The author, Vanessa Ramos enjoying her day at Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol, one of the best waterparks in Puerto Rico

11 Best Waterparks in Puerto Rico in 2023 (By a Local)

Waterparks in Puerto Rico are an awesome way to retreat from the tropical heat without going to a beach or river. They’re fun for the whole family, and there are plenty to choose from, including a few ones near San Juan.

As a Puerto Rico local who has been to these water parks, I’ll spill the beans on the best water parks in Puerto Rico. Whether you’re looking for a water park for toddlers or the entire family, these are great options to visit on a Puerto Rico family vacation. Let’s dive in!

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11 Best Waterparks In Puerto Rico

Las Cascadas Water Park

🌊 The second-largest water park in Puerto Rico.

View at the entrance to the Las Cascadas Water Park
Entrance to Las Cascadas Water Park

📍 Google Maps | Website | $22.42 adults, $17.97 kids until 12 + $5 parking | 9:00 – 5:00 pm Wednesday to Sunday | 👉 Check out Nearby Stays on Booking

Las Cascadas Water Park is the second biggest water park in Puerto Rico and one of the most popular attractions in Aguadilla

The water park welcomes both kids and adults and its attractions include a lazy river, a wave pool, a children’s playground, a water tunnel, and a crazy river. The park’s water slides are the adult’s favorite attractions and amenities like bathrooms and food kiosks will make your day trip easy.

You can book your tickets in advance through the website. Keep in mind that the park opens during the summer. 

👉 Local Tip: As of July 2023, there are still some attractions under repair. While most children’s attractions are available, slides and attractions for adults are under construction.

Olimpia Water Park

🌊 A recreational water park with slides, rock climbing walls, and mini golf.

People enjoying their day on the wave pool at Olimpia Water Park
The wave pool at Albergue Olimpico (photo: Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | $25 adults, $20 kids under 11 + $3 parking | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Tues-Sun  | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

The Olimpia Water Park is a recreational park located within the Albergue Olímpico in Salinas, a sports center with training facilities for professional athletes owned by a nonprofit organization. Olimpia Water Park boasts speed water slides, wave pools, a rock wall, and a mini golf course. 

If you buy the general ticket, known as the Olimpia Passport, you can access all the parks and recreational areas. You can also pay individually to use Campo Chico, the mini golf area, or Piedra Chiquita, the rock climbing section of the park.

Although you can’t bring food within the park, there are multiple restaurants and food kiosks available as well as bathrooms, changing rooms, gazebos, and lockers for renting.

Surf n Fun Water Park

🌊 A waterpark with a surf simulator.

📍 Google Maps | Website | $22.95 adults, $20.95 kids under 12 | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Mon-Thur, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Fri-Sun  | 👉 Book Your Stay on VRBO

One of the most extensive water parks in Puerto Rico, Surf-N-Fun Water Park in San Germán offers something for everyone in the family. It’s also one of the two water parks with surf simulators on the island.

Kids will enjoy the electric boats, the wave pool, and the water slides. Those that rather stay out of the water can sunbathe on the beach chairs or rest under the canopies. 

The park also has changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, and food kiosks.

Coqui Water Park

🌊 A water park nestled within a luxury resort.

Aerial view of the Coqui Water Park in Puerto Rico
Coqui Water Park as seen from above at El Conquistador Resort

📍 Google Maps | Website | Entrance included on the hotels guests price per night | 9:00 am – 7:00 pm | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

Coqui Water Park is one of the most popular water parks in Puerto Rico and one of the most exclusive ones too. Located within El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, one of Puerto Rico’s top hotels, this water park is exclusive for guests of the hotel.

Coqui Water Park is one of the best Fajardo attractions. It offers family-friendly fun including a lazy river, an infinity pool, a speed slide with a vertical drop, and 2 additional water slides that you can see from the Torre de Yocahu Tower.  

👉 Local Tip: You can’t bring outside food or coolers into the park, but you’ll find shops and restaurants with options like pizza, tenders, and nachos inside. Keep in mind you can’t access the waterpark if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Arroyo’s Surfing Park

🌊 A budget-friendly water park without crowds.

📍 Google Maps | Website | $12 adults, $8 kids under 11 | 10 am – 6 pm, closes during winter season | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

Arroyo’s Surfing Park boasts the largest surfing simulator in the Caribbean known as the WaveOz Flowrider. It also has children’s slides and a large main pool. 

The parking is included in the price too. Although the waterpark is smaller than other Puerto Rico water parks, you’ll find fewer crowds in comparison. While visiting, don’t miss out on the food kiosks on-site as well as a tiki bar.

👉 Local Tip: As of July 2023, the WaveOz Flowrider is temporarily out of service.

Watermill Aquatic Park

🌊 This park takes inspiration from a sugar mill.

📍 Google Maps | Website |  Entrance included for Dorado Beach Members | 11 am – 6 pm | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

The Watermill Aquatic Park is one of the most exclusive water parks in Puerto Rico, as it’s reserved only for Dorado Beach Hotel members and guests. 

This water park is inspired by a sugar cane plantation – it’s why you’ll find a watermill and architecture that resembles a sugar mill inside.

Still, the water park is fun for everyone! It houses a winding lazy river, water slides, swimming pools, and bumper water cars. Those who rather avoid the water can enjoy The Watermill Grill’s dishes on the outdoor tables.

👉 Local Tip: You can’t get a membership on-site. It must be acquired beforehand by contacting Dorado Beach Resort to access the waterpark.

Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol

🌊 A waterpark within a popular beach near San Juan.

People enjoying their day at the Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol
Water jets at Aquasol Water Park in Carolina

📍 Google Maps |  $4 per hour + $5 for parking | 9 am -5 pm Wed-Sun  | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol is located within Carolina Beach, one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico located a short ride from Puerto Rico’s airport. 

This small water park is ideal for toddlers and small children, as it only has shallow pools with maximum water depth under one foot and it’s more like a splash park with water jets. 

There is a lifeguard within the park, and you’ll find bathrooms and showers outside on the beach. Parents must accompany toddlers inside.

El Rancho Corozal

🌊 This water park has a large pool and an on-site restaurant.

The author, Vanessa Ramos enjoying her day on a poll in El Rancho Corozal
Me in Rancho Corozal
A small bridge at the El Rancho Corozal

📍 Google Maps | Website | $8 + $10 for coolers | 10 am – 5 pm Tues – Sun on June and July,  10 am – 5 pm Sat-Sun August to May | 👉 Book Your Stay on VRBO

Rancho Corozal, also known as El Rancho, is located in the town of Corozal, within the Puerto Rico mountains

El Rancho sports three pools and an on-site restaurant. The pool on the back is similar to a lazy river and has three water slides for kids. 

Outside of water you can play in the volleyball and basketball courts or play pool within one of the six halls in the water park.

Área Recreativa Monte Frío

🌊 A small water park with pools and gazebos.

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | $10 | 10 am – 5 pm Tues-Sun  | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

Considered one of the best things to do in Bayamon, Área Recreativa Monte Frío is a water park where you’ll find mostly locals. This Puerto Rico water park has three pools, including a kid’s pool. 

But, the main highlight of Monte Frío is the three water slides, including one short one for smaller kids. 

You’ll find bathrooms, free parking, and a restaurant on site. If you are visiting with a large group, you can reserve one of Monte Frío’s gazebos.

Parque Acuático Media Luna

🌊 A water park with a semi-Olympic pool and a restaurant.

📍 Google Maps | Website | $5 per person, per 2 hours | 10 am – 6 pm Wed-Sat, 9 am – 6 pm Sun | 👉 Book Your Stay on VRBO

This waterpark is located within the facilities of Hotel Media Luna in Comerio. It offers simplicity and comfort for those looking for an alternative to the beach, with two pools, water fountains, and water jets. 

You’ll also find a restaurant and a green area surrounding the park, where you can take a walk. There are gazebos for rental. To help keep safety and avoid overcrowding, the cost per person covers intervals of two hours. 

Splash By the Lighthouse

🌊 A splash park surrounded by a historical lighthouse.

View of water jets at the Splash By the Lighthouse
Water jets in Splash By the Lighthouse water park

📍 Google Maps | Website | $12.00 adults, $10.00 kids under 12 | 9 am – 6 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am – 7 pm Sat-Sun  | 👉 Book Your Stay on Booking

One of the least-known water parks in Puerto Rico, Splash By the Lighthouse is within the Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park. 

This small splash zone offers fountains, jets, and small slides great for toddlers. Older kids will love the water boats. For adults, there is a jacuzzi nearby. 

On-site you’ll find a small food kiosk and bathrooms. Families can also tour the park and visit Arecibo’s lighthouse at the top of the hill, one of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico.

FAQs about Puerto Rico Water Parks

Does Puerto Rico have a water park?

Puerto Rico boasts over a dozen water parks. The largest and most popular ones include Las Cascadas Water Park, Olimpia Water Park, and Coqui Water Park. The closest water park to San Juan is Parque Acuático Infantil Aquasol, located in Carolina Beach.

What is the best waterpark in Puerto Rico for adults?

The best water park in Puerto Rico for adults is the Olimpia Water Park in Salinas. This park has speed water slides and wave pools, a rappelling wall, and a mini golf course, making it entertaining both for adults and kids. 

What is the biggest water park in Puerto Rico?

The biggest water park in Puerto Rico is the Surf ‘N Fun Water Park in San German. It’s followed by Las Cascadas Water Park which remained the largest water park in Puerto Rico from its foundation in 1985 until 2022, when Surf ‘N Fun Water Park opened.


Thanks for reading my article on the best waterparks in Puerto Rico! If you’re still looking for more things to do, check out these fun Puerto Rico activities.

Safe travels!

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