A mural of the welcome signage of Golden near some of the top places when choosing where to stay in Golden Colorado

Where to Stay in Golden (4 Best Places, By a Local)

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If you’re looking for where to stay in Golden, I’ll share all the best places, areas, and neighborhoods in this guide..

I’ll point you to the best place to stay for your personal interests. I also share some of the best hotels in Golden, plus travel tips to help ensure you have a safe, enjoyable visit. 

You can also see my guide to the many things to do in Golden, its historic downtown to outdoor recreation. 

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Best Places to Stay in Golden

View of the brick exterior of the historic Golden Hotel
The historic Golden Hotel is within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and lots of Golden attractions!

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Golden? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s do a deep dive into the best areas and neighborhoods in Golden: 

4 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Golden

If you’re visiting Golden for the first time, I’d recommend staying in historic downtown Golden. There are several Golden hotels in this area, and you can walk to shops and restaurants. North Golden is a more residential area, and Denver West positions you a little closer to downtown. 

Historic Downtown Golden

View of the mural in the historic Downtown Golden
There are murals and statues all over Golden!

👉 Best Area For Tourists | ✨ Best Historic Golden Hotels: Table Mountain InnThe Golden HotelThe Silk Pincushion

Downtown Golden has lots to do, with shops, restaurants, and bars within easy walking distance. You’ll be near the iconic Coors Brewery, the Golden History Museum, and the Colorado School of Mines. Clear Creek is also nearby, which features walking paths and a whitewater park for tubing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. 

Pros of Staying in Historic Golden Neighborhood:

  • Lots of great restaurants and bars
  • Close to museums
  • Near Clear Creek and outdoor recreation
  • Wild West ambiance 

Cons of Staying in Historic Golden Neighborhood:

  • Hotels can be pricey

📚 Historic Golden Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Tourists
Google Map

Denver West

Exterior view of the building of The Denver Marriott West
The Denver Marriott West is near the freeway, making it easy to get to Denver! 

👉 Best Area For Freeway Access | ✨ Best Denver West Hotels: Denver Marriott WestHoliday Inn Express & Suites GoldenResidence Inn by Marriott

Denver West is close to several great open space parks for hiking and mountain biking. Colorado Mills Mall, one of the best malls in Denver, is in this area, too, along with the Jefferson County Courthouse. Its impressive dome earned it the local nickname “The Taj Mahal.”

This area is also close to I-70, so it’s easy to reach downtown Denver, as well as a few Colorado mountain towns nearby. While lacking in charm, Denver West wins points for convenience. 

Pros of Staying in the Denver West Neighborhood:

  • Easy freeway access to Denver and other areas
  • Less expensive hotels
  • Lots of chain restaurants and fast food options

Cons of Staying in Denver West Neighborhood:

  • Lacks character
  • May be noisy due to vehicle traffic 
  • You’ll need a car to get around

North Golden

Panoramic view of a part of North Golden
Part of North Golden seen from the top of North Table Mountain 

👉 Best Area For Suburban Feel | ✨ Best North Golden Hotels: The Eddy Taproom & HotelThe Golden BungalowStylish Golden Retreat

If you drive north through downtown Golden, you’ll end up in a suburban area. Grocery stores, gas stations, chain restaurants, and coffee shops are a few nearby amenities. You’ll be slightly closer to Boulder, which you can access by continuing north on Highway 93. 

There aren’t many hotels on this side of town, but there are several short-term rentals. Fewer tourists and mountain views are some of the greatest perks of this area. North Table Mountain, White Ranch Park, and Mount Galbraith Park are all nearby. Golden Gate Canyon, one of the best state parks in Colorado, is also a short drive away. 

Pros of Staying in North Golden Neighborhood:

  • Fewer tourists
  • Nearby amenities 
  • Several mountain parks 

Cons of Staying in North Golden Neighborhood:

  • You’ll need a car to get around
  • Farther from historic downtown attractions

📚 North Golden Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Suburban Feel
Google Map

Mt. Vernon Canyon

View of the signage of Origin Hotel Red Rocks outside the building
Origin Hotel Red Rocks is a great place to stay if you’re going to a concert!

👉 Best Area For Red Rocks Concerts | ✨ Best Mt. Vernon Hotels: Origin Red RocksLakewood GemGolden Vacation Rental

Mount Vernon Canyon is a beautiful area in the foothills, featuring some of the best hikes near Denver. You’ll be close to Matthews / Winters Park, Dinosaur Ridge, and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. This is a great spot if you’re headed to a concert, or just want a weekend getaway to hike and mountain bike. 

Pros of Staying in Mt. Vernon Neighborhood:

  • Close to Red Rocks Amphitheatre 
  • Beautiful views

Cons of Staying in Mt. Vernon Neighborhood:

  • You’ll need a car to get around

📚 Mt. Vernon Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Red Rocks Concerts
Google Map

Tips for Staying in Golden

Aerial view of the melting iced water of the river

You’ll Want a Car to Get Around Golden

If you’re staying in historic downtown Golden, you can walk to shops, restaurants, and other entertainment easily. 

However, if you want to hike at nearby parks, see Red Rocks Amphitheatre, or explore all the things to do in Denver, renting a car is the easiest solution. Discover Cars is a great option to find good rates on rental cars in hundreds of destinations, including Denver.   

Find the Public Bathrooms

If you’re wandering through downtown Golden, it can be hard to find a shop with a restroom. There are three public bathrooms in the area. Find them at Parfet Park, the Lion’s Park Ball Field, and near the Astor House. They’re available from 7 am – 10 pm daily. 

Get a Golden Ticket

Before exploring downtown Golden, stop by the Visitors Center to pick up a Golden Ticket. Take the ticket to any participating shop or restaurant, then scratch it off to get a discount on your purchase! You can find out more about the program on the Golden city website

A group of friends and a dog posing at North Table Mountain
Abigail and her friends on North Table Mountain, with the town of Golden pictured left

Drink Plenty of Water

Golden may be known for its breweries, but be sure to drink plenty of water as well! The elevation in town is 5,675 feet above sea level. You should definitely bring along a water bottle, especially when engaging in exercise. 

Use Plenty of Sunscreen

Golden is more than a mile above sea level, and Colorado weather is often sunny — although you can still get sunburned in bad weather, too! Whether you’re spending the day hiking, tubing, or walking through town, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, and don’t forget to reapply!

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Layer Up

Colorado weather is notoriously fickle. You can find yourself wearing t-shirts in the middle of winter, and throwing on a warm coat in July. It’s always a good idea to bring a few layers when you head out for the day. For more tips on what to pack, check out Abigail’s Colorado packing list

FAQs About Where to Stay in Golden

View of the displayed gems, minerals, and mining artifacts at the museum of the School of Mines
The museum at the School of Mines is full of gems, minerals, and mining artifacts

Is Golden, CO a good place to stay?

Golden, CO is a good place to stay. It’s close to the foothills, so there is plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding in the area. 

Golden’s western and mining history is reflected in the historic downtown storefronts. Golden is also close to Boulder and is one of the best day trips from Denver as well. 

What is Golden, Colorado known for?

Golden, Colorado is known for the Coors Brewery, which is a fun place to visit while you’re in town. The mountain town is also known for the Colorado School of Mines, as well as an abundance of outdoor recreation. 

Is Golden, Colorado beautiful?

Golden, Colorado is a beautiful town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Clear Creek runs through town, and there are several Golden parks and hiking trails that give you great views of the Denver metro area. Golden also has many trees, and the town is beautiful in fall as the leaves turn colors. 


Hopefully, I’ve helped you to figure out where to stay in Golden. For more travel-worthy destinations, see our guide to the best places to visit in Colorado

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