11 Things to do in Georgia Country

11 Best Things to Do in Georgia (Country) For an Unforgettable Trip

Are you looking for incredible things to do in Georgia (the country in Europe – not the US state!)?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because these 11 ideas for what to do in Georgia that will leave you wanting to come back to this incredible country again and again.

How am I so sure?

Well, I’ve traveled to over 65+ countries around the world. And, in my mind, none of them beats the incredible country of Georgia.

Seriously, not one.

So get pumped for your Caucasian adventure by checking out these incredible things to do in Georgia (country).

Oh, if you need more inspiration for what to do in Georgia, be sure to bookmark my list of the Best Places to Visit in the Country of Georgia and my complete Georgia Travel Itinerary and Guide.

And be sure to watch this video where I walk through my 10 personal favorite things to do in Georgia:

Last Updated: August 2019

11 Amazing Things to Do in Georgia (Country in Europe)

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1) Soak Up Tbilisi’s Old Town

Old Town Tbilisi, A top Thing to do in Georgia Country Europe
Old Town Tbilisi

For most travelers, Georgia’s capital Tbilisi will be the first stop in the country.

And with so many incredible things to do in Tbilisi itself, you’d be for giving in to the temptation to spend your entire Georgian vacation in this awesome city.

The highlight of any visit to Tbilisi is a stroll through the Old Town. Ancient churches, monuments, and buildings are set against a dramatic hillside. You can climb to the top or zip up via a modern cable car. And if your bones ache from all that walking, you can literally soak in the city at the thermal springs located right in the middle of Tbilisi’s Old Town.

Cross a bridge and on the other side of the Kura river you’ll find incredible modern architecture, which makes for an interesting juxtaposition against Old Town.

The best way to take in Tbilisi’s Old Town? Join a free walking tour!

2) Attend a Traditional Supra

Georgian food
Georgian food is incredible

What’s a “Supra” you ask?

Well, it’s basically a traditional Georgian feast. Picture plate after plate of delicious Georgian cuisine served up in a Georgian home, all while copious amounts of homemade wine is served up until late into the evening.

So how do you go about attending a supra?

Well, frankly, usually you need an invite from some Georgian friends. So you’re first option is to get friendly with the locals and maybe you’ll be just lucky enough to score an invite.

But scoring an invite to a supra is going to be a serious challenge, especially if you’re only in town for a few days.

I have a couple friends who are working to start a “supra for travelers” in Tbilisi, but unfortunately that won’t be operational until 2020.

So, until then, the only viable option I’ve found for travelers at this point is to sign up for a “dinner with a local” through a very cool company called Eat With which connects travelers with locals to eat in their homes.

Click here to see if there are any dinner events scheduled for your time in Tbilisi.

Oh, and if you use that link plus the code AWIN2018, you’ll get $10 off your first dinner experience!

3) Taste Georgian Wine

What to do in Georgia Country? Taste Wines in Kakheti!
Wines in Kakheti

The secret about Georgian wine is officially out.

Georgian wine is quickly becoming renowned as some of the highest quality vino in all of Europe. And with good reason: the temperate environmental conditions in Georgia’s province of Khatkhati, combined with centuries of experience by the local vintners, make for seriously delicious stuff.

You can taste Georgian wine just about anywhere (many locals even make their own at home), but serious oenophiles won’t want to miss a tour of the many vineyards in Khatkhati.

4) Visit a Medieval Land

Watchtowers in Ushguli Georgia
Ushguli, my favorite place on the planet

One of the most enchanting places on the planet is locked high in Georgia’s Caucasian mountains:

The province of Svaenti is dotted with hundreds of ancient watchtowers that for years helped the local communities keep invaders at bay.

Previously inaccessible except through a single long and winding road, Svaneti has recently begun to accept a flood of visitors, thanks in part to government-subsidized flights from Tbilisi.

But, despite the increasing tourist numbers, visiting Svaneti remains one of the top things to do in Georgia the country.

*Pro Tip*: Be sure to check out my Ultimate Travel Guide to Svaneti Georgia for insider tips on how to plan your trip to this top destination in Georgia.

5) Trek in the Caucasian Mountains

Me before hiking in Ushguli Georgia
Me on a hike in Svaneti, Georgia

You’ll feel a bit like Marco Polo crossing the famous Silk Road when you set out for your trek through the Georgian countryside.

With soaring mountain peaks, expansive farmland, and lush forests broken up by tiny but welcoming villages, Georgia is probably one of the most underrated trekking destinations in the world.

One of the more popular routes is the multi-day trek from Mestia to Ushguli, though there are dozens to choose from around the country of Georgia.

6) Eat Khachapuri. Lots and lots of Khachapuri

Khachapuri: eating it is one of the top things to do in Georgia Europe
Magical khachapuri

I’m not much of a foodie, so if a food captures my heart you know it must be truly magical.

And Khachapuri is the stuff of legends.

This traditional Georgian cheese bread can be prepared a number of different ways, but by far my favorite is Acharuli. You’ll have to try it for yourself, but let’s just say that it involves an egg cracked over layers of doughy, cheesy goodness.

Just trust me, trying khachapuri is a can’t-miss thing to do in Georgia (country)!

7) Hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church

The Trinity Church in Kazbegi, Georgia Europe
The Trinity Church

High in the mountains of the Kazbegi region of Georgia lies the Gergeti Trinity Church. If you’ve seen one photo of the country of Georgia, it’s probably of this iconic building set against the backdrop of majestic Mount Kazbegi.

And, given the gorgeous scene, it’s no wonder why visiting the Trinity Church is one of the most popular things to do in Georgia.

While it is possible to visit the church as part of day trip from Tbilisi, an even better thing to do in Georgia is to spend a night in the nearby town of Stepantsminda, then wake up early for a steep climb that will reward you with peaceful time at the iconic church before the tour buses roll in.

8) Marvel at Ananuri Castle

Places to visit in Georgia Europe Ananuri
The Ananuri Castle Complex

Technically two castles joined by a wall, the Ananuri complex is an impressive work of ancient architecture made all the more fascinating by its stunning setting against the backdrop of the Aragvi river.

Located a mere 90 minutes or so north of Tbilisi, a visit to Ananuri is an easy day trip. Or you can combine with a trip to Kazbegi to really take in the best of northern Georgia.

9) Tour the Caves of Gareji

David Gareji Caves Georgia Things to Do (1)

In the southeast of the country of Georgia, near the boarder with Azerbaijan, lies the David Gareji monastery complex.

This Georgian Orthodox complex is set against a rocky hillside, the complex includes hundreds of dwellings, churches, chapels and more. You also have the option to hike up the nearby hill for some incredible views.

It’s possible to visit the David Gareji complex as part of a day trip from Tbilisi, taking in the gorgeous Georgian countryside along the way.

10) Or the Remarkable Caves of Uplistsikhe

The Uplistsikhe caves, one of the top attractions in Georgia
The Ancient Uplistsikhe caves near Gori

Alternatively, you can visit another set of ancient cave homes at Uplistsike.

These ones are much easier to reach, as they are located just outside of Gori and only a 1 to 1.5 hour trip away from Tbilisi.

This 5,000 year old complex is seriously impressive. It’s set on a cliff-side overlooking a river, meaning you’ll get some incredible views of the Georgian countryside.

11) Relax on the Beach in Batumi

Batumi's boardwalk at sunset
Batumi’s boardwalk at sunset

There’s no sand to be found here, but don’t tell that to the hoards of Georgian and Russian sun-seekers who pack the pebble beaches of Batumi each year. The top thing to do in Georgia during the summer is clear: chill out (or get your party on) in Batumi.

Georgia’s Black Sea resort town Batumi feels like it belongs in a different country altogether, as the modern architecture reminds one more of Singapore or Dubai. But, for all its modern facade, Batumi remains a uniquely Georgian experience.

So if you need a break from all those stunning mountains, do what the locals do and head to Batumi for some summer fun. It’s definitely one of the most unique places in the country of Georgia.

FAQs About Travel to Georgia

Is Georgia a safe country?

Yes, Georgia is a very safe country for travel.

Despite having had an armed conflict in 2008, the majority of the country is perfectly safe for travel. Travelers to the breakaway provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia should exercise caution, however.

It is still a good idea to purchase travel insurance for Georgia though, so click here to compare and buy travel insurance for Georgia.

What is the best time to visit Georgia?

The best time to visit Georgia is generally from May through August, when the mountains are warmer and the temperature is better for exploring all that the country has to offer.

Tbilisi can technically be explored year round (although it may be a bit chilly), and winter tourism is slowly growing in Georgia as more Europeans discover the benefits of Georgia’s ski slopes.

How expensive is Georgia?

Georgia is an inexpensive country for travel.

Your exact costs will depend upon your style of travel, but as a general matter costs are comparable or even more affordable than most destinations in Eastern Europe.


There are so many things to do in Georgia the country, that it’s really not possible to list them all here.

So for further inspiration for your trip to the country of Georgia, be sure to check out:

Those posts are packed with more suggestions and information to help you figure out what to do in Georgia and to make the most of your trip.

And if you have any comments or want to share your experience traveling in Georgia, just scroll down and tell me about it in the comments!

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Safe travels in Georgia!

13 thoughts on “11 Best Things to Do in Georgia (Country) For an Unforgettable Trip”

  1. Avatar

    Hi. I am going to Georgia in June and have about 4 full days set out in Svaneti. I am a bit confused about how to spend it… Would like to stay in Mazeri, Adishi and Ushgali, but quite a lot to fit in with proper hikes. Any advice or suggestions? Or perhaps I should just do a trek from Mazeri to Usgali via Adishi, but traveling alone and not sure if alone is advisable.

    1. Avatar

      First off, that sounds like a great trip! If you’re trekking that does strike me as a bit much to squeeze in but maybe it’s doable. There is a 4 day itinerary at this site that takes in most of that: https://wikitravel.org/en/Svaneti

      It doesn’t cover Mazeri, though, which I think would probably take an extra day. Or you could speed along the process by hitching rides between the places and just going out for day hikes, which are still quite nice. The whole area is so incredible hikeable that you won’t be at a loss of options!

      With that said, bear in mind that some trails may still be snowed over in early June, so depending on when you’re going you might need a backup plan. As for traveling solo, I met many solo travelers in Svaneti and I was alone there myself. I didn’t feel unsafe at all. You can also definitely meet other travelers to join up with. Nino’s guesthouse in Mestia is a popular spot for that.

  2. Avatar

    Your article has convinced me! We hope to travel to Georgia in the second week of September. We will be accompanied by two kids, aged 5 and 8 who love a great adventure. We don’t drink alcohal so much of that culture will be missed by us, but enjoy good food. How easy is it to get by in English? How easy is it get around if we rent a car? While Tbilisi has a lot of typical things to with kids (amusement parks etc) we’ve already seen much of the same and more while residing in Dubai. We would like to get out and trek a bit. What would you suggest? We plan to stay for a week. TIA!

    1. Avatar

      I’m so excited for you – you and your family is going to love Georgia! And you’re really going to love the food!

      In terms of English, I got by just fine everywhere I went. In Tbilisi, English is spoken nearly as often as Russian nowadays. In some of the smaller villages, you may still encounter a lot of people with very little English. But generally the younger generations learn some English, so I found that more often than not the children ended up acting as translators.

      You should be fine renting a car to exploring on your own. Some of the roads in some of the mountain provinces may be a little intense, but they are generally decently maintained and seem ok to drive on (though I never drove myself, I plenty of tourists who did).

      I think your kids will really love Georgia. If you make it out to Batumi, there are some family oriented activities there – parks, boat rides, boardwalks, etc. Also, hopefully they enjoy the outdoors, as that is one of the great joys of visiting Georgia. It may be starting to get a bit cold in September in some parts of the mountains, so you’ll need to plan, but if the weather is good, Georgia is a beautiful place to explore outdoors.

      1. Avatar

        Thanks for your reply.
        So we’ve purchased our tickets, yay! We arrive Saturday afternoon (Sept 8) and depart the following Saturday morning (Sept 15). There’s so much to do in Georgia that I’m regretting not staying longer. I need your help in narrowing things down:
        We plan to walk around Old Town (probably do a local walking tour) our first day. Explore Tblisi a bit more on Day 2 and then I’m stuck for what to do. Does Kazbegi have similar landscape as Sveneti? Because frankly, you’ve sold me on the majesty of Sveneti but I’m worried about the time it takes to get there. There are no flights available, so will have to do the 8 hour bus journey from Tbilsi, or find a car to drive us over. Also, my kids love to hike but doing the 4 day hike will be too much to expect from them. So I’m thinking we skip Sveneti and focus on Kazbegi (if it’s similar landscape…if not, I think we might persevere to Sveneti).
        Then I read about David Garega and that looks mysteriously beautiful.
        Then there’s Dashbashi Canyon which looks amazing in pictures.

        What would you suggest we do?
        I know you suggested Bautimi for the kids but it sounds very similar to what we have in Dubai so will skip it. We are more interested in green forests, green mountains as these are landscapes we crave while living in Dubai.
        Also, I’m in the process of finding a driver who can take us around (any recommendations?) who can also give us a lesson on history (so we can skip the museums).
        Thanks again!

        1. Avatar

          Yes, Kazbegi is a reasonable alternative to Svaneti for someone on a tight schedule. Additionally, as summer is waning, the weather might start getting a bit too cold in Svaneti anyway. So it definitely makes sense in your circumstances to just focus on Kazbegi I think.

          Drivers should come relatively affordably in Georgia, or if you prefer a group tour, there are plenty on offer to David Gareja monastery complex (although it is a bit of a drive).

          I’ve not been to Racha myself, but it is on my list for a return visit. I’m not sure how easy it is to access, given that it’s on the other side of Russian-occupied South Ossetia, so if you go I’d love to hear all about it!

          I’m excited for you and your trip – it sounds incredible!

      1. Avatar

        Help, am about to go to georgia for football trial I’m 18 years old…but am not very sure about the professionalism and payment of footballers in georgia. I mean is it a good country where one can play football

        1. Avatar

          That’s an interesting question and I’m not 100% sure I have the right answer. Georgians definitely do play football, and I’m sure you can find a scene there, but I’m just not sure how strong it is.

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