Where to Stay in Lagos Nigeria

The 13 Best Hotels in Lagos Nigeria (+ Map of Where to Stay)

Find the best hotels in Lagos Nigeria can be a bit tricky. 

Lagos honestly doesn’t have the best offering of hotels in the world, and most Lagos accommodation you do find is either overpriced or of middling quality. 

But, never worry because I am here to help! 

In this guide to where to stay in Lagos Nigeria, I’ll run down the best hotels in Lagos Nigeria for every type of traveler (from business travelers to families to tourists). 

Oh, and before we dive in, be sure to check out my article on whether you need travel insurance for Nigeria

Ok, on to the top hotels! … 

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Quick Answer on Where to Stay in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best Hotels

Just looking to quickly book your hotel in Lagos Nigeria so that you can save your time to explore the best things to do in Lagos

Well, here’s a quick rundown of our top picks: 

The Best Areas to Stay in Lagos, Nigeria

Unless you have a business reason to be on the mainland, most travelers to Lagos will choose to stay on Lagos Island, and specifically in one of the three following areas (color coded in the above map):

1. Victoria Island (Red) 

Georgetown from above

Victoria Island (commonly called “VI”) is the hub of Lagos. You’ll find the offices of many major international businesses, some of the top dining and nightlife outlets in Lagos, and lots of hotels and Airbnbs. 

This is the most central place to stay in Lagos and probably the most popular Lagos neighborhood for most foreigners visiting town. 

👉 Top Hotel in Victoria Island: The Federal Palace Hotel

👉 Search Apartment Rentals in Victoria Island

2. Ikoyi (Blue)

Me on Batu Ferrenghi beach

Just north of Victoria Island, Ikoyi is another popular area to stay in Lagos for foreigners and travelers. In fact, this is the area I personally stayed in for my trip to Lagos. 

You’ll find plenty of interesting attractions and places to visit like Freedom Park, and some slightly more affordable hotel options than in Victoria Island. 

👉 Top Hotel in Ikoyi: The Wheatbaker

👉 Search Apartment Rentals in Ikoyi

3. Lekki (Yellow)

The Hardwicke House near the Gurney Plaza area of Penang

To the east of Victoria Island are the Lekki developments, home to several shopping centers, lots of residential housing, and many of our top things to do in Lagos like the Lekki Conservation Centre and the Nike Art Gallery. Plus, you’ll be close to the beaches. 

Note that Lekki is large and that if you plan to spend a lot of your time in VI or Ikoyi, you’ll want to make sure you’re not too far because even short distances in Lagos can take forever due to the city’s notorious traffic. 

👉 Search Apartment Rentals in Lekki

The Best Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria honestly doesn’t have the best offerings of international hotels in the world. Perhaps that’s in part because the city isn’t much of a tourist attraction yet. 

Since finding a hotel in Lagos Nigeria can be a little overwhelming, to help out, here are some of the top hotels in Lagos by category: 

Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Lagos Nigeria #1 – The Wheatbaker

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 277 3560 | 👉 Check Prices for The Wheatbaker Hotel on Booking

Located in the heart of the trendy Ikoyi neighborhood, The Wheatbaker is a perfect place to stay for any traveler who is looking for the comfort and convenience that a luxury hotel can offer. If you have the time to spare, make sure to try out their restaurants and various amenities — gym, spa, and swimming pool.

  • Very clean and comfortable rooms
  • Highly rated breakfast
  • Cozy and exquisite ambiance

Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Lagos Nigeria #2 – The George Hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +64 3 379 4560 | 👉 Check Prices for The George Hotel on Booking

Also set in the gorgeous residential area of Ikoyi and one of the most highly-rated hotels in Lagos, The George Hotel is great for travelers who prefer to be within reach of the Central Business District but would also like to stay in a more relaxed and luxurious environment. Additionally, the beautiful decor and art collection makes it a really classy hotel.

  • Comfortable beds and cozy rooms
  • High quality aesthetics
  • Top notch amenities

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria #1 – Southern Sun Ikoyi

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria: Southern Sun Ikoyi

Hotel Phone: +27 11 780 7855 | 👉 Check Prices for Southern Sun Ikoyi Hotel on Booking

The Southern Sun Ikoyi is a top Lagos, Nigeria hotel frequented by both solo and business travelers alike. It is strategically located in Ikoyi, near the Central Business District for those on business trips but far enough if one prefers to avoid the busy city life and be able to relax in a more serene environment.

  • Courteous and accommodating staff
  • Great location for business travel
  • Nice ambiance and clean rooms 

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria #2 – The Federal Palace Hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 277 9000 | 👉 Check Prices for The Federal Palace Hotel on Booking

Not only is The Federal Palace Hotel great for business travelers due to it’s location, it is also family-friendly hotel in Lagos Nigeria and a good option for a weekend of fun as you get to enjoy the water slides and swim in the pool (or the onsite casino if that’s your thing). It is also conveniently located in Victoria Island, near several key landmarks around the city.

  • Nice pool and fun water slides
  • Clean and comfortable rooms
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria #3 – Radisson Blue Anchorage Hotel

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria: Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 708 061 0000 | 👉 Check Prices for Radisson Blue Anchorage Hotel on Booking

Since the Radisson Blue Anchorage Hotel is situated in the center of the business district on Victoria Island, you get to enjoy the wonderful view of the Lagos Lagoon as you lounge in your room or the pool bar. It’s a perfect place to stay for those who are traveling for business meetings or conferences as it is conveniently nearby the shopping area and different places to eat. When I was in Lagos I spent a lot of time in this hotel, and I can tell you it’s one of the classiest large hotels in Lagos Nigeria. 

  • Great location for business travel
  • Spacious rooms and good food 
  • Beautiful view of the lagoon

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria #4 – Four Points by Sheraton Lagos

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 448 9444 | 👉 Check Prices for Four Points by Sheraton Lagos on Booking (or on Marriott)

If you decide to stay in Four Points by Sheraton Lagos, then you have try out The Office Bar — a rooftop bar located on the 2nd floor. It’s the coolest place to meet-up with friends and colleagues as you enjoy their delicious cuisine while watching the beautiful sunset or the incredible panoramic view of the Victoria Island during nighttime.

  • Comfortable rooms and beds
  • Gym, swimming pool and other amenities 
  • Friendly staff 

Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Lagos Nigeria #5 – Lagos Continental Hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 236 6666 | 👉 Check Prices for Lagos Continental Hotel on Booking

The Lagos Continental Hotel boasts itself as the tallest hotel in Nigeria with stylish and well-decorated rooms. Conveniently located near key landmarks, it’s a great place to stay during business trips. Here’s a pro tip: Ask for a room on the higher floors to get a breathtaking view of Lagos.

  • Spacious and modern rooms
  • Friendly staff 
  • Great ambiance 

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria #1 – Maroko Bayshore Suites

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 277 4615 | 👉 Check Prices for Maroko Bayshore Suites on Booking

The Maroko Bayshore Suites is located at a very good spot in VI. You can easily get to several must-see places in Lagos within a few minutes’ drive. They also have excellent restaurant options within and near the hotel. The pool area is a great place to chill when you just want to relax after a busy or tiring day.

  • Spacious and comfortable rooms 
  • Friendly and accommodating staff
  • Great pool area

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria #2 – Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 808 586 7565 | 👉 Check Prices for Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort Hotel on Booking

Rather than be just a place to stay the night, Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort prides itself in providing relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration to its guests. Choose from the many different spa rituals and treatments they offer as you enjoy the ambiance and serene environment. The location near the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge is also nice for getting around the city. 

  • Fitness and spa & wellness center
  • Great ambiance 
  • Good food and friendly staff 

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria #3 – The Lilygate Lagos

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 904 9000 | 👉 Check Prices for The Lilygate Lagos Hotel on Booking

Located on the Lekki Peninsula with relatively easy access to both Ikoyi and Victoria Island, The Lilygate Lagos exudes an impressive and awesome atmosphere for both business and leisure travelers alike. Their staff are also lauded for their great service and hospitality.

  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Great ambiance
  • Beautiful architectural design

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria #4 – The Avenue Suites

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 814 317 2521 | 👉 Check Prices for The Avenue Suites Hotel on Booking

Situated near the water in Victoria Island, The Avenue Suites offers nice rooms and comfortable beds in a solid location, making it one of our top hotels in Lagos Nigeria. Try out the restaurant on the 6th floor to get a great and expansive view of the shorefront and the ocean.

  • Nice and comfortable beds
  • Clean and modern rooms 
  • Great service and friendly staff

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria #5 – Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 703 188 1523 | 👉 Check Prices for Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel on Booking

The Victoria Crown Plaza offers a tranquil ambiance for both business travelers and tourists alike. The stylish hotel design and atmosphere will surely make a guest forget the busy hustle of the Lagos city life, even if it is located in the middle of it all in Victoria Island. It’s a great hotel in Lagos Nigeria for those looking for a sense of comfort, relaxation and security.

  • Great service and friendly staff
  • Spacious and clean rooms
  • Comfortable beds

Best Budget Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria – Three Arms Hotel

Hotel Website | Hotel Phone: +234 1 291 2700 | 👉 Check Prices for Three Arms Hotel on Booking

This is the hotel I personally stayed at while in Lagos Nigeria. The Three Arms Hotel is a great budget option, though to be honest the location and facilities are frankly a step below some of the other hotels in Lagos Nigeria that made this list. With that said, if budget is your top priority, you’ll do just fine at this hotel. 

  • Quiet location exudes a homely feel
  • Clean and comfortable rooms
  • Better value for money

Conclusion: Finding the Top Lagos Nigeria Hotels

Above are the best hotels in Lagos Nigeria we could find, but there are actually quite a few options in the city so if you prefer you can run your own search directly in Booking.

After booking your hotel, be sure to check out my list of the Best Things to Do in Lagos – some of them probably aren’t a part of your plans yet! 

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  1. The Three Arms Hotel is currently shutdown. I found it when I tried to check in. I booked it thought Delta/Hotels.com and nobody communicated with me before arriving to Nigeria. That left me in a difficult situation. Delta is processing my refund now.

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