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9 Best Hot Springs Near Boulder (in 2023)

There are dozens of unique hot springs in Colorado, each catering to various preferences. For many, distance is a key factor when choosing an ideal destination, so we’ve put together this list of the 9 best hot springs near Boulder.  

I’m a Colorado local and a big fan of hot springs. Nothing’s more relaxing after a day of hiking or hitting slopes at Colorado ski resorts! In this guide, I’ll explain the perks of each location, such as spa amenities, lodging, and more.

Let’s dive in! 

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9 Best Hot Springs to Visit Near Boulder

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Steamboat Springs

View of Strawberry Park Hot Springs during winter

📍 Google Maps | Website | (970) 879-0342 

Of all the closest hot springs to Boulder, my top recommendation would be Strawberry Park Hot Springs. It’s one of the best things to do in Steamboat Springs, a locals’ favorite among Colorado mountain towns. Surrounded by tall pines and with a more natural feel than other hot springs resorts, the ambiance is peaceful and relaxing. 

Massage services and on-site lodging are available. While children are allowed during the day, the natural hot springs pools are only open to adults after sundown. During these hours, clothing is optional. 

🎟️ Admission: $20 per person for 2 hours (cash only)
🌡️ Temp: 102-106 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: rustic ambiance, clothing-optional hours, massage services, camping and cabins, shuttle service

🚗 Need a Car? Note that from Nov. 1st through May 1st, 4WD is required to access this Steamboat Springs destination. If you need to rent a vehicle, you can easily compare agency rates on Discover Cars, our preferred partner.  

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

Hot Sulphur

The author with her husband in Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa
My husband and I soaking in one of the resort’s hot spring pools

📍 Google Maps | Website | (970) 725-3306 | 👉 Book a Stay on Trip Advisor

The seven natural springs in Hot Sulphur were first discovered and used by the Ute tribe for healing purposes. Today, the mineral-rich water feeds 21 man-made pools, each with varying sizes and temperatures. Remember to pack a bathrobe and sandals so that jumping from each soaking pool is a comfortable experience. The cold air of the Rocky Mountains can be frigid! 

Consider lodging at the resort, as overnight guests receive complimentary hot spring access. If you book one of their massage treatments, an hour of soaking is included, too. 

🎟️ Admission: $26 per person
🌡️ Temp: 95-112 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: private pools, Swedish and deep tissue massages, historic bathhouse and lodging 

Mount Princeton Hot Springs 

Buena Vista

View from the Mount Princeton Hot Springs during winter

📍 Google Maps | Website | (719) 395-2447 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Soaking in a hot springs pool is one of many fun things to do in Colorado, and Mt. Princeton Hot Springs are some of the best. The resort features hot springs along Chalk Creek, spa treatments, and lodging. Children will enjoy the slide and outdoor swimming pool, and adults on a wellness retreat will love the fitness classes and juice bar on-site. 

Day passes are available; however, overnight guests receive greater access to these amenities. Know that this hot spring resort is one of the best places to stay and things to do in Buena Vista! You’re sure to be impressed by the experience. 

🎟️ Admission: $35 Adults, $30 Children and Seniors on Mon.-Thurs.; $40 Adults, $30 Children and Seniors on Fri.-Sun.
🌡️ Temp: 90-120 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: creekside soaking, swimming pools, water slide, spa and fitness services, juice bar, lodging 

Indian Hot Springs 

Idaho Springs 

View of the sign and entrance to Indian Hot Springs

📍 Google Maps | Website | (303) 989-6666 

These are the closest hot springs to Denver and Boulder, located less than an hour from both cities. At this resort, an indoor soaking pool is set within a glass dome filled with lush tropical plants. Outdoor jacuzzis are also available. 

For a clothing-optional and private hot springs experience, adults can visit the geothermal caves. Here, the hot springs water is especially steamy with temperatures ranging between 104-112°F. 

🎟️ Admission (Pool/Cave Combo): $34 per person on Mon.-Thurs.; $36 per person on Fri.-Sun. and holidays (rates vary; see all price options here)
🌡️ Temp: 90-112 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: indoor pool, private baths, outdoor jacuzzis, geothermal caves, spa treatments, lodging

🛎️ Need a hotel? Indian Hot Springs is just one of many fun attractions in Idaho Springs. Consider lodging at the resort to further explore, or check out several other nearby Idaho Springs hotels

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Glenwood Springs

The tourists having fun in Glenwood Hot Springs Resort
(photo: Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | (970) 947-2955 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Glenwood Hot Springs is home to the largest mineral water pool in the world. It’s a great family-friendly destination, having multiple water slides and shallow play areas. The Shoshone Chutes is a favorite among children, offering a safe but thrilling rafting-like experience. 

Adults will appreciate the large lap pool, smaller soaking pools, and the option to rent a private cabana. Other great amenities include the spa, athletic club, and resort restaurants. 

🎟️ Admission: $29 Adults, $20 Children (rates vary; confirm daily pricing here)
🌡️ Temp: 90 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: multiple pools, waterslides, and children play areas, spa services, cabana rentals, lodging 

♨️ Pro Tip: Stay at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, then check out nearby activities. These include rafting tours, ATV experiences, and some of the best hikes in Colorado

Sand Dunes Pool


The author's dogs having their time in Sand Dunes Pool
Sunset views from the hot springs’ on-site, pet-friendly campground

📍 Google Maps | Website | (719) 378-2807

The Sand Dunes Pool, often referred to as the “Hooper Pool” by locals, is located in the beautiful San Luis Valley. It’s the perfect complement to a day at Great Sand Dunes National Park, one of the best places to explore in Colorado

Set to a comfortable 98°F, the outdoor swimming pool offers year-round fun for the whole family. Separate from this area lies an adult-only greenhouse. Here, you can enjoy drinks while soaking in various pools surrounded by exotic plants. 

My husband and I love this destination since our dogs join us on Colorado road trips. Though pets aren’t allowed at the hot springs, they’re permitted at the on-site campground and within private cabins. 

🎟️ Admission: $18 Adults, $12 Children, $12 Seniors (additional $5 for greenhouse entry)
🌡️ Temp: 98-111°F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: outdoor pool, 21+ soaking pools, greenhouse, bar, and restaurant, camping and cabins

👉 Love Hot Springs? Be sure to visit the other nearby hot springs, Joyful Journey, and Valley View! For more tips, check out the 23 Best Hot Springs in Colorado.

Cottonwood Hot Springs

Buena Vista

View of the Cottonwood Hot Springs sign at the entrance

📍 Google Maps | Website | (719) 395-6434

Cottonwood offers a comprehensive wellness retreat. The resort does not offer wifi, and the use of technology is discouraged. Take the opportunity to unplug and instead, admire the surrounding beauty of the San Isabel National Forest.

Quiet hot springs, a dry sauna, and unique spa services are available. These include various massages as well as energy work and meditations. In efforts to promote natural healing, alcohol and drugs are not permitted on-site.  

🎟️ Admission: $20 Adults, $18 Children on Mon.-Thurs.; $24 Adults, $20 Children on Fri.-Sun. and holidays
🌡️ Temp: 80-106 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: quiet ambiance, multiple hot spring pools, sauna, spa, and meditations, camping and cabins

The Springs Resort & Spa

Pagosa Springs

A woman relaxing and enjoying her day in The Springs Resort and Spa
(photo: Victoria Ditkovsky / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | (800) 225-0934 | 👉 Book a Stay on Trip Advisor 

Set in the San Juan Mountains, Pagosa Springs is farther from Boulder than any other destination on this guide. Though the 5-hour 30-minute drive may not allow for frequent visits, they’re some of the best hot springs in Colorado

The 25 soaking pools are fed by the deepest geothermal spring in the world. The water that surfaces from the Mother Spring is an incredible 144°F, which is far too hot for soaking. But blended with the cold water of the San Juan River, these Pagosa hot springs are set to comfortable temperatures. Experience each pool, enjoy spa and wellness services, and stay the night for a restorative getaway. 

🎟️ Admission: $65 Adults, $35 Children, $62 Seniors 
🌡️ Temp: 95-112 °F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: quiet pools, San Juan River views, spa and wellness activities, restaurants, lodging  

Sunwater Spa 

Manitou Springs

View of an information board in Sunwater Spa
(photo: Lee A Wong / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | (719) 695-7007 

Discover Sunwater Spa in Manitou Springs, one of the best small towns in Colorado. It’s easy to access, located just west of Colorado Springs. But despite its location near a major city, the resort is a peaceful oasis. Visitors are encouraged to speak in whispers, making these hot springs ideal for adults seeking quiet relaxation.

Here, natural mineral water is sourced from underground, filling large cedar soaking tubs. Access to two saunas and the main pool is included with reservations. Spa services and yoga classes are also available.

🎟️ Admission: $40 per person for 90 min.
🌡️ Temp: 99-104°F
📅 Season: year-round
♨️ Features: whisper zone, private outdoor tubs, saunas, swimming pool, cold plunge pool, spa, and yoga

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Thanks for reading our guide on the closest hot springs to Boulder! From luxury resorts to natural settings, each of these hot springs offers a unique experience. Safe travels and enjoy your relaxing getaway! 

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