A plate of sliced Ham, Cheese & Guava Croissant and a coffee in a paper cup in one of the best cafes in San Juan Puerto Rico

21 Best San Juan Coffee Shops & Cafes (By a Local)

Remote workers and coffee enthusiasts have one thing in common – coffee shops – and San Juan coffee shops are ready to receive them all.

Coffee is deeply connected to Puerto Rican culture and Puerto Rico coffee farms are among the best sites to enjoy in Puerto Rico. But, even if you don’t have the time to visit the sites, you’ll find dozens of coffee shops in San Juan where you can savor the best of local coffee. 

I’m a Puerto Rico local and these are the 21 best coffee shops in San Juan!

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21 Best San Juan Coffee Shops

Cafe Cuatro Sombras

Enjoy coffee made from freshly grounded beans and enjoy it with guava butter toast

Coffee Latte in a paper cup

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 724 9955

With coffee roasted on-site, Cafe Cuatro Sombras in Old San Juan is a laid-back coffee shop worth visiting. 

The desserts and pastries served are great to accompany coffee. Here you can try pastries filled with guava, one of the popular Puerto Rican desserts. You can also ask for guava butter toast, another popular dish.

Visitors can choose between sitting on the inside or on the outdoor patio, but keep in mind there’s no wifi available. If you’re planning on working remotely, it’s best to check out other coffee shops on our list.

👉 Are you a Foodie? This San Juan food tour takes you to Cafe Cuatro Sombras and explains the history of Puerto Rico’s coffee industry as you enjoy a cup of local Puerto Rican coffee. 

Gustos Coffee Company

A coffee shop in Miramar with strong coffee and a love for personal face-to-face connections

Coffee Latte with art in Gustos Coffee Company
(photo credit: Gustos Coffee Co.)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 300 2580

Gustos Coffee Co. in Miramar is a modern-style coffee shop with plenty of space to sit down and enjoy its amazing coffee.

Their food menu includes wraps, sandwiches, and pastries for those with a sweet tooth. You can also buy Puerto Rican coffee beans to go. Although there is no AC inside the shop, the natural breeze circulates quite well, and you’ll rarely feel hot when visiting.

You won’t find any wifi here, as this coffee shop is all about interpersonal relationships and being present at the moment.

👉 Local Tip: If you rather sit in a coffee shop with AC, you can visit their other store in the Mario Julia Industrial Park in San Juan’s industrial district, where they also have a barista school.

Café Don Ruiz

Stationed in Cuartel Ballaja in Old San Juan, this coffee shop offers farm-to-table coffee

A standee banner at the entrance of Café Don Ruiz

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 723 1462

This small coffee shop should definitely be on your Puerto Rico itinerary if you’re exploring the area of Old San Juan.

Hidden away in the iconic Cuartel Ballaja building, Don Ruiz boasts a delicious coffee ground and brew. You can choose between coffee drinks, tea, smoothies, and soda. Their crafted coffee beverages are made with beans that come directly from their farm. 

Coffee fans and history enthusiasts will enjoy seeing the antique coffee-making tools on display and the on wall-exhibitions inside the shop.

I recommend sitting at the tables outside Don Ruiz to admire Cuartel Ballaja, one of Puerto Rico’s top landmarks.


This coffee shop in Old San Juan offers freshly filtered coffee you can enjoy on the interior patio of a Spanish colonial-era building

A designed coffee cup and golden spoon at the bar counter with a man preparing in the background
(photo credit: Filtrado)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 237 0047

Another coffee shop that cultivates its own coffee is Filtrado, in Calle San Francisco in Old San Juan. What truly makes this coffee shop special is its offering of hot and cold filtered coffees.

They have a selection of specialty-grade espresso drinks and mocha drinks, but tea, and matcha are also available. Coffee connoisseurs will rave about the barista’s knowledge and techniques while preparing each of the crafted coffee beverages.

Their interior patio is a relaxing place to sip on a cup while escaping the rush of the capital city. Although their food menu is limited, you should try their grain salad.

787 Coffee

A Santurce specialty coffee shop with alcohol-infused coffee beans and specialty drinks including a coquito latte

Cold brew coffee with milk on a white table with a glass of coffee beans in the background

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 939 945 8386

This cool coffee spot is perfect if you want to taste the local coffee and a sweet treat. 

The 787 Coffee shop offers farm-to-cup coffee, allowing visitors to enjoy the freshness of local coffee in each cup.

The original farm is located in Maricao, from where the coffee travels every two weeks. 

The sweets on-site include quesitos and pastelillos, two of the most famous Puerto Rican desserts. The drink menu boasts drip, cold brew, and espresso coffee. Non-coffee drinkers can choose from their tea selection or enjoy a warm matcha latte.

787 Coffee also sells specialty drinks like Rum Infused Cold Brew and Iced Coquito Latte. Those that want to spice up their daily morning coffee can buy the whisky-infused beans. This coffee carries tantalizing vanilla and dark chocolate-tasting notes.

Feel free to bring your laptop and work remotely with the shop’s free wifi.

Café Regina

This coffee shop offers a varied menu for vegans, gluten-free eaters, and coffee lovers

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 570 498 9845

Located nearby Calle Loiza, this coffee shop serves snacks that you’ll want to photograph before eating.

Besides being flavorful, the menu is also inclusive, with options for vegan and gluten-intolerant visitors. The avocado toast is a local favorite and the overnight oats, with oat milk pre-soaked with fruits, chia seeds, and maple syrup makes for a great breakfast to go.

Of course, most people return for their incredible variety of experimental coffee drinks that range from the traditional cortadito to a cashew iced latte. 

If you’re up for something more than coffee, their Cafe Stormy is a cold brew with ginger beer. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. 

Sobao By Los Cidrines

A Condado coffee shop that serves breakfast, sandwiches, fresh salads, soups, and even wine

View of the logo of Sobao By Los Cidrines on a tiled wall

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 939 399 0001

Sobao in Condado is a cool coffee spot to stop at after a day of windsurfing in Condado Beach. 

Considered one of the best coffee shops in San Juan, this recently opened coffee shop originated in Los Cidrines bakery in Arecibo. Although Sobao evolved from the original bakery founded by Manolo and Guillermo in 1978, it still offers the best bread in the area. Now, it serves coffee, mallorcas, and sandwiches. 

If, besides a great coffee, you’re up for a stronger meal, then check out the restaurant on the back to enjoy wine, tapas, and more amazing food.

Their indoor area is spacious and comfortable, but their outdoor sitting area allows you to enjoy the sounds of the city.

Barista Squared

A modern coffee shop in Condado located among some of the best hotels in Puerto Rico

Two paper cups of a coffee latte on a countertop

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +1 787 993 6099

Barista Squared in Condado is centrally located between some of the top hotels in Puerto Rico. Barista is the go-to coffee shop for working remotely or having a get-together with friends. 

Coffee enthusiasts have an array of options at Barista, including pour-over coffee, quality espresso, drip, latte, and americano. During your visit, you should try the cereal milk latte, one of the shop’s signature drinks. The small but mighty menu sports wraps and sandwiches. Even their fresh salads are popular among customers. 

My favorite part about this coffee shop is its breakfast menu, particularly the frittata. The atmosphere is casual and more than once you’ll see customers visiting in swimwear.

Cafe Finca Cialitos

An Old San Juan little shop that gets its supply from a farm in Ciales

A coffee latte on a black mug with other merchandise on the background in Cafe Finca Cialitos
(photo credit: Finca Cialitos)

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 725 5454

This little shop in Old San Juan offers both good coffee and a relaxing coffee shop experience.

Finca Cialitos coffee beans come directly from a coffee farm in Ciales, which you can visit by booking a tour through the business’ website. The hot coffee menu consists of coffee classics like lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos.  

Visitors looking for a refreshing drink can enjoy iced coffee, milkshakes, and fruit smoothies. 

Finca Cialitos also has great food options. Fruit salads, yogurts, and turnovers are some of the favorite items visitors ask for.

There is no wifi, which means everyone here is visiting for great coffee. 

Chocobar Cortés

A 2-in-1 chocolate shop, where you can taste a coffee mixed with one of the most famous chocolates in Puerto Rico

Chocolate quesito covered with sugar in Chocobar Cortés
Chocolate quesito in Chocobar Cortés

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 722 0499

While Chocobar Cortés is known for its hot chocolate and sweets, it’s also a great coffee shop.

While you can ask for regular coffee during your visit, if you’re feeling adventurous, ask for their signature Choco-Latte, to taste the perfect mix of the Cortés famous chocolate with the local coffee.

Chocobar Cortés offers all-day brunch, appetizers, main courses, and sandwiches. The pasties in particular are a local favorite. The chocolate quesitos are memorable and the guava butter is definitely worth taking home.

This shop is often crowded, so it might not be the best pick as a workstation. Still, it has free wifi and a fun atmosphere.

Café Comunión

A hidden gem in Santurce combines a relaxing atmosphere, great service, and excellent coffee

A barista pouring foam from a can over coffee in a mug

📍 Google Maps 

The crafted coffee beverages at Café Comunión are some of the best in San Juan. This shop serves filtered, cold brew, and espresso coffee.

Some of the favorites are the Cappuccino and the Macchiato. But, if you don’t see your favorite drink on their coffee menu, you can talk to the barista about it.

The menu has sandwiches, croissants, and Sunday brunch favorites like avocado toast. The atmosphere is calm and ideal for a coffee break with a buddy or a business meeting. But, make sure to bring your hotspot, as it doesn’t have public wifi.

Hacienda San Pedro

Enjoy coffee from one of the most popular coffee farms in Jayuya right in Santurce

The coffee farmhouse in Hacienda San Pedro
Original farm and coffee shop in Jayuya

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 433 0091

Managed by a fourth-generation coffee grower, Hacienda San Pedro is one of Puerto Rico’s most renowned coffee farms in Puerto Rico. 

Located in Jayuya, the hacienda’s coffee became so popular among Puerto Ricans that the owners opened two additional coffee shops in San Juan. 

Aside from coffee, this coffee shop serves wraps and sandwiches. You can ask for your coffee with almond, soy, or oatmeal milk and accompany it with avocado toast. The outdoor and indoor seating areas are wide and comfortable, so you can visit with your group of friends. 


Enjoy a morning stop in your San Juan tour and grab a mouth-watering breakfast at this coffee shop

Top view of a cappuccino with art made from foam on a concrete table

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 723 7731

Caficultura not only serves great coffee but incredible breakfast. Its crafted coffee beverages bring the best of Puerto Rican coffee culture to your table.

You can accompany your coffee with one of the breakfast options like crepes, benedict eggs, or french toast. But, if you’re both a pancake and a coffee lover, don’t miss Caficultura’s mocha pancakes. 

Caficultura has multiple vegetarian-friendly options on its menu, but gluten-intolerant people should keep in mind most of the breakfast is flour-based food.

The ambiance is casual and cozy and if you aren’t in a hurry, this is a great coffee shop choice to enjoy breakfast in the heart of Old San Juan.

Buen Vecino Café

A house turned into a small cafe that offers premium coffee and waffles as brunch

A plate with a pile of waffles, chicken and syrup on a wooden counter

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 922 8448

Buen Vecino Café is one of the best coffee shops in San Juan. This compact coffee shop was originally a house, but now it serves the best coffee in the area and its espresso menu satisfies even the most demanding coffee drinker.

Buen Vecino Café also offers breakfast, brunch, and light lunch options. The waffles are one of the top picks on the menu, and if you’ve never tried them before, then dare to try the chicken waffles.

Although the coffee shop is small, it sports a balcony with multiple chairs to sit on. There is no wifi, so working remotely is not an option unless you’re using your own hotspot. If you’re in a hurry, you can order take-out.


This compact coffee shop in Calle Loiza offers a great Cubano sandwich, a strong coffee, and refreshing natural smoothies

Cuban sandwich with cheese, ham and pork, served on a wooden board

📍 Google Maps | 📞 + 1 787 222 5222

Pinky’s is so good, you’ll find two of these coffee shops in San Juan. One is located in Condado and the other is at the infamous Calle Loiza.

Its breakfast menu allows visitors to enjoy the traditional Puerto Rican breakfast along with delicious coffee. Although the coffee menu is limited, it’s compensated by Pinky’s variety of juices and smoothies.

The restaurant is somewhat small. If you can’t find a table, ask for your order to go and enjoy it at the nearby Ocean Park Beach, one of the best San Juan beaches.

Cafetería La Mallorca

Located in Old San Juan, you can enjoy Mallorca bread with your coffee at this coffee shop

A Mallorca bread topped with powdered sugar and other pastries on the side
Mallorca bread is a favorite in Puerto Rico

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +1 787 724 4607

Open from early hours, Cafetería La Mallorca is your must-stop if you want to accompany your cup of coffee with delicious Mallorca bread.

La Mallorca is one of the most popular Puerto Rican desserts, and it’s a type of fluffy sweet roll you top with powdered sugar. Besides finger-licking good Mallorca, this dinner-style coffee shop offers Puerto Rican typical dishes and desserts like asopao and tembleque. 

Although it’s not the best option for a remote worker, Mallorca is one of the best restaurants to visit in San Juan for trying local food at an affordable price. 


A coffee shop with colorful plates that seem out of a food magazine

Top view of a matcha latte, salad, and other dishes in Tostado*
(photo credit: Tostado*)

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +1 787 727 8005

Tostado* has two shops in San Juan, one in Condado and one in Calle Loiza. 

In addition to coffee, the beverage menu includes natural juices made out of Puerto Rico fruits like passion fruit and pineapple. 

The Lolita’s Bowl is one of the favorite menu dishes made out of scrambled eggs, veggies, toast, and mashed taro. French toasts are also popular. Tostado* offers brunch on Saturdays and Sundays too. All plates in Tostado* are worthy of being in a food magazine.

Both locations in San Juan are filled with a bright and calming atmosphere. You can also bring your laptop to work with the shop’s wifi.

Café Colao

A coffee shop with a view of the San Juan bay

Dark roasted coffee beans spilling over the bag with a scoop

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +1 787 725 4139

Café Colao has outdoor seating with one of the best views in Old San Juan. Stationed in the San Juan port area, Café Colao is easy to visit if you are arriving in Puerto Rico on a cruise.

The coffee in Café Colao is the center of attention. The white nut cappuccino and the Puerto Rican mocha are two of the shop’s unique drinks. You can also buy your own beans to take home.

As a companion to your coffee, you can ask for a mallorca, croissant, or pastries like panetela. Most of the space is outdoor seating, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find an empty table inside.

Caldera Café Coffee Shop

This coffee shop in Santurce will impress you with its espressos and brunch menus 

View of an espresso machine pouring coffee into a ceramic cup

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 710 3299

Praised for its espresso and diverse offering, Caldera Café Coffee Shop is a hidden gem in Santurce. 

Its coffee options include espresso, macchiato, cortao, and americano among others. 

If you’re visiting during breakfast time, the waffles and the burrito are two of the most asked-for dishes. Vegans will find daily options on the menu like vegan soups and vegan french toast.

Visit on Sundays to enjoy their brunch. 

They boast outdoor and indoor seating, and you can easily spot the coffee shop because of the bright orange carp in front of it.

Madeleine Cafe Bistro

This restaurant and coffee shop boasts an elegant atmosphere and unique dishes you can enjoy with your coffee

A plate of waffle topped with sliced bananas and cream

📍 Google Maps | 📞 +1 787 763 1285

If you are in the mood for dressing up and enjoying a coffee in an elegant atmosphere then Madeleine Cafe Bistro on Jose De Diego Avenue is your place.

Curious coffee enthusiasts should try out the Madeline Latte, the house’s iconic drink. 

Besides breakfast, visitors can savor heavier dishes during their visit like pizza. Non-coffee drinkers also have options that range from mimosas to natural juices.

There is plenty of space outdoors and indoors, but since Madeleine Cafe Bistro is more like a restaurant than a coffee shop, you shouldn’t occupy a table too long while working remotely.

Café con Cé

A hidden cute small coffee shop where coffee and pastries go hand in hand

Three Turkish baklava cakes with walnuts filling

📍 Google Maps | ☕ Website | 📞 +1 787 294 9604

If there is anything better than Puerto Rican coffee, it’s combining it with a delicious pastry. And, in Café con Cé you’ll find only the best!

The baklava, the panetela, and the guava cake are some of the best on the island. If you’re vegan or are on a gluten-free diet, you’ll also find a range of desserts to try.

Remote workers will love this coffee shop’s bohemian atmosphere and the free wifi. The outdoor seating area makes for great social media photos.

FAQs About Coffee Shops in San Juan

What is the most popular coffee in Puerto Rico?

The most popular coffees in Puerto Rico include Yaucono, Café Oro, Café Lareño, Café Adjuntas, and Hacienda San Pedro.

Is coffee famous in Puerto Rico?

Coffee is famous in Puerto Rico. Coffee arrived in Puerto Rico in the 18th century but the industry peaked during the 19th century. Puerto Rico became a world-famous coffee producer. As a result, the coffee culture in Puerto Rico grew rapidly, and nowadays, coffee forms part of Puerto Ricans’ daily lifestyle.

Does San Juan have Starbucks?

Yes, San Juan has Starbucks. There are a total of 12 Starbucks in San Juan, but only two of them are within Old San Juan. Two Starbucks are in Condado and one is in Santurce. The rest of Starbucks’ locations are divided between Hato Rey, Caimito, Cupey, and Las Cumbres.

How do people drink coffee in Puerto Rico?

Most people in Puerto Rico drink brewed hot coffee with milk and sugar. Whenever visitors ask for a coffee in a Puerto Rican bakery, they’ll receive hot coffee with milk and a few packets of sugar. Some Puerto Ricans also drink hot black coffee. When it doesn’t have any sugar, it’s called “cafe puya”.


You’ve made it to the end of the list of the best coffee shops in San Juan! Enjoying the local coffee is definitely one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world!

Enjoy San Juan’s coffee shops!

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