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Where to Stay in Keystone (Best Areas & Hotels)

Picking where to stay in Keystone is crucial to enjoying this gorgeous Colorado mountain town. The place you choose can really affect how much you enjoy Keystone. But never worry, because in this article I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to stay like a pro!

River Run Village is the best area to stay if you’re new to the Keystone area. The village is within walking distance of ski lifts and has plenty of restaurants, shops, and bars. It’s not far from the spa and offers some of the best things to do in Keystone, like ice skating in winter and paddleboarding in summer. 

Of course, that’s the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive in, starting with a quick summary of the best places to stay in Keystone:

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Best Places to Stay in Keystone, Colorado

Overlooking view of ski slopes in Keystone

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Keystone? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s do a deep dive into the best areas and neighborhoods in Keystone: 

5 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Keystone

River Run Village is the newest base area and is now considered the center of Keystone. It’s a great spot to be in the middle of the action, but if you want a quieter stay, consider East or West Keystone. Mountain House is also close to lifts and is an older base area. 

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River Run Village Area

View of people roaming around in River Run Village
(photo: Marcela Abrach / Shutterstock)

👉 Best Area For All The Action | ✨ Best River Run Village Hotels: Timbers & Lone Eagle by Keystone ResortArapahoe LodgeBlack Bear Lodge

River Run Village is the hub of a lot of Keystone resort activities and is a great spot to make your home base. You can catch ski gondolas in the village, and it’s the main spot for kids’ ski school so (if you have tots in tow) you won’t have to cart them far. It also has plenty of shopping and restaurants for an after-ski meal.

Pros of Staying in River Run Village Neighborhood:

  • Easy access to skiing and ski school
  • Lots of great restaurants
  • Lots of activities for people who don’t ski

Con of Staying in River Run Village Neighborhood:

  • Can be crowded

📚 River Run Village Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for All The Action
Google Map

Keystone Lakeside Village

View of houses in the Keystone Lakeside Village

👉 Best Area For Lake Activities | ✨ Best Lakeside Village Hotels: The Keystone Lodge and SpaLakeside Village by Keystone ResortSeasons 1859

Keystone Lakeside Village is close to ice skating in the winter and paddle boarding and boating in the summer. It’s also near the Keystone Conference Center, so if you’re traveling for business then it’s the perfect spot. There’s a shuttle that will take you to the lifts, and even a free ski check at the River Run Gondola so you can leave your gear there instead of having to haul it back and forth. 

Pros of Staying in Lakeside Village Neighborhood:

  • Pretty lake views & activities
  • Close to conference center
  • Ski shuttle available

Con of Staying in Lakeside Village Neighborhood:

  • Can’t walk to ski lifts

📚 Lakeside Village Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Lake Activities
Google Map

East Keystone

Overlooking view of a golf course in Keystone, Colorado

👉 Best Area For Secluded Stays | ✨ Best East Keystone Hotels: Ski Tip Lodge Settlers Creek 6535Trappers Crossing 8780

Known for more secluded lodging that’s closer to nature, East Keystone is out of the main fray of the shops and restaurants at Keystone Resort. Though you can’t walk out your door and head to the lifts, this is the perfect spot to avoid the crowds after a day of skiing. It’s also beautiful and out of the way in summer.

Pros of Staying in East Keystone Neighborhood:

  • Quiet, secluded
  • More residential homes

Con of Staying in East Keystone Neighborhood:

  • You’ll need a car to get around 

📚 East Keystone Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Secluded Stays
Google Map

West Keystone

View of a golf course in West Keystone, Colorado

👉 Best Area For Golf | ✨ Best West Keystone Hotels: Soda Springs Ii TownhouseEvergreen CondominiumsThe Forest Neighborhood

West Keystone is an excellent pick if you’re traveling with a larger group. This area has great options for larger accommodations so it’s perfect for a family reunion or for several families traveling together. It’s also close to Keystone’s two golf courses and is near a bike path leading to Keystone Lake.

Pros of Staying in West Keystone Neighborhood:

  • Larger rentals available
  • Close to the golf course

Con of Staying in West Keystone Neighborhood:

  • You’ll need to drive or shuttle to Keystone Ski Resort

📚 West Keystone Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Golfing
Google Map

Mountain House

Aerial view of houses in Keystone during winter season

👉 Best Area For Low-Key Skiing | ✨ Best Mountain House Hotels: Mountain House by Keystone ResortKey Condo2800 Slopeside Condo

Mountain House is the original base area for skiing in Keystone. It’s a great option if you want to be close to the lifts but without the crowds of River Run. There’s a ski school and kids’ area, along with shops and a lift ticket office. It’s also easy to catch a shuttle to River Run and other areas of Keystone. 

Pros of Staying in Mountain House Neighborhood:

  • Close to ski lifts
  • Quieter and less crowded than the newer River Run
  • Shops and restaurants within walking distance

Cons of Staying in Mountain House Neighborhood:

  • The older area of Keystone
  • You’ll need to take the shuttle to get to newer, trendier spots

📚 Mountain House Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Low-Key Skiing
Google Map

Tips for Staying in Keystone

Consider All Transportation Options

Not a driver? Then you’re in luck! It’s quite possible to take your ski trip to Keystone without a car (something that isn’t easily possible for most other ski resorts around Denver).

Shuttles will take you from Denver International Airport to various hotels in town. Then, once you’re there, a lot of the sites will be within walking distance or are served by shuttles.

Further, if you plan to spend your entire trip at the Keystone Resort, then you likely won’t need a car. Of course, if you plan on visiting more vacation spots in Colorado, you’ll want some wheels. 

👉 Pro Tip: If you do plan to rent a car on your trip, then I have to recommend checking out Discover Cars. They make the rental process simple!

Stay Hydrated

It’s especially easy to forget to drink enough water in winter when the cold weather has you reaching for coffee and hot toddies instead. However, it’s vitally important that you stay hydrated – especially if you’re skiing outside all day. Drinking tons of water is also the best way to fight the effects of high altitude and prepare yourself for the elevation.

Wear Sunscreen

Another important tip to remember year-round is to make sure you apply and reapply sunscreen during the day. You’re closer to the sun up here! I like to have quality face sunscreen, plus a sports sunscreen for any other exposed parts. 

Go Easy At First

You may want to allow a day to get acclimated to the altitude before planning a ski day or other physical activities. Activities I recommend on your first day include checking out River Run Village, Keystone Lake, and the sites in town.

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Pack Layers

Don’t let the Colorado seasons fool you – you can easily find yourself sweating on the winter slopes and freezing out on the lake in summer. Be ready for the Rocky Mountain weather by bringing plenty of moisture-wicking, breathable layers that you can easily take off and pile on as the weather gets warmer or colder. 

For more advice on what to pack for Colorado weather, be sure to check out these Colorado packing list tips!

FAQs About Where to Stay in Keystone

Is Keystone a good place for beginners?

Keystone, Colorado is a good place for beginner skiers. There are a variety of green runs on the mountain and classes catering to both kids and adults. The resort is easy to navigate, so it’s not intimidating for a first-time skier. 

Is Keystone a party town?

Keystone is not considered a party town. There are plenty of bars, brewpubs, and places to get a delicious apres-ski cocktail. However, there aren’t a lot of nightclubs or places to hang out into the early hours of the morning. 

What is there to do in Keystone if you don’t ski?

Keystone has plenty of activities if you don’t ski. You can ice skate on Keystone Lake, roast s’mores over the fire, go snow tubing, take a dinner sleigh ride, take a snowcat tour, go shopping, or enjoy a spa day.

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Thanks for reading my guide to where to stay in Keystone, Colorado! The area is small enough that you really won’t go wrong with whichever area you decide – you’ll never be too far from anything!

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