Aerial view of a street in Utuado, Puerto Rico

15 Best Things to Do in Utuado

Home to breathtaking caves, rivers, waterfalls, and the most important Taino archeological site in the Caribbean, there are tons of fun things to do in Utuado! I’d say that Utuado is your go-to destination for an unforgettable vacation in Puerto Rico.

Located in La Cordillera Central, the mountain region of Puerto Rico, Utuado is an adventure-lovers paradise and one of the best-underrated destinations in Puerto Rico. You’ll have a blast getting your heart pumping with adrenaline-inducing activities and relaxing in the gorgeous nature alike.

As a local that loves hiking, rock climbing, canyoning, and swimming in rivers, I can tell you without a doubt that Utuado will be anything but boring. 

Want proof? Here are 15 amazing things to do and see in Utuado, Puerto Rico!

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15 Best Things to Do in Utuado

Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park

Learn about the Taino.

A line of ancient petroglyphs in Puerto Rico
A line of ancient petroglyphs in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 894-7325 | Hours: 8:30 am – 4 pm daily | Entrance: $5, adults, $3 under 13 | 👉 Book a Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park Tour

The Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Park is one of the most important sites left behind by the Taino in Puerto Rico. The park features ten ceremonial plazas surrounded by monoliths with petroglyphs, and a small museum where you can see Taino artifacts on display, watch a film and learn more about Taino history. 

👉 Did you Know? El Parque Caguana is known for being the largest Taino archeological site in the Caribbean. That is why it’s one of the top activities to do in Puerto Rico!  

Cañón Blanco

Swim in the river.

White rocks and a mountain from afar in Utuado, Puerto Rico
White rocks and a mountain from afar in Utuado, Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | 👉 Brook a Cañón Blanco Tour

Nature enthusiasts will love trekking along the Caonillas River, swimming in the refreshing waters, and finding El Sofá, a concave boulder where visitors can sit. Up the river, you can also admire La Danzante waterfall, one of the hundreds of waterfalls in Puerto Rico

👉 Local Tip: While visiting the rivers in Utuado, be alert for flash flooding, whirlpools, and strong currents. When you’re in doubt if it’s safe to swim, ask the locals of the city.

Tanamá National Forest

Zipline through the mountains of Utuado.

View of a woman ziplining in Utuado, Puerto Rico
Ziplining in Utuado, Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps

Besides hiking through green scenery or swimming in the Tanamá River, families and adrenaline junkies will love to zipline through the mountains of Utuado. Batey Adventures allows you to combine ziplining with hiking, river trekking, and swimming.

Finca Viernes

Camp close to the lake.

A camping tent and the stars in the sky above it

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 240-4140 

Utuado sports great locations for camping, from where you can see the sunrise every morning and the fog of the mountains of Puerto Rico.

Finca Viernes offers one of the best views of Lago Caonillas, with facilities like bathrooms, showers, and meals for an additional price. 

Utuado’s Town Center

Pose with Puerto Rico’s flag.

The Puerto Rican flag painted on a building
The Puerto Rican flag painted on a building

📍 Google Maps 

It’s not uncommon to find flags painted over random structures in Puerto Rico, but in the downtown area of Utuado, you’ll find one of the most beautiful and popular over a building that was once an abandoned police station.

🛎️ Need a Hotel? You might want to stay a few days in Utuado to explore everything the city offers. Check out Casa Grande Mountain Retreat, with a restaurant, a garden, and a pool for a peaceful vacation.

La Hamaca Bridge

Dare to cross a hanging bridge.

📍 Google Maps

While exploring the city, make a stop at La Hamaca Bridge, one of the hanging bridges in Puerto Rico that goes over a river connecting El Verde and San José neighborhoods. You can visit by yourself or with a guided tour, just keep in mind that the bridge might be unsafe for kids as there are missing parts on the base.

Hacienda Las Cascadas

Kayak until the river turns into a lake.

Aerial view of a water dam in Utuado, Puerto Rico
Aerial view of Lago Dos Bocas

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (347) 327-1372 | Website | Hours: 9 am – 4 pm daily 

If there is something better than enjoying the view of Lago Dos Bocas from afar, it’s enjoying it from within. Hacienda Las Cascadas offers kayaking tours through the lake with stops that allow you to appreciate the surrounding nature and the biodiversity. After kayaking, you can even visit the waterfalls on the hacienda’s land.

Hacienda Gran Batey

Tour a coffee farm and buy coffee.

View of red coffee beans in Hacienda Gran Batey

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 636-5442 | 9 am – 3 pm daily

Coffee addicts will be thrilled to know that one of the things to do in Utuado is to visit farms dedicated to coffee growing. Hacienda Gran Batey is one of the coffee farms in the city, run by a local family where you can learn about the roasting process and buy their coffee Cafe Gran Batey.

👉 Local Tip: As of January 2022, Café Gran Batey is temporarily closed to the public. Check their social media or call ahead before visiting to know if they are already open to the public.

Tanamá River

Drift away with the current.

Overlooking view of Tanamá River in Utuado, Puerto Rico
Tanamá River in Utuado, Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps

The Tanamá River is the center of adventure in Utuado. Visitors can either go body rafting or river tubing while swiftly drifting through the caves and around the river. Both Tanama River Adventures and Tanama Adventures offer body rafting cave tubing tours in the city.

Cerro Morales 

See Utuado from the top of a mountain.

View o a mountain and a clear blue sky above it in Utuado, Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps 

One of the best things to do in Utuado is to hike through its beautiful natural environment. Cerro Morales is an uphill hike of over an hour but it has a spectacular view of Utuado, Jayuya, Arecibo, and Ciales.

👉 Local Tip: Most of the top attractions in Utuado lack any security. As a general rule of safety in Puerto Rico, don’t leave articles of value in your car and always lock your doors.

Tanamá Canyon

Rappel into beautiful caves and rivers from above the canyon.

View of a man in Tanamá Canyon

📍 Google Maps

Another way you enjoy the caves in Utuado is by descending into them as you hang from the rappelling ropes. Tanamá River Adventures sports rappelling tours with altitudes as high as 250 feet. Their tours also include cave tubing, trekking, caving, and swimming in the river.

Cueva del Arco

Admire one of the best open caves in Puerto Rico.

📍 Google Maps

One of the best things to do in Utuado for nature lovers and adrenaline seekers is to explore the caves. Cañon de Tanamá is home to multiple caves carved by the river, including Cueva del Arco, a giant open cave you can only admire by getting your feet wet in the river.

👉 Looking for more amazing hikes? Don’t miss my round up of the best hikes Puerto Rico has to offer.

Charco Los Morones

Hunt the petroglyphs in the boulders.

📍 Google Maps 

The hike to Charco Los Morones is somewhat challenging, but the view of water flowing through the small dam is one of the top attractions of Utuado. To add to the experience and value of the place you can find the petroglyphs on the different rocks as you go. 

Finca Vista Bella

Enjoy a glass of Puerto Rican wine.

View of grapes in Finca Vista Bella

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 390-2178 | Website | Hours: 11 am – 5 pm Sat-Sun 

You’ve probably heard of the rum industries in Puerto Rico, but have you heard about Puerto Rican wine? After tasting the coffee head over to Finca Vista Bella, where you can taste local wine along with a delicious meal. With a reservation, you will learn about the wine-making process and you can finish the day walking by the vineyards. 

Hacienda Horizonte

Visit coffee plantations.

📍 Google Maps | Phone: (787) 233- 4270 | Website 

Utuado sports beautiful landscapes with lakes, coffee plantations, waterfalls, and rivers. Hacienda Horizonte is a popular Puerto Rico coffee farm in the region that, besides offering lodging and coffee tours, also has a farmers market and activities on offer.

FAQs About Utuado

Is Utuado safe?

Overall, Utuado is a safe city in Puerto Rico. Crime rates of robbery, pickpocketing, and theft are higher than in other cities, but international visitors can avoid them by taking common-sense safety precautions. Visitors should also take precautions when visiting Utuado’s natural resources. See my guide about safety on the island to learn more.

When was Utuado founded?

Utuado was founded on October 12, 1739, by Sebastián de Morfi. It was the 11th town officially founded on the island and the first one in the interior region.

Where are the best places to stay in Utuado? 

The best places to stay in Utuado are the areas surrounding Lago Caonillas, for a great view and a relaxing vacation.

When is the best time to visit Utuado?

The best time to visit Utuado is during the dry season from December to April, since it rains less and it’s safer to swim in the rivers and travelers can also enjoy fresher temperatures in the mountains. Some of the festivals of the city take place during this season too.

How do I get to Utuado from San Juan?

Travelers going to Utuado from San Juan should rent a car and take the PR 22 Highway straight to Arecibo, and take the exit 75B to PR 10 until reaching Utuado. The complete trip from Old San Juan takes less than one hour and a half. You can use Discover Cars to find the best deal for your rental car.

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Thanks for reading the top things to do in Utuado! Whether you want to enjoy a family vacation or go on an adventure trip with your friends, this paradise in the mountains will certainly meet your expectations. Before you go, don’t miss the complete list of fun things to see and do in Puerto Rico.

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  1. Very good information. I was born in Atuado right below CERRO MORALES but moved to Chicago Illinois at a young age. Have gone back to visit a few times and I love it. But all your information on Places to visit are amazing things I did not know. See you soon UTUADO!

    1. I am from Las Palmas in Utuado and from my mother’s house we could see Cerró Morales and Lago Vainillas. I claim Cerro Morales and I jump from Vainillas Dam into the lake, I was young and crazy…lot of fun.

  2. This is my town utuado I born in arecibo Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and I grow in utuado Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 in live in caonillas then barrio arenas ariba then barrio las palmas abajo student in caonillas my first grade then in Antonio de Jesus Lopez then was student in another school in paso palmas the las place I moved with my parents was then at 17 older I move to new york to now I have 74 years old old old I ve 75 in July 7 I have he lots topics agricultor planting tabaco coffee plantings platano guineo 🐄 and pork this I loved living inside in the country that’s me Fernando moyet padre bendiciones

  3. Every time I travel to Puerto Rico I stop by Adjuntas, my hometown, and Utuado, where I attended my middle and high school years. I love Utuado a lot. I only wish they could do something to spruced up the historic downtown and rebuild the not-so-welcoming central plaza. Will be really nice to see more tourists enjoying the town center and helping the local businesses.

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