View of a horse carriage in the Old Town Square in Silverton, Colorado

Where to Stay in Silverton, CO (Best Areas & Places)

The historic community of Silverton occupies less than one square mile, so picking where to stay in Silverton mostly just comes down to your budget and how far you want to walk to get around town. 

Of course, you’ll still want to pick the best possible place to stay in Silverton (especially considering hotels tend to book up in advance). I am a Colorado local, and in this article, I’ll help you determine your ideal lodging, from cozy historic hotels to luxury ski resorts and everything in between.    

So let’s get your accommodation sorted so you can spend your time planning to explore the many fun things to do in Silverton!

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Best Places to Stay in Silverton

View of the main street in Silverton, Colorado
Silverton hotels sit on Greene Street, the town’s only paved road (photo: Bob Pool / Shutterstock)

Looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Silverton? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s do a deep dive into the best areas and neighborhoods in Silverton, CO: 

3 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Silverton

Most hotels in Silverton are located within walking distance of shopping, dining, and activities. All accommodations on this list offer incredible mountain views and modern amenities, such as free wifi.

When choosing your ideal stay, consider your budget and preferred experience. Are you visiting for Wild West charm or an elevated après-ski scene? Let’s find your perfect location, starting with my top pick: 

Greene Street

View of store shops in Greene Street Silverton, Colorado
Grand Imperial Hotel, the largest historic hotel in Silverton, Colorado (photo: Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock)

👉 Best Area For Attractions and Sightseeing |Best Greene Street Hotels: Teller HouseGrand Imperial HotelThe Wyman Hotel

Prospectors and miners first settled in Silverton in 1874. More than 400 buildings were constructed in the town’s first decade, many of which appeared on Greene Street. 

This included the Grand Imperial Hotel, once the largest single-standing structure south of Denver. The current owners recently renovated, decorating with authentically restored Victorian furnishings. Teller House, The Bent Elbow, and others took a similar restoration approach. 

The red brick exterior of the Wyman Hotel upholds a Wild West feel, too. But inside is a contrasting, modern aesthetic that mirrors the appearance of urban, boutique accommodations.

This eclectic mix of old and new is evident throughout Greene Street’s shops and restaurants, all within walking distance. Kendall Mountain Recreation Area, perfect for families and learning skiers, is also just a half-mile walk away.

Pros of Staying on Greene Street:

  • You’ll need a car for most other outdoor activities
  • Few luxury dining and hotel options

📚 Greene Street Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Attractions and Sightseeing
Google Map

Blair Street

Welcome sign to Blair Street in Silverton, Colorado
Once home to gamblers and prostitutes, “Notorious Blair Street” now caters to tourists (photo: melissamn / Shutterstock)

👉 Best Area For Cozy B&Bs |Best Blair Street Hotels: Villa Dallavalle InnThe Bent Elbow HotelThe Alma House Inn

Back in the early days, Silverton, CO was geographically divided between two groups. Churchgoers occupied Greene Street. Meanwhile, the town’s raucous miners filled the saloons and bordellos on “Notorious Blair Street.” 

The brawling gamblers and dance-hall girls are long gone. But their wild, wicked past is carried on within each historic cottage and gift shop. Even more, the locals share stories, keeping the tales of this Colorado mining town alive.

Villa Dallavalle, owned and operated by the same family since 1901, shares a legendary past. Similarly, The Alma House Inn, a cozy downtown guesthouse, is managed by fifth-generation Silverton natives.  

At The Bent Elbow Hotel, a honky-tonk piano plays while residents and tourists enjoy classic American comfort food. Down the street at The Avon, folks gather for drinks at their bar and live music venue.

Two blocks away lies the train station where visitors begin the famed Narrow Gauge Railroad tour. It is among the best train rides in Colorado, and the experience is definitely one of the most essential things to do in the state of Colorado!

Pros of Staying on Blair Street:

  • Several historic B&Bs serving homestyle fare
  • Quieter than Greene Street
  • Near the Silverton Railroad Station

Cons of Staying on Blair Street:

  • No luxury dining or lodging
  • Little nightlife 

📚 Blair Street Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Cozy B&Bs
Google Map


View of a ski lift in Purgatory Ski Resort
Visiting Silverton on a powder day? Choose Purgatory for ski-in, ski-out lodging

👉 Best Area For Skiing and Resort Luxuries | Best Purgatory Hotels: Purgatory ResortPurgatory Village Condo Hotel

Luxury isn’t common within Silverton hotels. But for those seeking spa services, heated pools, après-ski, and fine dining, Purgatory Resort is for you. 

Technically, this Colorado ski resort is a full 22 miles south of Silverton, so you’ll definitely need a vehicle to reach this area.

You may wonder, why commute to Purgatory when Silverton Mountain is much closer to town? Well, Silverton Mountain is the steepest ski area on the continent. Avalanche kits are required, as are guides for the majority of the season. If you’re an expert skier, you’ll love this ungroomed, backcountry terrain. 

Purgatory, on the other hand, is preferred by casual skiers and families. Voted to be one of the best ski resorts in the United States by Condé Nast readers, you won’t be disappointed.  

Pros of Staying near Purgatory:

  • Luxury resort lodging and amenities
  • Gourmet restaurants and trendy bars
  • Skiing for all skill levels

Cons of Staying near Purgatory:

  • 22-mile drive from other Silverton activities
  • More costly than the standard Silverton hotel

📚 Purgatory Resort Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Skiing and Resort Luxuries
Google Map

Tips for Staying in Silverton

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

View of a car passing through the Million Dollar Highway
The Million Dollar Highway

If traveling south to Silverton, Colorado, prepare for the Million Dollar Highway. Past Ouray, you’ll experience hairpin turns through the high country as you wind along a cliff’s edge. While the shoulder is quite wide, most of the road is unprotected by guardrails.

The views of Colorado’s rugged mountains are breathtaking, but drivers must stay alert. Leave the picture-taking to whoever is in the passenger seat!

Especially in the winter, all-wheel or 4-wheel drive is highly recommended. 

👉 Need a rental car? Compare prices and agency ratings on Discover Cars, our preferred search engine!

Sample Craft Beer

When in Colorado, drink like the locals. In true Silverton spirit, Avalanche Brewery named several of their beers after historic natives. Try Romero’s Mexican Lager, honoring the Romero family who, for more than fifty years, operated a restaurant in the same building. 

Their Fischer Pilsner celebrates Silverton’s first brewer, Charles Fischer. Interestingly, he also built the Teller House on Greene Street.

Be Mindful of Limited Cellular Service and WiFi

Service can be spotty in Silverton, or even non-existent depending on your cellular provider. The same applies to wifi. While all Silverton hotels promote free wifi, not all are equally reliable.

In my research, I found that The Wyman Hotel, Prospector Motel, and The Avon are ideal choices for those that need fast, strong wifi. Remote workers, note that Villa Dallavalle Inn and Grand Imperial Hotel received mixed reviews related to their wifi connectivity.

👉 Taking a road trip? Read our guide about the best places to visit in Colorado!

Don’t Skip on Breakfast

Nothing can beat a delicious, homemade breakfast in the morning. Before exploring the area’s backcountry trails, rivers, and hot springs, pause to enjoy the most important meal of the day. 

If staying at one of Blaire Street’s B&Bs, breakfast is complimentary! Teller House and Grand Imperial Hotel, too, are attached to great eateries.

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Leave No Trace

View of a man walking on a trail path in Silverton, Colorado

While many travelers are drawn to the history of Silverton, Colorado, others visit for its outdoor recreation. When in natural places, it’s important to follow the principles of Leave No Trace.

To protect and preserve, stay on the marked path when out hiking the backcountry. Pack out any trash, and take nothing but photos. Respect wildlife and other visitors, and always leave places better than you found them.

Lastly, plan ahead and prepare by reading weather predictions and packing proper gear. See our ultimate Colorado travel guide for a quick listing of packing essentials, like layers and sunscreen!

FAQs About Where to Stay in Silverton

Is Silverton worth visiting?

Silverton is worth visiting, regardless of the season. Silverton one of few Colorado towns that’s been left unpolished. From mountain views and dirt roads to quaint hotels and comfort food, this historic town lures visitors with its Wild West charm. 

What is Silverton known for?

Silverton, Colorado is most known for its connection with the Narrow Gauge Railroad. Like the town, this steam-powered locomotive has been designated a National Historical Landmark. Other famous sites in Silverton include the restored silver mines and saloons.

Silverton is also known for its extreme sports. Skilled ice and rock climbers, black diamond skiers, ultrarunners, and other athletes admire the peaks of the San Juans. But outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy this region, too, with or without a guide.

Where should I stay when taking the Durango Silverton train? 

Our top choice for where to stay when taking the Durango Silverton train is the highly rated Teller House. Silverton is a small town, so no matter where you stay in Silverton, the train station to board the Narrow Gauge Railroad is just a few blocks away. 

What months does the Durango Silverton train run?

The Durango Silverton train only travels to Silverton from mid-May through the end of October. 

👉 Pro Tip: Silverton to Durango is a one-way trip. Meaning to return to Silverton for the night, you must take a bus back to town. Avoid hitchhiking and plan your trip accordingly!


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand your lodging options. For more tips on what to do in Silverton, check out my guide on the best things to do in Silverton, CO

Safe travels and enjoy your stay in Silverton! 

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