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Where to Stay in Rincon (Best Places & Areas for 2023)

Choosing correctly where to stay in Rincon will give you access to the beach that suits your vacation wish, whether that is surfing away the days or snorkeling next to a reef.

I am a Puerto Rico local who has been to Rincon, and I know for a fact that staying in certain Rincon neighborhoods will enrich your vacation experience. I’ll break down both the worst and best places to stay in Rincon, so you can choose for yourself.

Before we dive in, make sure you bookmark my guide to what to do in Rincon for fun activities you won’t find elsewhere!

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Best Places to Stay in Rincón

View of people on a beach in Rincon

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Rincón? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s do a deep dive into the best areas and neighborhoods in Rincón: 

4 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Rincon

Rincon is on the western side of Puerto Rico, about a three-hour drive from San Juan, and is divided into ten different neighborhoods you can see here. The city is a popular destination for whale watching, surfing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and beach bumming. There are four main neighborhoods on the coast that are ideal for staying in the city. Let’s review them one by one:


View of the empty Tres Palmas Marine Reserve in Rincon, Puerto Rico
Tres Palmas Marine Reserve in Puntas

👉 Best Area For Sightseeing | Best Puntas Hotels: Casa Verde HotelLazy Parrot Inn and Mini ResortCasa Isleña

Puntas is one of the coastal neighborhoods of Rincon and it’s great for sightseeing, surfing, and whale watching. Puntas is home to the Punta Higuero Lighthouse, and BONUS, what used to be a nuclear plant. Puntas is also home to some of the most popular Puerto Rico beaches on the entire island: Domes Beach, Maria’s Beach, and Sandy Beach. You will also find some of the top rated hotels in the city.

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Pros of Staying in Puntas:

  • Close to beaches
  • Top rated Rincon hotels
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Best place to see whales
  • Surf shops
  • Close to Aguada

Con of Staying in Puntas:

  • Restaurants can be pricey
  • Beaches have strong currents

📚 Puntas Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Sightseeing
Google Map

Rincón Pueblo

View of Taste Gastrobar and Tapas Bar in Rincon
Restaurants are within walking distance in Rincón Pueblo

👉 Best Area For Walking | Best Rincón Pueblo Hotels: Que Chévere 

Rincón Pueblo offers visitors that cozy town center feeling along with a great location next to one of the main beaches in Rincón. Rincón Pueblo also features restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and bars, which means you don’t need to rent a car to enjoy the area. Within walking distance of the town center, you’ll find Rincón Public Beach, with facilities like free parking, showers, bathrooms, and companies to rent watersports equipment.

👉 Local Tip: If you’re staying in Rincón, you can’t miss a visit to Steps Beach Marine Reserve! Not only does it offer a beautiful view, but it’s also a great spot for snorkeling. Check out all my favorite things to do in Puerto Rico here.

Pros of Staying in Rincón Pueblo:

  • Walkable area
  • Lots of restaurants 
  • Local activities every Thursday
  • Close to the beach

Con of Staying in Rincón Pueblo:

  • Restaurants can be expensive
  • Traffic

📚 Rincón Pueblo Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Walking
Google Map

  • Best HotelsQue Chévere 
  • 🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Rincón Pueblo
  • 🍽️ Where to Eat – Mangia Mi ($$), Café 413 ($$), Rincón Boricua ($$)
  • 🍸 Where to Drink – Rincón Beach North, Rincón Beer Company
  • 🎟️ Top Attractions – Steps Beach, Rincón Public Beach, Rincón Plaza

Barrio Pueblo

View of people having a swim in Balneario de Rincón
Balneario de Rincón close to Barrio Pueblo

👉 Best Area For Beachfront Hotels and Apartment Rentals | Best Barrio Pueblo Hotels: Coconut Palms InnRincon Of The Seas Grand Caribbean HotelVilla Cofresí

Although Rincón features dozens of hotels and apartment rentals, in Barrio Pueblo you’ll find a variety of them a few steps from the beach. This area also is home to restaurants like Gastropark 115, a food truck park with shows and live music. You will also find apartments in this neighborhood for less than $200 a night.

Pros of Staying in Barrio Pueblo:

  • Variety of hotels and apartment rentals
  • Beachfront location
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Close to the center of the city

Con of Staying in Barrio Pueblo:

  • Hotels can be pricey

📚 Barrio Pueblo Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Beachfront Hotels and Apartment Rentals
Google Map


The author in Playa Los Almendros in Rincon
Playa Los Almendros in Barrero

👉 Best Area For Relaxing | Best Barrero Hotels: LemonTree Oceanfront CottagesRincon Beach Resort

While Rincón is one of the most beautiful cities in the west, it gets crowded, especially during the weekends. If you want to stay in a more private area of Rincón, Barrero is an ideal location. In Barrero, you can find apartment rentals for less than $150 a night, with amazing views of the beach. You also choose to stay in Rincon Beach Resort, which is officially on Añasco but it’s a three-minute drive from Barrero, to enjoy both cities.

Pros of Staying in Barrero:

  • Relaxing ambiance
  • Great sunsets
  • Cheaper apartment rentals

Con of Staying in Barrero:

  • Far from main beaches
  • Not many restaurants 

📚 Barrero Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Relaxing
Google Map

Tips for Staying in Rincón

Travel in the Low Season

From August to November it’s the low season for visiting Puerto Rico. But that means you can get the best hotel deals, and explore the city without the crowds. Although some beaches like Playa Domes might have strong currents, you can always enjoy Rincon’s Public Beach and Steps Beach water ponds.

And then, Opt for Free Cancellation

September, October, and November are low season months because of the hurricane season in Puerto Rico. If you’re visiting Rincon, book your lodging with a platform that features free cancellation. That way, in case of an emergency, you can cancel without losing your money. 

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Stay in Town

Rincon’s town center is within walking distance of the beach. If you want to avoid renting a car in the city, but you still want to experience multiple restaurants and the warm beaches of the west, opt for staying in Rincón Pueblo.

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Or Rent a Car

View of a red car driving along Rincon, Puerto Rico

If you want more flexibility to move between the different attractions of Rincón, then rent a car. Some coastal streets in Rincón are slim and lack traffic lights, but overall it’s safe to drive around the city. Use Discover Cars to get a great deal with your rental car. 

Read my guide to renting a car in Puerto Rico to learn more about how to get a rental the smart way in Puerto Rico.

Check Out Apartment and Guest Houses

There are plenty of hotels in Rincon, including some really cheap hotels, but if you find the average nightly price doesn’t fit your budget, look for additional options for your stay, like an apartment rental or a guest house. 

You can browse apartment rentals on VRBO and rentals on Booking, and often find deals for less than $70 the night.

Look for All-Included Stays

One of the best ways to save money in Rincón is by booking hotels and apartment rentals that include extra amenities in the price per night. Things like free breakfast, free on-site parking, wifi, snorkeling gear, and bathroom amenities can help you to keep your budget.

🧳 Always Forget to Pack Something? Then don’t miss my Puerto Rico packing checklist for a list of all the things you need to bring to Puerto Rico.

Check the Facilities

If you don’t plan to move around a lot, look for a nice hotel that is both on the beachfront and that features facilities like an outdoor pool, a gym, a restaurant, a game room, or a casino. This way you’ll have options to have fun even while staying in the hotel surrounding area.

Read Previous Guest Reviews

Whether you’re using a booking platform or booking directly with the hotel, do research on the place you’re choosing for your stay in Rincón (or any hotel in Puerto Rico, for that matter). Small details like the lack of ocean views can ruin your vacation if you were expecting otherwise.

How to Get to Rincon

If you are one of the many travelers who will visit Rincón from San Juan, check out my detailed guide on getting from San Juan to Rincon for a breakdown of exactly how to plan your transportation.

FAQs About Where to Stay in Rincón

Is Rincon worth visiting?

Rincón is worth visiting for beach lovers, surfers, and watersports enthusiasts for its beautiful beaches and colorful sunsets, and it’s also one of the best spots on the island to do whale watching. There are a lot of popular things to do in Rincón.

Is Rincon Puerto Rico safe for tourists?

Rincón is one of the safest cities in Puerto Rico for tourists, as it’s one of the most visited destinations by travelers and is also home to many expats. See our guide on safety when visiting Puerto Rico for important precautions to practice when traveling the island.

Is Rincon Puerto Rico nice?

Rincón is a nice destination for enjoying the beaches of Puerto Rico and the warmth of the Caribbean. The city also features amazing restaurants, top hotels, and historical structures like the Punta Higuero Lighthouse.

Is Rincon Puerto Rico expensive?

Rincón is an expensive city in comparison with the surrounding cities of Añasco and Aguada, but most attractions are free and visitors can save money by cooking their meals on an apartment rental or choosing a budget hotel. Budget travelers should brush up on our Puerto Rico budget tips before visiting.


That’s it for my top tips for staying in Rincón. 

Before you go, bookmark all our Rincon travel guides and especially be sure to check out the top activities to enjoy in Rincon

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