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7 Best Puerto Rico Rum Tours in 2023 (By a Local)

Taking one of the Puerto Rico rum tours will guarantee that you don’t miss out on the inside information and the top cocktails from one of the world’s main rum producers. 

Puerto Rico’s rum history dates back to the sugarcane plantations and the Spanish colonial period and has grown over the decades to be one of Puerto Rico’s main attractions. There are lots of options when it comes to rum tours in Puerto Rico, which means it can be hard to choose.

As a local who has been to multiple distilleries, I’ve put together this list of the best Puerto Rico rum tours so you can pick out the perfect one for your trip. 

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7 Best Rum Tours in Puerto Rico

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Rum Runners Craft Cocktails Tour

Bar hop in one of the main nightlife cities in Puerto Rico while sipping on cocktails.

A glass of rum pouring on another glass with ice cubes
(Photo courtesy Fareharbor / Flavor of San Juan)
  • Length: 2 Hours
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Rum tasting, Old San Juan, cocktails, 
  • ✅ Includes: Rum sampling, bar hopping, Old San Juan
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

The Rum Runners Craft Cocktails tour takes you to the best Old San Juan bars to sample the local Puerto Rican rum. 

During the tour, a certified tour guide gives you inside information on the best Puerto Rico cocktails and the island’s rum history. Stop at San Juan’s popular landmarks like Capilla del Cristo, and the San Juan Cathedral, and snap some pictures. 

Sip on three different cocktails and get VIP access to restaurants and bars. After 2 hours filled with the best drinks and bar hopping, finish your tour in time to take advantage of the local bar’s happy hours and enjoy the best of San Juan’s nightlife.

Bucket List San Juan Neighborhood Experience

Combine a rum distillery tour, with a beach day, street art, and historical landmarks. 

Different bottles of rum lined on a shelf
(Photo courtesy Fareharbor / Bucket List Tours)
  • Length: 6 Hours
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Piñones, Santurce, Old San Juan, rum tasting
  • ✅ Includes: Transportation, complimentary drink, water bottles 
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

This 6-hour group tour by Bucketlist Tours takes you through some of the best San Juan neighborhoods to stay in. You’ll visit famous landmarks, bars, and restaurants.

Enjoy the trip between attractions in the comfort of a BMW. This tour is customizable, so you can make as many stops as you’d like. 

The highlight of the tour for rum lovers is a stop at Hacienda Santa Ana, where Ron del Barrilito is created. 

Finish your day at the infamous Piñones neighborhood to taste the best of Puerto Rico food, and swim in La Pocita, one of the best Puerto Rico beaches.

Rum Trails Tasting Experience

From the oldest to the newest rums in Puerto Rico, this tour combines both history and tastings.

Logo of the Rum Trails Tasting Experience
(Photo courtesy Fareharbor / West Side Destinations)
  • Length: 6 Hours
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Rum tasting, Ron del Barrilito, Old San Juan 
  • ✅ Includes: Transportation, entrance tickets, light snacks, water bottles 
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

The Rum Tasting Experience tour is a fun and interactive tour that takes you on a day trip to get to know Puerto Rico’s rum history.  

Start your day at Hacienda Santa Ana, and taste one of the oldest rums in Puerto Rico. Known as Ron del Barrillito, this 1880’s rum is prepared through escalated aging. 

Connoisseurs love tasting the different flavors, textures, and agings in this first tour stop.

From one of the oldest, you’ll then jump to one of the newest rums in Puerto Rico in Old San Juan. Scryer Rum and Barrel House was founded in 2015 and moved to San Juan in 2018. Visit its barrel house in the old city and get to taste the brand’s rum straight from the barrel in this tour. 

Legacy Tour – Casa BACARDÍ Puerto Rico

Immerse yourself in the history of the largest rum distillery in the world.

The Casa Bacardí from the outside in Cataño
Casa Bacardí is located in Cataño (photo: Irina Mos / Shutterstock)
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Rum cocktail, rum tasting, Bacardi Store
  • ✅ Includes: Admission ticket, a drink, historical tour, trolley ride
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

The Casa BACARDÍ Legacy Tour is a great tour for both rum and history enthusiasts. The tour takes you through Bacardi’s interesting history from its foundation to its arrival in Puerto Rico. 

Start by watching a movie at the visitor’s center, enjoy a complimentary drink at the bar, and ride a trolley through the rum cathedral. 

The highlight for most visitors, however, is tasting the Casa BACARDÍ Special Reserve at the Havana bar, the only one of its kind in the world.

👉 Local Tip: This rum tour as well as most rum tours in the list are available for people 18 and older. Eighteen is the legal drinking age in Puerto Rico. 

Mixology Class – Casa BACARDÍ Puerto Rico

Craft cocktails with an award-winning mixologist at Casa Bacardí’s bar.

A bartender pouring alcohol into a glass shaker
Create your drink at Casa Bacardí
  • Length: 1.25 Hours
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Casa Barcardí Rum Factory, distillery room, aging room
  • ✅ Includes: Bacardí tour, cocktail-making class, complimentary cocktail
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

The mixology class at Casa Bacardí is a great interactive experience you’ll love as a rum fan. 

The mixology class experience includes a tour of the distillery’s facilities. Visit the aging room and distillery room to learn about the behind-the-scenes process and the making of a world-renowned rum. 

After watching a cocktail-making demonstration, participate in a master class and learn how to prepare cocktails like mojitos and shaken piña colada. 

Once you finish your class, visit the local shop to take a souvenir home or enjoy your free time at the pavilion.

The Barrilito Rum Factory Experience Transportation Included

Discover the distillery responsible for the oldest rum in Puerto Rico at Hacienda Santa Ana. 

Huge barrels inside the distillery and aging room in Hacienda Santa Ana
Distillery room and aging room in Hacienda Santa Ana
  • Length: 1.5 Hours
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Aging room, heritage tour, complimentary drinks 
  • ✅ Includes: Transportation, complimentary drinks
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

Ron del Barrilito offers some of the best Puerto Rico rum tours including The Barrilito Rum Factory Experience. This tour includes transportation so you only have to worry about enjoying the amazing experience and not about how to get there.

The heritage tour covers the rum and distillery’s rich history from the 1880s until the present day. You’ll tour Hacienda Santa grounds while learning about its founder and Ron del Barrilito. The peculiar name derived from how the rum was served from the small barrel, known as barrilito in Spanish.

Admire the aging room and the mill, where you can see La Doña, the oldest barrel on the site.  After the tour, grab a drink at the bar or stop at the gift shop in the visitor center to buy the local rum produced in small batches.

👉 Want a different experience at Ron del Barrilito Rum Factory? Check out other tour options offered on Viator.

San Juan Artisan Distillers Guided Tour

Tour the first and only Sugarcane Estate Distillery in Puerto Rico.

View of the wide sugarcane plantation with a clear blue sky in the background
Visit a sugarcane plantation on this tour
  • Length: 3 Hours
  • 🌟 Guest Reviews: 5/5 Stars
  • 🗺️ Highlights: Sugarcane estate, sugarcane mill, aging room 
  • ✅ Includes: Entrance fees, transportation, complimentary cocktail
  • 👉 Check prices & availability here

The San Juan Artisan Distillers guided tour is a unique rum tour in Toa Alta. The San Juan Artisan Distillers produce the Tres Clavos Rum. 

The rum tours include a visit to the Casa Pepón Visitor Center, the aging room, and the bodega. 

What truly sets apart this tour, however, is the stops at the sugarcane estate and sugarcane mill, where you can learn all about the rum’s processing from farm to the final product.

FAQs About Puerto Rico Rum Tours

What is the oldest rum in Puerto Rico?

The oldest rum in Puerto Rico is Ron del Barrilito. The rum has been produced in Hacienda Santa Ana in Bayamón since 1880.

What are the top rum distilleries in Puerto Rico?

The top rum distilleries in Puerto Rico are Casa Bacardí, Serrallés Distillery, Ron del Barrilito, and The Crab Island. Other popular rum distilleries include Destilería Coquí, San Juan Artisan Distillers, and Craft Spirit Distillery. 

Which rum distilleries in Puerto Rico have the best tours?

The rum distilleries in Puerto Rico with the best tours include Casa Bacardí, Ron del Barrilito, San Juan Artisan Distillers, and Crab Island Rum. The Serrallés Distillery, creators of Don Q, offer a tour of the Serrallés family house.

What is the top rum tour in Puerto Rico?

The top rum tours in Puerto Rico are Ron del Barrilito’s Rum Tasting Tour and Casa Bacardí’s Founder’s Experience. The San Juan Artisan Distiller’s Rum tour is also a popular tour with a unique visit to a sugarcane estate.


That is the end of the best Puerto Rico rum tours. Check out our guide to the best Puerto Rico tours and excursions to find more adventures on the island. Safe travels!  

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