View of the sunset light over the downtown urban city center, one of the best areas when choosing where to stay in Yakima

Where to Stay in Yakima (Best Places, By a Local)

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I’m a Yakima local who can help you decide where to stay in Yakima, Washington

In this guide, I cover the top four places to stay in Yakima for every type of traveler. I share each region’s top-rated hotels, along with their key urban and outdoor attractions, dining options, and nearby things to do in Yakima.

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Best Places to Stay in Yakima

Just looking for a quick answer on the best hotels in Yakima? Here are my top picks: 

Ok, let’s take a look at the best areas and neighborhoods for hotels in Yakima: 

Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Yakima

Downtown is where the most popular hotels in Yakima are located, along with many event venues and the best restaurants in Yakima. The area east of Highway 82 transitions from downtown to Terrace Heights, a cozy suburban neighborhood. 

Union Gap and Fruitvale border the center of the city to the south and north respectively but are within a few minutes’ drive of each other. See this neighborhood map for more insight. 

Yakima City Center

View of the sunset light over the downtown urban city center of Yakima, WA
Yakima at sunset

👉 Best Area For Restaurants and Activities | ✨ Best Yakima City Center Hotels: Hilton Garden InnFairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott YakimaHotel Maison Yakima

Downtown is where the most popular hotels in Yakima are located and is the place to experience the best of Yakima’s urban attractions. Restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops are all within walking distance of each other. The town’s main event venues, the Yakima Convention Center and Capitol Theater, are located downtown. 

Thursdays in summer see the town swing into party mode with the annual Yakima Summer Nights event. Yakima has tons of car connoisseurs for a small city and on certain summer evenings, locals flood Yakima Ave in their hot rods from every era of auto history.

The Hilton Garden Inn on Yakima Ave is one the best places to stay in central Yakima. The hotel features an on-site restaurant and lounge, a modern fitness center, and an indoor swimming pool. It’s also a short walk away from the Yakima Convention Center and Capitol Theater.

Pros of Staying in Yakima City Center

  • Great events held year-round
  • Lots of breweries, cafés, and restaurants

Cons of Staying in Yakima City Center

  • Some parts can be a little dodgy at night
  • Hotels tend to be expensive

📚 Yakima City Center Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Restaurants and Activities
Google Map

Yakima Riverfront-Terrace Heights

Aerial view of the city of Yakima terrace heights and the Mt. Adam in the background
Looking back west from Terrace Heights (downtown is just out of the picture to the right)

👉 Best Area For Families | ✨ Best Yakima Riverfront Hotels: Oxford Suites YakimaMy Place Hotel YakimaBaymont by Wyndham Yakima Riverfront

There are a few hotels in Yakima along the banks of the Yakima River, east of Highway 82. Past that, the suburban neighborhood of Terrace Heights rises from the valley, offering a few vacation rentals. This area features several pleasant parks such as the Sergeant Hubbard Park (known locally as the Greenway) and the Yakima Arboretum.

Oxford Suites is one of the best choices for families, offering guests spacious suites (some of which have balconies overlooking the river) and family rooms. There’s a Wal-Mart right across the street for conveniences and food, and the parks mentioned above are close by.

Baymont by Wyndham Yakima Riverfront is right next door to Oxford Suites and is one of the best options for budget travelers. All of the rooms at the Baymont by Wyndham Yakima Riverfront have balconies overlooking the river, which is especially pleasant in fall when the leaves are turning.

Pros of Staying in Yakima Riverfront-Terrace Heights

  • Many rooms have balconies facing the river
  • Close to convenience stores and restaurants
  • Right off the highway for easy access

Cons of Staying in Yakima Riverfront-Terrace Heights

  • Downtown is close, but it’s not the most pedestrian-friendly walk
  • Fewer options for food, drink, and lodging than downtown

📚 Yakima Riverfront-Terrace Heights Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Families
Google Map

Union Gap

View of the welcome signage of Union Gap 1883 on a wagon
Your accommodations will be much more comfortable than those of the original settlers here

👉 Best Area For Business Travelers | ✨ Best Union Gap Hotels: Home 2 Suites By Hilton Yakima AirportHoliday Inn Express & SuitesBest Western Plus Ahtanum Inn

Yakima is a major agricultural area, and several agricultural companies have offices on the outskirts of town. Business travelers visiting Yakima will find the best hotels in Yakima for their purposes here. The hotels are close to the airport and various company offices, and are also part of major hotel chains with loyalty programs.

Popular hotels for business travelers, such as Home 2 Suites by Hilton, also include kitchenettes for longer-term stays. Home 2 Suites is also close to grocery stores and excellent restaurants. This hotel isn’t in Union Gap proper, but is close enough for all intents and purposes (you can get from one end of Yakima to the other in 15 minutes).

Pros of Staying in Union Gap

  • Hotels are close to the airport and company sites
  • Good variety of restaurants
  • Usually quieter than downtown

Cons of Staying in Union Gap

  • Not as many options as downtown
  • You’ll need a rental car to get around

📚 Union Gap Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Business Travelers
Google Map


Exterior view of the Comfort Suites in Fruitvale
Comfort Suites is conveniently close to the highway and stores, a great choice for anyone visiting Yakima on a road trip

👉 Best Area For Road Trips | ✨ Best Fruitvale Hotels: The Hotel YComfort Suites YakimaBest Western Plus Yakima Hotel

The northern end of Yakima has the best hotels in Yakima if you’re on a road trip in the area. The Hotel Y is one of the most popular hotels in Yakima, located right off the crossroads of Highways 12 and 82. Rooms are clean and guests have access to a grill and a seasonal outdoor pool.

The Comfort Suites Yakima on 40th is also a great pick. It’s right off Highway 12 and across the street from a Fred Meyer where you can pick up any needed goods. It’s also close to the eastern end of the Cowiche Canyon Trail, one of the most popular hikes in the Yakima area.

Pros of Staying in Fruitvale

  • Hotels are close to the highway
  • Good selection of restaurants
  • Close to popular hiking trails

Cons of Staying in Fruitvale

  • The area around 1st Street can be a little dodgy, especially at night
  • Not as many restaurants and bars as in other areas

📚 Fruitvale Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Road Trips
Google Map

✨ Best HotelsThe Hotel YComfort Suites YakimaBest Western Plus Yakima Hotel

🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Fruitvale

🍽️ Where to Eat Powerhouse Grill ($$), Minado Buffet ($$), Waffles Caffe ($)

🍸 Where to DrinkHoops, Tieton Cider Works, The Dutch

🎟️ Top Attractions Cowiche Canyon Trail, Yakima YMCA Aquatic Center

Tips for Staying in Yakima

Consider West Valley Rentals

The area of West Valley didn’t make a full entry in this Yakima hotel guide because there are no hotels there. There are great options for vacation rentals, though. West Valley is one of the nicer parts of town, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for peace and quiet.

Visit Yakima in September or October

View of the people on the ride at Central Washington State Fair
One of the rides at the Central Washington State Fair (photo: Michelle Baumbach / Shutterstock)

The early autumn is the best time to visit Yakima. Yakima is a farming community, and harvest time is a high point of the year. The Fresh Hop Ale Festival, the Hop Country Music Festival, and the Central Washington State Fair are three of the most festive events of the year and are well worth scheduling a visit for!

Book Your Yakima Accommodation in Advance

This is especially worth noting if you plan to visit around the above-mentioned events. Hotels here may not get booked full as they do in big cities in Washington, but it never hurts to make your Yakima hotel reservations in advance. Many Yakima hotels offer lower prices, too, when you book a few months ahead of time.

Explore the Area Around Yakima

Panoramic view of the Rocky Top Trail on a gloomy day
The Rocky Top Trail, a hidden gem among local hiking trails

The area around Yakima may not seem all that interesting at first glance, but there are hidden treasures everywhere! For instance, the nearby town of Sunnyside is home to Varietal Beer Company, which, in my opinion, brews some of the best beer in the Yakima Valley. There’s also a fantastic Greek pastry bakery located outside St. John’s Monastery in Goldendale.

There are also plenty of great hiking trails, such as the Rocky Top Trail pictured above.

Check Out Cruisin’ the Ave

A classic car parked in the street at Yakima, WA
Just one of the many classic cars that cruise down the avenue (photo: Heidi Ihnen Photography / Shutterstock)

It’s a smart idea to see if your visit coincides with this cruise down Yakima Ave. The flood of classic cars is an impressive sight but can be a major headache if you’re just trying to get around town. You may even want to bring your own rig to show off if you’ve got a sweet ride!

FAQs About Where to Stay in Yakima

What is Yakima famous for?

Yakima is famous for its thriving agriculture, especially hops, apples, cherries, and wine. The area is also famous for the Yakima River. Visitors can enjoy waterfront hotels if staying in Yakima Riverfront-Terrace Heights

What are the best places to stay in Yakima?

Downtown is one of the best places to stay in Yakima and the ideal choice for most travelers. Families may prefer the Yakima Riverfront for its nearby parks and stores. Business travelers may find Union Gap better because of its proximity to the airport and clients’ offices. Fruitvale may be best for those visiting Yakima on a road trip.


Thanks for reading my guide on where to stay in Yakima! Now that you know about the best Yakima hotels, take a look at my guide to the best restaurants in Yakima!

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