View of a mountain covered with snow during winter, one of the best times to visit Breckenridge

Best Time to Visit Breckenridge (in 2023)

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The best time to visit Breckenridge, Colorado is from November through March, as well as late June through Labor Day. The ultimate decision on when to visit will depend on whether you want winter ski fun or summer outdoor adventures. 

Along with determining the weather and the things you want to do in Breckenridge, you may want to think about your budget and lifestyle while planning your visit.

I’m a Colorado local, and I’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of traveling to Breckenridge during the different seasons. We’ll look at when to go for the best prices, lowest crowds, and family-friendliest events. 

Also, if you need help figuring out where to stay in Breckenridge, check out my guide to the city’s best lodging! 

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When is the Best Time to Visit Breckenridge?

A man skiing on a mountain in Breckenridge

November through March is the best time to visit Breckenridge. Since most people travel to the city for skiing, this is the perfect time to enjoy Breckenridge ski resorts!

Of course, summer in Breckenridge is also a beautiful experience with lots of exciting outdoor activities. And in fall, the foliage in the city is not to be missed. Then again, springtime brings warming temps and fewer crowds, so really there’s no wrong time to visit! 

Here’s a breakdown of the best times of year to visit, based on your preferences:

When to Visit Breckenridge for Great Skiing

View of people in the ski area of Breckenridge Ski Resort
(photo: Steve Boice / Shutterstock)

Breckenridge’s ski season goes from mid-November through May. It often ends on Memorial Day, although you’ll want to check if you plan to ski Breckenridge late in the season. 

The town gets about 300 inches of snow a year, so there’s plenty of powder to play in at the Breckenridge Ski Resort, one of the best ski resorts in Colorado.

The average temperature in winter is 28°F, which drops to 15°F at night. However, if you ski Breckenridge when the sun is out, you may find yourself shedding layers while shredding (or sitting on the deck with a beer, I feel you).

Be sure to check out Abigail’s helpful Colorado packing list before you visit Breck. It includes ski gear, plenty of sun protection, and everything else you’ll need!

🎿 Need skis? Viator offers Breckenridge ski rentals so you don’t have to worry about schlepping your gear from home to the mountain. 

When to Visit Breckenridge for Cheap Prices

A frozen small river in Breckenridge

Spring and fall are the off-season in Breckenridge, and therefore the best time to visit for cheap prices. The weather is less reliable, the hiking trails or slopes (while they’re still open) can be muddy, and the town is generally quieter. In fact, you may find that some hotels and restaurants close for a while between the winter and summer crowds.

However, you may also find that those hotels and restaurants that stay open offer some great deals to off-season travelers. Spring skiing also often means deals since fewer people trek to Summit County after the big snowy months have passed. 

When to Visit Breckenridge for Families and Kids 

View of kids skiing om Breckenridge
(photo: LB Houston / Shutterstock)

Winter is a great time to visit Breckenridge for families with kids. As a mom of four, I can tell you that not every ski resort is well-suited to kids. Breck makes it easy, though, with private lessons or ski school, and lots of easy runs at Peak 9. There are even two Kid Adventure Zones with bridges and tunnels to ski through, and a haunted forest.

Besides skiing, there’s an alpine coaster kids will enjoy, and there’s a playground near the Breckenridge Visitors Center downtown. Downstairs at Eric’s has pinball and vintage arcade games the family will love, too. The kids will probably also enjoy riding the free gondola to get a view of the town from above. 

When to Visit Breckenridge to Avoid Crowds

View from the Breckenridge Ski Resort

Spring is the least-visited season in Breckenridge, so the best time to visit to avoid crowds. Among the shoulder seasons, fall is still somewhat popular thanks to the gorgeous fall foliage in the Rocky Mountains. Spring, however, brings lots of mud. If you believe a little mess makes up for not having to face crowds or higher prices, consider booking in early April when spring is in full-swing.

Businesses also take advantage of the slower season to reduce their hours or close entirely for a few weeks. Be sure you check hours and reserve your hotel ahead of time. 

If you want to visit Breckenridge in winter and face fewer crowds, visit on weekdays and avoid holiday times or spring break.

Seasonal Events & Festivals in Breckenridge


Different snow sculptures made by the competitors in International Snow Sculpture Championships
(photo: Faina Gurevich / Shutterstock)
  • The Race of the Santas – There may be only one Jolly Old St. Nick, but every December, hundreds of his doppelgangers, along with elves and Mrs. Clauses run, walk, or otherwise parade themselves down the street. And, of course, there are milk and cookies along the way. 
  • Ullr Fest – Another December festival celebrates the Norse god of snow with a parade, a bonfire, a polar plunge, and more. 
  • International Snow Sculpture Championships – These championships take two weeks in January and early February. For one week, you can watch the artists carve their masterpieces, and for the second week, you can view the finished results. They’re breathtaking. 


Aerial view of Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge
  • Women’s Ski Week: Each February, Breckenridge is home to a week of women’s only programs and events to celebrate girl power on the slopes.
  • Mardi Gras: In early March, Breckenridge celebrates New Orleans-style with a Mardi Gras party on Main Street. Bring your feathered boa and a mask and come ready to have fun!
  • The Breck Plunge: Toward the end of each ski season, skiers have a chance to end their run by skimming across a pool of water at the end. The faster you go, the less likely you’ll end up with a good soaking at the end. 


Kids doing one of the activities during a festival in Breckenridge
Warm weather during the summer months means family-friendly demonstrations and festivals!
  • Fourth of July: A Main Street parade, art displays, live music, and – of course – fireworks make this a great way to celebrate in town!
  • Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival: This July event brings together breweries from around the world for tastings, live music, and food. 
  • Breckenridge Food and Wine Festival: This late July event features hundreds of wines to sample, along with food and live music near the base of Peak Nine.


View of a mountain and trees in Breckenridge during fall season
  • Breckenridge Strings, Ciders & Sours: Enjoy a weekend of cider, beer and bluegrass! This festival includes a cider pairing dinner, tastings, and Sunday brunch to wrap up the weekend. 
  • Breckenridge Oktoberfest: Celebrate German culture with this September festival. There’s a Family Fun Zone, a party on Main Street, and a weekend of celebrations at the end of September.

Breckenridge Weather & Climate

View of a river flowing in Breckenridge

Breckenridge has a high-alpine climate that’s responsible for the 366 inches of snow the town gets each year. At the same time, Breckenridge also gets almost 300 days of sunshine. In winter, the average high is 28°F, and the low is 15°F. Although Breckenridge gets legendary amounts of snow, the annual rainfall is just 18 inches.

Summers are mild, with daytime average temperatures in the 70s or, occasionally, the low 80s. At night, temps are usually in the 50s. Afternoons can bring thunderstorms and rain, but storms move in and out of the area quickly. 

In spite of the snowfall at Breckenridge, wildfires in the mountains are a very real concern. Fires can happen anytime of the year, In fact, the most expensive wildfire in Colorado history happened in late December.

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FAQs About the Best Time to Visit Breckenridge

Sunrise over a mountain in Breckenridge

What is the coldest month in Breckenridge?

The coldest month in Breckenridge is January. The average temperature during the day in January is 29°F, which drops to an average low of 14°F overnight.

What months does it snow in Breckenridge Colorado?

It snows in Breckenridge Colorado from the month of October until the month of May. However, it does not snow constantly during that time. The best snow for skiing is from November through April. 

What is the hottest month in Breckenridge?

July is the hottest month in Breckenridge. Temperatures in July have an average high of 72°F. August is the next hottest month, followed by June, which has an average temperature during the day in the high 60s.

Does Breckenridge have an off season?

Breckenridge does have an off season. Spring and fall in Breckenridge are not as popular as the winter and summer seasons, and you’ll find fewer visitors during those times. 


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to consider the different factors as you decide the best time to visit Breckenridge! If you’ll be exploring more of the state, be sure to check out my guide to the best time to visit Colorado.

Because Breckenridge is a fun, fascinating place to visit year-round, you’ll always find something to do no matter what you decide is the best time to visit Breckenridge for you.

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