Scenic coastal view from the highway in St. Croix

Getting Around St. Croix (2023 Transportation Guide)

There are three main ways to get around St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands: car rentals, taxis, and public buses. The transportation method for getting around St. Croix that’s best for you depends on your budget, comfort, and, most importantly, what thrilling (or relaxing) activities in St. Croix you plan on experiencing. 

I’ve spent the last few years exploring the Virgin Islands from my home on nearby St. Thomas – discovering the best and most efficient ways of getting around St. Croix and other islands. In this article, I’ll break down the pros, cons, and costs of transit options – and provide you with precisely what you need to know to book your transportation ahead of time. 

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3 Ways to Get Around on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands 

You can get around St. Croix using one of three methods: car rentals, taxi services, and public buses. Your choice depends on how you want to explore St. Croix.

Rental Car

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🚍 Best for: Saving Time, Freedom to Explore, and Comfort

💵 Cost: $$$

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View of a car driving along the highway with a scenic coastal view of St. Croix
Explore all of St. Croix with a car rental.

The best way to get around is via a St. Croix car rental from one of the many car rental agencies. Rental prices seem comparable to any other major destination in the United States or abroad. 

Additionally, I recommend renting a car with 4-Wheel Drive to open up endless possibilities for exploration. The last time I visited, I took the cheaper option without 4WD and regretted it when I couldn’t access some stellar hiking trails and other hard-to-reach areas.

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Pros of a Car Rental: 

  • Ultimate freedom to explore the island.
  • Get to hard-to-reach places like Hams Bluff Lighthouse and Sandy Point Beach.

Cons of a Car Rental: 

  • Most expensive option.
  • Limited mobility if you don’t rent a 4×4.
Our Pick
St. Croix Car Rentals

Kayak is a big name in the car rental space. Compare and organize the fares for car rental locations and providers from the lowest to the highest price, plus it allows you to book hotels, and flights too.


🚍 Best for: Saving Money on a Car Rental, Knowledgeable information from local cab drivers about the island

💵 Cost: $ and $$ (depending on destination and distance)

👉 Where to Book: Call Individual Companies to Book or Check Current Rates.

Some folks visiting the US Virgin Islands on a budget opt out of renting a car to save money. I agree with the idea only if you plan to stay at your resort or a convenient location like downtown Christiansted. 

Taxis on St. Croix are reliable but can quickly increase your expenses if you use them frequently. Most taxi drivers are friendly and offer plenty of wisdom for your trip, so taking one from the airport to your destination is also a good idea.

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Pros of Using Taxi Services: 

  • Quick pick-ups from popular island locations like Christiansted, Frederiksted, and Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport.
  • Most taxi drivers give an exciting island tour as they transport you to your destination.
  • Relieve the anxiety of driving on the left side of the road.

Cons of Using Taxi Services: 

  • Taxi Rates are set by the Virgin Islands Taxi Commission, leaving no room for negotiation and higher taxi fares for consumers. Distance traveled determines the final price.
  • Some taxi drivers won’t travel to more remote or rural areas of St. Croix.

Public Transportation

🚍 Best for: Cheapest of the transportation options on St. Croix

💵 Cost: $

👉 Where to Book: Hop on at any bus stop!

View of the VITran driving around St. Croix
The VITran driving around St. Croix

St. Croix has a public bus system, the VItran, with trips between the two largest towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted. The air-conditioned buses depart approximately every two hours, with stops at mid-island destinations like the Sunny Isle Shopping Center, La Reine Shopping Center, and Golden Rock Shopping Center.

The VItran is not considered reliable, with frequent delays and sporadic departure times. Cruise ship passengers, in particular, should NOT rely on public buses to return to their cruise in time.

Pros of Bus Travel: 

  • The cheapest method of travel on St. Croix with a $1 fare per ride.
  • Visit both historic towns, downtown Christiansted and Frederiksted, affordably.

Cons of Bus Travel: 

  • Limited bus stops – restricting your movement.
  • Very unreliable – I recommend using another transit method if you’re limited on time or flexibility.

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5 Tips For Getting Around St. Croix

Rent a Car to Maximize Your Experience

View of a car driving around the East End of St. Croix
Very few taxis and buses make it to St. Croix’s beautiful East End

The best way to visit and experience everything St. Croix offers is to rent a car, ideally a 4WD, from one of the many car rental companies scattered around the island. 

With a car, you’ll have access to the beautiful north shore, the east coast with its scenic beaches and hiking trails, plus secret nooks and crannies throughout the island.

Avoid Walking Outside of the Two Main Towns

View of the shops and boats docked near the boardwalk in Christiansted
The boardwalk in Christiansted is the most walkable spot in the USVI

The only walkable areas of St. Croix are the two main economic centers of Frederiksted and Christiansted. And even then, walk carefully on the narrow streets and alleyways. Other parts of the island are mountainous, with steep hills, windy roads, and cars likely driving way too fast. 

Don’t Forget to Drive on the Left

The US Virgin Islands is the only US-owned territory where driving on the left side is the law of the land. It’s an intimidating experience at first, but trust me, it’s easier than you think.

Cruise Ship Passengers Should Take Reliable Transportation

I would not recommend cruise ship passengers rely on public transportation to return to their boat in time. If you’re visiting St. Croix on a cruise, it’s best to stick with tours and taxi transit that keep cruisers in mind.

🇻🇮 Must-See St. Croix: Don’t forget to visit the two best US National Parks on St. Croix during your stopover: Christiansted National Historic Site and Buck Island Reef National Monument.

Go Island Hopping!

View of passengers boarding the seaplane in St. Croix
Boarding the seaplane in St. Croix!

From St. Croix, it’s easy to island hop over to St. Thomas and beyond with ferries or a seaplane. Once on St. Thomas, other islands like Puerto Rico, St. John, Water Island, and the British Virgin Islands, including Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and Anegada, are all accessible with relative ease. 

FAQ: Getting Around St. Croix

Are there Ubers in St. Croix?

St. Croix and the US Virgin Islands do not allow rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. All taxi companies are locally owned and operated, with the Virgin Islands Taxi Commission establishing rules and regulations for the industry.

Do you Need a Car in St. Croix?

You don’t need a car in St. Croix, but it’s highly advised if you want to thoroughly and freely explore everything the beautiful island offers. 

Is St. Croix Easy to Drive In?

Compared to the other US Virgin Islands, St. John and St. Thomas, St. Croix is much larger and spread out, making driving the roads easier. The streets are straighter, wider, and less mountainous. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Across St. Croix?

The drive would take around one hour from the westernmost point of St. Croix in Frederiksted to the easternmost point of the island, Point Udall.

Map of St. Croix

Our Pick
St. Croix Car Rentals

Kayak is a big name in the car rental space. Compare and organize the fares for car rental locations and providers from the lowest to the highest price, plus it allows you to book hotels, and flights too.


Getting around St. Croix is easier than you might have thought while renting a car is your best option for island transportation. You can visit all of the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands on St. Croix with your car!

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