View of Telluride in a lush green mountain valley, including many of the suggested places for where to stay in Telluride

Where to Stay in Telluride (Best Places & Areas in 2023)

I’m a Colorado local and in this guide, I’ll help you decide where to stay in Telluride! 

Many of the best things to do in Telluride are easily accessed from downtown Telluride, as well as from the Telluride Ski Resort base area. Mountain Village is just a short gondola ride away, where you’ll find luxurious accommodations. The east end of Telluride is also upscale, ideal for large groups.

This post overviews all four of these key areas, along with helpful tips to make your Telluride travels easy and enjoyable. 

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Best Places to Stay in Telluride

View of a street in Telluride

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Telluride? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s do a deep dive into the best areas and neighborhoods in Telluride: 

4 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Telluride

Telluride is set within a box canyon, surrounded by picturesque views. The downtown Telluride area is very centralized, with most things to do on Colorado Avenue and the adjacent Pacific Avenue. 

A couple of blocks south of Pacific Avenue runs the San Miguel River. Along this river, you’ll find three ski lifts and several private rentals with ski-in, ski-out access. A ride on the free gondola takes visitors to more slopeside lodging in Mountain Village. These luxury hotels are complemented by upscale eateries, galleries, and shops.

The east end of Telluride also features lavish accommodations, but these are better suited for large groups. Think mountain estates that sleep 10+ guests, perfect for family reunions and weddings. 

Downtown Telluride

Aerial view of houses in Downtown Telluride
Find both budget stays and luxury hotels — like The Hotel Telluride and New Sheridan Hotel — in this region

👉 Best Area For Affordability & Entertainment | ✨ Best Downtown Hotels: New Sheridan HotelThe Hotel TellurideThe Victorian Inn

Downtown Telluride is centrally located and highly walkable, making it the most convenient area to stay. It’s also the most affordable region. Here, you’ll find The Victorian Inn, our top-recommended budget hotel. Despite its below-average rates, guests are treated to comfortable amenities like an outdoor hot tub and sauna.  

For more luxurious accommodations, check out The Hotel Telluride. By booking an overnight stay, guests to The Hotel Telluride can enjoy a full-service spa, a free ski shuttle, and more lavish perks. 

New Sheridan Hotel also offers upscale amenities like spacious hotel rooms and an on-site restaurant. You’ll also find a historic bar inside New Sheridan Hotel, featuring pool tables, tasty cocktails, and Jack Daniel’s specials. 

However, downtown visitors have a wide variety of bars and restaurants to choose from. Explore Colorado Avenue, Pacific Avenue, and the side streets joining the two. Many of the Victorian buildings have also been converted into shops and art galleries. Telluride’s iconic ski resort is also within walking distance. 

Pros of Staying Downtown:

  • Budget hotels like The Victorian Inn
  • Luxury hotels like The Hotel Telluride and New Sheridan Hotel
  • Highly walkable 
  • Restaurants, shopping, and more nearby entertainment
  • Closest area to Telluride Regional Airport

Cons of Staying Downtown:

  • Significant vehicle and foot traffic 
  • Parking may be limited 

📚 Downtown Telluride Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Affordability & Entertainment
Google Map

Telluride Ski Resort

The Alpine skiing in Telluride, Colorado

👉 Best Area For All-Around Access | ✨ Best Telluride Ski Resort Hotels: Camel’s Garden Hotel & CondominiumsEtta Place 6 by AvantStayThe Telluride Townhouse

Telluride is home to one of the best ski resorts in Colorado. The surrounding San Juan Mountains and the après ski scene are what draw many travelers during the winter months. Fortunately, there are plenty of lodging options right next to the lifts.

Like most Colorado mountain towns, few of these accommodations are hotels. Camel’s Garden Hotel & Condominiums is a rare exception, as most places to stay are private rentals. 

These ski-in, ski-out lodges often feature convenient, modern amenities. These include in-suite laundry machines and private balconies. Some like Etta Place 6 by AvantStay even have hot tubs where you can take in the mountain views.  

All are great options to enjoy both Telluride Ski Resort and the downtown area. You get the best of both worlds when staying near Oak Creek Plaza and along the San Miguel River. 

Pros of Staying near Telluride Ski Resort:

  • Several private rental options 
  • Excellent location near the ski slopes
  • Easy access to summer outdoor activities
  • Short walk to the downtown area 

Cons of Staying near Telluride Ski Resort:

  • Significant foot traffic 
  • Few budget-friendly accommodations  

📚 Telluride Ski Resort Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for All-Around Access
Google Map

Mountain Village

A cable car with Telluride’s Mountain Village view
Telluride’s Mountain Village, where you’ll find Madeline Hotel & Residences, The Peaks Resort & Spa, and more luxurious stays

👉 Best Area For Luxury Accommodations | ✨ Best Mountain Village Hotels: Lumière with InspiratoMadeline Hotel & Residences, Auberge Resorts CollectionThe Peaks Resort & Spa

Luxury travelers, look no further than Telluride’s Mountain Village. Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, this area is absolutely breathtaking. Views amaze, as does the village itself. Here, you’ll find some of the most impressive hotels in Telluride.

Lumière with Inspirato is the region’s most extravagant stay. This ski-in, ski-out hotel features spa services, an outdoor pool, and a poolside bar. Its on-site restaurant is just one of many nearby options for dining. Outdoor apparel shops and fine art galleries also make up the Mountain Village Core. 

In and around this main depot, you’ll find endless outdoor recreation. Just outside Madeline Hotel & Residences lies an ice rink and rental services. Obviously, skiing and snowboarding are other winter pastimes. In summer, Mountain Village visitors can enjoy hiking trails, mountain biking, disc golf, and more. 

Pros of Staying in Mountain Village:

  • Luxurious accommodations and amenities 
  • Easy access to skiing, mountain biking, and more outdoor activities
  • Several dining options and shops 
  • Panoramic scenery

Cons of Staying in Mountain Village:

  • The average hotel and eatery are more expensive than in other areas 
  • Mountain Village is more-so secluded from downtown attractions 

📚 Mountain Village Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Luxury Accommodations
Google Map

Eastern Telluride

Scenic view of the Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride
Bridal Veil Falls, a key attraction on Telluride’s east end

👉 Best Area For Large Groups | ✨ Best Eastern Telluride Hotels: Modern Mountain ResidenceTelluride Riverfront HomeEast End Estate

If you’re planning a family reunion, wedding, or another large group gathering, the east end of Telluride is a great place to stay. These estates are stunning, having large properties and upscale amenities. 

For example, this Modern Mountain Residence features a wrap-around porch, stone fireplace, and game room. It sleeps up to 12 guests in 5 spacious rooms, each offering lovely mountain views. 

Accommodations in eastern Telluride are found along East Highway 145 Spur. Most are roughly two miles from the downtown area but feel quite secluded. Especially in the winter, this highway doesn’t experience much traffic. 

However, you may see some vehicle traffic in the summer months, as this highway leads to key Telluride attractions. These include Black Bear Pass and Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest waterfall in Colorado. 

Pros of Staying in Eastern Telluride:

  • Large, luxurious estates for group gatherings 
  • Private parking, spacious rooms, and upscale amenities 
  • Stunning scenery 
  • Near key outdoor attractions 

Cons of Staying in Eastern Telluride:

  • The average price for these estates is high, around $1500 per night
  • A vehicle is necessary (potentially with 4WD in the winter) 
  • Nearest restaurants and bars are downtown 

📚 Eastern Telluride Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Large Groups
Google Map

Tips for Staying in Telluride

A private plane under the clear blue sky in Telluride

Become Familiar with Flight Options

Telluride is one of the best places to visit in Colorado, but many travelers don’t realize it’s in a relatively remote location. The town is set within a box canyon, far from any metropolitan city. 

Fortunately, there’s the Telluride Regional Airport (TEX). This commercial airport has non-stop direct flights from Phoenix (PHX)  and Denver (DEN). Both of these major airports service a range of domestic and international flights. 

View while driving in San Juan Skyway
Stunning views from the San Juan Skyway approaching Telluride

Consider Taking a Road Trip

Rather than flying, there’s also the option of renting a car in Denver and taking a road trip to Telluride. There are several routes to consider, which are all similar in drive time and mileage. Plan for 6 – 7 hours and roughly 360 miles one-way. 

You can drive I-70 from Denver to Grand Junction, then south to Telluride. There’s also the option to take U.S. Route 285 south, then veer west on U.S. Route 50. Your third option is similar, which follows I-25 to Penrose, then Route 50 to your destination. 

Each of these Colorado road trips has its unique attractions. You can stop in mountain towns, national parks, some of the state’s best hot springs, and more while on your way to Telluride. 

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View at the Bear Creek Trail under the clear blue sky
Views from Bear Creek Trail, one of many free, easy-to-access attractions in Telluride

Choose Your Own Adventure

Telluride is an eclectic town, welcoming both ski bums and luxury travelers. You can absolutely take an affordable vacation to Telluride, so long as you love the outdoors. Many natural attractions are within walking distance of downtown and via a quick ride on the free Telluride gondola. There are budget stays like The Victorian Inn, as well as camping near the area. 

Simultaneously, this mountain town is undeniably bougie. Estates in Telluride’s east end and some hotels like Lumière with Inspirato can cost more than a grand per night. Fine dining establishments also wow wealthy guests, like Allred’s Restaurant and Alpino Vino. 

The author with her dogs and the Bridal Veil Falls on her background
My pups and I in front of Bridal Veil Falls

Explore the Outdoors

Whether you claim an affluent or affordable lifestyle, get outside when visiting Telluride. In all seasons, there are adventures to be had in and around the area. 

Skiing and snowboarding are obviously some of the best things to do in winter. But there are also ice rinks, snowmobile tours, sleigh rides, and nearby, some of the best Colorado hot springs

In the summer, visitors can enjoy hiking trails, mountain biking, and fly fishing. There are also adrenaline-pumping tours like rafting on the San Miguel River and climbing the Telluride Via Ferrata.   

The author's dog on the back of their vehicle
A glimpse at what we packed for our road trip — hiking shoes were always easy to access!

Pack Like a Pro

Here are a few important Colorado travel tips: dress in layers, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen. Telluride is set at 8,750 feet above sea level, causing temperatures to drastically fluctuate throughout the day. Along with that, the climate is relatively dry and the sun’s rays are extra intense. 

See my Colorado Packing List for a local’s advice on what to bring on your travels! 

FAQs About Places to Stay in Telluride

Is Telluride a walkable town?

Telluride is a walkable town. If staying downtown or at the base of the ski area, nearly all key attractions are within walking distance. More activities can be accessed by riding the free gondola to Mountain Village. That area, too, is highly walkable. 

What is the difference between Mountain Village and Telluride?

Price is the key difference between Mountain Village and Telluride. Mountain Village is known for its variety of upscale hotels and eateries. Telluride, on the other hand, features lodging and activities for a variety of budgets.

Accessibility is another major difference between the two areas. It’s faster to reach the majority of attractions if staying in Telluride. Mountain Village requires a gondola ride to access many popular things to do. However, this isn’t too burdensome, as the connecting gondola is free and operates from 6:30 am to midnight. 


I hope this guide helped you decide where to stay in Telluride! Safe travels, and enjoy your visit. 

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