The Speedwell Dam Waterfall in New Jersey

16 Best Waterfalls in New Jersey (By a Local)

Living up to its nature-based “Garden State” nickname, there are some gorgeous waterfalls in New Jersey. Sure, people may not think of waterfalls when traveling to the state, but rest assured the waterfalls in New Jersey are a sight to behold.

As a New Jersey local for over 30 years, I’m here to introduce you to some of New Jersey’s most majestic waterfalls. Some are relatively easy to get to while others make you work for it with a more difficult hike. 

And while you’re here, check out my picks for the best things to do in New Jersey!

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16 Best New Jersey Waterfalls

Buttermilk Falls

The tallest waterfall in New Jersey.

View from the Buttermilk Falls in New Jersey
Buttermilk Falls in Stokes State Forest

🥾 Easy | Google Maps | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Beautiful Buttermilk Falls is on Mountain Road in Layton, NJ, and is one of many waterfalls that you’ll find in the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area. In fact, Buttermilk Falls holds the title of being the tallest waterfall in New Jersey. 

You have the option of admiring the falls from the bottom, or you can hike or take the stairs up to the top of the falls. It’s located close to the parking lot, so you’ll have no problem viewing the falls without hiking. It’s great for visitors with physical limitations and those traveling with young children.

👉 Pro Tip: Be careful after it rains. After the rain, if you want to hike up to the Falls, the trail can be slippery. Please use caution. 

Silver Spray Falls 

A hidden gem waterfall by the Delaware Water Gap.

View from the Silver Spray Falls  during autumn season
Silver Spray Falls

🥾 Easy/Moderate | Google Maps | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Silver Spray Falls, also known as Hidden Falls, is also in Layton, NJ. These elegant Falls are located not too far from Buttermilk Falls in the same Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area. Unlike Buttermilk Falls, Silver Spray is more of a hidden gem.  

You’re going to have to travel a little way in from the road to find this beautiful waterfall. Though there aren’t many signs for the falls, many have had success by using their GPS. Even though it takes a little searching, the result is well worth the effort!

Paterson Great Falls

Historic waterfalls in Paterson.

Scenic view from Paterson Great Falls
Paterson Great Falls in Paterson, NJ

🥾 Easy | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

The historic Paterson Great Falls can be found in Paterson, NJ. These impressive falls of the Passaic River are one of the most popular waterfalls in New Jersey. Paterson Great Falls is especially well-known for being on the show The Sopranos!

I highly recommend visiting the upper level for the spectacular view above the falls.

Hemlock Falls

Serene falls in the South Mountain Reservation.

View of the frozen Hemlock Falls during wintertime
Frozen Hemlock Falls in South Mountain Reservation

🥾 Easy/Moderate| Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

South Mountain Reservation is home to many natural wonders, and Hemlock Falls is no exception. It’s located on the South Orange side of South Mountain Reservation. Hemlock Falls doesn’t have the strongest flow of water, but is still very pretty to look at.

Once you park, there’s a relatively easy trail that takes you straight to the Falls. Once you travel up the initial trail, take the first left and that trail takes you straight there. The trail to the Falls is easy to maneuver, but I still recommend wearing sneakers.  

👉 Pro Tip: Parking near Hemlock Falls is limited and you may have a hard time finding a spot. Be aware, as its popularity means you may have to wait for a parking spot to open up.

Greenbrook Falls

Elegant waterfalls in the Palisades.

View of the Greenbrook Falls during winter season
Greenbrook Falls at the Palisades

🥾 Moderate | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: metered parking in certain areas/ entrance to falls is by membership only

These lovely waterfalls are in the Palisades, a section of New Jersey that borders New York (you can also find some great waterfalls in NY, by the way).

Greenbrook Falls is part of the Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary. As such, you need a membership to enter the Sanctuary, which is also needed if you want to visit Greenbrook Falls. 

Some complain about the membership fee. However, the folks at the Nature Sanctuary do such an amazing job of keeping up the grounds that it’s worth it. This upkeep includes repairing fences and downed trees. 

Make sure to come in the Spring when the greenery makes the Falls especially beautiful, and check out my guide to when to visit New Jersey for more year-round tips!

Van Campens Glen Falls 

Beautiful falls in Warren County.

The Van Campens Glen Falls on a wooded area in New Jersey
Van Campens Glen Falls

🥾 Easy | Google Maps | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Van Campens Glen Falls is a captivating waterfall accessible from Old Mine Road, which is closed in the winter. Because of the falls’ proximity to the road, it’s a relatively short walk to see these beautiful falls.

If you feel like hiking, then you can park further away and then travel any number of trails, including the Hamilton trail. This trail leads you right to the Van Campens Glen Falls. But be careful when you visit – in wet or icy conditions, the rocks that line the Falls can be slippery. Please use extreme caution.

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Tillman Falls

Hidden gem close to the Delaware River.

Water from Tillman Falls flowing on rocks
Tillman Falls & Ravine

🥾 Easy/Moderate | Google Maps | Cost: free for parking & entrance

The Tillman Falls are a hidden gem when it comes to Jersey waterfalls. Located in Stokes State Forest, some visitors describe these Falls as being hard to find. However, there are two parking areas on Tillman Road that give you quick access. You can park at either one and walk the trail to the creek that leads to the Falls.

Because they’re not as well-known, Tillman Falls fosters a peaceful atmosphere. Very few visitors crowd the area, giving you the opportunity to experience the beautiful Falls in peace.

Ramapo Falls

One of Ramapo’s natural wonders.

View of a rocky Ramapo Falls during fall season in New Jersey
Ramapo Falls

🥾 Moderate | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

These popular Falls are within the Ramapo Valley Reservation. People come from all over to see the gorgeous Ramapo Falls, as well as to hike the many trails available. The area is dog-friendly and even has decent public restrooms.

Visitors recommend the Yellow trail, which leads straight to the Falls. This trail is easy enough to traverse, even if you’re not an experienced hiker. The area is very popular, so be prepared for full parking lots – you may have to wait for a spot.

Chikahoki Falls 

The jewel of Norvin Green State Forest.

Water flowing from Chikahoki Falls
Chikahoki Falls in the Norvin Green State Forest

🥾 Moderate/Difficult | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Chikahoki Falls is part of the Norvin Green State Forest. These falls lie along hiking trails, so it’s best for those more experienced and willing to hike. The amount of water cascading also depends on weather conditions. Recent heavy rain and/or melting snow means more rushing water.

Visitors love the beauty of the Falls as they’re surrounded by all of nature’s beauty.  

Worthington State Forest Waterfalls (a.k.a. Laurel Falls) 

Majestic falls in Worthington State Forest.

View of a waterfall in Worthington State Forest
Waterfall in Worthington State Forest

🥾 Easy/Moderate | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

The Worthington State Forest is home to its namesake waterfall, which is also known as Laurel Falls. This Forest is actually home to a few different falls, some of which are unnamed. You can find them along the many hiking trails available.

To find these Falls, visitors recommend going to Douglas Trail. From there, follow the creek until you come to the Falls.

👉 Pro Tip: While parking and entrance to the Worthington State Forest is free, if you want to camp there, there is a fee. See the park website for the most up-to-date rates.

Hacklebarney State Park Waterfall

Hidden falls in Hacklebarney State Park.

A waterfall flowing in Hacklebarney State Park
Waterfalls in Hacklebarney State Park

🥾 Moderate | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance 

The waterfalls in Hacklebarney State Park are another hidden gem among the waterfalls in New Jersey. These falls are accessible from one of the trails, clearly marked as leading to the waterfalls. There’s a staircase alongside the falls, but it’s hard to get right up close to it because of the terrain.

Still, the falls are a marvelous sight to see and take in.

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Dunnfield Creek Waterfall

Rapid falls in Dunnfield Creek Natural Area.

View of the Dunnfield Creek Waterfall during fall season
Waterfalls at Dunnfield Creek

🥾 Moderate | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

The Dunnfield Creek Falls are not too far from Buttermilk Falls. They’re part of the Dunnfield Creek Natural Area, which is also part of the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area.

Along with the waterfalls, other natural wonders abound. But watch where you step! This section of New Jersey is home to Northeastern Diamondback rattlesnakes. As long as you’re cautious, you’ll love visiting these Falls.

Apshawa Falls 

Relaxing falls in Passaic County.

View from the Apshawa Falls in New Jersey
Waterfalls in the Apshawa Preserve

🥾 Moderate/Difficult | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Come listen to the relaxing sounds of the Apshawa Falls. Located in the Apshawa Preserve, there are actually two waterfalls that hikers and casual visitors love to see. The trails that lead to the waterfalls are for those with moderate hiking experience, so be sure to wear your hiking boots, as the terrain can be rough.

A word of caution, parking can be a challenge. The lot is small with unmarked spots, leaving visitors to make up their own spots.

👉 Pro Tip: Be careful not to carry food – bears have been known to make an appearance. If you do run into bears, try Bear Repellent as a way to keep safe.

Schooley’s Mountain Falls

Rushing falls at Schooley’s Mountain.

Water flowing from the Schooley’s Mountain Falls
Waterfalls at Schooley’s Mountain County Park

🥾 Easy/Moderate | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Schooley’s Mountain Falls are an amazing sight! Located inside the Schooley’s Mountain County Park, these rushing falls can be found along somewhat difficult terrain. Fortunately, the hike is relatively short with beautiful views along the way.

The falls on Schooley Mountain is perfect if you want to enjoy natural wonders, without a long hike.

Watchung Reservation Waterfall

Majestic falls in the Watchung Reservation.

View of the Seeley’s Pond Waterfall cascading down the stone wall in Watchung Reservation
Seeley’s Pond Waterfall in Watchung Reservation

🥾 Easy | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

Watchung Reservation spans a few towns such as Summit, Springfield, and Mountainside. This nature reserve is home to some beautiful natural wonders, such as waterfalls. Located near Seeley’s pond, the waterfall flows delicately over the rocks.

Boonton Falls

Calming falls in Morris County.

View from the Boonton Falls in New Jersey
Boonton Falls in Grace Lord Park

🥾 Easy | Google Maps | Park Website | Cost: free for parking & entrance

The majestic Boonton falls are located in Grace Lord Park. There are actually two sets of waterfalls. The first is by a fountain, close to when you walk into the park, and the second is down a somewhat hidden trail in Grace Lord Park. It’s hidden in the sense that there’s no sign posted for the trail, but it runs along the river.

These are great waterfalls to visit if you have children or those who cannot walk long, steep distances.

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The Garden State has many fantastic waterfalls to choose from. But no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to love the beautiful waterfalls in New Jersey.  Check out my picks of the 17 best places to visit in New Jersey for more great destination ideas!

Enjoy exploring the waterfalls in New Jersey!

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