I’ve been traveling full time for nearly 3 years now. In fact, in a single year from 2016-2017, I visited 43 countries across six continents in a single year!

As you might imagine, I picked up a lot of travel tips, tricks, and hacks along the way.

And now I’m sharing my best ones with you …. for free!

After months of work, I’m excited to share my first e-book with you, “99 Tips for Traveling the World Like a Pro.” Just sign up for my newsletter below to get your free copy right now:

What You’ll Learn in this Free Ebook

The book includes 99 short practical tips on how you can travel the world better — things like:

  • How to earn money while traveling,
  • How to save money on accommodation and flights,
  • How to take great photos, and,
  • How to stay healthy and fit on the road.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just planning your first trip, this book is loaded with concise and practical advice that will help you travel more and better. These travel tips, tricks, and hacks will help you save money and time, and will help you get the most out of your trip.

Best of all, this e-book is entirely free!

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What Type of Travel Tips are Included?

I’ll cover general tips about things like how I make friends on the road and how I approach booking accommodation, as well as more specific things like how I use my cell phone abroad and what site I use to book flights.

Here are just a few of the tips I’ll cover in the e-book:

  • Simple and cheap tips for beating jet-lag and feeling refreshed after a long flight (tip 40 & tip 44).
  • A trick for getting free food and drink, and even a shower, at swanky airport lounges all around the world (tip 83).
  • A travel hack for getting free or nearly free access to motor homes, camper-vans, and other recreational vehicles in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States (tip 90).
  • Ways to avoid ever paying another ATM fee anywhere in the world (tip 50).
  • How to avoid a simple mistake that cost me over $50 in Budapest (tip 56).
  • A controversial way to find hidden airfare deals (tip 86).

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I spent almost three months on the road pulling together this list of travel tips. I didn’t sit down and write this thing in one sitting – instead, every time I discovered a new tip or travel hack while I was traveling, I made a point of jotting down a note in my phone. Then I went through and picked out the most useful tips, organized them by topic, and edited it together with some of my favorite travel photos into a gorgeous and useful e-book.

This book will be delivered to your email as a 28-page pdf, which you can save to your device for handy reference later.

I can’t wait to share these travel tricks with you and I’m really excited to hear what you think! So sign up to receive it now, give it a read, and please let me know in the comments!