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15 Reasons Georgia is the Next Big Digital Nomad Hotspot

I’ve been a digital nomad traveling the world full time since 2016 and, out of the 70 countries I’ve visited in my life, there’s one that clearly stands a cut above the rest …

In fact, Georgia is such an incredible digital nomad destination that I kinda hate spilling the beans on it.

But it just wouldn’t feel fair to keep a find like this my own personal secret forever ….

So here are 15 reasons why all digital nomads should be planning to spend their summers in Georgia:

15 Reasons to Make Georgia Your Next Digital Nomad Stop

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We’ve given you several reasons why #Georgia in #Europe is such a great country to visit. Now, we bring you 15 reasons as to why this wonderful gem is the next big #DigitalNomad hotspot. There are a lot of good apartments in #Tbilisi. The food is great! It’s one of the safest countries in the world. And the best part is—Georgia is proactive in opening their arms to the digital nomad community. Read through this article to find out more!
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1. Georgia Sits at the Crossroads of Continents and Cultures

For millennia, Georgia has sat at the crossroads of the world’s civilizations, yet has maintained its own unique culture. Today’s Georgia is a colorful tapestry that reflects this diverse heritage.

It’s hard to put in words, but wandering the streets of Tbilisi triggers that special sort of visceral excitement that only comes from exploring somewhere fascinatingly different.

Georgia is the kind of destination that reminds us why we travel in the first place.

With so many things to do and places to visit, Georgia isn’t just an up-and-coming nomad hotspot, but is quite possibly the most interesting 2020 travel destination, full stop, on the entire planet.

2. No Visas Needed for Up to 1 Year!

Digital nomad Georgia
Mestia, Georgia – one of my favorite mountain towns

One of the best things about visiting Georgia as a digital nomad is that you don’t really need to worry about visas and entrance requirements.

Georgia makes visting super easy:

Most nationalities get visa-free entry for a full year!

3. Digital Nomads Get Free Work Spaces (Yes, Really!)

One super cool thing about Georgia is that digital nomads can sign up for a program called Work from Georgia which basically pairs visiting nomads with local businesses who have extra office space.

Free work spaces are super cool.

But what I think is really cool about this project is how it started: as an organic, volunteer effort by Georgian businesses who wanted to encourage digital nomads to move to Georgia!

How many other countries have been that proactive in opening their arms to the digital nomad community?

4. Georgia is as Affordable as Southeast Asia!

Georgia Digital Nomad
You could eat out with friends every night for just a few bucks!

Georgia is one of the most affordable destinations for digital nomads in the world.

A meal at a quality restaurant costs just $3-5 USD, a beer no more than a buck, and a subway ride across town just 20 cents.

Tbilisi might be the only digital nomad destination on the planet that offers the possibility to live in a European-style capital city while spending like you were on a Southeast Asia budget.

5. And Georgia is Safer Than Switzerland

Church in Kutaisi Georgia by drone, digital nomad Georgia

If you’re a nomad who frets about safety and security, you’ll be happy to know that Georgia ranks as one of the safest countries in the world.

In fact, according to Numbeo’s latest rankings, Georgia is even safer than Japan, Finland, and Switzerland!

6. You Can Find Lots of Great Apartments in Tbilisi

Apartment in Tbilisi Georgia
My apartment in Tbilisi

If you’re visiting Georgia as a digital nomad, you’ll probably base yourself in the capital city of Tbilisi.

And the wonderful thing about Tbilisi is that there is a TON of quality apartment inventory.

From budget bohemian pads in Old Town to upscale modern lofts in Vake Park, you can find just about any kind of apartment you want in Tbilisi.

And you won’t break the bank to do it: many quality 1 bedroom apartments cost between $300 and $600 USD per month!

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7. The Food Will Ruin You

Various food from Georgia
Tell me you aren’t hungry ….

Even if you’re not a foodie, you’re sure to be converted by Georgian cuisine.

Dining is a part of the fabric of Georgian cultures, with 5 hour shared communal

The only problem with the food in Georgia?

You might leave for another digital nomad destination only to find yourself searching in vain for khinkali or khachapuri.

8. Georgians Drink Wine Like They Invented It (Oh, Wait, They Did)

Wine and Food in Georgia

Chat with any Georgian for longer than a few minutes (and really, that means every conversation in Georgia), and they are likely to slip into their basement and pull out a bottle of homemade wine to share.

Wine is a part of the fabric of Georgia because it was invented here.

Increasingly, the world’s sommeliers are taking note too, with many Georgian vinters taking home medals at recent international wine competitions.

The best part of the wine culture?

Many quality bottles of wine can be found in Georgia for just two or three dollars!

9. Tbilisi’s Nightlife is Massively Underrated

Nightclub in Tbilisi
Just an average night out in Tbilisi

It’s not surprise that a country that drinks so much knows how to party as well.

After visiting booming underground techno clubs like Bassiani, where bouncers use stickers to block attendees’ phone cameras, you’ll understand why VICE compared it to the “new Berghain.”

Oh, and for our LGBT nomad friends, you should know that while Georgia is still behind the times on codifying equality, the gay scene in Tbilisi is burgeoning. Don’t take my word for it though – check out the lavish praise my friends and popular gay bloggers Stef and Seb had to say about Tbilisi.

10. Georgia Has a Mountain Range that Bests the Alps and Rockies

Hikers in Ushguli

Yeah, I know that’s a big claim. But I’m from Colorado, so mountains are something I take seriously.

So trust me when I say:

Georgia’s mountains are legit.

Spend your summers trekking between 1,000-year old medieval villages (complete with watchtowers) or come during winter and fly down the slopes of Georgia’s affordable ski resorts.

Once you see Georgia’s Caucasus mountains, you’ll understand why they are gaining acclaim around the world.

11. You Can Shop Amazon USA And Get Your Packages in Georgia

Digital nomad life is pretty cool, but it can get frustrating when it comes time to try to find your favorite products from home.

That’s not a problem in Georgia though, thanks to a service called USA2Georgia!

The service lets you ship packages from US online retailers – including Amazon – to Georgia in just a week or so, and for just a couple dollars per package.

12. The WiFi is Pretty Fast

Georgia digital nomad
Working from my apartment in Tbilisi

You wouldn’t be a digital nomad if you didn’t care about WiFi speeds, so let me just say this:

The WiFi in Georgia is all-around solid.

Sure, there are some patches in the mountains where it’s hard to get a solid connection, but in the main city of Tbilisi your laptop will be flying through the inter-webs.

My internet typically averaged between 15 and 50 mbps downloading, and 5-10 mbps when uploading (though in one apartment I did have some minor issues with upload speeds).

13. Doing Business in Georgia is a Breeze

Georgia is a great destination for location-independent entrepreneurs because you won’t have to deal with a ton of red tape or excessive taxes and fees.

Georgia makes it super easy and cheap for foreigners to start a company, open a bank account, buy property, get a work permit, or do just about any sort of business in Georgia.

And, though not quite a tax haven, Georgia’s tax rates are very favorable to boot.

14. New Budget Flights Link Georgia to Mainland Europe

Georgia flag
Hanging out with my gym buddies in Tbilisi

So what’s been keeping Georgia from becoming the next big digital nomad destination already?

Honestly, a big part of the problem is that flights to Georgia can be a bit spotty.

Due to some weird concession given to the Turkish owners of the Tbilisi airport, only Turkish Air flights can come in during the middle of the day – meaning every other flight lands at 3 or 4 am in the morning!

But at least flights are getting much cheaper thanks to the fact that Ryan Air is now opening flights to Tbilisi!

Heck, AirAsiaX even recently started experimenting with a direct flight from Tbilisi to Bangkok!

The perfect excuse to make 2020 your year to escape the ordinary in Chiang Mai!

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15. Nomad Summit is Coming to Tbilisi in 2020

Nomad Summit Tbilisi 2020 Discount Promo Code

Speaking of Chiang Mai, the popular digital nomad conference Nomad Summit recently announced that there next conference will take place in Tbilisi this year.

So come to Tbilisi in May, 2020 and you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by fellow nomads.

Pro Tip: when buying your tickets to Nomad Summit Tbilisi, use code TRAVELLEMMING for a 10% discount on your ticket!

Let’s Plan Your Digital Nomad Trip to Georgia!

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  1. Hi Nate,
    Are you still in Georgia? What’s up?
    I’m really inspired by your article. Well done.
    Is the border open now? Does Georgia accept tourists and digital nomads?

    1. Hi Aidar! There are media reports that Georgia is about to launch a digital nomad visa. I’m not there, but it sounds interesting. Keep an eye out on Google for details.

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