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25 Best Farms in Puerto Rico to Visit in 2023 (By a Local)

Eco-tourism is the latest trend in the travel industry, and visiting the best farms in Puerto Rico is a great way to experience it.

Puerto Rico boasts over 8,230 farms! Although not all of them are open for visitors, those that make up some of the best attractions in Puerto Rico are for outdoorsy people, eco-travelers, and animal lovers.

I’m a Puerto Rico local that loves the outdoors and the beauty of the countryside. So, to help out my fellow nature lovers, I’ve put together this list of the 25 top Puerto Rico farms you shouldn’t miss during your next visit.

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25 Best Puerto Rico Farms

Finca Neo Jibairo by HidrOrgánica

Dine with ingredients picked a few steps from your table.

A close-up look at red and green lettuce growing in an aquaponics system

📍 Google Maps | Finca Neo Jibairo | Organic Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels 

Finca Neo Jibairo combines a fine dining experience with a farm tour. This farm is one of Rio Grande’s best attractions and it’s a short car ride from El Yunque National Rainforest.

Visitors can tour the grounds and even cultivate organic food. But, the highlight of this farm is its dining experience, which allows you to enjoy a multi-course meal with ingredients grown on the patio.  

Finca De Rustica

Walk in this dreamy farm of flowers and snap memorable pictures.

Landscape view of a  cabin in the middle of a farm and hills during autumn

📍 Google Maps | De Rustica | Flower Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking 

Located in Naguabo, Puerto Rico, Finca de Rustica is one of the most charming farms to visit. Flower lovers will find all kinds of species on the farm and can even buy customized bouquets. 

Couples can also arrange a photoshoot nearby the vintage cabin that gives off a Lord of the Rings vibe. 

But, walking around this farm of flowers will be your favorite thing to do when you visit. It’s a peaceful and magical experience. If you’re not sure how to fit Finca de Rustica into your itinerary, then check out our Puerto Rico 1-week road trip guide.

Finca Vista Bella

Taste locally made wine while enjoying the view of a Puerto Rican vineyard.

A small river in the middle of beautiful green mountains in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Finca Vista Bella | Vineyard | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking 

Finca Vista Bella is one of the few vineyards in Puerto Rico. Hidden away in the mountains of Utuado, Finca Vista Bella not only offers fine wine but also a fabulous culinary experience.

It’s one of the most popular things to do in Utuado, but visitors should make a reservation before traveling to the vineyard.

Their VIP experience includes wine tasting and a 3-course meal in the Chateau d’Amelia, their visitor’s center in the form of a castle. Even if you opt out of the wine tasting, you’ll still love touring the vineyard and learning about the place’s history.

Hacienda Muñoz

Tour one of the most popular coffee farms in Puerto Rico just an hour from San Juan.

A close-up look at the coffee beans in 3 stages in the palm of a hand

📍 Google Maps | Hacienda Muñoz | Coffee Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking 

Coffee plantations are the most popular farms in Puerto Rico. After all, Puerto Ricans are coffee lovers!

Hacienda Muñoz is one of the top Puerto Rico coffee farms, and it’s only 1 hour away from San Juan. You can take a coffee tour through the fields, or enjoy a dinner at the on-site restaurant. But, most people visit to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a view of San Lorenzo’s mountains.

La PruVite Cacao Farm

From the seed to the final product, learn how chocolate gets made.

Red and orange cacaos on a tree at a Cacao Farm

📍 Google Maps | Finca de Cacao La PruVite | Cacao Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you should visit La PruVite Cacao Farm. 

One of Luquillo’s fun things to do, La PruVite Cacao Farm educates visitors about the process of growing and cultivating cacao.

Not to mention, if you’re visiting in the morning, you can add breakfast to your visit. Even if you’re not having breakfast, you can still enjoy chocolate milkshakes and desserts at the farm’s shop.

Finca Pastoreo

Play with your kids in the only grass labyrinth in Puerto Rico.

A flock of chickens roaming freely in a lush green field

📍 Google Maps | Finca Pastoreo | Poultry and Pastoral Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking 

Finca Pastoreo is one of the best farms to visit in Puerto Rico with your kids. 

This agro farm boasts the only grass labyrinth on the island in which families and friends can play an investigation game with a map.

If you take the tours, you can help with the farm’s daily tasks and feed the animals. The tour costs $10 per person and is awesome for kids learning about life on a farm.

Even if you’re not up for the tours though, this is a great place to buy local produce. 

Fresas y Uvas Rose 

Learn how to cultivate grapes and strawberries.

A close-up look at a handful of ripe strawberries in an elderly woman's hands

📍 Google Maps | Fresas y Uvas Rose | Organic Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

If instead of just admiring the view and appreciating nature, you’re interested in a hands-on experience, then Fresas y Uvas Rose in Las Piedras is perfect for you.

Founded in 2004, Fresas y Uvas Rose specializes in cultivating grapes and strawberries. 

The owners offer multiple workshops on the site that allows you to learn how to plant, take care and sow high-maintenance plants like strawberries.

👉 Did You Know? Marilyn Rosa, founder of Fresas y Uvas Rose also has an apiary farm called ApiAgro Martinez. You can visit this farm located also in Las Piedras, and if you’re staying for a long time in Puerto Rico, you can also take a basic beekeeping course. 

Jeanmarie Chocolat

Taste delicious local chocolate at this farm on the west coast.

Close-up of hands with a machete cutting a cacao fruit on a farm

📍 Google Maps | Jeanmarie Chocolat | Cacao Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Another Puerto Rico farm you can’t miss if you’re a chocolate fan is the Jeanmarie Chocolat in Aguada. 

The owners themselves go on a tour with you through their farm, explaining the farm’s history, and the process of cultivating cacao. You will also taste the farm’s chocolate during your tour.

And if you’re interested in growing cacao, you can also sign up for one of their workshops.

Finca Peninsula del Rio

Visit a farm you can only reach by crossing a river.

A black goat lying on a lush green field
Goats are one of the animals on this farm

📍 Google Maps | Finca Peninsula del Rio | Crop Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Although it’s off the beaten path, this Puerto Rico farm in Guayanilla is a must-visit. In Finca Peninsula del Rio you can find a variety of crops with grapes, plantains, pumpkins, and fruit trees bordered by the Guayanilla River.

They offer two different tours, one through the farm and another one with an included picnic. But, if you’re an outdoorsy person, you can also stay camping on the farm. Just keep in mind that you need to make a reservation to visit.

El Pretexto

A farm lodge where you can experience the tranquility of the countryside.

Overlooking view of the green mountain ranges in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | El Pretexto | Micro Farm

El Pretexto is a farm lodge located in Cayey, and is a full experience. The main concept involves staying in one of their villas, touring the micro-farm, and enjoying the countryside in Cayey.

But, you can also book their farm-to-table experience to enjoy a dinner made with freshly picked ingredients from the farm. 

El Pretexto also announces Pop Up Dinner Events on their social media, with a featured chef. You can book a date to visit through their website.

🚗 How To Get There: If you’re planning on renting a car in Puerto Rico to reach remote destinations, read our guide about driving in Puerto Rico, to learn every little detail about the roads in the country.

Sandra Farms Coffee

Tour a coffee plantation with its own line of coffee mixed with cacao.

A close-up look at a bunch of bright red and green coffee beans on a branch

📍 Google Maps | Sandra Farms | Coffee Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking 

Puerto Rico’s mountains boast a fertile rich soil perfect for cultivating coffee, and that is exactly where you’ll find Sandra Farms – one of the best coffee farms in Puerto Rico.

Located in Adjuntas, Sandra Farms is a coffee plantation that uses eco-friendly practices on their farm while still harvesting coffee traditionally. Their coffee tour takes you to the fields to learn about the role and importance of coffee in local agriculture. 

If you’d rather stay for more time in this little paradise full of coffee fruit trees, you can also rent their cabin for a few days.

Make sure to call ahead before visiting. They are closed on Mondays.

Villa Campestre

Children will love this fun-filled farm with pig races, farm animals, and magic shows.

Piglets roaming around a field of hay

📍 Google Maps | Villa Campestre | Hobby Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking 

Guaynabo is not the only city with malls and skyscrapers. It also has countryside that you can experience while visiting Villa Campestre. 

This small farm is a must-visit if you’re traveling with small kids. 

Considered an educative farm, you can enjoy activities like pig races, feeding farm animals, and milking cows. The entrance fee is $10 and you need to make a reservation before visiting.

Caraballo Apiary

Get personal with colonies of bees in this Yauco apiary.

A beekeeper holding a honey cell with bees in his bare hands

📍 Google Maps | Apiturismo PR | Apiary Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Although most farms in Puerto Rico are dairy and plantain, you’ll find apiary farms on the island too. 

Caraballo Apiary offers a 4-hour tour that educates visitors about the importance of bees. You even get to put on protective clothing and see the bee colonies. As part of their tour, you’ll taste honey directly from the honeycomb and use the locally produced honey in a recipe. 

Besides seeing the bees, you’ll appreciate your surroundings while riding an ATV.

Pithaya Segui

Taste Sangria and Coquito made out of dragon fruit on this Pithaya farm.

A close-up look at the two dragon fruits on a tree

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Fruit Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Puerto Rico’s arable land provides a great opportunity to cultivate eccentric fruits like the dragon fruit. 

Pithaya Segui is one of the farms that cultivate this fruit and one of the main attractions in Aguada. When the fruit is in season, you can buy it fresh from the plant. But, when it’s not, food lovers can still enjoy drinks and ice cream made with local pithaya.

During the holidays, you can taste a version of the Puerto Rican drink, coquito, with dragon fruit flavor.

Viva La Cosecha 

Learn about food security while birdwatching, hiking, and buying local produce.

A farmer holding a basket full of different kinds of vegetables on a farm in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Viva La Cosecha | Crop Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Expedia

Located in Aguas Buenas, Viva La Cosecha offers educational tours with a focus on agriculture, food insecurity, and the conservation of natural resources. 

But, besides learning about food production and soil management, you can also enjoy birdwatching and mindfulness activities. If you want to taste Viva La Cosecha products, but can’t take them home, book one of their farm-to-table experiences. 

Make sure to call beforehand to make a reservation and ask for details of your visit.

Finca El Girasol

Walk through a field of sunflowers.

A close-up look at a beautiful full bloom sunflower on a flower farm in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Flower Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Considered one of the top things to do in Guanica, Finca El Girasol is a must-see if you’re on a road trip on the south coast.

This sunflower farm is one of the locals’ favorite places for photoshoots, dates, and taking pictures for your social media. 

Of course, you can also buy sunflowers as a souvenir. Finca El Girasol is open during the weekends to the public. 

Siempre Verde

A sustainable and eco-friendly farm with an on-site restaurant.

A woman picking fresh herbs in a garden

📍 Google Maps | Siempre Verde | Organic Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Although it was affected after Hurricane Maria struck in 2017, Siempre Verde is now one of the top farms to visit in Puerto Rico. 

Showcasing many creative land uses, Siempre Verde takes sustainability to a whole other level. 

Visitors can learn about how they use multiple agricultural techniques to produce fresh food with already available resources in nature. During your visit, don’t miss La Chocolatera, an on-site restaurant that contributes to the sustainability of this great agricultural business.

Hacienda San Pedro

This popular coffee plantation produces one of the top coffees on the island.

Exterior view of a coffee farmhouse from the outdoor seating area

📍 Google Maps | Hacienda San Pedro | Coffee Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Hacienda San Pedro is a famous Puerto Rico coffee plantation. Located in Jayuya, this coffee farm offers tours through the coffee fields as well as an insight into Puerto Rico’s coffee industry history.

You can also sit at their on-site coffee shop and museum that showcases the hacienda’s history.

Call ahead to coordinate your tour. 

The farm is open during the weekends between 12:00 and 5:00 pm. But, if you visit outside operating hours, you’re usually allowed to self-tour the fields.


Buy flowers and play with Jacob, one of the multiple farm animals at Girasolero.

The author Vanessa Ramos smiling beautifully with the animals and flowers in the background in Girasolero

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Flower Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Visiting Girasolero is one of the best activities to do in Carolina. Hidden in the countryside of this city, Girasolero is a flower farm where you can find dozens of flower species on sale. 

But, even if you’re not buying flowers, visitors will love feeding and playing with the farm animals.

From tiny small ponies to large bulls, every animal at Girasolero is friendly and safe for kids to play with. 

Don’t miss the chance to take photos with the sunflowers when they are in season.

Pío Pío Farm

Play with farm animals and rave about the small chicks in this poultry farm.

A close-up look at the flock of yellow chicks in a poultry farm in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Pio Pio Farms | Poultry Farm

Pío Pío Farm is a poultry farm located in San German, Puerto Rico. It raises and sells chicks, geese, guinea pigs, ducks, and turkeys.

The farm is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and visitors can see and feed the birds.

But, besides the chicks, kids will love interacting with Bruno and Pincel, a donkey and a pony that live on the farm.

Martinez Dairy

Feed cows and taste vanilla ice cream made with local milk.

A close-up view of the black, brown, and white calves in the field

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Dairy Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Dairy farms are the most common Puerto Rico farms, but Martinez Dairy is one of the few open to the public. 

Located in Vega Baja, Martinez Dairy is a family-owned farm that welcomes visitors on the weekends through previous reservations. 

The tour takes you through different parts of the factory and explains how cows are raised and taken care of. If you’re up for the experience, then you can even get to feed them.

At the end of the tour, you will enjoy vanilla ice cream made with the farm’s milk.

👉 Pro Tip: Although tours are mostly in Spanish, you can let them know you are an English speaker when you call for reservations and they can make arrangements to have an employee translate for you.

Finca Yarari

An eco-friendly farm with aromatherapy tours and cooking classes.

Overlooking view of the green valleys and forests in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Eco Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Founded by a witness of the 911 event in the United States, Finca Yarari allows visitors to slow down and focus on what’s essential in life. 

This farm is known for its eco-friendly methods of farming and for housing a large number of both native and imported tree species. Taking a tour here is awesome as, if the fruits are in season, you will help your tour guide harvest them. You’ll even get to prepare tea and smoothies with whatever you pick. 

Nature lovers can choose to stay longer on the farm by renting their cabin.  

Finca de Colores

Visit a poultry farm founded by an 8-year old.

A tray of brown and different shades of white eggs

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Poultry Farm

Although it’s a poultry farm, in Finca de Colores, the birds are not for eating. Instead, they are friends!

This farm was founded by Sofia Marmolejos, an 8-year-old with autism that befriended the hens and roosters on her farm. Translated as “Color Farm”, the name of the farm refers to the different colors of the eggs laid by different hen species.

You can visit the farm on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

San Juan Artisan Distillers

Get a 2-in-1 rum distillery and sugarcane farm tour.

A farmer harvesting the tall sugarcanes on a farm

📍 Google Maps | San Juan Artisan Distillers | Sugarcane Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

If you’re a rum connoisseur, then you’ll be glad to know you can find many distilleries open for visitors in Puerto Rico. But, San Juan Distillers is one of the few that allows you to tour their sugarcane farm.

At San Juan Distillers you can learn everything about the process of cultivating sugarcane and how it’s the base ingredient for rum. You’ll also get to learn about Ron Tres Clavos and Ron Pepon – the two rums of the fabric and tour their other facilities.  You’ll get to taste the rum too! 

You can only visit by making an appointment through their website.

Sweetwater Vertical Farm

A vertical farm where you can harvest and take home fruits and veggies from the garden.

A woman's hands with scissor cutting the ripe strawberries on a vertical farm

📍 Google Maps | Social Media | Hydroponic Farm | 👉 Browse Nearby Hotels on Booking

Sweetwater Vertical Farm is the ideal farm to visit if you want to experience picking up your own fruits and veggies. 

Located in Barranquitas, this farm sports a vertical hydroponic system instead of the common crop rotation used in Puerto Rican agriculture. 

Visitors can roam lines and lines of greenhouses full of fresh fruits and vegetables. But, the main attraction of the farm for kids and adults is picking up fresh strawberries.

👉 Pro Tip: Before heading to Barranquitas, call ahead and make sure they are open. As of December 2022, they were temporarily closed to the public and working on their food production.

FAQs About Farms in Puerto Rico

Do they have farms in Puerto Rico?

There are over 8,230 farms in Puerto Rico. The most popular types include dairy, grain, plantain coffee, and flower farms. Visitors can find farms on a short ride from San Juan, but some of the most famous farms, also called haciendas, are located in the Puerto Rico mountainous region.

What crops does Puerto Rico grow?

Puerto Rico farmers mostly grow vegetables, fruits, grains, and flowers in their crops. Some of the common commodities are plantains, coffee, bananas, and grains. But, the largest number of farms in Puerto Rico are dairy farms.  

What kind of farms are in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, visitors can find dairy farms, coffee farms, plantain farms, poultry farms, banana farms, pineapple farms, cattle farms, and hay farms. Other less common farms are cacao farms, pithaya farms, and strawberry farms. Up to 2018, milk, grains, and plantains were the top three agricultural products sold on the island.


Those were the top 25 best Puerto Rico farms to visit! If you’re looking to add more fun to your vacation, don’t miss our guide on the top interesting Puerto Rico sites.

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  2. Thanks so much Vanessa for this wonderful surprise of being part of the top 25 best farms to visit in Puerto Rico. Much appreciated and here at Finca Yarari we are at everyone’s service. Rebeca Irizarry.

  3. Good overview! I didn’t realize there were vintners on the island! Wow!
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