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Introducing Nigeria

Let's start by acknowledging the obvious: Nigeria probably isn't at the top of the vacation destination list for your average traveler. There are plenty of challenges to traveling to Nigeria, starting with simply navigating the complicated visa process to get in. Plus, once you arrive, you'll find relatively minimal tourism infrastructure and prices that are surprisingly high in many places. 

But, if you're here, you probably knew all that already. And if you're an intrepid traveler willing to go where others aren't, you'll find that Nigeria offers the perfect destination to immerse yourself in a tremendously complex tapestry of cultures. 

You're likely to spend some time in the bustling city of Lagos, which has an energy not quite like any other city on the planet. Leave the city and you'll find a country overflowing with history, bountiful nature, and incredibly friendly locals. Whatever you expect of Nigeria, get ready to have those expectations thrown out the window! 

Plan Your Trip to Nigeria:


Language: English is the official language of Nigeria, though over 500 native languages are spoken in Nigeria. 

Currency: Naira ($1 = ~390.38 naira).

Credit Cards & ATMs: In larger Nigerian cities and towns (especially in tourist areas), debit/credit cards are generally accepted. But do bring along some local cash with you for when you find yourself in places where cards are not accepted. Alternatively, a number of travelers prefer to use a prepaid card (with limited cash loaded on at any one time) instead to avoid any possible fraudulent incidents.

Plugs: Type D or G, 230V / 50Hz. Bring this universal adapter

Safety: Nigeria is relatively safe for travelers provided you aren’t traveling to the north and north-eastern part of the country and are exercising reasonable travel precautions as you would anywhere else. You should read the latest travel advisories from the US State Department and consider purchasing travel insurance for Nigeria.

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  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Abeokuta
  • Oshogbo
  • Benin City

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Although it varies by region, generally the best time to go to Nigeria is during the Harmattan (dry) season from November to January. It's recommended to avoid traveling during its rainy season which runs from March to July.

Nigeria Trivia and Facts

  • Nigeria has the highest population in Africa, with almost 200 million residents.
  • Over an estimate 500 indigenous languages are spoken throughout Nigeria!
  • "Nollywood" is the nickname for the Nigerian movie industry. And would you believe that it’s even bigger than Hollywood, and second only to India's Bollywood?


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What to Pack for Nigeria


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Driving in Nigeria

Driving in Nigeria is not for the faint of heart. In Nigeria, traffic moves on the right side of the road while overtaking is on the left side. Do note that international driving permits are not recognized in Nigeria, and all foreigners are required to obtain the Nigerian driver license. For this reason, it is common for visitors to hire drivers. Within the Lagos metro area, Uber works well.

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