Places to visit in Africa : Namibia

Best Places to Travel in 2018 for Trendsetters

What are the best places to travel in 2018? What will be the top places to visit in 2018? Well, read on to find out.

But, first, a word of warning: If you’re looking for lists of the best places to travel in 2018 that will just tell you to visit same old tourist spots — like Paris, Santorini, or Sydney — you’ve come to the wrong place (and, let’s be honest: you don’t need us to tell you to go to Paris — you’ve probably already heard of it).

But if you’re a trendsetting traveler who prefers to blaze your own path instead of following the other travel lemmings, we’ve got you covered with a detailed rundown of the hippest and best places to travel for 2018. You know, cool under-touristed places like Swakopmund, Namibia.

With the help of dozens of the world’s best travel bloggers, I’ve compiled a series of lists laying out the best places to travel in 2018 for the trendy traveler. These hot and emerging destinations are the next big travel spots — but if you go now, you still have a chance to beat the crowds, and to earn the distinction of one of the early adopters who visited these awesome locations … before they were cool (actually, they’ve always been cool – you’re just figuring it out before most other people).

From the best European destinations for 2018 to the best destinations in North America for the year, we’ve rounded up awesome destinations around the planet, organized by continent.

So where do bloggers thinks that trendsetters will be traveling in 2018? Well, you’ll have to check out the lists, but let’s just say that Kazakhstan, Tasmania, and the inland United States have a lot to brag about.

So let’s get to it! You can explore the best places to travel in 2018 by continent by clicking on the images below:

Best Places to Travel (2018) By Continent:

Best Places to Travel 2018 : Africa
Best Places to Travel 2018 : Asia
Best Places to Travel 2018 : Europe
Best Places to Travel 2018 : North America
Best Places to Travel 2018 : South America
Best Places to Travel 2018 : Oceania
What are the best places to travel in 2018? We asked dozens of bloggers and they've picked the hottest travel spots, great destinations for 2018, and the best places to travel next year. Read the full list here!
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