A rusted tank on the shoreline of Culebra Beach in Puerto Rico

29 Best Puerto Rico Beaches for 2023 (By a Local!)

There are hundreds of Puerto Rico beaches, so it’s understandable if you are finding it hard to decide which ones to visit.

With a coastline of almost 300 beaches, lounging on the paradisical beaches is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

As a Puerto Rico local and a huge beach lover, I know the very best beaches for families, nature lovers, and relaxation seekers. But it’s hard to tell which is which just by looking at the pictures. 

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of the 29 best beaches in Puerto Rico so you can find the perfect beach for you!

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29 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Sun Bay Beach

Watch the horses while you sunbathe

Aerial view of Sun Bay Beach in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Website | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $4, free during low season | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: El Blok

You’ll find plenty of incredible beaches in Vieques, but Sun Bay Beach offers the most amenities including showers, bathrooms, lifeguards, and a cafeteria. But, that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

Sun Bay Beach has a relaxing landscape with soft white sand, blue waters, and beautiful wild horses that roam the parking lot. If you want to try beach camping in Puerto Rico, you can also camp on the beach for $10 a night.

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Playa Pelicano

Discover this remote beach off Puerto Rico’s mainland

View of Playa Pelicano and a rugged hill in Caja de Muerto

📍 Google Maps | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort

Off Puerto Rico’s southern coast, on an island called Caja de Muerto, you’ll find Playa Pelicano to be one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. This beach is ideal for hiking and nature enthusiasts that want to escape the city. 

You’ll find bathroom facilities and gazebos in Playa Pelicano, but you’ll have to bring everything else for your beach day.

⛴️ How to Get There: Since the 2020 earthquakes, the ferry to Caja de Muerto leaves from Marina Salinas. You need to make a reservation on their site.

Luquillo Beach

Eat some of Puerto Rico’s best snacks by the sea

View of the Luquillo Beach and some palm tree in it

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $4 cars, $8 buses | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

Luquillo beach is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for more than one reason. Located next to El Yunque, Luquillo beach has warm waters, golden sand, and hundreds of palm trees that will shade anyone that doesn’t want a suntan. 

But, besides its beauty, Luquillo Beach is popular for its prime location next to a line of food stalls that sell traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. Get planning with my guide to the best things to do in Luquillo.

Jobos Beach

Catch waves or rest under coconut palms

View of Jobos Beach in Isabela
Jobos is a popular surfing spot on the north coast

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: On-street parking, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Parador Villas del Mar Hau

Jobos beach is one of the local popular beaches among surfers. The currents are strong though, so swimming at this beach isn’t recommended for inexperienced swimmers or kids. If you can’t swim, go kiosk hopping and enjoy local fritters and fresh seafood. 

Keep in mind that there aren’t any facilities on the beach and that it gets crowded during the weekends.

Combate Beach

Mingle with locals on this party beach 

A girl enjoying her day in Combate Beach
(photo: Dora Ramirez / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: On-street parking, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Combate Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a beach that offers both fun and great sunsets, then head straight to Combate Beach. It’s close to restaurants, snack bars, hotels, and other popular attractions in Cabo Rojo. Even if there aren’t any facilities, the beach features calm waters and is one of the popular beaches among young people. It’s pretty much always a party beach with a lively atmosphere during the weekends. 

Boqueron Beach

A popular beach where the sand, sun, and good food come together in one place

Palm trees lined up near the shoreline and calm water of Boqueron Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Paid parking in front of the beach, $4-5 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: BOHO Beach Club

Another beach from Cabo Rojo that can’t be missing from our list is Boqueron Beach. This beach is one of the best spots in Cabo Rojo to see the sunset. 

Visitors will immediately fall in love with its white sand and crystal-clear waters. Foodies can also explore the neighborhood and go food kiosk hopping.

You will find on-site parking, bathrooms, showers, and lifeguards on this beach.

Cerro Gordo Beach

A beach and a national park perfect for watersports and hiking

Aerial view of the turquoise blue water smashing on the cliff in Cerro Gordo Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Paid parking in front of the beach, $4 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Giovanni Beachfront Community

Located in Vega Alta, Cerro Gordo Beach is one of the local’s favorite beaches in Puerto Rico. It has facilities like bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, and gazebos.

Beachgoers can swim in the turquoise waters, camp, snorkel, or surf. You can also explore the nearby hiking trails or ride the Cerro Gordo MTB trails.

👉 Pro Tip: The parking lot is usually closed on Mondays and Tuesdays unless it’s a holiday, but you can still look for on-street parking.

Playa Sardinera

A shallow cove perfect for kids and mature beachgoers

Panoramic view of the sand and calm beach of Playa Sardinera

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Free on-road parking or paid parking with security, $3 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Parador El Buen Cafe

Hatillo is mostly known for being the town with the most cows in Puerto Rico, but it also houses some top-notch beaches worth your time.

Playa Sardinera is the most popular beach in the area. This cove boasts a calm tide and water so shallow that visitors like to sit with their beach chairs inside it. 

There aren’t any facilities, hotels or crowds. This beach is ideal for nature lovers, couples, and families looking for a safe beach to spend the day.

Mar Chiquita

Admire the natural pool of Manatí

View of the author having fun in Mar Chiquita
Watch your step, the rocks at the shore are slippery

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Hyatt Place Manati

If you ask any local, they will tell you Mar Chiquita is not only one of the most beautiful beaches but also one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. Mar Chiquita is a natural pool in the form of a half-moon, formed by two giant limestone rock formations. 

While its scenery will dazzle any nature enthusiast, it doesn’t have many spots for shade so you should come prepared with umbrellas and sunblock.

Playa Peña 

Retire to this sandy beach in Old San Juan

View of footprints on the sand of Playa Peña

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: On-street parking, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby:  352 Guest House

For many reasons, Old San Juan is our top choice for the best area to stay in San Juan – including having a beautiful secluded beach within walking distance. Playa Peña, also known as La Ocho Beach, is located across the Capitol and you can get there by using the stairs next to the statue. 

While Playa Peña doesn’t have any facilities, it’s perfect for people that want to escape San Juan’s heat.

👉Local Tip: Although it has a pond, Playa Peña can have strong currents during the winter. Always make sure the tide is safe before swimming.

Playa Crash Boat 

Dive into the waters of Aguadilla

View from the pier at Playa Crash Boat
You can jump from the pier at Crash Boat

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $5 or free in low season | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Parador El Faro

Playa Crash Boat is definitely one of Aguadilla’s top things to do. This beach is a favorite among locals for its colorful landscape, its pier, and the availability of watersports like jet skiing.

This Puerto Rico beach has two parts. One has a paying parking lot and facilities like bathrooms and showers. The other free side doesn’t have facilities, but you’ll find kiosks and watersports equipment rentals. 

Tortuga Beach

Immerse in clear waters full of turtles

Aerial view of boats in Tortuga Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Club Seabourne Hotel

If you’re into hiking, historical ruins, and snorkeling, you will love Tortuga Beach. Located outside the west of Culebra on Culebrita island, Tortuga Beach offers a perfect destination to unwind and release all stress. 

You’ll find all kinds of marine life in the water including sea turtles and a beautiful old lighthouse on land, but you can only get there by water taxi or private boat. 

Flamenco Beach

Walk on the best beach in Puerto Rico 

View of an old rusty tank by the beach in Flamenco Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $5 parking plus $2 per person admission | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Aleli Cottages

Once rated among the top ten beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach offers beach bums their dream tropical paradise, surrounded by crystal clear waters, palm trees, white sand, and an odd-looking military tank right on the shore. 

The beach offers facilities like picnic areas, showers, bathrooms, and umbrella rentals. Flamenco’s clear waters are shallow and safe for snorkeling with your kids.


Sail to an uninhabited island

Aerial view of Icacos Beach and some yacht and small boat on it
You can visit Icacos on a Day Trip from San Juan

📍 Google Maps | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: El Conquistador Resort

Icacos is one of the many cays of Puerto Rico and is located on the east coast. This small cay offers one of the most beautiful shores in Puerto Rico, with shallow clear waters and fine sand perfect for beach bumming or snorkeling close to coral reefs. 

You can get to this Fajardo beach by water taxi or a private tour in a catamaran which can provide you with lunch and snorkeling equipment.

👉 Love Day Trips? Icacos makes for a great day trip if you are based in San Juan. Check out my full article on the best San Juan day trips to find other adventures!

Playa Sucia

Soak in the scenery of Cabo Rojo

Aerial view of the Playa Sucia beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Close to the beach, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Combate Beach Resort

Don’t get confused by the name, which means “Dirty Beach” in Spanish. Playa Sucia is actually a top Puerto Rico beach. Located on Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast in Cabo Rojo, Playa Sucia offers visitors a natural landscape without any resorts (and no amenities whatsoever), and a picture-perfect beach to lie on all day. 

Many people use Playa Sucia and La Playuela as interchangeable names, but you’ll find the original Playuela on the east side of the bay.

Cayo Aurora

Snorkel in shallow crystal clear waters

View of the clear water in Cayo Aurora and a wooden pathway

📍 Google Maps | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa

Cayo Aurora, also known as Gilligan’s Island, doesn’t have a typical shoreline, but it’s often considered the best beach in Puerto Rico for its shallow and clear waters ideal for snorkeling. It’s definitely one of the best snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico.

The surrounding waters are so shallow that they’re safe for your children. Gilligan’s Island is located outside the coast of Guánica, you can only reach Gilligan’s island by renting a kayak or by private boat. 

Isla Verde

A beach within a few minutes of the airport

Scenic view of the blue water in Isla Verde

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: On-street parking, free, or Carolina Beach, $4 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort

Isla Verde Beach is accessible and convenient for every traveler. It’s the perfect area to stay in Puerto Rico if you want to enjoy the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean without leaving the metro area. 

Isla Verde splits into Pine Grove, Alambique, and Balneario de Carolina. Out of the three parts of Isla Verde, Balneario de Carolina is the safest for kids and has great facilities.

Condado Beach

Admire Puerto Rico’s north coast

View of the Condado Beach and the buildings along it

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: On-street parking, free, or private parking, $8-$10 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

Condado Beach is a great beach for first-time visitors to Puerto Rico. Located in a popular resort area of San Juan, this beach offers watersports, beach chairs, umbrellas rentals, and beachfront restaurants.

However, It is best to avoid swimming here, especially if you are inexperienced or young. Note that the currents are strong, particularly during the winter, and drownings have been reported. It’s a great place to relax on the sand, but if you want to swim, consider one of the other Puerto Rico beaches on this list.

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Ocean Park Beach

Play beach volleyball on this urban beach

View of a beautiful sunset in Ocean Park Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Numero Uno Beach House

If you’re looking for a beach in San Juan that’s less crowded than Isla Verde, drive a little farther to Ocean Park Beach. Even if Ocean Park Beach is small and doesn’t have any facilities, this public beach sports a Miami Beach-style vibe and it offers adventurers sports like kite surfing and beach volleyball.

Poza del Obispo

Immerse in a spectacle of crashing waves

View of the Poza del Obispo from the top

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Arecibo Inn

Another hidden gem beach lovers can’t miss is Poza del Obispo on the north coast of Arecibo. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, this public beach is a natural shallow pool formed by rock formations and is home to turquoise blue waters and golden sand. The west side of Poza del Obispo has stronger waves perfect for surfing enthusiasts.

Escambrón Beach

Swim at the most popular beach in San Juan 

Aerial view of Escambron Beach

📍 Google Maps | Parking: In front of the beach, $5 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Caribe Hilton

If you want a warm beach with golden sand and clear blue waters without having to go to the west coast, then visit Escambrón Beach in San Juan. This family friendly-beach has a Blue Flag award, and it offers swimmers the opportunity to snorkel or go scuba diving. You will also find bathrooms, showers and food stalls, and a nearby park for kids.

Tamarindo Grande Beach

Spot the turtles hiding between seagrass

View from the Tamarindo Grande Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Flamenco Beach parking lot, $5 parking plus $2 per person admission | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Aleli Cottages

While Playa Flamenco and Zoni Beach are the most popular beaches in Culebra, you shouldn’t miss a stop at Tamarindo Beach. Tamarindo Beach boasts a unique rocky coastline and breathtaking scenery. 

Another reason Tamarindo Grande Beach is great? Sea turtles! Just make sure you bring everything necessary for your beach day, as you won’t find any rentals on this beach.

Playa Buyé

Explore this beach with a double atmosphere

The author Vanessa Ramos soaking in the shallow part with a scenic background in Playa Buye beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $5 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: LaLolitaVilla

While Boquerón and Combate Beach are both party beaches, Playa Buyé features a more peaceful vibe, especially during weekdays and off-season. The beach usually has calm waves and it offers one of the best spots in Cabo Rojo to see the sunset. 

Buyé is often compared with Playa Flamenco for its beautiful hues of blue. The area close to the parking lot features amenities and if you walk towards the south you’ll often have the beach for yourself.

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Domes Beach

Cath waves with Puerto Rico’s best surfers

The clear blue sky over the Domes Beach in Rincon

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Casa Verde Hotel

The west coast offers Puerto Rico’s best beaches for surfing and, if you’re a surfing enthusiast, you can’t miss a visit to Domes Beach in Rincón. Domes beach gets its name from the huge white dome next to it and along with Maria’s Beach, it hosts yearly surfing competitions. 

If you’re also into hiking, you can take the Domes trail to the beach until reaching Spanish Wall Beach. 

Survival Beach

Hike through Aguadilla’s coastline

View of boulders in Survival Beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Punta Borinquen Resort

While visiting Crash Boat Beach is the most popular thing to do in Aguadilla, Survival Beach is a hundred times better if you’re into beach hiking or surfing. This tropical paradise has huge boulders along the coastline which offer great outdoor adventures with one of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean. Needless to say, Survival Beach doesn’t have any amenities.

Seven Seas Beach

Snorkel in the waters of a nature reserve

The Seven Seas Beach under the clear blue sky in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $4 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: El Conquistador Resort

Seven Seas Beach is a vibrant beach located on Puerto Rico’s northeast coast and is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico to add to your travel itinerary

Seven Seas Beach has bright blue waters and calm waves perfect for snorkeling and amenities like bathrooms, showers, and gazebos. It’s one of the most popular places to visit in Fajardo.

Caña Gorda 

Swim on a beach located next to a dry forest

📍 Google Maps |  🅿️ Parking: In front of the beach, $4 | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa

Located inside Guánica’s Dry Forest, Caña Gorda is without a doubt the best beach in Guánica. Besides its natural beauty and convenient amenities, Caña Gorda Beach has plenty of shade where you can rest on the white sand and watch the Caribbean Sea. 

This beach also has lifeguards which makes it the safest beach in the area to visit with kids.

Las Picuas

A hidden beach with crystalline waters located a short drive from El Yunque

The author Vanessa Ramos posing at the shore surrounded by coconut trees on Las Picuas beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Parking on the main road, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

Many Rio Grande visitors are unaware that a beautiful beach is just a short ride away from El Yunque National Rainforest.

Las Picuas, as it’s called, boasts turquoise shallow waters and white sand. As it’s hidden, it’s often uncrowded and families and couples can enjoy a peaceful beach getaway.

The long beach is also great for walking along the coast. This hidden gem doesn’t have facilities, but it’s worth visiting on the east coast.

La Guancha

A shallow beach with gazebos, food kiosks, and facilities for visitors with disabilities

A natural reef on the shore and plants in the shallow water of La Guancha beach

📍 Google Maps | 🅿️ Parking: Parking on the main road, free | 🛎️ Where to Stay Nearby: Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort

Besides the top-rated Playa Pelicano, Ponce also is home to La Guancha Beach. This beach is one of the most fun and easy to visit in Ponce. It sports gazebos, food kiosks, and even roads that allow wheelchair users to reach the beach. 

A natural reef forms a shallow pond on the shore where visitors like to swim. But, even if that’s not your style, you’ll find plenty of space to sit and enjoy the view while eating the best Puerto Rican food you can find at La Guancha.

👉 Pro Tip: Although mostly shallow, this beach can have strong rip currents. Visitors should keep out of the water if the tide is high and even if it’s low, stay near the shore.

FAQs About the Beaches in Puerto Rico

What is the prettiest beach in Puerto Rico?

The prettiest beaches in Puerto Rico include Playa Flamenco in Culebra island, Mar Chiquita in Manatí, La Poza del Obispo in Arecibo, Playa Tortuga in Culebrita Island and Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo. These top beaches in Puerto Rico highlight the natural beauty of Puerto Rico.

Which side of Puerto Rico has the best beaches?

The north of Puerto Rico offers the best urban beaches like Isla Verde, Condado Beach, and Ocean Park Beach. Aguadilla, Rincón, and Cabo Rojo on the west coast and southwest coast offer the best beaches for surfing, whale watching, and sightseeing. Vieques island and Culebra all sport secluded and clear water beaches.

Where is the clearest water in Puerto Rico?

The beaches with the clearest waters in Puerto Rico include Tortuga Beach in Culebrita, Playa Pelícano in Caja de Muerto, Playa Caracas in Vieques, Cayo Aurora, Icacos Beach, and Gilligan’s Island.

What is the most beautiful part of Puerto Rico?

The most beautiful destinations in Puerto Rico include Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Old San Juan, Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo, and El Yunque National Forest in Rio Grande, Rincon, and Manatí, among other destinations.

Is Puerto Rico Safe Right Now?

Puerto Rico is generally safe for travel, although tourists should take reasonable precautions to protect against petty theft. Tourists should also monitor the ongoing public health situation and follow all local safety recommendations.

👉 Want More Local Tips? Check out my full article with tips for traveling Puerto Rico like a local!


Thanks for reading the 29 best beaches in Puerto Rico you shouldn’t miss! If you’re looking for more things to do, check out the best spots to go in Puerto Rico to have a fun vacation.

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  2. In the 60’s my family went to a resort on El Dorado Beach. Is this a beach that is worth visiting now?

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    1. I was wondering why Boqueron wasnt on the list. That was the beach we frequented when I was a kid. I love that beach and I agree, its gorgeous!

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