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Disney Packing List (25 Things You Might Forget to Bring)

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Putting together your Walt Disney World packing list for Florida can easily become overwhelming. I normally recommend a minimalist approach to travel packing, but I actually think the opposite is better for a trip to Walt Disney World

I have been visiting Disney parks throughout my entire life and I worked at Disney World for 12 years. I have worn the wrong shoes, brought unnecessary items, and perfected the Disney day bag. That’s why I can confidently put together the ultimate Disney packing list to make your vacation prep as easy as possible. 

Visiting Disney World is not cheap, so you want to be able to enjoy your Disney vacation to the fullest. That’s why I focus on helping you pack items to beat the heat and stay comfortable while checking off all the sites on your Disney itinerary.

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Walt Disney World Packing List


Our Pick
Osprey Daylite Daypack
The Osprey Daylite is the perfect size for a day at Disney World.

Many people forget to include a backpack on their Disney packing list because they’re already bringing luggage.

The Osprey Daylite is the perfect backpack for storing everything you need for a day at the Disney parks. There are two pockets, two water bottle holders, and comfortable body straps for weight distribution. 


Our Pick
Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Sunscreen is a necessity during Florida summers, but that doesn’t mean you need to smell like it.

Throughout most of the year in Orlando, you can expect the sun to be shining and visitors to be enjoying the outdoors. Sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage.

I love Sun Bum Sunscreen because it smells like a tropical drink and rubs in easily. You’ll want to use a sunscreen lotion instead of a spray because sprays can be hard to apply inside or in crowded areas. 

Hand Wipes 

Our Pick
Wet Ones Sensitive Skin Hand Wipes

Disney World is fairly clean, but you’ll be grateful to have some wipes handy. 

Hand wipes are useful in so many situations: after a meal, cleaning an outdoor table, cleaning your hands throughout the day.

Wet Ones Sensitive Hand Wipes come in small packs that are perfect to throw in your backpack each day. They are safe for babies and mild enough to use on your face.  

Portable Phone Charger

Our Pick
Mini Portable Charger

A compact charger is a must when you’re capturing all your family memories on your phones. 

An external battery charger for your phone should be at the top of your Disney packing list. The Miady Portable Charger is a compact and lightweight choice to throw in your park bag.

During your vacation, your phone is your camera, wallet, reservation system, and park map. As helpful as it is to have one device do everything you need, you can quickly drain the battery.   

Apple AirTags      

Our Pick
Apple AirTag

Keep track of your belongings (and even your kids). 

There can be a lot of things to keep track of during a vacation, including a rental car, luggage, and children. Apple AirTags can help you keep track of all of them!

Leave one in your car, so you aren’t left wandering around expansive parking lots. Quickly find your luggage at the airport or with the bellhop. Add one to your child’s lanyard to easily find them if they get separated throughout the day. 

Reusable Water Bottle

There is a reason Florida is called the Sunshine State! All that sunshine means things get hot! Instead of purchasing several plastic water bottles throughout the day, use this Stanley water bottle to stay hydrated and save money.

You can refill at water fountains, restaurants, or my top-secret location: your hotel fitness center. 


Our Pick
NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets

Nuun tablets are delicious and easy to travel with. 

When it comes to hydration, it is important to replenish electrolytes along with water. Buying sports drinks throughout the day can become pretty expensive.

Instead, opt for Nuun hydration tablets that can be added to any water bottle. I use Nuun to rehydrate after workouts and I always bring a pack with me when I travel. 


Our Pick
Snack Bundles

A hungry family is a cranky family, so keep the trip magical with plenty of your own snacks. 

The food at Disney World is an attraction in itself, but the costs can quickly add up (even if you’re trying to do Disney World on a budget).

Families with young kids know that they can be bottomless pits. I recommend purchasing one of these snack bundles to eat on the plane, in the car, in the hotel room, and at the parks.

If you don’t want to travel with such a large bundle, you can even get it delivered to Disney resorts.  

Laundry Detergent

Our Pick
SinkSuds Travel Laundry Detergent

These packets can be used for full loads in a washing machine or a quick clean in the bathroom sink. 

Even if you aren’t planning on doing laundry during your Disney trip, accidents happen and it is better to be prepared.

Since SinkSuds can be used in the sink or the washing machine, you’ll be able to wash a single item or a full load. Vacation homes and many Orlando hotels offer laundry facilities for you to use. 

Ear Plugs

Our Pick
Flents Ear Plugs

Hotels at Disney World are filled with loud kids and tourists coming in at all hours. 

Many people have trouble sleeping away from their own beds, and the chaos at Disney World can exacerbate that.

Foam earplugs are an affordable way to drown out the potential noise at your hotel. These are also helpful for people to use during fireworks shows or loud attractions if they dislike elevated noises.

Packable Rain Jacket

Our Pick
Helly-Hansen Men's Loke Waterproof Rain Jacket

This jacket has held up through years of use across four continents!

Many people like to bring a poncho on their Disney World trip, but a rain jacket is a sturdier and more eco-friendly option.

This Helly Hansen rain jacket is lightweight and features underarm vents to release excess heat. The entire jacket can be folded and secured in one of the pockets, making it compact for travel and storage. 

👉 Pro Tip: In Orlando, April is the month with the least amount of rain on average. Find out the other best months to visit Disney for great weather. 

Chewing Gum  

Our Pick
Wrigley's Chewing Gum

Gum is something you take for granted until you run out.

Did you know that chewing gum is not sold anywhere at Disney World? The tradition started to keep the walkways clean and free of used gum.

If you like to have chewing gum throughout the day, you’ll need to bring a pack or two of your favorite kind. Just make sure it goes into a trash can when you’re finished!

Waterproof Phone Pouch   

Our Pick
Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch

This waterproof case fits most phones and comes with a convenient lanyard.

A waterproof phone pouch makes it easy to capture fun memories without worrying about getting your cell phone wet, making it an essential on any family vacation packing list.

Keep your phone protected at the Disney water parks, your Disney resort pool, or on water rides like Splash Mountain.

This universal waterproof cell phone case also allows your phone’s touch screen function to stay intact while your cell phone is safeguarded. 

Over-the-Door Organizer   

Our Pick
Amazon Basics 24-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer

Keep your hotel room tidy by containing shoes, toiletries, or toys. 

Hotel rooms can easily become messy and cramped, especially when an entire family is sharing the space. One way to keep the hotel room organized is to use an over-the-door organizer (or two, or three) to store many items.

Children can keep their toys in one place. Bathroom counters can be kept clear by storing toiletries in the organizer. Of course, shoes can be kept off the ground and out of the way. 

Packing Cubes   

Our Pick
Osprey Ultralight Packing Cubes
Efficiently pack your suitcase (so you can bring more home with you).

I guarantee that you’ll be coming home with plenty of souvenirs from the Disney theme parks, so set yourself up with some extra space in your luggage.

Smaller cubes can also be used to hold individual outfits for children, so there is no hassle when it’s time to get dressed. These packing cubes are attractive and functional.

Use them to maximize the space in your luggage while also keeping your clothes organized.

Clip-On Fan   

Our Pick
WiHoo Clip On Portable Fan

The “octopus” legs can easily attach to a stroller or backpack.

Whether you are sitting outside in the sun or waiting in a crowded attraction line, things can heat up pretty quickly. Your ultimate Disney packing list must include this clip-on fan.

I use this fan on my son’s stroller to keep him cool while we walk around and then we will prop it up wherever we need once we stop. 

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Don’t underestimate the amount of walking that takes place during Disney vacations. Flip flops may sound good for the heat, but your feet will be dying within a couple of hours.

So, when you pack for Disney, include these On Cloud sneakers. They are by far the most popular shoe seen at the Disney World theme parks and for good reason. These shoes will keep you comfortable all day long. 

👉 Pro Tip: Plan your park itinerary so you’re efficiently moving around the park, instead of crisscrossing multiple times. Check out my pre-planned park itineraries to read what I recommend:

Sunglasses Strap    

I always recommend bringing two pairs of cheap sunglasses when you visit Disney World so you won’t be worried about losing them. However, using this Croakies sunglasses strap will help keep even expensive sunglasses safe on wild rides.

Since you’re walking in and out of attractions throughout the day, using a strap means you’ll never need to worry about putting your sunglasses on your head, in your pocket, or in your backpack. 

Anti-Chafe Balm     

Our Pick
Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Formula Skin Protectant

Bodyglide keeps your skin protected through all the walking and sweating of a theme park visit. 

You can expect warm temperatures at Disney World throughout most of the year, so you’re probably planning on including shorts and tank tops on your Disney packing list.

Bodyglide anti-chafe balm will help protect any areas where skin and fabric are rubbing together. The container is small and can be easily stored in your daypack.  

Blister Prevention      

I cannot stress enough how much walking you will be doing if you plan to visit all four theme parks during your vacation.

If you want to make sure those miles don’t end up being miserable, use this pre-cut moleskin sheet to prevent blisters or protect ones that have already formed. Don’t leave this in your hotel room because you never know when an annoying blister might form.

Compact Umbrella      

Our Pick
Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella
Rain or shine, sometimes you just need a little coverage.

The weather at Disney World can be unpredictable, but the odds are good that you’ll encounter sunshine and rain at some point during your trip.

Include this compact umbrella on your Disney packing list so you’re always prepared. Since this umbrella packs up tightly, it won’t take up too much space in luggage or your daypack. 

Travel Blanket      

Our Pick
BlueHills Ultra Compact Travel Blanket

This multi-function blanket makes your Disney World visit just a little more comfortable. 

Some people may not view a blanket as a necessity, but I think you’d be surprised how many times it can come in handy.

This compact travel blanket fits in any backpack. It can be used to lay out on the ground while you wait for a parade, as a tablecloth on a dirty table, and to wrap around kids on cool evenings. 

Night Light       

Our Pick
GE LED Night Light

Help kids (and adults) adjust to new surroundings. 

It’s a weird feeling waking up in the middle of the night on vacation and forgetting where you are. It’s even worse when you need to find the bathroom and a light switch. Bring a couple of nightlights so you can navigate your hotel room at any time. 

Reusable Straws       

Our Pick
Klean Kanteen Steel Straws

Disney has gotten rid of plastic straws, so bring your own. 

To help protect the environment, Disney stopped using plastic straws in 2019. Many people hate using the paper straws that they currently offer (and they are not safe for people with some food allergies).

Bring your Klean Kanteen straws so you never have to worry about a paper straw falling apart on you. This set also comes with a cleaning brush. 

Travel Insurance

Travel Lemming's Pick
Need Insurance? Compare Quotes with VisitorsCoverage

VisitorsCoverage is a travel insurance marketplace where you can quickly compare quotes from hundreds of insurers -- all it takes is a minute to enter your details!

Life can be unpredictable, so many travelers choose to purchase travel insurance for their Disney vacation. Depending on the terms of the particular policy you buy, insurance may help with medical expenses, baggage delays, trip interruptions, etc.

You will always hope for the best Disney vacation, but travel insurance can give you peace of mind. Lastly, a great place to compare quotes quickly from many insurers is VisitorsCoverage.

Other Disney World Essentials to Pack

For more packing inspiration, consult our full travel essential packing list.

Clothing to Pack for Walt Disney World

The with her husband and son with a colorful background
Keep it casual, athletic, or Disney-themed

When it comes to what to wear at Disney World, your Disney packing list should be mostly casual clothing. If you love to dress up or plan to enjoy high-end dining with a dress code, feel free to add some dressier pieces.

When you pack for Disney World, remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time outside and a lot of time walking around. In the heat of summer, many people like to change in the middle of the day so consider packing a couple of extra outfits. 

So what clothing should you pack for Walt Disney World? Here is a quick clothing checklist for a week-long Walt Disney World vacation: 

If you want to go minimal on your Disney packing, choose a hotel with a laundry facility and wash a load halfway through your visit. You’ll enjoy a more magical vacation when you have dry, clean clothes to wear. 

Wide-Brimmed Hat

Our Pick
Wide Brim Sun Hat

Come mid-day, you’ll be thrilled with this full-coverage hat. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hat person, I recommend that everyone add one to their Disney packing list.

You may not find it the most fashionable option, but this wide-brimmed hat is extremely functional. The ventilation will keep your head cool and the 3.75-inch brim extends around your entire head.

Flip Flops

Our Pick
OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

Oofos are a favorite around the running community, but they can comfort any set of tired feet. 

Even though I recommend supportive sneakers for your theme park visits, it can be helpful to have a comfortable pair of flip flops to wear around the hotel and to casual meals. Oofos shoes have patented designs that help cushion your feet. 

Disney-Themed Matching Shirts

Depending on which parks you are visiting, who you’re visiting with, and your favorite Disney characters, you can choose the perfect matching theme for your group.

Several talented Etsy sellers can create the shirts of your dreams. My personal favorites are the shirts with different Disney snacks on them. 


Our Pick
Knockaround Fast Lanes Polarized Sunglasses

Skip the expensive designer sunglasses that can easily be misplaced or broken.

I always recommend having two affordable pairs of sunglasses on your Disney packing list. Keep the extra one in your park bag.

Knockaround sunglasses are affordably priced and they have polarized lenses and UV protection. Since there are plenty of colors to choose from, you can find one that matches your outfits. Thanks to the great price point, you won’t worry about accidentally losing a pair. 

Lightweight Jacket

Our Pick
Hanes Women's French Terry Zip Hoodie

Be prepared for all conditions with a basic light jacket. 

Even if you are visiting Disney in the middle of summer, you’ll appreciate having a light jacket for restaurants or evening strolls. This Hanes zip-up hoodie is perfect for throwing into your park bag (and sharing with that family member that refused to pack their own)!

Disney World Packing Tips

View of people in the lobby of Polynesian Village Resort
The lobby of the Polynesian Village Resort

You should bookmark my full list of 49 things to know before visiting Walt Disney World, but here are a few essential ones related to packing:

Be Prepared for All Weather

Throughout most of the year, you can expect warm weather and a chance of rain. However, Orlando does have an occasional cold or heavy rain day. Keep checking the forecast for your vacation so you can be prepared and comfortable during your visit. 

Do Laundry 

All Walt Disney World Resort hotels have laundry facilities (usually located near one of the pools).

If you know you’re going to do laundry, bring a pop-up hamper and detergent packs so you’re prepared. You can even check machine availability online through the Disney laundry  website

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Use the My Disney Experience App

My Disney Experience allows you to keep all your vacation information in one place, including reservations for Lightning Lane, Genie+, park tickets, park access, hotel rooms, and dining.

If you don’t have the app on your phone, you can also access everything on the Disney World website. Thanks to My Disney Experience, you don’t need to worry about printing out all your tickets and reservations.

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Utilize the Baby Care Centers

If you have a baby or toddler, you know that you’ll be adding even more items to your Disney packing list.

Don’t stress because all the theme parks have Baby Care Centers, where you can enjoy some quiet time and stock up on anything you’ve forgotten or run out of.

There are several items available for purchase, but many parents have received the Disney magic of free diapers or snacks. 

Pack Kids’ Clothing by Outfit

Let your kids help make their Disney packing list by choosing their own outfits (with your weather-appropriate approval). Then, pack each outfit (top, bottom, underwear, socks, and shoes) into a single plastic bag or packing cube.

Each morning, the child just needs to grab a bag instead of digging through all the clothing in their suitcase. 

🏰 Headed to Disneyland? See McKenna’s super helpful guide to where to stay at Disneyland.

Keep an Extra Outfit in Your Carry-On

Accidents happen and most of us have experienced lost luggage before. Your Disney packing checklist should include an extra outfit in your carry-on bag. This way you will have access to clean clothes if your suitcase is a few hours (or days) behind you.

If you need a carry-on bag, by the way, check out Taylor’s hands-on review of the top carry-on luggage suitcases.

Label Everything

The Walt Disney Company has an extensive lost and found program. They always do their best to log and track all found items and items that are reported missing.

Have your name and phone number on as many items as possible so you have the best chance of getting any lost items reunited. 

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FAQs About What to Pack for Disney

Disney characters welcoming the guests in Animal Kingdom
Chip, Dale, and Goofy greet guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

What can you not bring into Disney?

All weapons, including firearms and pocket knives, are prohibited at the Walt Disney World Resort. In addition, illegal substances (including marijuana) and alcohol cannot be brought into theme parks. Other items that you can not bring into the Disney parks include: glass containers, loud noisemakers, remote-controlled toys and drones, strollers larger than 31” wide and 52” long, wagons, electric vehicle trailers, folding chairs, and selfie sticks.

What to pack for Disney World?

The items you cannot forget to pack are all for staying comfortable during your visit in all weather conditions: a breathable rain jacket, comfortable walking shoes, sun protection, and flip flops.

What bags can I bring into Disney?

All bags should be smaller than 24” long, 15” wide, and 18” high. The bags can be suitcases, backpacks, coolers, or purses. Remember that you’ll be walking a lot, so you won’t want to carry around a large bag all day. 

Can I bring a water bottle to Disney World?

You can bring plastic or metal water bottles to Disney World. I encourage visitors to include a reusable water bottle on their Disney packing list to minimize waste during their vacation. You can refill your bottle at quick-service restaurants or water fountains. 


Now that you have the ultimate Disney packing list, you will be fully prepared to effectively pack for Disney World. Packing smartly is one of our top tips for visiting Disney.

In the comments, let me know what items you always pack for your Disney trips!

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  1. pls tell me what parks i can do in a day, should i save magic kingdom for one day then the next day animal kngdom and hollywood studios then the next day epcot full day?? im going for 3 days at the walt disney theme parks.

    my first day ill b doing uiversal, hoping i can do those 2 parks in a day

    1. Hi Jessica! Magic Kingdom has tons of attractions, so you should definitely plan to spend an entire day there. I would split up your visit to the other three parks based on your interests. Epcot is great for food and drinks with a couple of top attractions. Animal Kingdom has lots to do but many people consider it a “half-day” park because they skip the animal attractions. Hollywood Studios is great for kids and Star Wars fans. Enjoy your trip!

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