Aerial view of Icacos Island in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

11 Best Fajardo Beaches in 2023 (By a Puerto Rico Local)

A coastal region in eastern Puerto Rico, Fajardo beaches are known as being some of the best in the country, and even the entire Caribbean.

Travelers to the city will find beaches perfect for swimming, hiking, snorkeling, diving, or just soaking in the breathtaking landscape. 

As a major beach lover and Puerto Rican local, I’ve written a ton about the best beaches in Puerto Rico, but the beaches in Fajardo are some of my personal favorites and I know you’ll love them too. 

Ready to go beach hopping? These are the 11 best beaches in Fajardo that you should visit!

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11 Best Beaches In Fajardo (& Nearby)

Seven Seas Beach


View of the blue water in Seven Seas Beach and the clear blue sky

📍 Google Maps | Parking: $4 for parking near the beach | Best Apartment Rental: Penthouse Villa

Perhaps the most popular beach in Fajardo, and number one on our list of best things to do in Fajardo, Seven Seas is the place to go with your family to swim or snorkel. Besides soft sand and turquoise waters, this beach features facilities like showers, gazebos, and bathrooms you can use for $1. The beach also has a camping site where you can stay for $10 a night. 

✈️ New to the island? Make sure to map all the best places to visit in Puerto Rico

Playa Colorá


View of the Playa Colorá and the clear blue sky above it

📍 Google Maps | Parking: On Seven Seas Beach or nearby roads | Best Apartment Rental: Penthouse Villa

Playa Colorá is one of the more secluded beaches of Fajardo. To get to this hidden beach you have to hike 25 minutes from Seven Seas. Even if it’s not a great beach for swimming, Playa Colorá offers a beautiful and solitary landscape perfect for relaxing. The beach gets its name from the reddish sand that contrasts with the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Playa Escondida


The Playa Escondida blue water in Fajardo

📍 Google Maps | Parking: On Seven Seas Beach or nearby roads | Best Nearby Apartment Rental: Beachfront Apartment in Seven Seas Beach

Translating to “Hidden Beach”, Playa Escondida is another one of the beautiful beaches you can find along the coast of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Its name is literal, as you have to hike through a mangrove forest for more than 20 minutes to get to it.

Playa Escondida currents are strong and not optimal for swimming, but visitors can hike along the beach and sunbathe in the sand. There aren’t any facilities, so bring everything you need for a beach day.

👉 Local Tip: If you’re visiting with kids, keep in mind you might see nudists in Playa Escondida and Playa Colorá, although nudist beaches are illegal in Puerto Rico.

Playa Canalejo


📍 Google Maps | Parking: On Seven Seas Beach or nearby roads | Best Nearby Apartment Rental: Palma Vista

If you’re looking for a hidden beach that gives you the “Cast Away” movie feel, Playa Canalejo is the perfect place. This beach isn’t great for swimming but features amazing scenery with an abandoned ship left behind by Hurricane Hugo. 


Icacos Cay

Aerial view of the beach in Icacos

📍 Google Maps | Best Nearby Hotel: El Conquistador Resort – Puerto Rico

Icacos Cay features one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. This tropical paradise located off the coast of Fajardo offers pristine clear waters perfect for snorkeling or diving around coral reefs and their marine life. There aren’t any facilities on the island, but your private boat tour will usually provide everything you need.  

👉 Local Tip: Even if you’re staying in San Juan, a day trip to Icacos is one of the things you should add to your to-do list in Puerto Rico. You can book a tour with a pick-up in San Juan so you don’t miss out on the wonderful experience.

La Zanja


📍 Google Maps | Parking: On Seven Seas Beach or nearby roads | Best Nearby Hotel: El Conquistador Resort – Puerto Rico

Adventure seekers will love this natural beach pool hidden inside a cliff of Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve. The hike to La Zanja takes about an hour from Seven Seas, with the last part being the most challenging, but the pool is worth a visit. Don’t get into the water if the tide is rough though, and be mindful of the coral reefs.

👉 Local Tip: While you hike to La Zanja, you’ll need shoes that are both sturdy but quick-dry, since you’ll have to hike through the beach. The L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes are non-slip, flexible, and quick-drying.


Palomino Cay

View of the Palomino Island in Fajardo

📍 Google Maps | Best Nearby Hotel: El Conquistador Resort – Puerto Rico

Palomino is another tropical paradise where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation while snorkeling and swimming in crystal-clear waters. The island is home to El Conquistador Hotel Resort, one of the best hotels in Puerto Rico. The beach features facilities like bathrooms, showers, chairs, and umbrellas, and you can visit by booking a private tour of the island.

Las Cabezas Chiquita Swimming Hole


View of the sunrise in the rocky Las Cabezas Chiquita Swimming Hole

📍 Google Maps |  Parking: 5-15 words on parking options, cost | Best Nearby Apartment Rental: Beachfront Apartment in Seven Seas Beach

Between Playa Colorá and Playa Escondida, visitors can find a natural pool between the rocks on the shore, perfect for refreshing yourself after the 40-minute hike from Seven Seas. Make sure to swim in it only when the tide is low and wear water shoes. 

👉 Local Tip: To find better tides on the beaches visit Puerto Rico during the spring or the summer season. Read my guide on the best seasons to travel to Puerto Rico to learn more.

Playa El Convento


View of a big rock in the shoreline of Playa El Convento

📍 Google Maps | Parking: On Seven Seas Beach or nearby roads | Best Nearby Apartment Rental: Palma Vista

Many people consider Playa El Convento a private beach, but visitors can freely access the beach by hiking from Playa Escondida. Although the governor’s vacation home is close by, as long as you don’t get close to it you can enjoy the astonishing beach and the view of El Yunque National Forest. There aren’t any facilities in the area so come prepared with snacks and water.

👉 Did you Know? Fajardo is one of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico during your vacation if you’re looking for water activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and diving.

La Pocita de Mimosa


View of the La Pocita de Mimosa in Fajardo

📍 Google Maps | On Seven Seas Beach or nearby roads  | Best Nearby Apartment Rental: Beachfront Apartment in Seven Seas Beach

Located to the east of Seven Seas Beach, this beach features calm and shallow waters bordered by golden sand. You will find plenty of shade to rest and read a book or listen to music. The water tends to be safe for the kids but always check the tide before getting in, as there aren’t any lifeguards or facilities on the beach.

Laguna Grande Bio Bay


View of the water in Laguna Grande Bio Bay and the clear blue sky above it

📍 Google Maps | Parking: depends on the private tour location | Best Nearby Hotel: El Conquistador Resort – Puerto Rico

Although not exactly a beach, you can’t miss a visit to Laguna Grande Bio Bay – one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. While you can only visit on a private tour, you will find multiple companies that offer tours at different hours during the night. You can use Viator to book a bio bay tour in Fajardo.

FAQs About Fajardo Beaches

Can you swim in Fajardo?

Visitors can swim in Seven Seas, Ensenada Yegua Beach, Icacos, and Palomino beaches in Fajardo. Other beaches in the city are dangerous for swimming as they sport strong riptides and undertow.

What is Fajardo known for?

Fajardo is known for the Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay, its pristine beaches in the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, the San Juan Cape Lighthouse, and the Puerto Marina. Fajardo also is popular for its cays, Icacos and Palomino.

Does Fajardo have good beaches?

Fajardo is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico with a variety that will fit every visitor’s taste and needs. While some beaches in Fajardo are for relaxing and enjoying the scenery, others are great for swimming and doing watersports.

What is the best beach in Fajardo?

The best beach in Fajardo for visiting with kids is Seven Seas, as it offers facilities like bathrooms, showers, and has lifeguards. Icacos and Palomino are the best beaches for snorkeling. Playa Colorá and Playa Escondida are the best beaches for sunbathing and soaking in the scenery.


That is the complete list of the best beaches in Fajardo to enjoy a great beach day either with your family or alone! Before you go, check out these other great things to do in Fajardo to have a blast during your stay.

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