan Cafe

With so many great vegan restaurants in Valladolid, the townis quickly becoming a great destination for plant based eaters. Even if you’re not an herbivore, however, you should really check out the adorable Elela Organic Vegan Cafe just across the street from the convent.

The cafe’s drink menu features perfectly toasty organic coffee sourced from Chiapas, frappacinos, lattes, Maya cocoa shots, smoothies, and more.

For food, there are tons of fresh vegan options for breakfast or brunch, including avocado mash, quinoa bowls, vegan pastries, sandwiches, and pineapple and mango vegan ice cream. Yum!


Mexican, Italian | $$$ | 📍 Google Maps | Menu | +52 985 688 0833

Tacos at Cafeina Restaurant
Not my best photo, but the tacos were solid!

I don’t think I’ve ever visited Valladolid without eating at least one meal at Cafeina. Together with its sister establishment next door, Mezcaleria Don Trejo, Cafeina is the place to be on a weekend night in Valladolid for locals and tourists alike.

The atmosphere is about as lively as it gets in Valladolid, and you can either eat inside or in the large garden courtyard in the back. Sure, the prices are a little high for what it is, but you’re mostly coming here for the festive atmosphere. If you’re with a group that is looking to have a night out in Valladolid, this is the place to eat!

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Taberna de Los Frailes

Yucatecan | $$$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 856 0689

Located just behind Parque Sisal, Taberna de Los Frailes has long been one of the most popular Valladolid restaurants for visitors.

The menu at Taberna de Los Frailes consists of meat-heavy traditional local fare like lomitos de Valladolid (pork in tomato sauce), cochinta pibil, and steak fajitas. Prices are a little on the high end, but the chilled vibe and location next to the convent are perfect.

Las Campanas

Mexican | $ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 856 2365

The interior of Las Campanas Local Restaurant in Valladolid Mexico
Las Campanas is where the locals eat in Valladolid

If you want a place to eat in Valladolid where you are sure to be surrounded by locals, check out the cozy cantina Las Campanas.

Las Campanas is situated right on the corner of the main square and is a great spot for cheap eats and drinks in Valladolid.

The menu is a mix of regional cuisine and you’ll sometimes find live music in the intimate dining room. Plus, Las Campanas is 100% locally owned and managed, so eating here is a great way to support local businesses during your visit to Valladolid.

Laville Bistro

International | $$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 856 0277

Sign and interior of Laville Bistro Cafe in Valladolid
I’m a big fan of the interior at Laville Bistro

Laville Bistro is an incredibly charming little cafe run by some of the most kind and generous people in a city that is know for its kindness and generosity.

I’ve visited several times over the years, and I’m always impressed by the care that the owner puts into curating a comfortable experience for guests.

The coffee and espresso drinks are on point, and the menu features hamburgers, pasta, hot dogs, and steaks. There is a solid veggie burger option as well.

Laville is also a great option for where to eat for breakfast in Valladolid, with everything from chilaquiles to omelettes on offer!

De Los Santos

Yucatecan | $ | 📍 Google Maps

Exterior of De Los Santos Restaurant
How adorable is this entrance?

De Los Santos is a cute local spot that sits on the popular Calzada de los Frailes, run by a local Valladolid family.

You’ll feel like you’re eating in a home and not a restaurant, with attentive service in a charming intimate dining room. De Los Santos serves various local dishes at very affordable prices.

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Vegan Concept Casa Maca

Vegan | $$ | 📍 Google Maps | +52 985 113 3637

A smoothie at Vegan Concept Casa Maca
I loved my banana and cacao smoothie

I recently dined solo at this newer Vegan restaurant in Valladolid, and I was quite impressed. The small upstairs dining room has a Tulum-style bohemian chic vibe to it, and a local busker stopped by to play a few tunes.

The veggie sandwich I had was delicious, but the real treat was the banana and cacao smoothie! Definitely a great option for anyone looking for a vegan restaurant.

Loncheria El Amigo Casiano

Yucatecan | $ | 📍 Google Maps

Loncheria El Amigo Casiano restaurant Valladolid

Right on the corner of Valladolid’s main square you’ll find a covered plaza with various cheap places to eat in Valladolid.

At Loncheria El Amigo Casiano, you’ll find local fare like panuchos, salbutes, and empanadas – most for under a dollar a piece. If you’re looking for cheap food in Valladolid, this is a place to eat lunch like a local!

Local Foods to Eat in Valladolid, Yucatan

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita Pibil served on a colorful plate in Mexico
Cochinita Pibil tacos are a classic Valladolid dish

Virtually every Valladolid restaurant is going to offer up their spin on cochinita pibil, a baked pork dish that can be served by itself, wrapped in tortilla, in tacos, or integrated into more imagantive creations at some of the more modern restaurants in town.


Papazules is a traditional Mayan dish, usually eaten for breakfast, that consists of eggs wrapped in tortillas and drenched in a pumpkin sauce.


A marquesita near a vendor stand in the Valladolid city square
I personally like ordering my marquesitas with strawberry (fresa), banana, and Nutella!

Marquesitas are a traditional street food consisting of a batter that is made on a crepe platter, then wrapped around queso, bananans, nutella, or a variety of other fillings.

The result is kind of like a crispy version of a crepe. It’s definitely a must try food in Valladolid. You can find many marquesita vendors in the main square in the evenings.


An elote stand in the Valladolid square
An elote stand in Valladolid’s main square

Another popular street food in Valladolid is elote, Mayan corn that is grilled and covered in cheese and spices. You can find this delicious treat at street vendors in the main square.


Panuchos being fried

Panuchos are a traditional Yucatán refried tortilla that can be stuffed with black beans, cabbage, and various meats.

Panuchos are such a special dish to the locals that the town even held a festival a few years back! I had the pleasure of attending as part of my project to film this video

Before you go, be sure to watch my Valladolid video here:

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That’s it for this guide to the best restaurants in Valladolid, Mexico. I hope it helped you pick where to eat in Valladolid. Enjoy visiting Valladolid!

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  1. Great compilation, Nate! Question: We will be in Valladolid soon, actually arriving on my daughter’s 18th birthday. I would like to take her out to a taco dinner the first night (a Saturday) we get there. What is your suggestion for ‘the best tacos in Valladolid’? We will, for sure, eat local fare the other three days we will be there! Thanks!

    1. Sounds like a great trip! Arguably the best tacos are at the street stands (a popular one can be found at the corner in front of La Casona). I mention a few veggie taco places that are spectacular in the post, but assuming you’re looking for a sit down restaurant with meat, I’d try Idilio Folklore Cervecero. The garden is a lovely ambiance.

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