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Oregon Packing List (20 Items You Might Forget in 2023)

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With seasons, topography, and an endless wealth of activities to take into account, you’re probably wondering what exactly should go on your Oregon packing list. Both overpacking and underpacking are no-go zones for a stress-free Oregon trip, so I’m here to give you the low down on what items to bring and what to leave at home.

As a west coast local, I’ve traveled to Oregon countless times during every season and have experienced the best Oregon activities. I’ve had beautiful summer adventures on the coast, I’ve gone skiing in the winter powder, and I’ve basked in colorful autumn foliage in the forest areas. In this article, we’ll cover the things you shouldn’t forget for Oregon!

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Oregon Packing Checklist

Sun Hat

Our Pick
Chaos Krystal Hat

This packable, crushable, wide-brimmed hat is the perfect accompaniment for sunny Oregon weather.

Because most Oregon activities are centered around the great outdoors in one way or another, a reliable sun hat is a top essential you don’t want to forget to pack. The style of the Chaos Krystal Hat makes it versatile enough to wear both on hiking trails and in metropolitan areas.  

For a men’s option, check out the Outdoor Research Sunbriolet Sun Hat.

Hiking Shoes

Our Pick
Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-tex

If heavy hiking boots aren’t your thing, this pair of light hiking shoes is sure to satisfy all your Oregon hiking needs.

Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-tex hiking shoes are my go-to option. Never let puddles or muddy terrain stop you on the trails again, thanks to the Gore-tex properties of this shoe.

Also available in a Men’s shoe, Salomon’s are also extremely comfortable to wear as an everyday shoe, especially if you’ll be out all day exploring new areas of Oregon.

Wool Socks

Our Pick
Smartwool Classic Mountaineer Socks

Merino wool socks promise to keep your feet toasty during chilly nights camping in Oregon or while hiking in the cold Cascade Mountains.

I never do an overnight adventure without my Smartwool Classic Mountaineer Socks. These wool socks are one of the warmest on the market and are the perfect pajama sock to wear during cold nights on the Oregon coast. If you’re planning to do any camping in Oregon, they’re a great thing to pack!

Rain Boots

Our Pick
Planone Tall Rain Boots

Extremely water resistant, these rain boots are the perfect option for travelers visiting Oregon cities rather than national forests.

If you aren’t planning on doing much hiking in Oregon, then rain boots are a better option to pack than waterproof hiking shoes. The Planone Tall Rain Boots are stylish enough to wear in the city while still getting the job done.

These men’s rain boots are also the perfect size to fit under jeans during an Oregon rainstorm.

T Shirts

Our Pick
ParksProject T-Shirt

These breathable, stylish t-shirts not only protect your shoulders from the sun while keeping you cool, but their proceeds also benefit the U.S. national parks.

I love this ParksProject T-Shirt and personally always pack it when exploring a new U.S. state.

Look good while supporting America’s most prized beauty, the U.S. national parks. With a percentage of the shirt proceeds going towards U.S. national park conservation, the ParksProject shirt looks good and also does good for the planet.

👉 Pro Tip: Also check out the men’s style of this shirt.

Flip Flops

Our Pick
New Balance Flip Flops

Lightweight and easily packable, flip flops are a travel packing list essential that can be utilized in a variety of ways, from shower sandals to back-up shoes, and more!

Lightweight flippies like the New Balance Flip Flops are affordable, packable, and downright convenient. As simple as a good pair of flip-flops are, they are also one of the most forgotten items on a travel packing list.

Wear your flip flops in a hotel shower, while changing out of muddy hiking boots, at an Oregon coast beach, or in lieu of a slipper. These versatile sandals will make your upcoming Oregon trip sail that much smoother.

Hiking Boots

Our Pick
Oboz Sawtooth X Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Sturdy ankle support and waterproof technologies are just a few of the reasons why we love these mid-rise hiking boots.

The Oboz Sawtooth X Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are perfect for Oregon visitors looking to hit the hiking trails who prefer more foot and ankle support. The waterproof technology of the Oboz is a must when hiking through the muddy and rainy Oregon forest.

Also available in men’s boots, the Oboz Sawtooth boots are guaranteed to take you to new Oregonian heights.  

Rain Coat

Our Pick
Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket

Raincoats are one of the most important things you can bring on a trip to Oregon for a dry, happy trip.

You’re almost certain to encounter rain during the non-summer months in Oregon. Rain jackets like the Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket are the perfect travel accompaniment for your upcoming trip thanks to the highly waterproof Gore-tex feature.

Also available in a men’s jacket, this jacket packs down to the perfect travel size and makes you unstoppable on the hiking trails during any Pacific Northwest storm.

Waterproof Phone Case

Our Pick
Supfine Waterproof Phone Pouch

Be prepared for anything with this waterproof phone case, a large enough protective pouch for even the biggest smartphone.

Ensure your phone doesn’t encounter any water damage with the Supfine Waterproof Phone Pouch. It’s a must if you’ll be taking your phone in the sauna, jacuzzi, or shower, if you’re going swimming, fishing, or sailing, or if you’re visiting Oregon during the rainy season.

Touch screen operations are still available through the transparent screen of this case, a major plus for taking a photo or streaming a video while kayaking at Cannon Beach.


Our Pick
Sunski Polarized Sunglasses

Keep your eyes protected as you play outdoors; whether tanning on the Oregon coast or hiking through the snow-capped mountain peaks.

Polarized sunglasses are the way to go in Oregon. The Sunski Polarized Sunglasses (also available in a men’s version) are my go-to pair of sunshades in any PNW season. I’ve worn these sunglasses hiking on Mount Hood, lounging on the Seaside beach, and exploring the Portland Japanese Garden.

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Packing Cubes

My Favorite
Well Traveled Packing Cubes
Organization is key while traveling outside of town, that’s why these packing cubes make packing and unpacking much more enjoyable.

Get what you need out of your suitcase in a flash thanks to the Well Traveled Packing Cubes. This lightweight, yet durable, 8-piece travel organizer set helps you organize your suitcase, saving you packing stress.

Travel Insurance

Our Pick
World Nomads Insurance
Be prepared for the worst with this travel insurance, whether the airline lost your bags or your electronics were stolen.

It never hurts to be extra prepared when traveling to a new place. I always purchase World Nomads Insurance just in case. This insurance company protects emergency overseas medical and dental, trip cancellation, and lost baggage, making it one of the best and most affordable in my opinion.


Our Pick
Osprey Daylite

You’ll need a lightweight, comfortable backpack like this one for exploring top Oregon destinations during the day.

The Osprey Daylite is a Travel Lemming favorite. This 13-liter backpack is the perfect size for carrying around travel essentials during the day without a too-bulky feeling.

Perfect for running errands, going on a quick Oregon hike, or walking the dog around town, the Daylite is sure to be your new favorite travel bag.  

Power Bank

Our Pick
Anker Portable Charger
Keep your phone powered up with extra juice from this lightweight power bank.

You will want an extra power bank on hand to keep your phone charged for photos on your Oregon Coast vacation.

As one of the most essential pieces of outdoor gear, power banks like the Anker Portable Charger can give you power so you can access offline hiking maps, driving directions, and more.

Long Sleeved Shirts

Our Pick
Patagonia Capilene Cool Graphics Long Sleeve Shirt

Keep your arms and shoulders protected from the sun with this quick-drying shirt.

Not only does the Patagonia Capilene Cool Graphics Long Sleeve Shirt have a cool design, but it is also extremely soft, making it one of the most comfortable long sleeves to wear in the Pacific Northwest weather.

This long sleeve shirt is fashionable, available in men’s styles, and is also eco-friendly. Made from recycled materials, the Patagonia Capilene is one of my top packing essentials. 

Other Oregon Essentials to Pack

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Rain gear
  • Hair ties
  • Cozy blanket
  • Toiletry bag
  • Long pants
  • Cozy sweater
  • Extra layers
  • Bathing suit
  • Beanie
  • Scarf
  • Hand warmers
  • Toiletries
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Reusable bags

Clothing to Pack for Oregon

A good rule of thumb is to pack a variety of clothes for your upcoming trip to Oregon. No matter the season, you’ll want to pack a bathing suit, down jacket, sundress, hiking pants, and waterproof sandals. 

From outdoor adventures to city exploration and coastal beach lounging, Oregon has it all. Be sure to bring a variety of clothes to not miss out on exploring the top activities in the state.

So what clothing should you pack for Oregon? Here is a quick clothing checklist for Oregon: 

  • Waterproof sandals
  • 2-3 pairs of shorts
  • 1 pair of hiking pants
  • 2 hiking tops
  • 2 long-sleeves
  • 2-3 jackets
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 3-4 pairs of socks
  • 3-4 pairs of underwear
  • 1 baseball hat
  • 1-2 swimsuits
  • 1-2 sundresses
  • 1-2 button-up shirts
  • 3-5 T-shirts 
  • 1 down jacket

Want specifics? Let’s dive deeper into some of my favorite travel gear!

Waterproof sandals

Our Pick
Teva Tirra Sandals

Ultra comfortable is the name of the game for my top waterproof sandal pick.

I’ve traveled and hiked all around the world in my Teva Tirra Sandals. A padded sole provides extra support for exploring a new town all day and the waterproof feature makes hikers unstoppable in any terrain.

👉 Pro Tip: Be sure to also check out the men’s Teva Terra Fi 5 sandal.

Hiking Pants

Our Pick
REI Trailmade Pants

These lightweight pants are the perfect option for hiking in Oregon; not too hot and are ideal for layering in the cold.

I personally own a pair of REI Trailmade Pants and could not recommend them enough. You don’t heat up in these lightweight pants, ideal for hiking in the summer and perfect for layering in the winter. 

Also available in a men’s option, The Trailmade pants are also water resistant, which is an ideal feature for hiking in the rainy state.


Our Pick
Darn Tough Crew Socks

Be the new “cool sock guy” with my favorite hike and city sock. They’re guaranteed blister-free and breathable, and come in a variety of fun designs!

Darn Tough Crew Socks are my go-to in any situation and in every terrain. I’ve never gotten a blister in my Darn Toughs, even on 20+ mile hiking days. These socks are the perfect packing list item for a trip to Oregon to take on the hiking trails or to wear while cruising the city.

Down Jacket

Our Pick
Arc’teryx Cerium Down Jacket

Stay warm in the ever-changing Oregon weather with a goose-down-filled puffer jacket.

If you’re like me and you run cold, you will definitely want to bring a down jacket to Oregon, even in the summer. I’ve worn my Arc’teryx Cerium Down Jacket both on Mount Hood, the highest, glaciated mountain in Oregon, and in the streets of Portland. 

While the price may be high, so is the quality of the Arc’teryx brand. You’re sure to get your money’s worth with this down jacket.

👉 Pro Tip: Here’s the jacket in a men’s style.


Our Pick
Mountain Hardwear Dynama Dress

You’ll want to be prepared for coveted Oregon sunshine with an easily-packable sundress.

This lightweight sundress is not only multi-functional but is also extremely stylish. The added shorts feature of the Mountain Hardwear Dynama Dress means you don’t have to constantly worry about your dress’s state in windy weather and you can even hit the Cascade hiking trails in style!

Oregon Packing Tips

Pack For a Variety of Weather Conditions

Aerial view of Downtown Portland and a dark sky over it
Downtown Portland on a gloomy day

You will want to pack a varied wardrobe for visiting Oregon in any month. Rain storms can still happen in the summer and the hot Pacific Northwest sun can instigate perspiration even in the late winter and early spring months.

Don’t Forget the Rain Gear

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for rainy weather. Save some money in Oregon by bringing your own rain gear. Visitors can expect rain throughout the whole year in Oregon, making a rain jacket, an umbrella, and rain boots packing list musts.

Bring Plastic Bags for Muddy/Wet Clothes

View of a trail on a forest in Oregon

You’re almost guaranteed to have wet or muddy clothes in Oregon while either exploring the muddy hiking trails or getting caught in a rainstorm in Downtown Portland. Bring a plastic bag designated for muddy or wet shoes, especially if your clothes get dirty right before your flight home.

Bring a Heavy Jacket to Oregon

Bring a heavy jacket to Oregon, even if visiting in the summer. Summer nights can get pretty chilly, so a heavy jacket is a packing list essential if you’re like me and you run cold.

Pack Light

There’s nothing worse than lugging around a huge travel suitcase. Pack light when traveling to Oregon to avoid the hassle of lugging around a brick-heavy bag. I recommend packing versatile clothes that can be used in a variety of ways like a buff, bandana, and a big scarf.

FAQs About Packing for Oregon

What kind of clothes do people wear in Oregon?

People normally layer clothes in Oregon. What to bring usually depends on the season you visit but generally, a quick-drying SPF shirt, a fleece, a light jacket, and light pants will do the trick in Oregon. It’s also best to always have a rain jacket handy.

What should I pack for the Oregon coast in the summer?

The Oregon coast experiences moderate temperatures in the summer. Pack t-shirts, water sandals, shorts, a bathing suit, and a bathing suit cover-up when visiting the Oregon coast in the summer. Don’t forget to pack your sun hat and sunglasses either!

What should I pack for Willamette Valley?

Oregon’s Willamette Valley experiences moderate temperatures. Pack a variety of layers during any season. You will want to bring a down jacket, hiking boots, wool socks, a beanie, a baseball cap, and a raincoat for visiting Willamette Valley during any season.

What do you wear to a winery in Portland?

Portland has both upscale and more casual wineries, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the atmosphere of the winery beforehand. You are typically safe wearing a nice dress, dress pants, and a button-up shirt to any winery.

What should I wear whale watching in Oregon?

Pack warm clothes for whale watching in Oregon. You will want to pack a warm down jacket, a raincoat, a sun hat, and polarized sunglasses for your whale-watching excursion in Portland.


Thanks for reading my Oregon packing list guide! Be sure to also check out our best hikes near Portland guide before embarking on your epic adventure.

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