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17 Best Tulum Hotels and Resorts (for 2021)

Nothing can make or break a beach vacation like a great hotel. That’s especially true for Tulum hotels, because the Riviera Maya is a destination where your hotel basically is the center of the entire vacation experience. Hey, no pressure in choosing, though.

Fortunately, you’ve now got help! I’ve quite literally created a career out of visiting and comparing the best hotels and attractions around the world. To date, I’ve helped over 1.5 million Travel Lemming readers plan better trips.

At Travel Lemming, we’re the experts on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. I’m currently based near Tulum with my partner, and photogenic better half, Clara. Together, we make it our mission to find, tour, and photograph all the top hotels in Tulum – and to rank them for you! Our goal is to bring you the best authentic, honest, and unbiased hotel recommendations on the web.

This post is our running list of the best Tulum hotels, with options for every budget and style of travel. We update it regularly!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Summary of Current Top Picks:

17 Best Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

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Mereva Tulum (Private Beach Hotel)

Woman on a bed at the Mereva Tulum hotel
Clara loved that you can see the sea right from the bed!

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +52 (984) 147 6571 | $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Mereva Tulum on Booking

Tulum can get pretty busy, so if you’re looking for a serene escape, the private beach resort at Mereva by Blue Sky Tulum is your best bet for a serene and quiet Caribbean vacation. It’s located just 10 minutes north of the Tulum ruins, but in a private beach area separated from the main hotel zone.

Most of the rooms have a view of the ocean, and the master suites have private plunge pools. You’ll be spoiled for choices to swim because Mereva also offers two stunning pools, a private dock over the Caribbean, and a nearby cenote.

Woman with a hat on a private plunge pool facing the Caribbean sea at Mereva Tulum
Mereva has so many options for swimming!

Get a massage on the dock, borrow snorkeling equipment from the hotel, or join one of the boat tours organized by Mereva. Oh, and even if you stay at one of the other hotels in Tulum on this list, Mereva’s restaurant is definitely worth a visit just to taste the delicious organic firewood creations of executive chef Carlos Peregrina Serralde. Yum!

If we could only pick one Tulum hotel for you, without knowing anything about you, we’d say just book at Mereva Blue Sky Tulum now and get on with planning your trip. But, if it’s not the right fit for you, we’ve still got 16 more hotels in Tulum to show off ….

Coco Hacienda Tulum (Boutique Hotel, Town)

Clara on a bed in the Coco Hacienda hotel in Tulum, Quintana Roo
Clara says you can just melt into the beds at Coco Hacienda!

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 1 984 130 9318 | $$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Coco Hacienda on Booking

If you’re looking for affordable luxury, then stay at the Coco Hacienda Tulum. It’s located in the La Veleta neighborhood of the Tulum city center, but the lush green gardens and two expansive pools make it feel like its own private jungle retreat. The rooms are spacious and well appointed, there is an attached restaurant featuring exhibitions from local artists, and large pool offers views over the nearby plant nursey. It’s the perfect luxury oasis for enjoying your time in Tulum (especially when the beach is covered in seaweed anyway).

Oh, and can we talk about the bathrooms for a minute?

Clara in the bathrooms at Coco Hacienda Tulum

I’ve never seen Clara so excited about a bathroom before. After her most recent scouting trip to Tulum, she came back raving about the spacious and luxurious bathrooms. Definitely another reason Coco Hacienda is our current favorite pick for the best hotel in Tulum town!

Encantada Tulum (Luxury Hotel, Beach)

View of palm fronds and white sand beach at Encantada luxury hotel in Tulum
Photo: Encantada Tulum

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +52 (984) 114-7525 | $$$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Encantada on Booking

โ€œEncantadaโ€ can be closely translated as magical or enchanted and Encantada Tulum promises an enchanting escape and getaway. Reviewers love that you get to have a breathtaking view of Tulum beach, plus the small number of rooms gives the feeling of privacy, intimacy and exclusivity.

Instead of going for a modern look, the overall design of this boutique hotel gives off that tropical or island vibe. It is a bit on the pricier side though, as rooms can run $800 or more per night. But if you have the cash this one of the luxury hotels in Tulum that is worth the splurge.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Beach or Town? Deciding where to stay in Tulum comes down to choosing between the beach and the town. It’s really a question of budget, because Tulum’s luxury beach hotels worth it if you can swing the extra cost per night!

Hotelito Azul (Boutique Hotel, Beach)

A room at the Hotelito Azul in Tulum

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 938 164 0744 | $$$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Hotelito Azul on Booking

Clara recently toured this new 5-star bohemian beach boutique, and it is now her personal favorite Tulum hotel. Hotelito Azul offers a prime location on the beach with super spacious suites and villas. Many offer private beachfront balconies with hammocks and hanging chairs. You’ll find a spectacular pool and bar on the rooftop, plus a fashionable coffee shop and market in the front. Try the smoothies!

Oh, and Hotelito Azul also features some of the fastest internet we’ve ever seen in Tulum (often a problem in other hotels). Overall, Hotelito Azul does a truly fantastic job of packing everything you’d possibly need for a relaxing beach vacation in Tulum. You could honestly have an excellent trip without ever leaving the hotel grounds!

Dune Boutique Hotel (Beach)

Clara standing next to the nest at the pool at Tulum's Dune Boutique Hotel
Clara on a recent visit to scout out the Dune Boutique

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 984 238 9529 | $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Dune on Booking

If you’re after Instagram shots that will make your friends drool with envy, then stay at the Dune Boutique Hotel. The star attraction here is the incredible pool, which offers several hanging nest seats that are perfect for snapping that iconic Tulum photo. But it’s not just the ascetic that makes this one of the best boutique hotels in Tulum. The spacious rooms, the friendly and attentive service, and the included breakfast all make this one of the most highly rated hotels by guests.

Clara recently visited and especially liked the pool and the huge, immaculately clean, rooms. Her insider tip is to book one of the rooms with a private beachfront plunge pool and terrace. They look like this:

Clara standing on the terrace of the Dune hotel, with a private plunge pool and the beach in the background
Get the private plunge pool if you can snag it!

Just heaven! If you agree, check prices for the Dune Hotel on Booking now. If you’re booking last minute, it’s probably full, but if you can snag a room, you’re in for a treat.

Alea Tulum by Blue Sky (Luxury Boutique, Beach)

Woman in a pool looking out at the sea at the Alea Tulum

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +52 (984) 147 6571 | $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Alea on Booking

If you manage to snag one of the ocean-view suites at Alea Tulum by Blue Sky, you’ll fall asleep to the sounds of waves cresting against the sand of Alea’s private beach. Alea is the sister hotel of Mereva Tulum, and is also located a bit north of the main hotel zone in a more secluded area away from the masses.

Of all the best hotels in Tulum, Alea draws some of the most gushing reviews from guests. Reviewers love the clean and spacious suites, the friendly staff, and the gorgeous beach. The location in Tankah Bay helps to shelter it a bit from the sargasso that plagues so much of Tulum, so this is the perfect Tulum beach hotel if you’re just looking to relax and soak in some rays on that famous Tulum sand.

Coco Limited Hotel (Boutique, Beach)

Clara looking at the Caribbean Sea from the Coco Limited Jacuzzi Terrace

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +52 55 4169 2072 | $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Coco Limited on Booking

This is the bohemian beach sister hotel to Coco Hacienda. With a perfect location right in the middle of the Tulum beach zone, the Coco Limited Hotel is definitely one of the best Tulum hotels on the beach. It offers clean and spacious rooms, a bohemian vibe, and plenty of amenities. Some of the suites even offer a private jacuzzi in a quiet garden, perfect for getting some privacy right on the beach.

View of a room by the beach at the Coco Limited hotel in Tulum, Mexico
Some of the rooms offer excellent beach views right from the bed!

Many of the 26 luxury suites offer direct views of the beach, some with patios or terraces just steps away from the shore. The long pool is very solid, and the friendly staff will bring you poolside service. There is also a well-done restaurant right on the beach. Plus, if you aren’t staying in Coco Limited, it’s still worth stopping by for a day and enjoying their excellent beach club.

Casa Malca (Luxury Hotel, Beach)

View of a hotel room with window opening to the Tulum beach
Photo courtesy Casa Malca

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 1 984 240 2546 | $$$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Casa Malca on Booking

This former house of Pablo Escobar has become famous as where celebrities like Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, and Leonardo DiCaprio stay in Tulum.

And it’s really no wonder why this hotel is so popular: you’ll be hard pressed to find a more luxurious hotel in Tulum. Casa Malca was purchased a few years ago by a New York based art dealer, who built it up from the original 8 room setup to its current 72 spacious and art-conscious rooms.

The Beach Tulum (Luxury Hotel, Beach)

Cabanas and The Beach Tulum in Tulum Mexico
The Beach Tulum is popular for a reason – just look at all those private rooftops!

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +1 855 246 55 75 | $$$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices the Beach Hotel on Booking

A beautiful oasis where you can fully relax in your rooftop jacuzzi while listening to the sounds of crashing waves on the nearby private beach. If you’re looking for the kind of Tulum hotel you see on Instagram, this is it! You can expect a high-end, luxurious stay.

Located along Tulum’s south beach, The Beach Tulum has it all — excellent service, special amenities, delicious food, rooftop jacuzzis, air conditioned gym, and the feeling of comfortable privacy. The Beach Tulum also prides itself for being an eco-friendly hotel.

El Paraiso Hotel Tulum (Mid-Range Hotel, Beach)

Tulum Hotels
I took this shot of the El Paraiso Tulum hotel with my drone. What do you think?

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +52 1 (984) 113 7089 | $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for El Paraiso on Booking

If you want to stay on the beach in Tulum but don’t want to spend a fortune, your best bet is probably the El Paraiso Hotel Tulum. I personally stayed in this hotel a couple years ago and absolutely loved it.

What really makes this one of the top hotels is El Paraiso’s location directly on the main beach so you can enjoy a peaceful sunrise view before the locals come flocking in. You can also easily visit the Tulum Mayan ruins by foot or by riding a bike to the Tulum archaeological site.

La Valise Tulum (Luxury Hotel, Beach)

View of blue pool against palm trees in Mexico
Photo: La Valise Tulum Pool

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +52 (55) 80 60 27 45 | $$$ – $$$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for La Valise on Booking

This is one of the top hotels in Tulum for honeymooners or those looking for an exclusive and private feel is the La Valise Tulum. It only has a few rooms so itโ€™s the perfect place to relax and chill all you want without being conscious of other hotel guests. What makes this Tulum hotel really unique is the simple yet sophisticated aesthetics with Mexican art and culture integrated into the overall design. You can lounge around the living room or shaded garden area while enjoying the beautiful view.

Sueรฑos Tulum (Eco Resort, Beach)

View of a bed and window to the jungle at the Suenos Tulum hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: (+52) 1-984 157 4686 | $$ – $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Suenos on Booking

Concerned about the environmental impact of your visit to Tulum? Consider that a VICE documentary recently exposed that many Tulum hotels dump their wastewater right into the Tulum aquifer. To minimize your ecological impact, stay at one of Sueรฑos Tulum’s 13 beachfront suites. The hotel runs its own wastewater treatment, powers via solar energy, and collects rainwater to maximize sustainability.

Sueรฑos is a smaller beach hotel, and there’s no beach club or public restaurant, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a private experience but don’t want to give up a prime location. The rooms feature nice balconies and comfortable hammocks.

Woman in a hammock at the Suenos Tulum Hotel

The rooms are decorated with authentic Mayan art, the wall are beautifully hand-painted rooms. You’ll also feel at one with nature because of the surrounding trees and green scenery. As an eco resort, power is available 24/7 generated by solar panels. Note that air conditioning is limited to the night, with A/C only running from 8 PM to 8 AM. The rooms have fans, hammocks, and are well cross-ventilated by the ocean breeze!

KASA Hotel Parota Tulum (Apartment-Style, Town)

KASA Hotel Parota Tulum in Tulum Mexico
Aerial view of the awesome penthouse pools

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 (984) 166-5510 | $$ – $$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for KASA on Booking

KASA Hotel Parota Tulum is a larger family-friendly hotel which is really more like a group of vacation rentals. It’s located in the Aldea Zama, between the Tulum city center and the beachfront zone.

The KASA penthouse apartments have gorgeous infinity-edge private pools. If you’re looking for a quieter place to stay that’s still easily accessible to the beach, this is a great Tulum hotel to consider. The private pools on the rooftop terraces are a really nice amenity! At the shared pool they also have an awesome swim-up pool bar, complimentary bike rental, and a free shuttle service to the beach.

Ahau Tulum (Luxury Beach Eco Resort)

Woman standing in front of the statue at Ahau Tulum
(Note: Popper has moved this to the beach recently)

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 (984) 147 5225 | $$$$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Ahau on Booking

Ahau Tulum is another great choice for an environmentally friendly Tulum hotel. This upscale property is widely known as one of the best Tulum resorts, and has become famous on Instagram thanks to artist Daniel Popper’s installation, entitled Ven a la Luz, which previously guarded the entrance to Ahau and has now been reworked on the beach. The hotel itself runs off self-generated solar and wind power, and a rain catch system.

The suites are spacious and evocative of the Tulum boho-chic style. Many offer ocean views. Ahau’s location in the middle of the hotel zone also perfectly places you within walking distance of some of Tulum’s best restaurants, bars, and beaches. Overall, for the eco-conscious luxury traveler who doesn’t mind a higher price per night, Ahau is definitely one of the best hotels in Tulum!

Coco Tulum (Mid-Range Eco Hotel, Beach)

Clara on a bed in the Coco Tulum beach hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52 55 4169 2072 | $$ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Coco Beach or Coco Zen Zonee

Coco Tulum is the most affordable of the Coco-branded hotels in Tulum, and a great place to stay for eco-conscious travelers.

Technically this hotel is divided into two properties, with separate booking pages: Coco Tulum Beach Club and Coco Tulum Zen Zone. You’ll need to choose which zone to pick your room in, but either way, you’ll have access to the full property. The hotel’s website advertises that the beach club is the best option for those who want to “see and be seen,” which is likely a nod to the fact that you’ll be very close to the popular beach bar. If you prefer privacy, try to snag a room in the Zen Zone, where you’ll find a yoga deck and a temazcal (a traditional Mayan sauna).

Note that you won’t find quite as many amenities at Coco Tulum as you will at the pricier hotels in Tulum. For example, you may have to share a bathroom with other guests depending upon what room you get. But beds are comfortable and, even if the rooms are a bit small, you honestly can’t beat the per night price for a Tulum hotel with a beachside setting.

Hotel Tiki Tiki Tulum (Budget, Town)

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +(52) 984 265 8206 | $ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Hotel Tiki Tiki on Booking

If youโ€™re looking for affordable Tulum boutique hotels with (relatively) low per night prices, then Hotel Tiki Tiki Tulum might be the best hotel in Tulum for you. Itโ€™s on the far side of La Veleta, so away from the noise of the Tulum city center. There is nothing like having a peaceful and quiet stay, after all. The interior has an old Miami Beach vibe. Pro tip: choose one of the rooms with a private terrace and in-room hammock!

Posada Luna Del Sur (Budget, Town)

Hotel Website | Hotel phone: +52-984-182-9696 | $ | ๐Ÿ‘‰ Check Prices for Posada Luna del Sur on Booking

The Posada Luna Del Sur is a quaint and cozy Tulum hotel that offers just about everything you could want in a Tulum hotel – if you’re cool with not having a swimming pool (but, hey, you can always visit the beach!).

Located in the La Veleta neighborhood of the Tulum city center, this budget hotel in Tulum offers a complimentary Mexican breakfast that you can enjoy at the Posada Luna Del Surhe rooftop Palapa and the hotel is located close to the main road which gives easy access to different restaurants and shops. You’ll love the complimentary breakfast and the gorgeous rooftop lounge area.


That’s it for this guide to the best hotels in Tulum, Mexico! From luxury hotels with a private beach to artistic boutique hotels, Tulum really spoils travelers with choice.

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Enjoy your stay in Tulum! Oh, and here’s a pro tip (since you took the trouble to read all the way to the bottom): be sure to check out the incredible Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve while you’re in Tulum. It’s an activity not to be missed!

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