Best Places to Stay in Denver

Where to Stay in Denver, By an Area Local [2023]

Denver is quickly becoming one of the hottest cities in America for tourism, which leaves many people wondering where to stay in Denver.

I am from Denver and spent many years living in different areas of Denver. Now I travel the world full time, but every time I return I take a moment to take stock of how the different neighborhoods of Denver are changing.

And I can assure you of one thing: where you choose to stay in Denver will have a big impact on how much you enjoy your trip to the Mile High City. So to help you out, I created this local’s guide to staying in Denver. I also have a separate post where I rank the best hotels in Denver.

Oh, and before you dive in, be sure to bookmark my epic list of the top Denver activities.

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Best Places to Stay in Denver

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Denver? Here are my top picks, by budget:

⭐ Top Overall
✨ Luxury Pick
💰 Best Value

You can't go wrong at the best location in Denver. Modern, clean, hip & reasonably priced.


A gorgeous historic hotel located right downtown. Where to stay for special occasions or splashing out.


On a budget but want a clean & central stay? Here's a fantastic choice (located right behind Union Station)!

⭐ Top Overall

You can't go wrong at the best location in Denver. Modern, clean, hip & reasonably priced.

✨ Luxury Pick

A gorgeous historic hotel located right downtown. Where to stay for special occasions or splashing out.

💰 Best Value

On a budget but want a clean & central stay? Here's a fantastic choice (located right behind Union Station)!

Prefer an apartment? Check out Plum Guide’s Denver apartments! They only list the best places. That means higher quality listings and less to sort through. Their Denver inventory is especially ideal if you want a larger place in the center of town.

Or maybe you want to research more hotels? Check out my guide to the best hotels in Denver. Otherwise, let’s break down the 9 best areas and neighborhoods to stay in Denver.

9 Best Areas to Stay in Denver

The author at one of the top places to stay in Denver
The incredible historic The Oxford Hotel, is located right near Union Station!

There are technically 78 Denver neighborhoods, far too many to cover fairly in this guide. Instead, I’ll cover the 9 Denver neighborhoods that are most popular with visitors and tourists.

If you’re looking to move to Denver, I’d suggest you instead see my guide to the best Denver neighborhoods to buy, rent, or live in 2022.

1. Union Station / Lower Downtown (“LoDo”)

View of the lobby of The Maven in the LoDo area of Denver
Downstairs from The Maven Hotel, you’ll find Dairy Block, one of the coolest “micro-districts” in Denver

👉 Best Area For First Timers and Tourists | ✨ Best LoDo Hotels: The MavenThe CrawfordThe Oxford

Union Station is a historic train station that used to be a hub for railway shipments headed West. Recently renovated, Union Station is now the cultural heart of Lower Downtown (“LoDo”) Denver. If you are figuring out where to stay in Denver, and want to be in the center of it all, Lower Downtown is definitely the area for you.

The surrounding neighborhood consists largely of older warehouse-style buildings and some newer construction. If you want a unique stay, you’ll find some really cool warehouse-loft-style apartments on Plum Guide.

The Union Station area is home to some of Denver’s best restaurants, boutique shops, bars, hotels, and Coors Field (home to the Colorado Rockies baseball team).

If you can afford it, my top recommendation for first-time visitors is that the Lower Downtown area is the best neighborhood to stay in Denver — specifically, The Maven hotel! You’ll be in the middle of it, all with easy access to transportation options, fine dining, sports and performances, nightlife, and the most vibrant parts of the city.

Pros of Staying in LoDo / Union Station Neighborhood:

  • Located in the center of the action
  • Tons of restaurants and bars
  • Easy to walk to much of the city, a short Uber or scooter ride to the rest

Cons of Staying in LoDo / Union Station Neighborhood:

  • Hotels are relatively expensive

📚 Union Station Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for First Timers
Google Map

2. Five Points / RiNo

Colorful street art in RiNo district Denver
The alley behind Denver Central Market

👉 Best Area For Nightlife and Art | ✨ Best RiNo Hotels: The Ramble The Source Hotel

Just north of Union Station lies Five Points (aka River North or RiNo), one of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods and probably the best neighborhood to stay in Denver for nightlife. That is if you can find a place available here. The few hotels, namely The Ramble and The Source Hotel, book up fast, though you can also find apartment rentals here.

At one point Five Points was known as the “Harlem of the West,” with discriminatory housing laws in the rest of the city resulting in this neighborhood becoming the focal point of the city’s African American community. In recent years, Five Points has been the target of heavy development and gentrification.

Today, the RiNo area is home to a growing number of hot clubs, cool breweries, and fun and innovative dining options. Check out Denver Central Market, where restaurants, a deli, a café, and an ice cream shop all share a single roof, with colorful art in the adjoining alley.

RiNo is a great place to spend your evenings while traveling to Denver and this could be your best area to stay in Denver if nightlife and dining are on the top of your list of things to do while in Denver.

Pros of Staying in RiNo Neighborhood:

  • Best nightlife area in town
  • Solid restaurants, great street art
  • A fun and lively area

Cons of Staying in RiNo Neighborhood:

  • Nightlife means it can get loud on weekends
  • Things are spread out, so walking downtown is a bit of a hike

📚 Five Points / River North Mini Guide 📚
Best for Nightlife and Art
Google Map

3. Cherry Creek

View of the author at the Halcyon in Cherry Creek Denver
The apartment-style rooms at the Halcyon are amazing!

👉 Best Area For Luxury Travel and Shopping | ✨ Best Cherry Creek Hotels: Halycon HotelThe Jacquard Autograph Collection

The Denver Cherry Creek neighborhood is best known for its high-end residential units, as well as its enormous shopping complex by the same name. There are also a number of dining options here, though quite a few of them fall into the chain variety. Denver’s Cherry Creek is the best area to stay in Denver if you’re intent on doing a lot of shopping or if you want a high-end hotel outside of downtown Denver. Otherwise, I’d candidly recommend giving it a pass as it can feel a bit sterile to visitors.

Pros of Staying in the Cherry Creek Neighborhood:

  • Large, clean, expansive streets that are great for walking
  • TONS of shopping options
  • The most high-end/luxury part of town

Cons of Staying in the Cherry Creek Neighborhood:

  • It’s far from everything – you’ll definitely need a car or frequent Ubers

📚 Cherry Creek Mini Guide 📚
Best for Luxury Travelers, Shoppers
Google Map

4. Central Business District (CBD)

View of Denver Convention Center and Blue Bear
The Blue Bear outside the Denver Convention Center in Denver’s CBD

👉 Best Area For Business Travel & Conventions | ✨ Best CBD Hotels: Le Meridien HotelThe Brown Palace Hotel

Sporting soaring office skyscrapers and a long pedestrian mall along 16th street (complete with a free shuttle service that runs the entire length of downtown Denver from the Capitol to Union Station), the Central Business District is the center of Denver’s growing business community.

The CBD area is also home to the Denver Convention Center, a huge multipurpose space. The Convention Center plays host to a wide variety of conferences and events, including the annual Great American Beer Festival. It’s also next to the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

If you are traveling to Denver on business or for a convention, the many hotels in Denver’s Central Business District neighborhood make for a convenient option.

But, in my opinion, the area can be a little dull at night (because almost nobody actually lives here). This is really only the best area to stay in Denver for business travelers, those loyal to a particular hotel chain, or those who plan to spend all of their time at the Colorado Convention Center.

The one exception is if you’re staying in the Brown Palace Hotel, a fantastic historic hotel that is an experience in itself!

Pros of Staying in the CBD Neighborhood:

  • Great for attending conventions
  • Close to downtown office buildings
  • Lots of Denver attractions within walking distance

Cons of Staying in the CBD Neighborhood:

  • Not a residential area, so CBD can feel a little dead at night (especially on weekdays)

📚 Central Business District Mini Guide 📚
Best for Business Travelers, Convention Attendees
Google Map

5. Capitol Hill

View of the author in front of the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver

👉 Best Area For Budget Travelers | ✨ Best Capitol Hill Hotels: The Art Hotel Denver

Home to the Colorado State Capitol and the Molly Brown House Museum, Capitol Hill is a blend of residential housing (largely townhomes and low-rise apartment buildings) and gritty but more affordable nightlife and dining options.

Denver’s Capitol Hill is also home to some of the more interesting stretches of Colfax Avenue, which Playboy once called “the longest, wickedest street in America.” Here you can find tattoo parlors, marijuana dispensaries, and run-down liquor stores nestled between trendy craft breweries and value restaurant options.

Capitol Hill is where to stay if you’re the kind of traveler who likes Williamsburg when staying in NYC or Silverlake when staying in LA. Capitol Hill also could be the best neighborhood to stay in Denver if you are looking for an affordable but central alternative to the city’s more expensive neighborhoods. Despite its grit, Capitol Hill is the best place to stay in Denver on a budget.

Pros of Staying in the CBD Neighborhood:

  • Great for attending conventions
  • Close to downtown office buildings
  • Lots of Denver attractions within walking distance

Cons of Staying in the CBD Neighborhood:

  • Not a residential area, so can feel a little dead at night (especially on weekdays)
  • While I personally feel safe here, safety might be an issue for some. Read our article on safety in Denver to make sure this area is within your personal comfort zone

📚 Capitol Hill Mini Guide 📚
Best for Budget Travelers
Google Map

6. Lower Highlands / LoHi

Exterior view of Senor Bear restaurant in Lower Highlands neighborhood
Senor Bear, one of many superb restaurants and bars in LoHi

👉 Best Area For Families | ✨ Best LoHi Hotels: Life HouseFairfield Inn & Suites

LoHi was my home for many years and is still one of the hottest residential locations in Denver. Highlands — as the name suggests — is located up a bit of a hill that gives many spots stunning vistas of the downtown Denver skyline.

The southern part of the Highlands neighborhood, often called “LoHi,” is home to some of the most expensive restaurants and bars in the city, including the ever-trendy Linger, which is set in a former mortuary. There is also a stretch of cool bars, restaurants, and shops further north in Highlands along Tennyson Avenue.

The neighborhood is a great base for those looking for a quieter scene, as LoHi tends to calm down a bit after sunset. There are a number of larger apartment rentals on VRO available here, and a few really incredible listings on Plum Guide. You’ll also find some mid-market hotels fronting Speer Avenue that may offer value given their proximity to downtown Denver.

A good budget place to stay in LoHi is the Fairfield Inn & Suites, conveniently located off Speer Boulevard.

Oh, and don’t miss ice cream at the iconic Little Man, where servers scoop up the good stuff from a building shaped like a milk can. It’s one of the best things to do in Denver!

Pros of Staying in the LoHi Neighborhood:

  • Amazing restaurants
  • Reasonably close to downtown
  • Lively but still quiet at night
  • Has a great residential ambiance, with lots of greenery, parks, and fewer cars

Cons of Staying in the LoHi Neighborhood:

  • The hill makes the walk back from downtown a bit of a chore

📚 LoHi Mini Guide 📚
Best for Families
Google Map

7. Uptown / North Capitol Hill

👉 Best Area For Longer Term Stays | ✨ Best Uptown Hotels: The Warwick

The smaller Uptown residential neighborhood is a quick walk away from Denver’s CBD, and a good value option for those visiting on business or looking to move to Denver. I lived here for years and bought my first home in this area of Denver.

Though not as lively as the surrounding neighborhoods, there is a mini-stretch of dining and nightlife along 17th Avenue that can still “Uptown funk you up.”

If you’re looking for the cheapest place to stay in Denver’s central area, check out the budget The Warwick hotel in Uptown. It’s not new, but it’s affordable and central.

If you want to hang out on Colfax without having to actually stay on Colfax, or if you need to be downtown but want a little more character in your neighborhood, Uptown is a good area to stay in Denver for you. Don’t miss Ace, where modern Asian food, stylish but affordable cocktails, and ping pong (yes, ping pong!) all combine in an unexpected mix that works much better than it sounds.

Pros of Staying in the Uptown Neighborhood:

Cons of Staying in the Uptown Neighborhood:

  • Fewer hotels to choose from (pretty much just The Warwick)

📚 Uptown Mini Guide 📚
Best for Longer Term Stays in Denver
Google Map

8. Baker / South Broadway

The author standing in front of Denver's The Mayan Theatre
Me in front of the historic Mayan theatre, my favorite place on South Broadway

👉 Best Area For Young Professionals | ✨ Best Uptown Hotels: Towne Place Suites by Marriott

In recent years, the area along South Broadway has become the hip spot for Denver’s younger professional set. The anchor attraction of “SoBo” is Punch Bowl Social, a huge complex that includes a restaurant, several bars, a bowling alley, a shuffleboard, and an upstairs game room.

You’ll also want to check out the rest of the many smaller, hip joints that dot South Broadway from 1st Street down to Alameda Avenue.

From swank restaurants to cheap eats, there are plenty of places to grab a bite on South Broadway. And if you’re in a shopping mood, skip the chain stores and check out the many incredible boutiques. If you want a fun area to stay in Denver outside of downtown, this is it (along with RiNo).

Note that most of the accommodation in the SoBo area is apartment rentals, are there aren’t a ton of hotel options. The one exception is the Towne Place Suites by Marriott which is a decent budget option if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in Denver.

Pros of Staying in the Baker / South Broadway Neighborhood:

  • South Broadway is filled with lots of fun bars, restaurants, and shops
  • Still pretty quiet once you are a block away from South Broadway
  • Always a pretty lively area

Cons of Staying in the Baker / South Broadway Neighborhood :

  • Fewer hotels to choose from (check out Towne Place Suites)
  • Far from much of the rest of Denver

📚 South Broadway Mini Guide 📚
Best for Millennials, Young Professionals
Google Map

9. Washington Park

The author looking out over Washington Park in Denver
Me in Washington Park

👉 Best Area For Families and Outdoors (But no hotels!)

Home to many students and younger families, the Washington Park (“Wash Park”) neighborhood is a residential area set around the expansive park of the same name. It is worth a visit while traveling to Denver — especially during good weather when Washington Park comes alive with bikers, runners, skaters, basketball players, and more.

Although it is a wonderful Denver neighborhood, Washington Park is a little far out from the rest of the city, so I wouldn’t recommend staying in Washington Park unless you have a car or are willing to spend some time taking Denver public transportation.

The other problem is that there are no hotels in Washington Park, so you’d need to get an apartment rental to stay in this neighborhood in Denver.

Pros of Staying in the Washington Park Neighborhood:

  • The park is huge and a great place to get outdoors in the city
  • Very pet friendly

Cons of Staying in the Washington Park Neighborhood

  • Zero hotels to choose from, so you’ll need an apartment rental
  • Very far from the rest of Denver (you’ll definitely need a car or bike)

📚 Washington Park Mini Guide 📚
Best for Families, Outdoors Types
Google Map

  • 🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Washington Park
  • 🍽️ Where to EatSushi Den ($$$)
  • 🍸 Where to Drink – Washington Park Grille
  • 🎟️ Top Attractions – Washington Park, the nearby South Pearl Street dining area

5 Tips for Where to Stay in Denver

👉 First time in Denver? Watch Abigail’s video to learn the can’t-miss Denver attractions:

Tip #1 – Don’t Stay at Denver International Airport

If you are new to Denver and searching for hotels on many booking sites, you may be tempted by relatively good deals for hotels near Denver International Airport (DIA). Unless you are specifically coming for a conference that takes place in one of those hotels, or unless you are just transiting through DIA, please do NOT stay at or near DIA.

The airport in Denver is very far from downtown Denver. This is because it sits on the other side of the massive Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. So staying at the Denver airport means being isolated from pretty much anything else in Denver.

👉 First Time in Denver? Don’t miss Abigail’s list of Denver travel tips!

Tip #2 – No, It’s Not Just You, Denver Hotels Are Really Expensive

A lot of people come to Denver thinking the town will make for a great budget vacation destination. That may have been true a decade ago, but these days Denver is one of the most popular business and travel locations in the United States.

Prices for Denver accommodation reflect the city’s popularity, so it’s pretty much impossible to find any true “budget” hotels in Denver.

A “good deal” in Denver these days is pretty much any hotel in Denver under $250/night. In fact, there really isn’t even a single neighborhood in Denver where you can find truly budget hotel stays, although the Capitol Hill area comes closest.

Denver is the most expensive part of the state by far. If you’re on a budget and have the flexibility to check out other destinations in Colorado, consider visiting one of the many other places to see in Colorado instead. There are a lot of activities to do in Colorado beyond just Denver!

Tip #3 – And You May Save Money by Paying More

A lot of travelers are penny wise, pound foolish when it comes to booking accommodation. Don’t get a hotel that is really from downtown just because it cost $20 less per night. You will easily end up spending more than that on transportation costs to getting around Denver.

Instead, you can actually end up saving money by staying in one of my recommended areas in Denver, even if it means paying a bit more for your hotel, becuase it will put you in walking or public transit proximity to the many things to do in Denver (most of which are centered around the core of the city).

That’s why my pick for where to stay in Denver on a budget is the clean and comfortable Hilton Garden Inn Union Station. It may actually be a few bucks more than other budget places to stay in Denver, but its central location by Union Station is sure to save you more than that on transportation costs.

Tip #4 – Denver’s Neighborhoods Use Many Different Names

Note that one confusing thing about Denver’s neighborhoods is that the “official” terms for some of the more popular neighborhoods don’t necessarily align with the terms that locals will throw around.

For example, in recent years the slang “RiNo” (standing for “River North”) has come to be used to describe large portions of the historic neighborhood Five Point (astute travelers will observe that the newer slang terms often correspond to gentrifying areas).

⛰️ Exploring more of CO? Check out our complete guide to the best areas to stay on vacation in Colorado.

Tip #5 – Denver is Great for Day Trips (Video)

One of the best things about Denver is that there are so many fun day trips from Denver you can explore. If you’re staying in any of the above suggested areas, you’ll be close to the highway – which makes it easy to get into the mountains. Click play on the video above to learn more from Abigail, another Denver local.

Need a car for the day? Find the cheapest rates by searching Discover Cars.

FAQs About The Best Areas to Stay in Denver

What is the best area to stay in Denver?

The best overall area to stay in Denver is the Lower Downtown neighborhood, also known as “LoDo” or Union Station. Other top areas to stay in include Five Points and the Central Business District.

Where should I stay in Denver for vacation?

If you are coming to Denver for tourism, great areas to stay include Lower Downtown, Capitol Hill, or the Five Points neighborhood.

Is Denver a walkable city?

Denver is a somewhat walkable city, with an overall Walk Score of 61 according to For tourists to Denver, many attractions are within walking distance, although it greatly helps to have a rental car if you can. See our guide to getting around Denver for more information.

Where should I not stay in Denver?

Areas to avoid staying in Denver as a tourist include anywhere that is too far from downtown Denver, as well as the northern parts of the city between City Park and Five Points (which have some of the higher crime rates in the city). It is also generally inconvenient to stay at Denver International Airport as the airport is located far from the city.

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That’s it for this guide to the best places to stay in Denver. Be sure to check out all our 100% free Denver travel guides.

If you have any questions or any need personalized advice, feel free to scroll down and leave a comment. You’ll just want to bookmark this page and check back for my response (I try my best to respond within a day).

Enjoy the Mile High City! I hope I’ve helped you decide where to stay in Denver.

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    1. Hi Lynne,

      Most hotels downtown are going to be about as reasonably close to Empower Field as you are going to get anyway. If you’re on a budget, there are a couple of relatively budget-friendly hotels clustered on Speer and Zuni Street in LoHi: the Hampton Inn, the Fairfield Inn, and the Residence Inn. From there you can walk along the river to Empower field on the footpath, which I think is a pretty cool experience before and after the game or concert.

      Hope that helps! Enjoy whatever game or show you’re going to!


  1. Hi Nate,
    Great article.Need some help still. We are flying in to Denver on friday for football game at North.Colo Univ. on saturday, staying unitl sunday. got a very early flight 7am on sudnay so dont want to be too far from airport. Was thinking about Westin Downtown or ?…Questions: 1.Is that westin downtown descent area and close to LoDo ? 2. Is westin descent or for the price would you recommend diff.? looking for hotel $200/night (ish)
    thx you!

    1. Hi Jason,

      The reality in Denver is that the only thing really close to the airport are the actual airport hotels. Because the airport is on the other side of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Reserve, it means no matter where you stay (again, unless actually at the airport or one of the hotels that services it, but isn’t near anything else), you are looking at 30 minutes minimum to get there.

      Now, with that said, any of the downtown hotels – including the Westin should work fine. The big problem with getting to DIA is the traffic along I-70, but at that hour you are unlikely to have problems. You could drive, take an Uber, or even take the train from Union Station. The train goes to the airport in about 37 minutes and is very convenient.

      If being within walking distance from Union Station mattered, I might suggest The Maven as it is only a couple blocks away but still often has rates below $200. But, again, the Westin is a great choice as well!

      Enjoy your trip and the game!


  2. Hey Nate, thanks for the tips and great article… quick question, I’m curious to where I should stay for the weekend if I’m looking to do as much site seeing and visit the national parks but also enjoy the downtown area a bit and not be too far from the sites, which area would you recommend?

    1. Hi Joe!

      Really comes down to a question of budget. If you can swing it, just stay in LoDo or RiNo. You’ll be close to I-70, so easy to get up to the mountains, but also within walking distance to all the downtown sites. The Maven is my personal favorite pick, and they do offer reasonable parking.

      Any place in LoDo, CBD, LoHi, or Capitol Hill should probably work pretty well for your situation though! I hope you enjoy Denver.


  3. Hi, thanks for the article is really helpful. I would like to know what are the best ski places near Denver for beginners, should I stay at red rocks?

  4. Greetings!
    Thank you for your insights into Denver and the surrounding areas. My husband and I will be visiting Denver and RMNP for the first time this July,2022. LoDo sounds like our type of area. We are wondering if Airbnbs would be a good choice? We will be renting a car and wondered about parking? Any thoughts?
    Thank you for your help !

    1. Certainly there are Airbnbs in LoDo. Just be prepared to pay average nightly rates of $250 or (much) more. And also try to get one that comes with parking, otherwise you will have a hard time. There are some lots in the area that charge in the neighborhood of $35/night or so for parking, so that is also an option.

  5. Wanting to take in a concert at Red Rocks in June, would be flying in. I don’t want to rent a car. Looks like maybe the train is easy to figure out to get to hotel? Looks as if there are a couple Bars that have a shuttle service to the Red Rocks concert venue? Any suggestions would be helpful. Have never been to Colorado. My biggest concern is getting around without renting a car. Thinking of staying near Union Station just for the convenience, hotels in that area seem very pricey.

    1. I highly recommend taking Bus to Show to Red Rocks! It’s a ton of fun. They meet at bars in LoDo and in Capitol Hill, take you to the concert, then return after. I’ve done it a couple times and loved it. In terms of hotels, yes Union Station area can be a little on the higher end. Try The Maven though – sometimes they offer pretty good nightly rates, depending upon when exactly you’re visiting.

  6. I am looking to stay in the LoDo area but would like to still go somewhere and see snow, snow tube/snow mobile and we would have a rental to get around in. Any recommendations for places. Also what about bars/nightlife? A day trip to Breckenridge maybe?

    1. Hi Mireya – you’ll find tons of bars and nightlife in LoDo. LoDo and RiNo are definitely the places to stay for that. I suggest checking out Pon Pon Bar, the Union Station area, Our Mutual Friend Brewing, and Dairy Block. If clubs are more your style, there are a ton around Coors Field. To get up to the mountains, a rental vehicle is best. Breckenridge is great but a potentially long day trip if you are traveling during peak traffic periods. You can check out our list of ski resorts near Denver or day trips from Denver for ideas. Enjoy Denver!

  7. Great suggestions, Nate….thanks so much. We will be staying at The Oxford in September and wonder if you could suggest any “locals” bars in the area that aren’t sought out by tourists. We also would appreciate any little local joints that serve vegetarian, farm to table type food. Thanks!

    1. If you’re at The Oxford, you must check out The Cruise Room on the first level – it’s the oldest bar in Denver and has a fascinating history! Honestly, you won’t find many “touristy” bars in Denver except along 16th Street. Denver is a pretty big city, so most bars cater to locals (or at least people who live in Denver, since most people who live here moved here these days). There are plenty of tourists in Denver, but they tend to be outnumbered by residents.

      Personally I’m a big fan of Pon Pon bar, which is about a 10 minute walk from The Oxford. I also frequently meet my friends at The Terminal in Union Station. Machete Tequila is also right around the corner from you, and is excellent too (my friend who lives downtown and loves bars is a regular there). Wynkoop Brewing is also around the corner, and definitely pretty local (it was founded by the former mayor and Governor John Hickenlooper). Since you’re vegetarian, you might also like Mercury Cafe (more of a dive bar that also serves good veggie options).

      I am vegetarian myself and highly recommend dinner at City O’ City. Call ahead for a reservation. Watercourse is also solid. Both are located in Capitol Hill. A bit further away, you can try Vital Root in LoHi or Leaf on Pearl Street.

  8. Hi!
    I will only be in Colorado for two days. On the first day I will probably make a day trip to Colorado Spring for a hike and sightseeing, and then come back to stay in Denver for the night and hang around downtown the 2nd day. I will not have a car that day. I won’t be in the room other than sleeping, so I am looking for affordable but clean, but also close to everything. I’m both a Hilton and Marriott member. Thank you 🙂

  9. Awesome article!

    It will be my first time in Denver. I’m in my mid 30s, working professional. Visiting to see a concert at Red Rock on a Thursday evening and staying till Saturday. Where should I stay for my trip?


    1. If visiting Denver primarily for a Red Rocks concert, you could stay at Origin at Red Rocks, which is the only hotel close to the venue. But given that you have extra time and presumably want to enjoy downtown Denver too, I would recommend staying in Union Station or RiNo. Take the Bus to Show party bus to the Red Rocks concert. Personally, I think you can’t go wrong staying at The Maven. It’s right in the Dairy Block, so puts you in the center of the action. For a slightly more budget option, check out the Hilton Garden Inn Denver Union Station, which also has a solid location. Enjoy Red Rocks!

  10. Hi Nate,
    Thanks for your awesome article! Just wondering, how active is Uber/Lyft? We’re planning to spend one night in LoDo, however, we have an early morning flight (6AM) back. What are the chances of catching an Uber/Lyft @ 330-400AM? Is it safe enough to catch the train from Union Station?

    1. Uber and Lyft are both very active in Denver, and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a car at any hour (though it’s always best to order a little earlier at that time). The RTD A Line to DIA from Union Station starts up at 3 am and is also an option. In general, Union Station is safe at any hour, though you definitely should expect to encounter some sleeping homeless individuals (true in any part of Denver though). I personally would feel more than comfortable taking the early morning train and, indeed, have done so so many times myself. I hope you enjoy your trip to Denver!

  11. HI Nate
    Thank you for the post which is very useful and interesting. Especially as a first-time visitor to the city, lots of information are there, Our family visiting Denver and colorado springs from Iowa at the end of the month. We plan to stay at the Radisson hotel for two nights. As we may arrive late from Iowa, on our first day, the hotel is just to rest and then the next day we are going to see RMNP and return to the hotel before we head to colorado springs. After reading your article, I am just wondering whether the Globeville area is safe enough at late night.

    You are right, Hotels in colorado are very expensive in general no matter where you plan to stay, Our plan is to stay 4 days in Denver and two days in Colorado Springs. So for two days, we thought of staying closer to 16th street area, As we still have our options to change the hotels, I would be happy to hear from you if you have any suggestions for the best places and safe places now a days. Thank you again for your time

    1. Hi Sam,

      Globeville is a lesser-known neighborhood and isn’t somewhere I’d usually recommend as the highways cut it off from the rest of the city. But for a short trip like you describe, it could work just fine. While it does have a bit of a reputation for having a higher crime rate, personally I feel safe in Globeville and I think you are very likely to be fine there, especially staying at a big hotel like the Radisson. The Radisson does not get great guest ratings, but if it is more affordable than other hotels for your stay, it may be worth it.

      Other more budget friendly, but more central, hotels to check include The Warwick & The Hilton Garden Inn Union Station.

      I hope you enjoy your trip to Denver and to Rocky Mountain National Park!

  12. Hi! We are going to Denver for two nights. I saw you recommended the Lodo/downtown area but it looks like that will be a bit too expensive. There are some places available around the cheesman park area/south of city park. Do you recommend these areas?

    Also, we are debating between getting a rental car and relying on public transport/uber/scooters. I know parking may be difficult downtown. Is it easier to park around these or the Baker/South broadway area?

    Thank you and the guide is very helpful!

    1. Cheesman Park and City Park are perfectly fine if you have a car. It’s a bit of a far for scooters to downtown for me personally, but if you don’t mind a long ride it might be ok. Certainly Uber is very functional in Denver, though if you’re taking more than 2 trips per day it can quickly eat into any accommodation savings, so you’ll want to be strategic. A rental car would definitely be helpful. Parking is difficult downtown but not impossible. There is street parking, but it’s often hard to find a spot, and the garages are pretty pricey. Most other parts of Denver typically have better parking, though it always takes some patience to find a spot.

      I hope you enjoy DEnver!

  13. Going for 5 days and plan to rent a car and take day trips nearby. What’s the best area to use as a base for that?

    1. Fortunately, most of the areas mentioned in Denver are pretty well connected to the interstates. You’ll want to avoid heading out during rush hour (although less of an issue as you’ll be going against the traffic) and also find a place to stay with dedicated parking. Most of the best Denver day trips are to the west, so you’ll get a marginal benefit staying on the western side of town (e.g., Highlands). But it’s not so great that I would stress about it if you find a place more central that you like better.

  14. Hi Nate – your article is awesome! Using your Red Rocks transportation recommendation I saw you posted earlier. Do you know if there is a map that shows where these different areas (local names) are around Denver which would help in booking a place? Will be traveling there in September and definitely want to try and get outside and enjoy fall as we are coming from Florida! Thanks!

    1. I don’t have a single neighborhood map (maybe we should create one), but if you click “Google Maps” under the mini guide for each area listed, it’ll take you to the Google Maps for that part of Denver. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed Red Rocks!

  15. Hi Nate,

    What a great article! We are planning a visit to Denver and Colorado Spring next week and plan to stay at The Art Hotel Denver, Curio Collection by Hilton near Capital Hill. We have an one year old and want to take him to the museums, zoom, aquirium, and parks. Is that a good place and area to stay in terms of the safey? Any where we should avoid?


    1. Yes, it’s in Golden Triangle which is a safe area (and one of the most central parts of the city, actually). I will note that you should expect to encounter many unhoused people on the street in the area, especially a few blocks north near the Capitol. But the truth is that’s going to be the case in all parts of Denver these days anyway.

      It’s a great choice for visiting museums and the like, as many are within walking distance of The Art Hotel.

  16. Hi Nathan! I came across your travel lemming page online. I am looking to travel to Denver in a couple weeks and I was intrigued by your info!

    I am curious if you think staying at Hilton Garden Inn would be the best choice on a budget, when we are planning to see Phish for 4 nights at Dick’s. Hehe.

    We were definitely taken by the cheap price of the airport Econolodge. But now I’m wondering 🤔 we would like to make the most of our stay and explore between shows.

    Do you have any insight? 💜🙏🏼

  17. Hey Nate,

    Thank you so much for the information. I’m looking into hotels and I see a lot of “tech center” locations. It’s near Park Meadows Mall. Any thoughts on this area?

    1. Hi Joshua – Personally I would not recommend staying at the Denver Tech Center unless that is the purpose of your visit. There are a lot of hotels there because there are a lot of business travelers who do have a specific reason to be at the DTC (i.e., because of a conference or a meeting), but for tourists I would not suggest staying here generally as it’s far from everything else. If you do have a reason for staying in that area, I’d suggest the Hilton Inverness as it is definitely the best hotel in that area. For a more budget friendly option, check out the Courtyard Denver South Park Meadows Mall. If staying in this area, I highly recommend having access to a car. I hope that helps!

  18. Hi there! I’ll be visiting in a month and would prefer to stay in a suburb of Denver. It’s a road trip so we don’t mind driving to visit various sites. What would be your recommendation for the safest suburbs to stay in? If you also have ideas for the best hotels in those areas, I would appreciate the advice. Thanks!

    1. There are many wonderful suburbs of Denver. It does depend quite a bit on which side of Denver you want to stay on. You might check out Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, or Arvada.

  19. Nate,
    I enjoy traveling and all of your work on different travel destinations. With that said, I will be in Denver for two days, in February, with my kids (10 &12). I had planned on staying at The Crawford but was advised against the area as it was increasing in crime. Also, any suggestions on activities for the kids?

    1. Hi Cory!

      I hope you love Denver! Regarding The Crawford, that hotel is one of the nicest in town. It is inside of Union Station, which is a main and busy attraction in the center of downtown that always has people and a heavy police presence. I personally think the area is very safe, but it is true that crime is increasing throughout Denver. It is also true that on the streets you are likely to encounter individuals affected by homelessness not just around Union Station, but really all of Denver.

      One alternative to staying in Denver you could consider is renting a car and staying in Littleton, which is well positioned for visiting Denver’s museums and parks.

      In terms of activities for the kids, Laura is a local mom and has a whole article on that! Here it is:

      Thank you for reading along and I hope you love Denver!

  20. Hi Nate. Heading to the Anschutz Medical campus for a tour mid-February. We are only there for three days (one day for the tour). Given the time of year and no car. What are your thoughts on where to stay and what to do to get a vibe of the area? We live in the South—so this will be a big departure for us. We are up for hiking and shopping—day trip—but we would like to stay somewhere we can walk and get a good feel for the area. Any fun restaurant ideas would be great as well.

    1. Hi Cait! If you want to stay in Denver (versus Aurora), I’d suggest somewhere like City Park West, which will put you closer to Anschutz Medical campus. Not as many hotels there, but you should be able to find apartment rentals. That area is moderately walkable, but still close enough of a commute. Cherry Creek is another option to consider, and is definitely walkable although significantly pricier.

  21. HI Nate,

    Heading up to Denver in with my kids. Wanna do some sight seeing/hiking around Denver (Rocky Mountain, Garden of the Gods, etc) and spend some time in Denver seeing some of the sights there as well. Do you have any recommendations on where to stay that might be good for parking so we can be around those areas?

    1. I would suggest getting a rental car and then staying anywhere on the west side of town, close to the highway if possible. Highlands and even the Lodo area are pretty close to the highway (just try to avoid rush hour if you can). Alternatively, if you’d rather be closer to the mountains, you could try staying in Boulder (see our guide to where to stay in Boulder).

  22. Hi Nate,
    Great article, thank you! My boyfriend & I are planning a trip for December, we are going to spend a couple nights at The Stanley then head to Denver, we will be there for New Years! It’s our first time to Denver & would prefer to stay at a Marriott. We want to be in the center of things and try different bars/breweries and restaurants. Where would you recommend staying & any suggestions for New Years – where are all the happening spots. Thanks so much!

    1. In terms of Marriott owned properties, in downtown I’d prefer The Westin or The Renaissance. There is also a Courtyard on the 16th Street Mall, but in my opinion it’s in need of an update. On the higher end of the spectrum, The Jacquard in Cherry Creek is fantastic.

  23. Hi Nate,

    I am traveling to Denver over spring break and was wondering the best Marriott properties to stay at that are walkable to shopping areas/malls and many things to do (I won’t have a car). I am looking at staying in Boulder, Broomsfield, or downtown Denver!

    1. Hi Ryan – In terms of Marriott properties to stay in Denver, the best of the best would be The Brown Palace, which is an Autograph Collection property. Downtown you also have Le Meridien, the Aloft, and the AC Hotel. There is a Sheraton, but it’s pretty old and out of date although in a convenient location. In terms of more affordable properties, the SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown is decent (my sister really liked it). For Boulder, see our guide to where to stay in Boulder. The Denver Marriott Westminster is one good option. Enjoy Colorado!

  24. Hello Nate. you have provided some great info…We are planning on Denver vacation in June, 1st time. Want to find a central location for road trips to Vail, Red Rocks, Colorado Springs and Aspen Breckenridge. Can you suggest a central location where we could stay for all 7 nights or if it makes more sense to split up our stay?

    1. Hi Barb! That’s a lot of ground to cover in a week if you’re planning to do it all as day trips from Denver. Aspen in particular is quite some distance from Denver, so if going there is important to you I would suggest considering staying in one of the mountain towns for part of the trip. We have guides to where to stay in Vail and where to stay in Breckenridge you can reference.

      Anyway, in terms of places to stay in Denver, anywhere near the highway will be helpful for getting in and out. I’d also suggest avoiding the eastern half of town. LoDo and LoHi are the most central neighborhoods if you want to be in the center of the city. If you’re willing to stay a little further out, given that you have a car, you could look at Arvada or Littleton.

  25. Hi Nate, Great information here that you have provided! I am looking into booking an AirBnb in Denver in the summer time for a 4 night stay. I am getting a few places with good prices but the neighborhood says it’s Sunnyside for a couple and then there is one on Southpark Hill. It will be 4 of us traveling, a 3-yo included. So we are mostly looking into doing family friendly things and we will have a car. Any of those 2 neighborhood good options?

    1. Both Southpark Hill and Sunnyside are good residential neighborhoods in Denver. Sunnyside is next door to Highlands, while Sunnyside is close to Central Park.

  26. Hi Nate!

    I found your article very helpful! Im going to Denver on a girls trip (5 of us mid 20s) and had booked an Airbnb in Lakewood a 5min walk to Sheridan RTD station. Is this a safe area?

    1. Hi Alexis – my mom and sister both lived a few blocks from there. Overall, it is a pretty safe area. If you check Google, you may find some sites saying Lakewood is dangerous, but that is largely due to higher than normal property crime in the southern part of Lakewood, which is pretty far from where you would be staying. That area is a nice residential area. I suggest going for a bike ride or walk to Sloan’s Lake.

  27. Two things : I’m a senior citizen who wants to see theater in the evenings. There are two plays at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and one at the Curious Theater. I assume it’s best to stay downtown. And I plan to be walking. As the Curious seems to be in the Capital Hill area, is it safe to walk back at night after a show? Also, I’d like to take the cog train up Pikes Peak. Should I rent a car and go out? Or, is there a bus that goes there? Thanks.

    1. Hi David – If you’re new to town, Capitol Hill to downtown is a walk I probably wouldn’t do at night. I’ve done it many times, but parts of Capitol Hill can be a little challenging. I would suggest taking an Uber.

      In terms of getting to Pikes Peak, a rental car is definitely the way to go if that’s an option. You could bus to Colorado Springs and take a taxi from there, but I think that’s going to work out to the same or more in terms of cost anyway.

      Enjoy Denver!

  28. Hello! I’m in Denver for just one night. I’ll have about a day to myself before meeting up with friends who live in Greenwood Village. Where would you suggest staying for the night if I’d like to go to Denver Art Museum, and then meet up with my friends later that day? Looking for a convenient way to make this work. thank you!

    1. The absolute most convenient option for staying close to the Denver Art Museum is definitely The Art Hotel Denver, which is around the corner from the museum (and also an art themed hotel!). If that doesn’t work, anywhere in CBD, Capitol Hill, or Golden Triangle would put you close to the Denver Art Museum.

  29. Hello Nate,
    Thanks for all the helpful advice you have already given. We will be in Denver for a soccer tournament at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Can you recommend any close hotels or even neighborhoods that we can look for in terms of renting a house? We have not decided on renting a car yet depending on the transportation situation to lodging. We will have kids with us so safety and convenience to the site is my priority. Thanks!

    1. Hi Arlene – the Central Park / Stapleton area is closest to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Staybridge Suites Denver – Central Park might be a good one to look into. It’s one of the closest to the stadium and is also right near a few restaurants and a movie theatre (that my mom actually used to work at). I think it’s about 30 minutes walking to the stadium, and the Conservatory Green area is a very safe suburban style area.

      Have fun at the soccer tournament! I’ve been in that stadium many times for the Colorado Rapids, as well as for the infamous USA-Costa Rica World Cup qualifier that got played in the snow (what an experience that was!).


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