View from the balcony of Forest of Peace accommodation, one of the area on where to stay in Lake Arrowhead

Where to Stay in Lake Arrowhead in 2023 (Best Areas & Places)

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Deciding where to stay in Lake Arrowhead is the only hard part when it comes to visiting this California mountain town. Nearly every accommodation option has a breathtaking view of the lake or pine trees, so you’re spoiled for choice. 

I’m a California local and I’ve already rounded up the best Lake Arrowhead activities. In this guide, I’ll overview the best places to stay in Lake Arrowhead. 

Keep reading to discover the best neighborhoods and popular hotels in Lake Arrowhead. I’ll also include some hidden gem spots you’ll want to consider and tips to make your Lake Arrowhead visit one to remember.

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Best Places to Stay in Lake Arrowhead

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Lake Arrowhead? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s do a deep dive of the best areas and neighborhoods in Lake Arrowhead: 

5 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Lake Arrowhead

Non-locals usually picture Lake Arrowhead Village when they think of a Lake Arrowhead vacation. But Lake Arrowhead is also comprised of smaller surrounding mountain communities.

The Lake Arrowhead Village and Lake Arrowhead North neighborhoods are the most well-known areas in town. They have a bulk of the tourist attractions and the most popular hotels.

Cedar Glen, Twin Peaks, and Blue Jay are smaller towns that are also considered districts of the Lake Arrowhead community. They’re lesser-known, but hidden gems.

Lake Arrowhead Village

View of shops and restaurants in Lake Arrowhead Village
Shops and restaurants in Lake Arrowhead Village (photo: Marcus E Jones / Shutterstock)

👉 Best Area For Entertainment | ✨ Best Lake Arrowhead Village Hotels: Lake Arrowhead Resort & SpaArrowhead Tree Top LodgeSaddleback Inn at Lake Arrowhead 

The Lake Arrowhead Village is the best place to stay in the San Bernardino mountain town, especially for first-time visitors. You’ll find top attractions and restaurants along with a few great hotels in Lake Arrowhead at The Village. 

Munch on delicious shrimp fettuccine at Saddleback Grill or sip some beer on the shady patio at Lake Arrowhead Brewing Company.  Visit in summer to listen to the summer concert series which takes place in the heart of the village. You can buy a seated ticket or hear the rockin’ cover bands from just about anywhere in the village. 

Christmas comes alive with festive holiday cheer. Visitors can board the Northwoods Express train Ride at Santa’s Village, or opt to test their ice skating skills at the Silver Bells Arena. 

Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa is one of the top accommodations in the area. The Lake Arrowhead Resort sits right on the crystalline lake. It offers mountain luxury with modern architecture and a cozy ambiance.

Arrowhead Tree Top Lodge is my personal favorite Lake Arrowhead hotel and just so happens to be one of the most affordable in the area. 

Pros of Staying in Lake Arrowhead North Neighborhood:

  • Close to main Lake Arrowhead activities 
  • Near the top restaurants in the area
  • Good accommodation options like Lake Arrowhead Resort

Cons of Staying in Lake Arrowhead North Neighborhood:

  • It can be crowded during peak seasons
  • Accommodation prices can double in the wintertime 
  • It may be hard to find parking

📚 Lake Arrowhead Village Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Entertainment
Google Map

Twin Peaks

The Forest of Peace accommodation from the outside in Lake Arrowhead
The Forest of Peace accommodation is surrounded by Lake Arrowhead pine (photo from Plum Guides)

👉 Best Area For Tranquility | ✨ Best Twin Peaks Hotels: Modern Designer CabinForest of PeaceQuaint Cabin Retreat

Twin Peaks is less than 10 minutes from Lake Arrowhead. One blink and you’ll miss this tiny neighboring town along Highway 189. Twin Peaks is nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains. Single-family homes and rental cabins take precedence along the windy mountain road.

Twin Peaks is the perfect option for vacationers looking for a quiet retreat away from society. The pocket-sized California mountain town lacks activity but makes up for it with tranquility.

You won’t find much entertainment in Twin Peaks, but it’s close enough to Lake Arrowhead Village. It’s easy to get a taste of Lake Arrowhead’s bustling atmosphere before returning to your cozy cabin among the trees.  

Modern Designer Cabin is one of the more affordable rental cabins in Twin Peaks with prices as low as around $175 a night. Forest of Peace is the ideal rental cabin for guests who prefer a balcony with mountain views.

Pros of Staying in Twin Peaks Neighborhood:

  • Guests are guaranteed a quiet night’s rest
  • Little to no traffic
  • Affordable prices

Cons of Staying in Twin Peaks Neighborhood:

  • Farther from the main Lake Arrowhead Village attractions
  • Few restaurants and hotels to choose from
  • Not many entertainment options

📚 Twin Peaks Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Tranquility
Google Map

Cedar Glen

View of the Lake Arrowhead from the Cedar Glen
A view of Lake Arrowhead from a Cedar Glen lookout

👉 Best Area For Hiking and OHV Trails | ✨ Best Cedar Glen Hotels: Lake House CabinExclusive Lakeside Getaway

Cedar Glen is only 10 minutes from Lake Arrowhead and its residents are a mixture of local artists and outdoorsy mountain folk. 

This historic community was established in the 1800s. But today Cedar Glen is known as the gateway to top hiking trails in the San Bernardino National Forest. Hop on the Pacific Crest Trail from Cedar Glen. It’s one of the top hiking trails in California that runs throughout the whole state.  

Cedar Glen is also a hotspot for off-roading adventurers. Coxey OHV Road is a 16.4-mile road that’s perfect for truck, jeep, and ATV owners. Pack your camping essentials and stay overnight on Coxey Road for an immersive mountain experience.

Lake House Cabin has one of the best views in the greater Lake Arrowhead area. It’s within driving distance of other top points of interest if camping isn’t your thing.

Pros of Staying in Cedar Glen Neighborhood:

  • Historic mountain town
  • Cozy cabin rentals
  • Away from the tourist crowds

Cons of Staying in Cedar Glen Neighborhood:

  • Farther from the Lake Arrowhead Village
  • Not many kid-friendly activities in the area
  • Few luxurious accommodations

📚 Cedar Glen Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Hiking and OHV Trails
Google Map

✨ Best HotelsLake House CabinExclusive Lakeside Getaway

🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Cedar Glen

🍽️ Where to Eat Cedar Glen Inn ($), RB’s Steakhouse ($$), Cedar Glen Malt Shop ($)

🎟️ Top Attractions Wildhaven Ranch, Hooks Creek

Lake Arrowhead North

Tables and couches on the patio of Hit the Target accommodation
The patio of Hit the Target accommodation (photo from Plum Guides)

👉 Best Area For Luxury Accommodation | ✨ Best Lake Arrowhead North Hotels: North Bay At Lake ArrowheadUCLA Lake Arrowhead LodgeAntler Lodge

Lake Arrowhead North is home to every Lake Arrowhead accommodation imaginable. Find the best Lake Arrowhead hotels, campgrounds, luxurious lodges, and rental cabins. This lakeside community offers it all.

All of those accommodation options make this a great area for couples who need a romantic getaway. Choose a place to stay and enjoy the fresh air, lakeside walking trails, and lowkey atmosphere.

The most luxurious hotel in the area is UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge. The regal UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge is reminiscent of an English countryside manor. Guests can enjoy its tennis courts, yoga, fine dining restaurant, and a beach volleyball court.

Antler Lodge is the ideal option if you prefer rental cabins. This A-frame abode is hidden among the pine trees, and its floor-to-ceiling windows give the space a wide-open feel. 

Pros of Staying in Lake Arrowhead North Neighborhood:

  • Farther from the tourist crowds of Lake Arrowhead Village
  • Within driving distance of top Arrowhead attractions
  • Accommodations are available for all travel types

Cons of Staying in Lake Arrowhead North Neighborhood:

  • Not many kid-friendly attractions
  • Accommodation can be expensive
  • Not many cabin rentals are available 

📚 Lake Arrowhead North Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Luxury Accommodation
Google Map

Blue Jay

Overlooking view of Blue Jay Bay
A view of Blue Jay Bay on a clear day

👉 Best Area For Family-Friendly Events| ✨ Best Blue Jay Hotels: Mountain HideawayAcorn Cabin HomeRocky Pines

Blue Jay is only 5 minutes west of Lake Arrowhead on Highway 189. It’s in the San Bernardino National Forest, so Blue Jay is close to some of the top hiking trails in the area.

Blue Jay is known as one of the more entertaining subsects of Lake Arrowhead even though it only has around 2,300 residents. Bring the whole family to enjoy the shopping center, restaurants, and privately owned boutiques in Blue Jay.

Blue Jay also has a variety of fun seasonal events like the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival each May and the Blue Jay Jazz Festival in August. People who love holiday festivities won’t want to miss the Blue Jay Christmas Parade.

Blue Jay is heavy on cabin rentals. Check out the Mountain Hideaway and Acorn Cabin Home, both of which are pet-friendly and have outdoor balconies.

Pros of Staying in Blue Jay Neighborhood:

  • Fun seasonal events
  • Close to the main Lake Arrowhead attractions
  • Quieter than surrounding Arrowhead communities

Cons of Staying in Blue Jay Neighborhood:

  • No hotels to choose from, only rental cabins
  • Lean on the restaurant choices
  • Right along the highway

📚 Blue Jay Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Family-Friendly Events
Google Map

✨ Best HotelsMountain HideawayAcorn Cabin HomeRocky Pines

🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Blue Jay

🍽️ Where to Eat Blue Jay Burgers, Lake Arrowhead Kitchen Co. ($$), Sade & Spatula Gastropub ($$)

🍸 Where to DrinkLake Arrowhead Sports Grille, Dogwood Tavern

🎟️ Top Attractions – Little Bear Creek, Lake Arrowhead viewpoints

Tips for Staying in Lake Arrowhead

Reserve Lake Arrowhead Hotels Months in Advance

Last-minute Lake Arrowhead accommodations are usually double the price. Reserve your hotel or rental months in advance for a more budget-friendly price.

Know When to Go

The author's dad blowing snow from a Lake Arrowhead cabin porch
My dad blowing snow from our friend’s Lake Arrowhead cabin porch

I recommend visiting Lake Arrowhead during the non-winter months unless you’re prepared for heavy snow. Arrowhead snow usually doesn’t thaw until late spring. Visit in summer or fall for more manageable weather.

Hit the Hiking Trails

Some of the coolest hikes in the San Bernardino Mountains are easily accessible from Lake Arrowhead. Make sure to pack the hiking essentials and hit the Arrowhead trails.

FAQs About Where to Stay in Lake Arrowhead

Which area of Lake Arrowhead is best?

The Lake Arrowhead Village is the best area to visit. It’s close to all the top Lake Arrowhead attractions. Cedar Glen and Blue Jay are smaller nearby neighborhoods that are ideal places for mountain solitude.

Is it better to stay in Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead?

It is better to stay in Big Bear if you want to hit the ski slopes in winter. Lake Arrowhead is a great option for escaping the bustle of city life for a quiet retreat.

Is Lake Arrowhead worth visiting?

Lake Arrowhead is worth visiting. It’s a top California mountain town that’s not overcrowded and has plenty of fun things to do year-round.

What is the best month to go to Lake Arrowhead?

June through September are the best months to go to Lake Arrowhead for warm weather. December through March are the best times to visit Lake Arrowhead for a cozy winter experience.


These are the best places to stay in Lake Arrowhead. I’m certain you’ll have a perfect getaway whether you choose one of the hotels in Lake Arrowhead or opt for a cabin rental. 

Want other ideas for staying in the San Bernadino area? Check out my guide on where to stay in Big Bear, a neighboring California mountain town.

(Featured Image Credit: Plum Guides)

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