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23 Best Hot Springs in Colorado (A Local’s List)

Colorado’s known for its outdoor recreation and some of those activities are pretty extreme! Fortunately, we also have tons of awesome hot springs in Colorado, where we can recover after a day on the trails or the slopes. 

To help you find them, I rounded up some of the best hot springs in Colorado for you to check out. 

Whether you want a beautiful resort with spa services and a nice massage, or you want to hike into backcountry hot springs in Colorado, I’ve got you covered! Speaking of which…not all of these hot springs require you to be covered. I even included some clothing-optional springs for people who like to soak au natural. 

Soaking in hot springs is a must-do activity in Colorado! Let’s cover all the best places to do it:

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Best Hot Springs to Visit In Colorado

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Strawberry Park Hot Springs 

Steamboat Springs

View of the empty Strawberry Park Hot Springs during winter season

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-879-0342 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Strawberry Park Hot Springs is about seven miles from Steamboat, and doesn’t feel as built-up as some of the more fancy hot springs resorts. The hot springs pools are formed right where water from Hot Spring Creek mixes with cold river water, so upper pools are warm and lower pools are cooler. After dark, kids under 18 are not allowed and Strawberry Hot Springs becomes clothing optional.

  • Admission: $20 per person for 2 hours
  • Temp: 104° F or lower
  • Season: year round
  • Features: massage, clothing-optional evenings, camping, cabins

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Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

Hot Sulphur Springs

View of the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and the Colorado river

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-725-3306 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort isn’t far from Rocky Mountain National Park and Winter Park, so it makes a great stop to ease your tired muscles after a day of hiking or skiing. The hot springs were once used by the Utes, and when the resort opened in 1997 it was blessed by a Ute tribal leader. There are several pools of different temperatures as well as lodging. 

  • Admission: $20 per person 
  • Temp: 95-112° F
  • Season: year round
  • Features: massage, towel & snack purchases, lodging

Radium Hot Springs


Aerial view of a man and woman relaxing in the Radium Hot Springs

📍 Google Maps | Website | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

These hike-in hot springs are along the Colorado River, between Kremmling and Eagle. The hike to the springs is just over a mile long, but you can also reach them by rafting the river.

  • Temp: 80° F
  • Season: summer
  • Features: primitive, no amenities 

Indian Hot Springs 

Idaho Springs

The Indian Hot Springs welcome sign at the entrance
(photo: Serenethos / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 303-989-6666 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Indian Hot Springs isn’t the fanciest resort on this list, but it is the closest to Denver! Because of this, it can get pretty crowded so if you can, go in the off-season or during the week. The areas are kid-friendly, but there are options to use private baths if you want a quieter experience.

  • Admission: Pool/Cave Combo: $33 weekdays, $34 weekends, see complete pricing here
  • Temp: 90-112° F, depending on the pool
  • Season: year round
  • Features: spa, geothermal caves, private baths

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Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort


The Chalk Creek and a bridge over it in Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 719-395-2447 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort is a family-friendly resort with creekside hot springs, a historic bath house, and an infinity pool. There’s also a 400-foot water slide kids will love! Those 16 and up can use the spa and club. The resort also has lodging, yoga and fitness classes, and a restaurant and juice bar.

  • Admission: $35 Adults, $30 Children & Seniors on weekends, $30 Adults, $25 Children & Seniors on weekdays
  • Temp: 70-120° F, depending on the pool
  • Season: year round
  • Features: pool, waterslide, spa services, creekside hot springs, juice bar

Cottonwood Hot Springs 

Buena Vista

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 800-241-4119 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Cottonwood Hot Springs, just outside of Buena Vista, has views of the Collegiate Peaks to appreciate while you soak. There are several pools that vary in temperature. 

Cottonwood Hot Springs offers spa services and alternative treatments and there’s on-site lodging. Electronics are discouraged (there’s no WiFi) and the vibe is quiet and relaxed, probably appropriate for older kids but not energetic ones who may splash or yell.

  • Admission: $24 Adults, $20 Children
  • Temp: 80-104° F
  • Season: year round
  • Features: alternative spa services, lodging, tent & RV camping

Conundrum Hot Springs


Scenic view of the nature from Conundrum Hot Springs

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-963-2266  | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

These are among the highest hot springs in North America…and it’s not easy to get to them! They’re in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and it’s an 8.5-mile hike to the destination. The hike gains 2,4000 feet and is a difficult one. Of course, you’re rewarded with gorgeous views of the mountains and a soak in the hot springs before the long trek back.

  • Admission: $6 permit required: 
  • Temp: 100° F  
  • Season: July-September
  • Features: primitive campsites, no amenities, bear activity, fires prohibited

The Springs Resort & Spa

Pagosa Springs

View of some tourists in The Springs Resort Spa in Colorado
(photo: Jim Lambert / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 877-954-9045 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

These Pagosa hot springs are the world’s deepest geothermal hot springs. Guests can soak in one of 25 individual hot spring pools in a range of temperatures and sizes. You can also sit right at the point where the hot springs water meets the cold river water for a unique experience! The Springs is kid-friendly, although some pools are just for adults. 

  • Admission: $49 Adults, $25
  • Temp: 95-112° F, depending on the pool
  • Season: year round
  • Features: creekside hot springs, spa, yoga & wellness classes, restaurants & poolside service

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Rainbow Hot Springs

Pagosa Springs

📍 Google Maps | Website | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

These hot springs are just north of Pagosa Springs, at the end of a 4.5 mile hike. The pools are along the San Juan River, and were constructed by previous hikers. You can adjust them to let in more cold river water, or more hot springs water. 

  • Season: summer, early fall
  • Features: primitive camping, lots of nature & wildlife

Salida Hot Springs Pool


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 719‑539‑4555 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Salida is home to one of the biggest indoor hot springs pools in the country. Water in the two hot springs pools comes from underground springs. This is a rec center pool, so it doesn’t have the spa-like amenities of resorts but it’s a great place to swim laps or take a dip with the family.

  • Admission: $6
  • Temp: 84-100° F
  • Season: year round
  • Features: lap swimming, fitness & swim classes

Valley View Hot Springs Pool


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 719-256-4315 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

This is a family-friendly, clothing-optional eco-sanctuary. Soaking ponds are located along wilderness trails, and there’s a geothermally, hydroelectrically heated hot tub and sauna. Expect much more rustic features than at a built-up resort. 

  • Admission: $17 Adults, Free for Children
  • Temp: 93-107° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: massage, camping, historic lodging, clothing optional

Joyful Journey Hot Springs 


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 719-256-4328 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Each of the hot springs tubs here has beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristos so you can soak with a view! It also offers everything from spa services to yoga to art classes and an on-site kitchen provides healthy meals.

  • Admission: $15 Adults, $12 Children 
  • Temp: 98-108° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: tent & RV camping, lodging, meals, spa

Ouray Hot Springs Pool


View of the Ouray Hot Springs Pool at night during winter season
(photo: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-325-7073 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

The pool complex has five different pools where you can soak or swim. It also has amazing views of the surrounding mountains! It’s kid-friendly, with a waterslide, but also has adults-only pools for swimming.

  • Admission: $18 Adults, $12 Children, $14 Seniors, 75+ Free
  • Temp: 75-104° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: waterslides, climbing wall, inflatable obstacle course

Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 877-859-0204 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Guests at the lodge have 24-hour access to the heated pool, and there is also an indoor adults-only pool and an outdoor soaking tub. There’s also a spa and restaurant at the lodge. 

  • Temp: 102-112° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: spa, restaurant, adults-only area

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-517-3326  | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

A pass lets you soak in the 15 natural hot spring pools, enjoy the swimming pool, or treat yourself to the dry Finnish sauna, cold plunge, or reflexology path. There are concessions and spa services available as well.

  • Admission: $30 Adults, $15 Children for 2 hours
  • Temp: 100-110° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: spa, concessions, family-friendly

👉 Love History? Durango is a short drive from Mesa Verde National Park and the cliff dwellings of the Pueblo people. Book a Mesa Verde tour on Viator to learn more about the area!

Dakota Hot Springs


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 719-372-9250 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

This hot springs club has one pool. Because the water doesn’t have measurable sulfur or iron, it doesn’t smell like sulfur. This is a clothing-optional club, except for Tuesdays when bathing suits are required. At this point, their website says children are not allowed at the facility.

  • Admission: $15 per person or $25 per couple
  • Temp: 95-98° F
  • Season: year roun
  • Features: clothing optional, no children, on-site camping 

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Glenwood Springs

The tourists having fun in Glenwood Hot Springs Resort
(photo: Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-945-6571 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

If you’ve ever driven west on I-70, you’ve probably seen the world’s largest hot springs pool from the freeway. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is a great place to stop for a road trip break, or plan a fun weekend getaway and stay at the hotel. The huge pool is family-friendly, but there’s also a spa with quieter areas. 

  • Admission: $35 Adults, $22 Children (those are peak rates, you can check off-season here)
  • Temp: 90° F
  • Season: year round
  • Features: pool, waterslide & splash zone, lockers, spa services

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Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves

Glenwood Springs

View of the Roaring Fork River beside a highway in Colorado
(photo: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock)

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-945-0667 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Glenwood Springs has several great hot springs options. This one has vapor caves, stream baths, and spa treatments. 

  • Admission: $17 Adults for vapor caves, see other pricing here
  • Temp: The caves are 110-112° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: spa, vapor caves

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Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Glenwood Springs

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-945-4766  | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Iron Mountain Hot Springs has sixteen pools, and while there’s no lodging there is a cafe. There is a family pool and kids are welcome, but there are also quiet zones for more relaxing soaking. 

  • Admission: $30 Adults & Children, although pricing varies by season
  • Temp: 98-108° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: dining, locker rooms, family pool, quiet zone

Penny Hot Springs


View of the Penny Hot Springs and the mountains around it

📍 Google Maps | Website | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Penny Hot Springs is a primitive, hike-in hot springs. The best time to visit is in summer, fall, or winter – in spring the pools can flood from snowmelt. There are no amenities, bathrooms, trash containers, or any other facilities – pack in and pack out! 

  • Season: summer, fall, winter
  • Features: nature!

👉 Pro Tip: The pools aren’t very high capacity – if you see more than four cars in the parking area, you probably want to try another hot springs area.

Old Town Hot Springs 

Steamboat Springs

📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-879-1828 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

Old Town Hot Springs is a public pool in Steamboat Springs, and has eight pools and two water slides. There’s also a hot springs waterfall you can stand under to relax. 

  • Admission: $25 Adults, $19 Children, $22 Seniors
  • Temp: 80-103° F
  • Season: year round
  • Features: water slides, climbing wall, massage, fitness classes

Orvis Hot Springs 


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 970-626-5324  | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

This clothing-optional hot springs resort is at the base of the San Juans, giving you some amazing scenery while you soak. There are ten pools and ponds at a range of temps. You can camp or stay in the on-site lodging, and if you spend the night you have access to the hot springs at any point, day or night.

  • Admission: $22 Adults, $10 Children
  • Temp: 62-114° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: clothing optional, lodging, camping, massage

Dunton Hot Springs


📍 Google Maps | Website | Ph: 877-288-9922 | 👉 Book a Stay on Booking

We’ve featured some rustic hot springs with few amenities so far…although Dunton is in a ghost town, it offers the opposite. This all-inclusive resort is really nice, and really expensive. Soak in the hot springs, go horseback riding or fly fishing in summer, and snowshoeing in winter. All activities are included in the price. Only guests of the resort can use the hot springs. 

  • Temp: 85-106° F  
  • Season: year round
  • Features: spa, saloon, activities, 5-star lodging


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From family-friendly resorts to quieter, private soaks, hopefully you found something on this list to meet your needs. Have you tried any of these hot springs in Colorado yourself? Let us know in the comment!

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