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View of the blue water and the rocky mountain in Kel-Suu Lake
Kel-Suu Lake

Why We Love Kyrgyzstan – It’s hard to call yourself a true adventurer until you’ve experienced Kyrgyzstan. Perhaps one of the world’s most underrated destinations, Kyrgyzstan offers some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, paired with centuries of culture and history. To top it all off, Kyrgyzstan is one of the safest places to travel in Central Asia, and one of the destinations with the most developed tourism infrastructure. Bring a pair of good hiking boots, an open mind, and a phrase book. And prepare for adventure unlike anything else! 

Best of Kyrgyzstan

🏙️ Destinations

View of the wooden Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity
Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity

Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small and mountainous country, filled with many interesting destinations and fascinating places to visit. Some of the most popular include:

  • Bishkek
  • Karakol
  • Osh

✨ Things to Do

Kyrgyzstan is perfect for outdoor lovers. Whether you prefer exploring on foot or on horseback, getting out into nature is the most popular thing to do in Kyrgyzstan. Popular attractions and points of interest include:

  • Petrogliphs Museum
  • Abshir Ata Falls
  • Ala-Archa Gorge
  • Staying in a Yurt
  • Watch a game of Ulak Tariysh
View of a traditional yurt in Kyrgyzstan with mountain views
Traditional Yurt in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Travel Advice

🗓️ Best Time to Visit

Unless you want to ski, or are visiting for an event, you should probably visit Kyrgyzstan in summer (June to August). Any other time you are looking at mountain passes potentially being closed and the seasonal yurt camps yet to be set up.

⚠️ Safety

Despite what you may think, Kyrgyzstan is a perfectly safe and stable country to visit. Kyrgyzstan’s tourism is on the upswing, and many foreigners visit safely each year. Still, it is a good idea to check the latest US State Department travel advisories for your destination.

🤓 Facts & Info

  • Population – 6.6 million
  • Capital – Bishkek
  • Currency – Kyrgyzstani Som ($1 = ~73.65 som)
  • Language – Kyrgyz and Russian
  • Plugs – Type C or F, 220V / 50Hz.

💵 Budgeting & Money

Most of the shops don’t accept credit cards, therefore it is vital to carry cash. ATMs are only available in the larger cities namely Bishkek, Karakol and Osh.

📰 Kyrgyzstan Travel Guides

Getting planning your trip to Kyrgyzstan with all our Kyrgyzstan travel guides: