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15 Best Things to Do in Aguadilla (Fun & Unique Activities)

If you are wondering what to do in Aguadilla, you will have lots of options. If you want your vacation in Puerto Rico to be all about exploring beaches, sunbathing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, then Aguadilla is your go-to destination.

This city located on the west of Puerto Rico is a popular destination for nature and beach lovers, but it also sports other attractions worth visiting.

I stay in Aguadilla around three times a year (check out my guide to where to stay in Aguadilla here). In this post, I’ve summed up for you the 15 best things to do in Aguadilla.

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15 Best Things to Do in Aguadilla

Hike in Survival Beach

The author between two big boulders near Survival Beach

📍 Google Maps | Entrance: free

If you’re always looking for challenging trails with beautiful scenery, then you can’t miss a visit to Survival Beach. Besides being a great surfing destination, Survival Beach is ideal to spend a day hiking and admiring the great outdoor surroundings. 

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Surf in Punta Borinquen Beach

Scenic view of the blue water and clear blue sky in Punta Borinquen Beach

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If you can’t make it to the best beaches for surfing in Rincon, you’ll be glad to know Aguadilla sports a few of Puerto Rico’s best beaches for surfing.

In particular, Punta Borinquen Beach is a beach that sports strong waves, especially during the winter months. It’s best for experienced surfers who want to see the great outdoors and spend a carefree afternoon catching waves.

Jump off the Crash Boat Pier

Underwater view of Crash Boat Pier

📍 Google Maps | Entrance: $5 

Crash Boat is one of the most iconic beaches on the west coast. This beach sports turquoise waters, nearby beach kiosks, and a famous pier from where locals like to jump. A visit to Aguadilla isn’t complete without the thrilling experience. Always ask the locals about the best way to do it and beware of currents during the winter.

👉 Local Tip: If you only have a few days check out this 12-hour tour around Puerto Rico’s hidden gems, including a stop in Crash Boat Beach.

Visit El Parterre

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El Parterre was once the town center of Aguadilla. What makes this plaza different from all the others, is the fact that it’s built around a natural water spring. It’s believed that this natural spring flows underground for more than 25 miles and it emerges in Aguadilla and that it was a main source of water to the Spaniards.

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Enjoy Street Art in Casitas de Colores

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A visit to Aguadilla isn’t complete without visiting the macro mural called Pintalto. This mural extends over the houses of a complete neighborhood named Cerro Cabrera, making it the picture-perfect spot. Explore between the houses to find beautiful street art, and bring your kids to this family-friendly area.

👉 Short on time? Book this amazing one-day tour to visit all the important highlights of Aguadilla.

Explore Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins

The author posing for a picture in Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins

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Next to Punta Borinquen Golf Course, you’ll find the ruins of the original Punta Borinquen Lighthouse, which dates back to the Spanish colonial era. Even if there are few remains, you can see the washed-out red in front of the structure and the place where the tower was. Located in the Ramey Air Force Base, besides the ruins, you’ll also find Borinquen Beach, a mural, a Spanish Well, and a hiking route.

👉 Local Tip: To explore the cities of the west is best to stay a night or two in the area. Check out my guide of the top places to stay in Puerto Rico to find the best neighborhood for you.

Snorkel with Turtles at Playa Peña Blanca

View of a man snorkeling in Playa Peña Blanca

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Playa Peña Blanca in Aguadilla used to be a secret urban beach, but now it’s a  popular snorkeling and surfing destination. In the winter months, the tide is stronger and great for surfing while the summer tide is calmer for people to snorkel and see sea turtles. Crash Boat Beach is another great alternative for snorkeling in Aguadilla.

👉Local Tip:  If you aren’t planning to stay in Aguadilla, but you still want to snorkel in one of its beaches, check out this tour through the northwest of the island going out from San Juan.

Go Scuba Diving in Playa India El Natural

View of two scuba divers in Playa India El Natural

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Scuba diving is also one of the things to do in Aguadilla. Scuba diving enthusiasts can’t miss the chance to explore Playa India El Natural,  right above Crashboat Beach. Its waters are home to beautiful coral reefs with diverse marine life, including sea turtles and squids. If you’ve never dived before, you can take a beginner scuba diving tour with Aquatica Dive & Surf.

Go Bowling

View of a man playing bowling in Aguadilla’s Bowling Center

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 891-3495 | Hours: 1 pm – 11 pm Thurs-Tues, 10 am – 11 pm Wed | Price: $13 per lane per hour, $8 shoes

If you’re looking for a family night out with your kids, then don’t miss a visit to Aguadilla’s Bowling Center. Although small, this bowling center sports other attractions like laser tag, bump carts, and an arcade you can use for small added fees. They also have the equipment to help smaller kids play.

Find the Abandoned Plane

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If you’re walking around the city, make a quick stop at the abandoned airplane of Aguadilla. This airplane is a canvas for urban street art and you can get inside it to take pictures. Nobody is sure how it got there, although some rumors say it was going to be a dining place. 

Go Horseback Riding

View of a woman riding a horse near the beach

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One of the best ways to enjoy Aguadilla’s coast is on the back of a horse. Playuelas Horse Rides is one of the companies that offer horseback riding tours through the beach area of Playuela and Punta Borinquen, for a unique experience full of cliffs, sand, and beautiful beaches.

🚗 How to Get There: To get to Aguadilla on your own, you’ll need to rent a car. Use Discover Cars to find the best deal, and read the guide to driving in Puerto Rico to get there safely.

Pose with the Flag at Fuerte de la Concepción

The Puerto Rico's flag painted in a wall in Aguadilla

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If you’ve traveled before to Puerto Rico, then you know you can find Puerto Rico’s flag painted almost everywhere, from buildings to bus stops. At Fuerte de la Concepción in Aguadilla, you can find a huge mural of Puerto Rico’s flag, where you can take the perfect picture for your vacation album.

See the Sunset from the Mirador

The colorful sky during a sunset in Aguadilla

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If you happen to pass through this viewpoint close to the sunset time, make a quick stop to appreciate it from this spot. From this viewpoint you can get incredible views of the west coast, Aguadilla Pueblo, and part of Aguada, so make sure to snap a picture before moving on with your trip.

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Admire the Art in a Local Museum

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 649-0000 | Website | Hours: 10 am – 3 pm Thurs-Fri, 9 am – 3 pm Sat, Closed Sunday- Wednesdays | Entrance: free 

Aguadilla’s Art Museum is a must-stop in the city for art lovers. Although small, this museum sports an impressive collection of local art from renowned Puerto Rican artists and it also offers free art workshops on Saturdays. Since the hours change constantly, make sure to call before visiting and use the chance to explore the rest of the downtown area.

Take A Sunset Boat Tour

View of a rocky shoreline in Aguadilla

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If there is something special about the west coast in Puerto Rico is its colorful breathtaking sunsets. One of the ways to make those sunsets even better is by experiencing them in the sea. Crashboat Experiences offers sunset tours during which you’ll visit different Aguadilla spots, admire the wildlife, and of course, you’ll see the sun disappear behind the horizon.

FAQ’s About Aguadilla

Is Aguadilla worth visiting?

Aguadilla is a city travelers should visit during their trip to Puerto Rico. The city sports fun outdoor activities, beautiful sunsets, top notch restaurants, and great beaches like Crashboat Beach, one of the top attractions of Aguadilla and Puerto Rico.

What is in Aguadilla?

Aguadilla is a coastal city on the west that sports one of Puerto Rico’s most famous public beaches, Crashboat Beach. Aguadilla is also home to perfect waters for surfing and snorkeling. 


You’ve reached the end of the best things to do in Aguadilla! If you still need accommodation, be sure not to miss my guide to the best places to stay in Aguadilla.

Will you be visiting this city during your vacation in Puerto Rico? Let me know in the comments!

👉 Before You Go: be sure to bookmark my guide to the top places to go in Puerto Rico.

Have fun exploring all the best things to do in Aguadilla.

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  1. Very nicely written, let me add that El Parterre was thought to be the fountain of youth by Juan Ponce de León, PR’s first Governor. Also, a very important place in Aguadilla is El Parque Colón, where is to be said that’s where Christopher Columbus landed in PR, At the end of the park, there is the famous tree house, the children’s favorite; it is a 30-foot-tall wooden structure that spans a huge tree.

  2. Being born & raised in Aguadilla, I may say that Aguadilla hosts lots of fun places. The west coast cities are well known to hold beautiful beaches & lots of “chinchorros” to visit. Between beaches & awesome food you will never go wrong! #missingPR

  3. You can also visit Las Cascadas Water Park. You can ride JetSkies at Rompeolas Beach with Ocean Water Sports Jetski Rental. You can visit the tree house at Parque Colon Beach. You can also ride electric scooters located in Paseo real Marina. There is so much to do in Aguadilla

  4. I love my town. Last time I was there, went to las casitas de colores, Crash Boat beach, parque Colon, Parterre, the old plane etc. Love it

  5. Congratulations on your excellent writings and recommendations. However: You are ignoring the Parque Colon Beach in Aguadilla!
    It is crystal clear water with many shades of blue and green colors. Over 100 feet of nice, smooth sand between the street and the ocean, on a long stretch of shore line. Safe, clean and plenty of free comfortable parking. A few nice places to eat and drink. Beautiful view of the Aguadilla Bay Area. And much more. Plenty of many multinational persons that I have personally know that adore this beach. I have written proof. Also. In my opinion, it is one of the best beaches in PR… and maybe in the Caribbean, My credentials: I have been in 62 countries, lived in 12 of them and have travelled to all countries in Latin America, except Cuba. Would love to talk with you about my point of view. Please feel free to contact me in Aguadilla and I would be happy to explain and personally show you what I am talking about!

    Respectfully and sincerely,
    Albert Muñiz

  6. And we must not forget the sea glass. Especially marbles!
    I will be heading to Aguadilla again in 8 weeks. It truly is a magical place.
    I will see you soon 💓

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