The 5 Top Emerging Destinations in Africa for 2019 (+Readers Vote)

Emerging Destinations

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Announcing the 5 trendiest spots in Africa travel for 2019, according to some of the top travel influencers on the planet. 

🚨 Warning: this list may cause sudden bouts of wanderlust. 🚨

Looking to get ahead of the travel trends in 2019? Well, we asked some of the world's top influencers, bloggers, and vloggers to judge 2019's hottest emerging travel destinations around the world. 

Check out all 5 winning destinations on the African continent and try to resist the urge to book plane tickets! 

Which of these destinations won our annual Reader Award? You'll have to read here to find out!

Special thanks to our all-star judges (read more about them here): Maroc Mama, The Only Way is Ghana, Roamaroo, German Backpacker, and Jessie on a Journey

This is the fourth article in our annual series of the top emerging destinations by continent. Want more? Go see all the 2019 winners here. Or browse last year's list of winners.

Now on to the winners:

Diani Beach, Kenya

Winner of Our 2019 Judges' Award 

Camels on Diani Beach, Kenya - our judges' top destination in Africa

Once a secret hidden gem known only to locals, Kenya's Diani Beach has burst onto the tourism scene in recent years. And, no wonder why: it offers kilometers of powdery white sand, cerulean and aquamarine water, and the opportunity to swim with whale sharks from February to April each year. Plus, it's one of the best places on earth to take up kite-surfing! If you get bored of the beach (and when they are these beautiful, we don't think you will), you can easily venture out for a safari trip nearby. And at the end of the night you'll be spoiled with first-class cuisine, including a restaurant located inside a cave! Look out Zanzibar: there's a new beach in town!

~ Judges' Take ~

"While most people head to Kenya for a safari, they tend to forget that Kenya is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Now, travelers can combine a safari and beach vacation at Diani Beach without ever having to leave Kenya!"


Collette & Scott 

~ Judge's Take ~

Patrick from German Backpacker

Patrick Muntzinger
German Backpacker

"Kenya is world-famous for its national parks and safaris - however, many people don't seem to know yet that the country also has incredible beaches to offer!"

~ Judge's Take ~

"White sand beaches, warm water, tropical scenery; Diani Beach offers an African paradise. And there are so many ways to get active, from hiking to surfing and beyond."


The future of African tourism?


Photo courtesy Visit Ghana

West Africa hasn't yet developed a major traveler hub in the same way that some other regions of the continent have. But there is one place that's ready and eager to assume that mantle: Ghana. A culturally rich country with idyllic beaches and abundant wildlife, Ghana also has the political and economic stability required to scale a tourism industry. Plus, there are so many things to do here: grab your board and catch some waves, visit the highly-Instagramable Cape Coast Castle, head north to hang with elephants at Mole National Park, or just soak in the rich flavors of Accra. You heard it here first: everyone who is anyone is going to be going to Ghana in the 2020s. The only question is: will you get there before them? 

~ Judge's Take ~

"Ghana is full of such culture and beautiful sights. It is the gateway to Africa!"

~ Judges' Take ~

Amanda of MarocMama

Amanda Ponzio-Mouttaki
Maroc Mama

"Ghana has such a rich history and offers diverse experiences for someone who wants to see West Africa. Whether it's nightlife in Accra or hiking a national park there's so much to do and see."


A conservation - and tourism - comeback in the making

Lake Malawi

Boats on Lake Malawi

There's a new kid (back) on the block in the safari world. Malawi's once-decimated wildlife populations have recently re-emerged, owing to concerted conservation efforts by African Parks and other organizations. That makes 2019 the perfect year to explore the Majete and Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserves, where you'll get to experience the animals up close without having to endure the overstuffed caravans of jeeps and vans at more popular safari destinations. Or check out Liwonde National Park, where the recently opened luxury Kuthengo Camp may soon have Instagrammers asking to change their flights from Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi to Lilongwe. Oh, and if you think Malawi is only a safari destination, the pristine waters and colorful fish of Lake Malawi are here to attest that there are many more reasons to explore Malawi in 2019. 

St. Helena

Exile yourself to somewhere magical

St Helena, a top place to travel in Africa for 2019

Photo courtesy St Helena Tourism

This remote volcanic tropical island is so far off the coast of Africa that we could almost include it in our South America awards instead. But that isolated location has made for some fascinating history, including Napoleon's exile here by the British government (the island remains an Overseas Territory to this day). And it's hard to feel too sorry for Mr. Bonaparte considering he enjoyed the same striking rugged coastlines, breath-taking natural wonders, and lush interior that await visitors to this day. Getting here is part of the adventure, of course: unless you've got a boat, you're going to need to snag a spot on the only weekly flight from Johannesburg. 

Lagos, Nigeria

A sensory experience like no other

Lekki Conservation Center Lagos Nigeria

Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos

Prepare your senses to be overwhelmed. Lagos is chaotic and colorful, hectic and high-energy. But it's also a much more accessible city than many tourists probably realize - and the reward for venturing here is a unique and authentic travel experience, the sort of which are increasingly rare these days.  The city's three main islands are undeniably affluent yet multi-dimensional: check out the incredible Nike Art Gallery in Lekki during the day, dine at high-end restaurants like Nok in Victoria Island, or just relax at the Jazzhole bookstore and cafe in Iyoki. If you want beaches, Lagos has those too: and nearly every weekend they come alive with a party! Or for the more adventurous, check out a performance at the New Afrika Shrine, host of the annual Felabration festival honoring the legendary musical and political icon Fela. Trust us, Lagos is an experience you won't soon forget. 

That's it for our Africa awards this year, but go check out the winners for every continent

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