A scenic view of a St. Croix car rental on a oceanside road

St. Croix Car Rental (Ultimate Guide to Renting in 2023)

No matter your itinerary, a St. Croix car rental is the best way to save time and explore the island at your own pace. You’ll have better access to the best hiking trails, beaches, bars, and restaurants – all on your schedule.

Just a few months ago, I took the passenger ferry from my home on St. Thomas to St. Croix and navigated how to rent a car. As a result, I believe I’ve come up with the best guide on St. Croix car rentals.

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Best Car Rental Sites in St. Croix, USVI  

Our Pick
St. Croix Car Rentals

Kayak is a big name in the car rental space. Compare and organize the fares for car rental locations and providers from the lowest to the highest price, plus it allows you to book hotels, and flights too.

View of a rental car in St. Croix
You’ll have many options for rentals

Booking your car rental from home is one way to ensure you get a fair price by comparing multiple companies at once. On St. Croix, the best website to search for car rentals is Kayak.

Do You Need a Rental Car in St. Croix, USVI?

Scenic view from a road in St. Croix, USVI
Much of the best places to visit on St. Croix require a car to get to

You need to rent a car if you’re visiting St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands for multiple days. The island is the largest in the Virgin Islands, with minimal and unreliable public transit options. Taxi rides add up quickly, and if you want to explore the best sights on St. Croix, you’ll need your own set of wheels to get there.

It takes an hour to get from one end of the island to the other, with many of the best restaurants, beaches, hiking trails, and bars sprinkled throughout. Renting a car gives you the ultimate freedom to explore it at your own pace.

Rental Car Requirements for St. Croix and the US Virgin Islands

A rental car parked in front of a beach in St. Croix
Pull right up to the beach in your rental car

🚗 Driver’s License – As a US citizen, you must present your license to rent any vehicles in St. Croix.

🚘 International Driver’s Permit – If you’re visiting internationally, you must obtain an IDP before renting any vehicles in the United States and its territories. You can learn more about how to get an IDP at USA.gov.

💳 Credit Card – Most car rentals require a security deposit left on a credit or debit card. Credit cards are better since the deposit is usually less + they often come with included collision insurance.

👨 Age – You must be at least 25 years old to rent a car in the USVI. Some car rental agencies will rent to drivers younger than 25 for an extra fee.

💥 Collision Damage Insurance – is optional for USVIs but is often included in most home car insurance policies or credit cards. Double-check your policies before you go to ensure you’re covered.

🗒️ Compulsory Liability Insurance – USVI law mandates this insurance covering the damages to other cars in the event of a collision. Again, check with your policies at home to ensure complete coverage of liabilities before renting in the Virgin Islands.

How Much Do Rental Cars Cost in St. Croix?

Rental Cars in St. Croix and the US Virgin Islands typically start at weekly rates of $500 for an economy car and up to $800 for a four-wheel drive truck or full-size SUV. On average, expect to pay around $100 per day for a rental car on St. Croix.

Rates may vary by season, with peak season occurring late December through April and low season occurring in September and October. Other costs associated with a rental car in St. Croix are additional insurance and petrol use. 

👉 Compare rental car prices for your dates by searching on Kayak.com 

Where Do I Rent a Car in St. Croix, USVI?

The Centerline Car Rentals building from the outside
Centerline is one of the top rental companies on St. Croix

Where you rent a car depends on how you arrive at St. Croix – whether by ferry from St. Thomas, a flight into Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX), by seaplane into Christiansted Harbor, or as a cruise ship passenger in Frederiksted. Whichever it is, you’ll have a plethora of rental options.

Gallows Bay Ferry Terminal

After landing in Gallows Bay, you can walk or grab a taxi into Christiansted to Budget Rent-a-Car, Olympic Rent-a-Car, or Centerline Car Rentals. Personally, I rented from Centerline Car Rentals and received exceptional service from the locally owned company.

🏝️Exploring Christiansted: Christiansted is the largest town and epicenter of activity in St. Croix. Plan on exploring the Christiansted National Historic Site, the boardwalk’s many bars, shops, and restaurants, plus departing the docks to Buck Island Reef National Monument.

St. Croix Island Car Rentals in the Airport (STX)

St. Croix Airport (STX) has the usual suspects, like Budget, Hertz, Avis, and ACE, offering free unlimited mileage, drop off, pick up, and convenient locations. You can search for the best car rental rates at STX on Kayak.

Car Rental Near the St. Croix Seaplane Base

The Svend Aage Ovesen Jr. Seaplane Terminal signage on the entrance
Seaplane Terminal in Christiansted

In the heart of Christiansted, it’s easiest to rent from Centerline Car Rentals directly outside the seaplane base upon arrival. It’s within walking distance and provides professional service, great deals, and a wide selection of vehicles.

Car Rental for Cruise Ship Passengers on St. Croix

Budget rents to cruise passengers directly at the port in Frederiksted. It’s an excellent way to maximize your precious time around the west end of St. Croix and beyond. Give them a call to reserve.

5 Tips & Things to Know Before Renting in St. Croix, USVI

Rent from a Convenient Location

Again, this depends on where you arrive at St. Croix – whether by ferry from St. Thomas, a flight into Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX), by seaplane into Christiansted Harbor, or as a cruise ship passenger in Frederiksted. Centerline Car Rentals has the broadest range of convenient locations on St. Croix.

Rent a Four-Wheel Drive

Many of the best things to do on St. Croix are only accessible after traversing a few bumpy roads riddled with potholes and steep inclines. And depending on where you’re staying, you might need 4WD to access your vacation rental anyway. Besides, who doesn’t want to roll around on a beautiful island in a Jeep?

Stay on the Left

View of the driver while driving a car in St. Croix
Reminder to keep left!

St. Croix and the rest of the Virgin Islands drive on the left side of the road. It takes some getting used to at first. But trust me. It’s easier than you think. If you’re nervous, check out my in-depth article on driving in the US Virgin Islands.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Rental Car

Cars parked with a view at the Point Udall
Parked at Point Udall on the east end

On other websites, I’ve read some advice about leaving your car unlocked to deter any smashed windows – especially at the easternmost point at Point Udall. It makes sense, yet I’ve never had an issue.

So my advice? Don’t leave valuables in your rental car. And if you can’t help it, don’t leave anything visible because that gives someone a reason to smash your windows!

Make a Reservation in Advance

Particularly during the best times to visit the US Virgin Islands, it’s wise to book your rental car far in advance. These islands can get busy during peak season, so plan accordingly and start comparing rates early on Kayak.

Plan Your St. Croix Itinerary Ahead of Time

It’s always good to have an idea of where you are going before you get a rental car. If you need some help, just follow my day-by-day itinerary for St. Croix. It covers all the top sites and attractions in 7 days, but you can adapt it to your needs.

FAQ: Car Rentals in St. Croix, USVI

Is it Best to Rent a Car in St. Croix?

It is best to rent a car during your trip to St. Croix. The island is big, and to see all of it during your trip, you should book a car rental – preferably a four-wheel drive.

Does St. Croix Have Rental Cars?

St. Croix has many rental car companies, including Budget, Hertz, Avis, ACE, Olympic, and Centerline Car Rentals. You can compare quotes from multiple rental companies quickly on Kayak.

Do I Need a Car in St. Croix?

You need a car in St. Croix to visit the best beaches, East End reserve, Frederiksted, Christiansted, and other highlights, including Cane Bay and Salt River Bay.


Now you’re ready to rent a car in St. Croix! All you need to do is plan your itinerary for that St. Croix car rental. I recommend starting with my 10-Day USVI Itinerary with stops in St. Thomas and St. John!

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