A man walking along the shoreline while carrying a surf board while surfing in Puerto Rico

Surfing in Puerto Rico (Local Guide + 11 Best Spots)

The best spots for surfing in Puerto Rico are a well-kept secret from visitors. Due to its reef breaks, common storms, and location between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico offers some of the best surfing in the Caribbean that attracts even pro surfers.

But without the inside scoop, many surfing enthusiasts stay on the beaches near the airport. They miss out on the best Puerto Rico surfing sites with massive waves.

As a Puerto Rico local that has visited these surfing sites, I will tell you exactly where to find the best spots for surfing in Puerto Rico. And while you’re here, be sure to check out my guide to snorkeling in Puerto Rico for some more water-filled fun!

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11 Best Places to Go Surfing in Puerto Rico

Domes Beach

The most renowned beach for surfing in Puerto Rico

A turquoise blue ocean with small waves on a sunny morning in Domes Beach
Domes Beach from Above

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 2. 5 hours | Google Maps | Tours: Beginner Surf Private Lesson in Rincon | Amenities: Free parking

Domes Beach is a popular surfing spot and one of the most popular things to do in Rincon. Experienced surfers like to visit during the fall season to enjoy consistent and clean big waves. 

Although Domes also has surfable waves all year, outside the fall season, it’s considered ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. This beach is also one of the pristine beaches in Puerto Rico where surfing contests take place. 

🏄 Looking to take surf lessons? This beginner surf private lesson in Rincon is the perfect way to get your feet wet with surfing in Puerto Rico!

Aviones Beach

A beach for both seasoned surfers and families

A man with a surfboard watches a surfer catching a wave on a Puerto Rico beach.
(photo: Alessandro Pietri / Shutterstock)

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 30 minutes | Google Maps | Amenities: nearby food kiosks and board rentals

Loiza is already home to one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico for swimming, but it’s also home to one of the top beaches for surfing. 

Aviones Beach has a good surf break with fun and peaky surf. It’s for intermediated and advanced surfers. There is also a small pond where families can dip their feet.

La Pared Beach 

An all-year-round surfing destination where incredible waves meet with the local’s charm

A sunny morning at a local surfing beach in Puerto Rico

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 45 minutes | Google Maps | Tours: Professional Surfing Lessons at La Pared Beach in Luquillo | Amenities: No amenities 

La Pared Beach has a sandy bottom and consistent waves for surfing on the east coast of Puerto Rico. It’s also surrounded by rentals and surf shops where you can rent surfing equipment. 

The exposed beach break creates a fun-sized surf with average waves in the 5 feet that is ideal for beginners. Even if you’re not a surfer, taking a walk in La Pared is one of the popular Luquillo activities.

Surfer’s Beach

A beach with inviting surf breaks and scenery 

A group of surfers catching waves at Surfer’s Beach in Puerto Rico.
Surfers catching waves at Surfer’s Beach in Aguadilla

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 2 hours 20 minutes | Google Maps | Amenities: No amenities

Crash Boat Beach is a favorite for snorkeling on the northwest coast, but Surfer’s Beach is the place for surfing. Surfer’s Beach is bordered by huge sea rocks, palm trees, and golden sand. The reef breaks are ideal for pro surfers, but it also has a side with smaller waves. 

Nearby beaches like Punta Borinquen and Survival Beach are all together part of Punta Borinquen, the first World Surfing Reserve in the Caribbean, and it’s one of the best attractions in Aguadilla.

Maria’s Beach

One of the most visited beaches in Puerto Rico by surfers

Surfers catching the waves in Rincon

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 2 hours 30 minutes | Google Maps | Destination Website | Amenities: No amenities 

Part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, Maria’s Beach is another popular spot for surfing in Rincon. This beach hosts multiple surfing contests throughout the year and it has consistent surfable waves. 

Nearby you’ll also find Sandy Beach, which is more beginner friendly.

La Ocho in San Juan

A challenging surfing spot hidden in Old San Juan

A breezy sunny day with coconut trees around the shore of La Ocho in San Juan

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: On San Juan | Google Maps | Amenities: No amenities 

La Ocho Beach in San Juan is one of the surf spots in Puerto Rico for advanced surfers. There is an exposed reef break and the swell is consistent, particularly during November. 

You can reach La Ocho Beach from Escambrón Beach or the stairs in front of the Capitol. Although it’s easy to access, La Ocho feels more like a private beach and you’ll mostly see locals visiting this San Juan attraction. Keep in mind that the rip currents and undertow are strong.

Los Tubos Beach

A hidden gem in Manati, perfect for surfing, snorkeling, and hiking

Three surfers catching a wave in Los Tubos Beach

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 45 minutes | Google Maps  | Amenities: Camping areas, gazebos, children’s recreational area

Los Tubos Beach in Manati is one of the most versatile surf spots in Puerto Rico. If you’re an experienced surfer, you’ll enjoy a swell that can reach up to 14 feet during storms and surf seasons.

But, during the low tide season, Los Tubos is also known as a great snorkeling destination for its diverse marine life and sea turtles. Los Tubos Beach occasionally hosts the Body Boarding Challenge competition, which is one of the many things to do in Manati.

Kikita Beach

A beach exposed reef breaks and a fun size surf

Sunset at a local surf spot with coconut trees on the shore

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 40 minutes | Google Maps | Amenities: No amenities

Kikita Beach is a surfer’s beach in Dorado where you’ll see surfers riding consistent waves during the winter. The best month to visit is November, but usually, the windy conditions can make the waves blown out. 

The waves break on a rocky shore and the currents can be strong. If you rather swim, walk to the nearby Pocita de Kikita, a small tidal pool. Visitors should watch out for sea urchins. 

Boca del Cibuco

This surfing site has seen world-renowned surfers

View of the surf beach from an island with coconut trees and plants around

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 50 minutes | Google Maps | Amenities: No amenities 

Boca del Cibuco is a popular beach for surfing on the northern coast. It’s particularly famous for having massive waves that break deep into the beach. 

The beach is located in Vega Baja and multiple world-renowned surfers have taken over these waves in contests like the Puerto Rico Triple Crown. 

Middles Beach

Home to multiple local surfing competitions

A surfer playing the waves in Puerto Rico

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 1 hour 49 minutes | Google Maps |  Amenities: No amenities 

Middles Beach is one of the most popular surf spots on the north shore of Puerto Rico. Although it doesn’t have any amenities, it provides consistent waves for surfing enthusiasts. The beach is big and wide which is also why it’s home to the Corona Pro Surf Competition. 

Nearby you’ll also find Jobos Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It’s another favorite for surfing and one of the most popular Isabela sites.

Pine Grove Beach

A surfing beach just a few minutes away from Puerto Rico’s airport

Four men posing with their surfboards at a local beach in Puerto Rico
(Photo Courtesy Viator / Casa Venturas)

🗺️ Distance from San Juan: 20 minutes | Google Maps | Tours:  Beginner Surf Lesson (Carolina) | Amenities: No amenities

Pine Grove Beach is located in Isla Verde, 7 minutes away from the San Juan International Airport. The waves at Pine Grove are on the smaller side of the scale and professional surfers could find them too small to ride. 

These smaller waves are great for beginners that want to take surfing lessons. Nearby Pine Grove, visitors will find multiple surfing schools and board rentals. Take a group class and experience one of the best things to do in Carolina.

5 Tips for Surfing in Puerto Rico

Check the Weather 

Big waves slammed into a local beach in Puerto Rico

To make sure the weather is appropriate for surfing and the waves are at their best point, check the local weather and the surf forecast before visiting any beach. If you’re visiting a beach for the first time, make sure to ask local surfers about how the currents move on it.  

Rent the Equipment

Unless you’re competing, carrying a surfboard might mean a lot of extra baggage fees added, not to mention, the risk of getting it broken. If you just want to test the local waters, find local surfboard rentals to rent surfboards, boogie boards, and paddleboards.

Don’t Go Surfing Alone

A surfer playing with the waves at a local surf beach in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s precious beaches are known for having merciless rip tides and currents dangerous even for the most experienced surfers. Never surf on your own.  Always make sure there are people around to help you in case of an emergency.

Head to the Northwest Coast

Puerto Rico’s west coast is a tropical paradise with both famous and secret spots with the best waves for surfing. If you’ve got time to spare, head to the northwest coast, where you’ll find surfing beaches in Isabela, Aguadilla, and Rincon.

Check the Local Competitions

A silhouette of a surfer surfing on a wave on a beach in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to several local competitions that usually take place in the fall when the Atlantic Ocean begins creating the best surfing waves. If you’re a surfing enthusiast, visit during the hurricane season to catch festivals like the Puerto Rico Triple Crown, Corona Pro Surf Circuit, and the Rincon Surf Fest.

FAQs About Surfing in Puerto Rico

Does Puerto Rico have good surfing?

Puerto Rico is one of the top surfing destinations in the Caribbean. It has the first World Surfing Reserve in the entire region. Both local and international competitions take place in the country, particularly during the fall and winter months. The Atlantic Ocean, the offshore winds, the hurricane season, and the reef break on many beaches provide great conditions for surfing.

Where is the best surfing in Puerto Rico?

The best surfing spots in Puerto Rico are located on the west coast in Isabela, Aguadilla, and Rincon. Some of the popular beaches for surfing in Puerto Rico include Domes Beach, Middles Beach, and Surfer’s Beach. In the north, surfing enthusiasts should try Aviones Beach and Boca del Cibuco

Where do beginners surf in Puerto Rico?

Beginner surfers in Puerto Rico can surf at Pine Grove Beach in Carolina, Middles Beach in Isabela, and Sandy Beach Rincon. However, even the most challenging surfing spots in Puerto Rico are welcoming during the low tide season.

Is there surfing in San Juan?

There is surfing in San Juan. The most popular beach for surfing in San Juan is La Ocho, also known as Playa El Capitolio, which is located between Castillo San Cristobal and Escambrón Beach. Pine Grove Beach and Aviones Beach are also a short ride from San Juan.

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Thanks for reading the best spots for surfing in Puerto Rico! Regardless of your skill level, you will find a beach that suits your taste in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for more fun, check out our guide with fun things to do in Puerto Rico.

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