View of skiers and snowboarders having fun in Colorado Ski Resort

12 Best Ski Resorts Near Denver (for 2023)

Although there are a lot of Colorado ski resorts that are far into the mountains (and worth visiting), it’s nice to get to one near Denver without too much fuss! Fortunately, there are lots of ski resorts near Denver that are great for solo advanced skiers, or for families with kids just learning to ski, or for friends who just want to get out for a day on the slopes. 

Whichever type of skier or snowboarder you are, I’ve got something for you on this list of the top Denver area ski resorts! 

I organized this list based on mileage – starting with the ski resort closest to Denver. Note the drive times listed below are based on no traffic and – I have to warn you – traffic in Colorado during ski season can be a bear!

I-70 is the main thoroughfare for most of the ski resorts near Denver, and it often gets backed up (especially on Fridays and Sundays). Be sure to check traffic times before you leave, and definitely check the weather for coming storms!

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Echo Mountain 

⛷️  Closest ski area to Denver

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Echo Mountain is the signal closest ski area to Denver. They call themselves a “mostly intermediate mountain,” although Echo Mountain does have slopes for beginners. They do not offer lessons, but they have Ambassadors who will give you advice if you want to try and learn on your own. They also have night skiing and boarding, a terrain park, and a tubing hill. 

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: TBD
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  275 inches/ 699 cm 
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 10,050 feet / 3,063 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 10,650 feet/ 3,246 meters  
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 36 miles/50 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $ 

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Eldora Mountain

⛷️ Closest to Boulder 

View of the Eldora Mountain while riding a ski lift

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Eldora Mountain is the closest resort to Boulder, and second-closest to Denver. Eldora has ski and snowboard schools, an uphill alpine pass if you want to ski without using a lift, and Nordic cross-country skiing. 

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: November 19
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  300 inches/ 762 cm 
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 9,200 feet / 2,804 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 10,600 feet/ 3,231 meters  
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 49.8 miles/ 1 hour and 12 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$

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Loveland Ski Area

⛷️ Best close resort for inexperienced skiers

View of the ski and snowboard area in Loveland

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Loveland is one of a few popular ski resorts for locals, thanks to how close it is to Denver. If you want runs for less-experienced skiers, hit up Loveland Valley. If you want more of a challenge, head to Loveland Basin next door.

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: October 31 (estimated)
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  422 inches/ 1,072 cm 
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 10,800 feet / 3,292 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 13,010 feet/ 3,965 meters  
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 57 miles/ 1 hour and 2 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$

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Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

⛷️For intermediate and advanced local skiers

View of two skiers resting and having a drink in Arapahoe Basin
(photo: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock)

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Arapahoe Basin (known locally as A-Basin) is more popular with locals than tourists, because it’s close to Denver and doesn’t have any overnight lodging. A-Basin is more of a challenge than Loveland – I’ve taken beginner kids here and they struggled with the runs. But it’s a great place if you have some skiing under your belt. “The Beach” – an area of the parking lot where people tailgate – is a fun place to relax between runs.

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: October 17
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  350 inches/ 889 cm  
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 10,780 feet / 3,286 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 12,408 feet/ 3,782 meters
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 64.2 miles/ 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$

❄️ Don’t Forget to Pack: Temps when you’re skiing and boarding in Colorado can get really cold! Bring along some hand and toe warmers to stay comfortable.  

Winter Park

⛷️ Great family-friendly ski resort

View of people skiing downhill at Winter Park Resort
(photo: Steve Boice / Shutterstock)

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Winter Park is a little more expensive than the other ski resorts near Denver I’ve shared so far, but it has trails for a variety of skiers from beginner to expert. Winter Park offers more of a resort-y feel than the other closest ski resorts, with lodging, shops, restaurants, and other winter outdoor activities. 

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: November 17
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  327 inches/ 831 cm 
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 9,000 feet / 2,743 meters  
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 12,060 feet/ 3,676 meters  
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 66.1 miles/ 1 hour and 18 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$

Keystone Resort

⛷️Best for families and beginning skiers

View of skiers enjoying in Keystone Ski Resort
(photo: Steve Boice / Shutterstock)

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Keystone Ski Resort is another family-friendly destination, with activities like ice skating, dog sledding, tubing, sleigh rides, and more. Keystone also has night skiing that goes until 8 pm on weekends and holidays, and it has a variety of runs for all levels. 

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: October (as soon as weather permits)
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  225 inches/ 571 cm
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 9,280 feet / 2,829 meters  
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 12,408 feet/ 3,782 meters
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 69.3 miles/ 1 hour and 22 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$
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Copper Mountain

⛷️Popular local overnight getaway

Skiers and Snowboarders riding on a ski lift in Copper Mountain

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Copper Mountain is a popular ski resort for Denver locals who want a weekend away without going too far. It’s close enough that you don’t have to spend much of your precious weekend driving (if you time it right!), but it has the lodging, restaurants, shops, and other winter activities of upscale Colorado ski resorts. 

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: November 16 (estimated)
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  305 inches/ 774 cm  
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 9,712 feet / 2,946 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 12,441 feet/ 3,792 meters 
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 78.2 miles/ 1 hour and 24 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$

Breckenridge Ski Resort

⛷️ Convenient lodgings to get you on the slopes

View of skiers riding on a ski lift in Breckenridge during winter

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Breckenridge Ski Resort has lessons and runs for beginners, but Peak 8 is a popular area with terrain parks and bowls for more advanced skiers. Historic downtown Breckenridge has restaurants, bars, and shops when you’re finished skiing for the day. Check out our guide to staying in Breckenridge for more details on the best places to stay.

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: November 12
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall: 366 inches / 930 cm
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 9,600 feet / 2,926 meters
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 12,998 feet / 3,962 meters
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 80.7 miles/ 1 hour and 34 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$

❄️ Don’t Forget to Pack: Although you’re likely wearing a helmet while skiing, this women’s Burton snow hat will keep you warm and looking super-cute while you’re exploring the town! 

Granby Ranch 

⛷️ Great place for beginning skiers

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Granby has been dubbed one of the best places in Colorado to learn to ski. We’ve taken our kids there for lessons, and I have to agree! It’s easy to navigate, I’m not afraid of losing track of people in my party, and it’s a great, smaller resort.

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: December 11
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  120 inches/ 305 cm 
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 8,202 feet / 2,500 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 9,202 feet/ 2,805 meters  
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 86.3 miles/ 1 hour and 42 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$

Vail Mountain Resort

⛷️Most popular Colorado ski resort

View of people having fun skiing in Vail Mountain Resort

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Vail is the most popular ski resort in Colorado, and one of the biggest in the world. It’s more expensive than the ski resorts near Denver that I’ve listed so far, but it has every amenity you could possibly need at a ski resort. Check out our guide to the best places to stay in Vail to plan your trip, or see our guide comparing Vail vs Breckenridge.

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: November 12th
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall: 189 inches / 480 cm
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 8,120 feet / 2,475 meters
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 11,570 feet / 3,527 meters
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 96.9 miles/ 1 hour and 39 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$$

❄️ Don’t Forget to Pack: Ski and snowboard helmets can protect you from disaster while you’re enjoying the slopes. Check out REI’s selection of helmets here.

Beaver Creek Resort

⛷️Relaxed, upscale ski resort

View of a skier in the Beaver Creek Resort Ski Area
(photo: jweller / Shutterstock)

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Beaver Creek is only a few miles farther than Vail, but the vibe is very different. Although Beaver Creek also has an upscale feel, it isn’t the center of a whole town. Fewer people drive the extra few miles to Beaver Creek so there aren’t as many people crowding the resort. 

When I took my kids to ski there, they got excellent lessons, and I found someone waiting at the top of the ski lifts to help me decide which runs suited me best.

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: November 24
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  325 inches/ 826 cm  
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 8,100 feet / 2,469 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 11,440 feet/ 3,488 meters 
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 109 miles/ 1 hour and 54 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $$$

Ski Cooper 

⛷️ Best budget ski area

The author's daughter enjoying skiing in Ski Cooper Ski Area

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We’ve been taking our family to Ski Cooper for years now. I love it because it’s a casual resort – not crowded or fussy. It’s inexpensive and small enough that I feel comfortable sending my older kids off skiing on their own. You’re not going to become a world-class skier here probably, but you’ll have a fun, laid back day.

🏔️ Pro Tip: There is no lodging at Ski Cooper – Leadville is the closest option and is about half an hour away. 

  • 📅 2021-2022 Opening Date: December 8 (estimated)
  • ❄️ Average Annual Snowfall:  260 inches/ 660 cm 
  • 🎿 Elevation at Base: 10,500 feet / 3,200 meters 
  • 🏔️ Elevation at Summit: 11,700 feet/ 3,566 meters  
  • 🚗 Distance from Denver: 108.7 miles/ 1 hour and 56 minutes
  • 🚠 Lift Ticket Cost: $

FAQs about Ski Resorts Close to Denver

What is the closest skiing to Denver?

Echo Mountain offers the closest skiing to Denver. It’s a mostly intermediate mountain, so if you want beginner ski lessons and more amenities, a resort like Winter Park or Keystone will be a better bet. 

What’s the closest ski resort to Denver International Airport?

Echo Mountain is the closest ski resort to Denver International Airport. Echo Mountain is fairly bare bones, however, so if you’re flying into our Denver airport for the sole purpose of skiing or snowboarding, you may want to travel a little further to Winter Park, Keystone, or Vail for the traditional ski trip experience.

Where should I stay in Denver to ski?

If you want to stay in downtown Denver and still be able to ski, these hotels are excellent places to make your home base!


I hope some of these closest ski resorts to Denver piqued your interest! They’re all great options for their own reasons.

If you want to do more exciting things in and near Denver, be sure to check out our list of things to do in Denver!

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