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14 Best Towns in New York (in 2023)

Did you know that there are upwards of a thousand small towns spread across New York state? Each of them with its own flavor and special features, there are so many places to choose from and explore depending on what you’re looking for.

I spent my entire childhood and teenage years in New York state, exploring the towns, waterfalls, and places to visit in NY. I actually grew up in one of the most beautiful small towns on this list.

After a lifetime of wandering the cute little NY villages and towns, I feel confident in passing along which ones are the absolute best. 

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14 Best Towns in New York


Home of Cornell University, over 100 waterfalls, and the Finger Lakes wine country.

View pf the Barnes Hall at Cornell University
Barnes Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca (photo: Kit Leong / Shutterstock)

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Ithaca is a small town that’s embraced its gorgeous nature, like many of the towns in upstate New York. 

It’s situated right next to the enormous Cayuga Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. This area is home to gorges, New York state parks, and some of the best waterfalls in New York state. Specifically, I’d recommend stopping by Buttermilk Falls or Ithaca Falls. 

Beyond the beautiful nature, Ithaca is known for being home to Cornell University and a whole bunch of history. It’s a laidback town with plenty of interesting spots to explore. 


A hippie-dippie dreamland that built its reputation from the most famous festival of the ‘60s.

View of a street in the town of Woodstock
At “the green” in the center of town, you’ll find dance and drum circles on the weekend

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Woodstock is probably the most universally recognizable name on this list. It’s steeped in infamy for its connotation with the world-famous ‘60s festivals, but the concert didn’t even take place in the little town. 

Regardless, Woodstock is still one of the most charming small towns in NY, and one of the best places to stay in Hudson Valley. It’s also where I grew up! 

This little Hudson Valley town is hardly more than a few blocks long, but it packs a punch. Along Main Street, you’ll find loads of artistic flare, local restaurants, quite a few bars, and lots of places to relax. In recent years, there’s been a huge problem with littering and disregard for the locals. When you visit, please respect the area. 

New Paltz

A rock climbing hotspot in the Shawangunk Mountains with a surprisingly lively nightlife scene.

Aerial view of the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz
Aerial view of the famed Mohonk Mountain House (photo: Photo Spirit / Shutterstock)

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If you’re looking for an escape into nature that’s still connected to the comforts of the real world, then New Paltz is the town for you. 

It’s one of the best places to stay in New York because there are a bunch of accommodations and things to do. Particularly, New Paltz is a hub for outdoor adventures like rock climbing, biking, and kayaking. After building up an appetite, Main Course or Lola’s Cafe will surely satisfy your tastebuds. 

At night, there are several bars in town that live it up well into the night. Alternatively, you can check out Robibero Winery or Kettleborough Cider House if you’re into a more low-key experience. 

👉 Pro Tip: The best time to visit New Paltz is during the fall. The leaves start turning a million shades of reds and oranges, but it’s not super cold yet. If you’ve never experienced autumn in upstate New York, it’s incredible. However, this is the most popular time to visit. So, book early! 

Cold Spring

A quaint town filled with tasty restaurants and historic places only an hour from NYC.

Flag of the USA in Cold Spring
(photo: Brian Logan Photography / Shutterstock)

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Cold Spring is a cute small town with lots of delicious places to eat and historical landmarks to see. It’s located right on the banks of the Hudson River, only a short hour-long drive from New York City. There’s plenty of kayaking and hiking in the area. 

The nearby historical buildings and landmarks make it a popular stop among history buffs, such as Bannerman Castle and the West Point Foundry Preserve. All in all, Cold Spring isn’t the place for partying the night away. But it’s great for a little easygoing relaxation. 

Saratoga Springs

An ideal weekend getaway with horse racing, resorts, and shopping.

Broadway street in Downtown Saratoga Springs New York City near the holiday season
(photo: Theresa Lauria / Shutterstock)

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Saratoga Springs has a little more of a lively vibe than some of the other small towns around New York. It’s less than an hour north of Albany, the New York state capital. 

The biggest attraction in the town by far is the Saratoga Racing Course where you can go to see horseback riding races. Of course, many people head over there to place their bets as well, but races only occur from mid-July to early September. 

Saratoga Springs also has a pretty big resort called the Saratoga Casino Hotel. It’s complete with a casino, live music performances, and an array of restaurants to choose from. You can basically spend your entire time at the resort and enjoy a lot of the things that Saratoga Springs has to offer. 


A multi-faceted city with loads of personality that was New York’s first state capital.

Cars parked alongside a street in Uptown Kingston
You’ll find most of the cool nearby bars in Uptown Kingston (photo: Brian Logan Photography / Shutterstock)

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Technically, Kingston is a city, not a town, but it still manages that intimate feel that charming towns cultivate.

Located on the west bank of the Hudson River, Kingston is an area that’s steeped in history. It was actually the state’s very first capital. A lot of the architecture around the city still has that Victorian feel. 

Today, Kingston has definitely leaned into being more trendy. In uptown and along the Kingston waterfront, you’ll find endless upscale restaurants and happening bars to choose from. It’s not necessarily the escape into nature that you might get from going farther up into northern or western New York. However, it’s still close enough to all these places that it makes for an excellent home base. 

Lake George

A mecca for water activities like rafting, boating, waterskiing, parasailing, and more.

A coin operated binoculars in Lake George
(photo: Actium / Shutterstock)

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Lake George is a sweet town that’s practically a paradise for anyone craving a little outdoor adventure. It’s one of the most popular nearby vacation spots for local upstate New Yorkers. There’s an abundance of accommodations, but there are also a bunch of places to camp if you prefer. 

The biggest activity in Lake George is the lake. There’s tubbing, boating, kayaking, wakeboarding, parasailing, and much more. If there were ever any water sports or activities that you wanted to try, Lake George is the perfect place to do it. Alternatively, you can just relax on the sandy beaches. 

If you’re more interested in history, check out  ​​Fort William Henry and its coinciding museum. Or, for breathtaking views,  take a drive on Prospect Mountain Highway.

Sleepy Hollow

A charming, little town made famous for an 1800s legend about the Headless Horseman.

The Sleepy Hollow town under the clear blue sky

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Sleepy Hollow is a small town with an infamous story attached to it – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The legend tells the story of the headless horseman who was decapitated by a cannonball in battle. 

There are still a bunch of spots around the area that honor its namesake, like Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and the Headless Horseman Bridge. So, the best time to visit this New York town is around the Halloween season. 

Besides celebrating all the lore around the town, Sleepy Hollow has a number of other non-legend-related things to do. Such as wandering the Rockefeller State Park Preserve and visiting the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse. 

👉Pro Tip: Sleepy Hollow takes the month of October very seriously. If you’re planning on visiting around that time, be sure to check out their events calendar for the month!  


A local cultural hub with art galleries, performing art centers, museums, and historic buildings.

People crossing a street in Rhinebeck
(photo: Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock)

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Rhinebeck is one of my personal favorite small towns in New York. In the area, you’ll find some of the coolest historical museums in New York state, like the Old Rhinebeck Aerodome.

The town also has a bunch of historical sites, such as the Wilderstein Historic Center and the Delameter House. Along with art galleries, independent film showings, performing arts centers, and way more. 

👉 Pro Tip: Rhinebeck is home to a variety of tasty restaurants. My top recommendations would be Terrapin or Cinnamon Indian Cuisine. 


The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is just one fun thing to do in this cozy township.

View of the main street in Cooperstown
(photo: Michelangelo DeSantis / Shutterstock)

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The big thing that everyone knows Cooperstown for is the National Baseball Hall of Fame, so it’s an obvious stop for baseball lovers. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the national pastime, you can still have a blast in Cooperstown. 

There are quite a few different museums to peruse, like the Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum. If you’re in the mood for a drink, there’s the Cooperstown Distillery and the Red Shed Brewery. 

Plus, the area is surrounded by some stunning places around town for nature lovers. Otsego Lake is a beautiful spot for a boat tour, and nearby Glimmerglass park has a few lovely New York hikes

Watkins Glen

Home to one of the most picturesque New York State Parks and a famous car racing track.

Scenic view from the Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen State Park
The Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen State Park

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The village of Watkins Glen is best known for the huge state park of the same name. The Watkins Glen State Park is probably the most famous park in the Finger Lakes Region. A visit to the state park will weave you through remarkable greenery with cliffs and waterfalls along the way.

Watkins Glen is also home to a world-renowned car racing track. It hosts the Formula One Grand Prix and other major races in the United States every year.  

When you’re done exploring nature and racetracks, pop in for a glass at one of the wineries along the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. 


A fishing village with incredible oysters and seafood nestled right on the Peconic River.

Sunrise over the marina in Greenport
Sunrise over the marina in the village of Greenport

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Greenport is an easygoing town located on the northern fork of Long Island. There are a number of museums, pretty views, and enough wineries and breweries to get your drink on. 

The thing that sets Greenport apart from other little NY towns is its location. It’s a seaside village that’s right next to all the action of the big apple. So, it’s very convenient to just take the train to Manhattan, yet distant enough to be calm. 

Not only does the area grace visitors with beautiful marine views from all sides. It also has some absolutely delectable seafood. Specifically, you have to check out Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market if you’re in the area. It’s definitely a fun thing to do on Long Island!

Saranac Lake 

A gorgeous lakeside vacation town with live music and year-round events in the Adirondack Mountains.

Scenic view from the Saranac Lake
A drone shot over the town’s namesake

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Saranac Lake is a cozy town in the Adirondacks with a long-standing history as one of the most beloved towns in NY and the country in general. It was actually ranked as the 11th best small town in America back in the ‘90s. It’s still held onto that charm today.

You can find exciting, outdoorsy things to do in the town year-round. From live outdoor music shows in the summer to skiing and tubing at Mount Pisgah in the winter. 

Saranac Lake also has a fantastic little local shopping scene. There are a bunch of local brands and antique stores that sell clothes and souvenirs to remember your time in town. 

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Lake Placid 

A two-time former host of the Olympics that totes awesome natural views and loads of outdoor activities.

Colorful sky over the Lake Placid 
Stunning fall glimpse at the town’s namesake, Lake Placid

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The village of Lake Placid was put on the map after hosting the Olympic Games – twice! You can still visit the Olympic Ski Jump Complex, which holds year-round training for bold athletes.

Today, it’s known for being a true hub for everything outdoors. If you’re a skier, you’ll definitely want to spend a day or two on the slopes at Whiteface Mountain. It’s the fifth-highest in the entire state. 

Then, there are the summer activities. Even though the town itself is called Lake Placid, one of the main natural attractions is another waterfront called Mirror Lake (which is also one of the best lakes in New York). There is also a myriad of hiking trails throughout Mount Jo, the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails, and other peaks throughout the area.

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FAQs About Towns in New York

How many towns are in New York?

There are 933 towns in New York state, each with its own unique charm and offerings.  

What are the five cities of New York?

The five largest cities in New York by population are New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse. There are over 1,500 New York cities in total. 

What is the best town in New York?

The best towns in New York include Woodstock, Lake Placid, New Paltz, Ithaca, and Watkins Glen.


You’ve made it through my list of the 15 best towns in New York! If you’re into the live music scene, don’t miss my guide to the 13 best music venues in NYC

Enjoy the small towns in New York!

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  1. In your list of towns you mentioned Saranac Lake, NY, Lake Placid, NY and neglected to mention Tupper Lake, NY. Don’t overlook this beautiful member of the tri-lakes.

    1. That’s funny you mentioned that because I was thinking the same thing! Even though I live in Saranac Lake, which seeing that it made the list makes me proud of getting to live here,(along with being only 15 mins from Lake Placid). However, we can’t dismiss Tupper Lake when appreciating our tri-county, small town beauty right in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains!

  2. There is more to NY state west of Syracuse. Check out Cazenovia, East Aurora and Chautauqua for starters

  3. Plattsburgh has its charm and history! September is our Battle of Plattsburgh celebration with reenactment on the lakefront.

  4. In Kingston the American history is everywhere. I just love the Hoffman House to eat. It in one of the old stone houses.

  5. You should drive a bit further, into the Finger Lake and Western New York areas. Some of the other replies give you some great suggestions. Let me add East Aurora.

  6. Born and raised in Greenport, Long Island N.Y. So glad to see it make the list. It is absolutely an amazing little old fishing village with tons of restaurants, shops, B and B’s and hotels/motels. With everything on or close to the water.

  7. Bannerman Island is not in Cold Spring. Cold Spring is in Putnam County and Bannerman’s Island is in Dutchess County, town of Fishkill just outside of the beautiful City of Beacon.

    1. Not really much worth mentioning about Oneonta, in comparison to those villages listed. They destroyed their main attraction back in the 1970s, when they tore down the country’s largest railroad roundhouse. It would have been a major tourist attraction in this age. Perhaps a steam locomotive and a few old cars to transport them in, along with roundhouse tours, would have been the magic thing for attracting tourists, which the town is now seeking.

  8. You must have forgotten Western New York. In addition to Chautauqua, Lewiston, and East Aurora that were mentioned by other commenter, add Ellicottville.

  9. You hit all my sweet spots! I was born in Kingston, lived in Lake George when I attended SUNY Adirondack. Then attended SUNY New Paltz. Taught school in Cooperstown. Finally, spent much time in Woodstock while I lived in Catskill. Thanks for the memories!

  10. You mentioned some lovely towns, but forgot one of the prettiest of all…Canandaigua, an Indian name meaning “chosen spot”. Home of a beautiful 17 mile long lake nestled within hills dotted with vineyards. Home of Sonnenberg Gardens and many historic landmarks.

  11. What about every small town along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario in Northern NY, Alex bay, Wellesley Island, Clayton, Cape Vincent, Sackets Harbor.

    Brantingham Lake Beautiful- Definitely also worth mentioning.

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