Different stages of coffee beans on the palm of a hand at one of the best coffee farms in Puerto Rico

9 Best Coffee Farms in Puerto Rico (By a Local)

Visiting the coffee farms in Puerto Rico is an unforgettable adventure.

You’ll visit Puerto Rico’s coffee haciendas for the coffee tours, but you’ll stay for the breathtaking views, Instagram-worthy spots, and the relaxing atmosphere. Coffee is a part of Puerto Rican culture and history, which is why locals like myself consider it one of Puerto Rico’s top attractions

Here are the top nine Puerto Rico coffee farms you can’t miss on your visit. And, if you love coffee, be sure to bookmark my guide to the best coffee shops in San Juan.

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9 Best Coffee Farms in Puerto Rico

Hacienda Muñoz

A farm recognized for its high-quality coffee.

A cup of coffee and a sack of coffee beans on a table

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Hacienda Muñoz is a coffee plantation located in San Lorenzo, less than an hour away from Old San Juan. It’s a favorite coffee hacienda among Puerto Rican consumers both for its specialty coffee and mountain views.

In this hacienda, coffee lovers can take a 1-hour walking tour through the farm to learn about the process of growing coffee and harvesting it. You can end your day with a warm cup of coffee in their coffee shop.

Hacienda Tres Picachos

A family-owned hacienda with 40 years of history.

View of the mountains of Jayuya from afar in Puerto Rico
The mountains of Jayuya are great for cultivating coffee

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A coffee lover can’t miss the chance to taste top-notch Puerto Rican coffee at Hacienda Tres Picachos in Jayuya. 

This coffee plantation has a small museum with Taino antiquities, a hanging bridge, a water mill, and over 150 acres of coffee fields. You’ll also find a Casona, typical of coffee plantations, and a coffee shop. 

The drive through the Puerto Rico mountains from the metropolitan area is challenging, but your entire family will love this coffee tour.

👉 Local Tip: Getting to Tres Picachos from San Juan is only possible by renting a car. Use Discover Cars to find a low fare for the days of your stay. 

Hacienda Pomarrosa

A bed and breakfast surrounded by coffee fields.

View of a hand harvesting coffee beans in Hacienda Pomarrosa

🗺️ Google Maps | Hacienda Pomarrosa Website 

Hacienda Pomarrosa is the perfect place for coffee-loving couples and families looking for a getaway in Ponce. The hacienda hosts two cottages in their field, where guests can relax and enjoy the mountain views.  

In the morning, you’ll get to have a Puerto Rican breakfast as well as a cup of coffee produced just a few feet away from you. 

Even if you’re not staying, Hacienda Pomarrosa offers 2-hour guided tours that allow you to see how coffee beans are hand-picked, processed, and turned into gourmet coffee. You need a reservation to visit.

Hacienda La Mocha

A coffee farm that is also a bird sanctuary.

A Puerto Rican Emerald on a tree branch in Puerto Rico

🗺️ Google Maps | Hacienda La Mocha Social Media

Even if you’re not a serious coffee lover, you’ll love La Mocha Coffee Plantation in Ponce. This coffee plantation is a coffee hacienda, a bird and butterfly sanctuary, and a guesthouse. 

The family-owned hacienda offers coffee tours to learn about the hacienda’s history and the coffee harvesting process. Visitors can also enjoy a farm-to-table experience at the on-site restaurant.

👉 Local Tip: The on-site restaurant is temporarily unavailable, so make sure to call ahead before adding it to your to-do list. Book your tours on their webpage before visiting.

Hacienda Lealtad

One of the longest-working haciendas in Puerto Rico.

Freshly picked coffee beans on a hand

🗺️ Google Maps | Hacienda Lealtad Social Media

Hacienda Lealtad is one of the coffee haciendas with integrated coffee shops. 

You’ll enjoy the variety of desserts on the menu with a cup of Puerto Rican coffee in Cafe Lealtad, the coffee shop of Hacienda Lealtad.

Hacienda Lealtad is one of the oldest coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico. History lovers will love the coffee tour with all the inside information on Puerto Rico’s 19th-century coffee industry and the coffee production at the hacienda in Lares. 

You can only tour the hacienda with a previous reservation, so make sure to call ahead of your visit. 

👉 Did you Know? The legend says slaves from Hacienda Lealtad participated in the Grito de Lares, a revolt in 1868 to liberate Puerto Rico from the Spanish Empire. During this revolt, the first Puerto Rican flag was created.

Hacienda San Pedro

A farm that harvests its coffee beans artisanally.

The coffee farm house in Hacienda San Pedro

🗺️ Google Maps | Hacienda San Pedro Website 

Hacienda San Pedro is a coffee farm in Jayuya famous for keeping part of its process traditional. This family-owned hacienda has belonged to the same family since the 19th century. 

The Puerto Rican coffee production in Hacienda San Pedro is artisanal. The coffee beans are hand-picked and toasted in equipment that has been in the hacienda for decades.

If coffee lovers don’t have time to visit the hacienda San Pedro in Jayuya, they can check out the multiple coffee shops they have on the island.

Hacienda Buena Vista

A historical hacienda with a one of a kind turbine.

🗺️ Google Maps | Hacienda Buena Vista Website

Hacienda Buena Vista is both a museum and a coffee plantation. This coffee hacienda in Ponce is one of the best preserved in Puerto Rico. 

Although you won’t get to drink coffee here, you’ll take a sneak peek at how coffee production worked back in the 19th century. 

History enthusiasts will love seeing the only hydraulic turbine in the world, powered by the Canas River.

👉 Local Tip: Tours are mostly in Spanish. You need to make a reservation to visit through the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust (Para La Naturaleza) website.

Hacienda Tres Angeles

A coffee hacienda with a coffee shop over Adjuntas.

Close up view of coffee beans from Hacienda Tres Angeles

🗺️ Google Maps | Hacienda Tres Angeles Website 

If you’re looking for a good Puerto Rican coffee combined with a relaxing experience, then escape to Hacienda Tres Angeles. This hacienda, located in Adjuntas, focuses on sustainability. 

Hacienda Tres Angeles is one of Puerto Rico’s coffee plantations where you can taste the coffee right off the farm in their coffee shop. 

You can take private tours through the hacienda to learn about the coffee-making process with a previous reservation.

Sandra Farms

A 2-in-1 chocolate and coffee experience.

A cup of hot coffee from Sandra Farms

🗺️ Google Maps | Sandra Farms Website 

Whether you’re a coffee or a chocolate person you’ll find something that suits your taste in Sandra Farms in Adjuntas.

Even post-hurricane Maria, this hacienda produces its coffee traditionally with less water and energy, and zero fossil fuels. 

Sandra Farms also produce unique products like coffee mixed with turmeric, black pepper, and dark chocolate. You can stay at the property or you can take a tasting and history tour through the farm.

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FAQs About Coffee Farms in Puerto Rico

Does Puerto Rico have coffee plantations?

Puerto Rico has over 2,000 coffee farms throughout the country and around 10,000 people dedicated to producing Puerto Rican coffee. Some of the coffee plantations date back to the 19th century when the coffee industry was at its highest peak in Puerto Rico.

Where are the coffee farms in Puerto Rico?

The most popular coffee farms in Puerto Rico are located in the Puerto Rico mountains in towns like Jayuya, Adjuntas, Lares, Maricao, and San Lorenzo. But some haciendas are located on the mountainous side of coastal cities like Ponce and Yauco.

Where is the best coffee grown in Puerto Rico?

Overall, the best Puerto Rican coffee is grown in multiple mountain towns including Jayuya, Lares, Yauco, Adjuntas, and Maricao. Each region has its distinctive characteristics, but locals love the coffee from these towns. 


Thanks for reading my picks of the best coffee farms in Puerto Rico! If you’re looking for other things to do on the island, check out our list of the top fun activities to do in Puerto Rico.

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