Where to Stay in Valladolid Mexico

The Best Hotels in Valladolid Mexico (18 Perfect Places to Stay)

Looking for the best hotels in Valladolid Mexico? 

I've got you covered with this list of the best places to stay in Valladolid. 

Oh, and by the way - congrats to you for staying overnight in one of the most incredible places in Mexico! Too many tourists give Valladolid little more than a pass through on their tour to Chichen Itza from Tulum, so it's great that you're planning to soak in this awesome city for an overnight. 

PS - If you're headed to Valladolid, you should definitely check out my complete Guide to Valladolid Mexico. It's packed with tons of info on what to do, where to eat, etc. 

Disclosures: if you book a Valladoilid hotel through the affiliate links in this post, I may receive a commission. I stayed as a complimentary guest at some Valladolid hotels featured in this list of the top hotels in Valladolid. 

Important Update on Coronavirus: Mexico continues to see a surge in cases, even as many travel media outlets fail to report fully on Mexico’s coronavirus safety situation. Be sure to fully educate yourself on the latest information and risks involved before booking any travel.

Quick Answer on Where to Stay in Valladolid Mexico: The Best Hotels

If you're just looking to book a hotel in Valladolid quickly and get on with planing your list of things to do in Mexico, then you can't go wrong with these top Valladolid hotels: 

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The Best Valladolid Mexico Hotels

Valladolid is a small compact town, which means that just about anywhere is the best area to stay in Valladolid (you can practically walk the length of the entire town). 

From high end luxury resorts to historic boutique hotels to budget backpacker hostels, you'll find it all in Valladolid. And the best part is that they are all incredibly affordable!  

To help you find the best hotel, here are some of the top hotels in Valladolid by category: 

Best Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #1 - Hotel Posada San Juan

Hotel Posada San Juan, a Top Hotel in Valladolid Mexico

Though a quaint little place, Hotel Posada San Juan (where I personally stayed in during my most recent trip to Valladolid courtesy of the hotel) is one of the most popular and the highest rated hotel in Valladolid.

It is set inside this old Spanish colonial style building, has a nice little pool in the courtyard and comes with a great breakfast in the morning. If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican experience, then be sure not to pass up on this opportunity.

  • Comfortable and high quality rooms
  • Located in one of the prettiest streets, featuring beautiful and colorful walls
  • Adorable boutique gift shop at the front that has all sorts of local crafts and clothing for sale

Best Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #2 - Le Muuch Hotel

Le Muuch Hotel in Valladolid Mexico

Stylish bar beside the swimming pool at the front area

If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury and style, then the Le Muuch Hotel definitely won’t disappoint. 

It recently opened this 2019 with very well-designed modern furniture and swanky design that feels like it belongs in Tulum, not Valladolid.

The rooms are named after different places in Mexico. Some suites even have private jacuzzis! It also has two separate pools -- the one at the front is near a stylish bar where you can chill out and have a few drinks.

  • Most Instagrammable hotel in Valladolid
  • A great place for couples or honeymooners
  • Clean and comfortable rooms 

Best Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #3 - Casa Tia Micha

It may look unassuming at first glance, but wait until you get inside the Casa Tia Micha.

Fall in love with the colonial style at this boutique hotel, whose atmosphere is so cute you could practically eat it up with a spoon. Enjoy their delicious breakfast in the courtyard come morning time. What’s more, this beautiful hidden oasis is conveniently located in the city center.

  • Great friendly staff 
  • Beautiful lush gardens
  • Peaceful and relaxing ambiance

Best Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #4 - Casa Marlene

Casa Marlene in Valldolid Mexico

Lovely hotel room with antique decor and furniture

If you’re someone who’s fond of vintage or antique design and decor, then this boutique hotel will be right up your alley. Casa Marlene will give you that sense of staying at a Mexican home -- from traditional furniture to deliciously served breakfast and friendly staff who will go the extra mile to chat with you about the many things you can do and see in Valladolid.

  • Lovely garden courtyard and swimming pool  
  • Large and comfortable rooms
  • Convenient location in the middle of the city

Best Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #5 - Colonté Hotel Origen

Opting for a more modern and simpler design, Colonté Hotel Origen exudes a cozy and relaxing ambiance with a touch of luxury.

Take a dip in the pool or chill out at the bar right next to it. Overall, it is a great hotel with lovely rooms, a beautiful garden, and delicious breakfast. You might even have a hammock hanging in your room.

  • Lovely garden courtyard and swimming pool  
  • Large and comfortable rooms
  • Convenient location in the middle of the city

Best Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #6 - Casa Quetzal Boutique Hotel

Casa Quetzal Boutique Hotel in Valladolid Mexico

A mini oasis

Casa Quetzal Boutique Hotel is a traditional colonial Mexican style house that has lush courtyard gardens and a lovely pool area.

It is located on a quiet street near a convent where you can opt to watch a light show at night. You can even get an exceptional massage service for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

  • Calm and peaceful ambiance
  • Clean rooms and comfortable beds
  • Helpful and friendly staff

Best Luxury Hotel in Valladolid Mexico - Hotel Zentik Project

Hotel Zentik Project in Valladolid Mexico

Colorful mural artworks commissioned by local artists

If you’re looking for a unique experience and want to try something different, choose to stay at the Hotel Zentik Project.

It’s an ecological retreat and has an incredible saline cave at the bottom of the hotel. Yes, seriously - there is a cave you can swim in right in the hotel! 

It is also filled with tons of Mayan artwork commissioned by local artists, which really gives it a nice Bohemian vibe. Believe it or not, it even has a nudist area!

  • Beautiful and well-appointed rooms
  • Relaxing ambiance and excellent staff
  • Lovely pool area with hammocks hanging over the pool

Best Family Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #1 - Hotel Meson del Marques

Hotel Meson del Marques in Valladolid Mexico

Hotel room with your own private balcony

One of the nicer hotels just north of the main square, the Hotel Meson del Marques is probably the most popular place to stay in Valladolid. It has both public and private balconies that look out over the square where you’ll love the rooftop views of the cathedral.

There’s also a restaurant which you definitely need to visit and try out even if you’re not staying in the hotel. 

  • Colonial style exudes a great historical ambiance  
  • Great location and excellent breakfast  
  • Swimming pool

Best Family Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #2 - Ecotel Quinta Regia

Ecotel Quinta Regia in Valladolid Mexico

Bringing out my inner kid and having a great time at the pool

The Ecotel Quinta Regia is a large hotel that has around 110 rooms in total. It is set in a colonial architectural style where you take a stroll on its beautiful garden grounds.

It has a tennis court if you’re up for some sports activities, a swimming pool where you can bring out your inner kid and a giant palapa where you can relax and chill around.

  • Comfortable and spacious rooms  
  • Friendly staff  
  • Onsite Mexican Restaurant

Best Mid-range Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #1 - Casa San Roque

Casa San Roque in Valladolid Mexico

Beautiful garden and a well-appointed swimming pool at the back area

Casa San Roque is located around half a block from the main square, which makes it a great location as it’s just a walking distance to the many sites that you can visit throughout Valladolid (be sure to grab some gelato at Wabi next door too!).  

Take a swim in the well-appointed pool at the back if you want to beat the heat. You can also take a stroll and snap some pictures around the beautiful garden.

  • Great for mid-range couple travelers 
  • Clean and spacious rooms 
  • Good breakfast and amenities

Best Mid-range Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #2 - Casa Hipil

Casa Hipil in Valladolid Mexico

Small plunge pool with a hammock hanging over it

Another great mid-range option is the Casa Hipil which is also conveniently located near the main square.

It has a nice communal kitchen, classic Mexican-style rooms, and lovely garden area. The upstairs suite makes this hotel perfect for families as well. The kids will definitely have a great time playing in the small plunge pool.

  • Comfortable and clean beds
  • Pleasant ambiance and friendly staff  
  • Hammock hanging over the pool

Best Budget Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #1 - Quinta Marciala Hotel

Hotel Quinta Marciala in Valladolid Mexico

Me chilling by the vibrantly colored and designed wall

A great mid-range hotel in Valladolid at a budget price, Quinta Marciala Hotel is located just a few blocks outside downtown Valladolid.

You’ll find a charming courtyard and a small swimming pool, making it one of the best hotels in Valladolid for couples traveling on a budget.

  • Comfortable and clean beds
  • Pleasant ambiance and friendly staff  
  • Hammock hanging over the pool

Best Budget Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #2 - Hotel Casa Rosario

Hotel Casa Rosario is a great option if you’re just looking for a place to stay the night. Though the rooms and amenities are quite basic, it’s a very functional and modern hotel at a budget price.

It offers clean rooms and comfortable beds and is just a 5-10 minute walk from the center. If you’re not finicky about breakfast, they serve toast and snacks together with coffee in the morning for free.

  • Great value for money
  • Helpful staff  
  • Small swimming pool

Best Budget Hotel in Valladolid Mexico #3 - Hotel Hacienda Margot

Another affordable option is the Hotel Hacienda Margot. It has spacious rooms, a small pool, and an open kitchen area. You’ll also be given a warm welcome by their friendly staff.

The only downside is that they are quite far from the center but they offer free bike rental and secured parking for your car. Overall, it’s a well-kept local hacienda.

  • Quiet ambiance due to distance from the center
  • Big rooms and comfortable beds  
  • Great service by the staff

Best Hotel for Backpackers in Valladolid Mexico - Hotel Casa Margarita

The Hotel Casa Margarita is conveniently located if you plan to explore the city by foot. This mid-ranged guesthouse has clean and spacious double rooms starting at just $25 USD per night including breakfast.

It’s definitely a great deal – which is why it is one of my personal favorite hotels in Valladolid, Mexico. If you have extra time to spare, I highly recommend you to chill out in their gorgeous pool area.

  • Hospitable staff and clean rooms 
  • Excellent value for money
  • Aesthetically beautiful design

Best Hostel in Valladolid Mexico #1 - Hostel Candelaria

Hostel Candelaria in Valladolid Mexico

Colorful public rooftop in Hostel Candelaria

Considered as the best hostel in Valladolid, Hostel Candelaria has a very colorful design that really gives that Mexican feel and vibe.

It has a nice public rooftop which is a good place to make friends while backpacking in Valladolid. You can also choose to chill out in the kitchen area before or after a day trip or enjoy their delicious breakfast.

  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Bike rental
  • Large public areas

Best Hostel in Valladolid Mexico #2 - Hostel Tunich Naj

One of the most popular hostels in Valladolid, Mexico, Tunich Naj is a colorful hostel offering up breakfast and some great public spaces for chilling out.

They also have bike rentals if you’d prefer to ride a bike while exploring the city instead of walking. Overall, a perfect place to stay in that offers a great value for your money.

  • Walking distance to the main square and Cenote Zaci
  • Comfortable beds and clean bathrooms
  • Nice and helpful staff

Special Mention: Cenotes Cabanas Suytun

Cenotes Cabanas Suytun

View of the Suytun Cenote from the Cabana

These cabanas are super interesting to stay in because they are located right next to the very famous Suytun Cenote (Yep! That one cenote you see all over Instagram and Pinterest).

They give you access to the cenote when there isn’t a ton of crowds. Do note that it’s 6 km outside of the main town so it’s best you have your own car or some other means of transport.

  • Basic but clean rooms
  • Set around a nice pool just a short walk from the cenote
  • Breakfast included

Airbnbs in Valladolid

Instead of getting a Valladolid hotel, why not trying renting an apartment on Airbnb? There are tons of great apartments around town, and you can save money compared to a hotel. 

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Conclusion: Finding the Top Valladolid Hotels

The above are some can't miss options for the best places to stay in Valladolid Mexico.

But the small city has a ton of options, so if none of the above strike your fancy, just run a quick search on Booking using the below box and you are certain to find a Valladolid hotel that suites your style:

After booking your hotel, be sure to check out my Ultimate Guide to Valladolid to help plan your trip. 

And also be sure to read these other helpful articles for your Mexico trip: 

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