Top Destinations in Asia 2019

6 Hot and Trendy Destinations in Asia for Your 2019 Travels

6 up-and-coming destinations voted by travel influencers as the next hot thing in travel on the continent of Asia.

Get your passports ready because we’re announcing the six top emerging travel destinations in Asia for 2019. 

We asked some of the world’s top travel bloggers, vloggers, and influencers to help select the top destinations around the world from dozens of nominations by tourism boards. And we are ready to officially announce that the six winning destinations in Asia are, in a world, incredible. Just check out the list below and see if you can resist the urge to book plane tickets.

Sri Lanka

Winner of Our 2019 Judges’ Award

Beach in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been poised on the edge of tourism popularity for a few years now, and 2019 might finally be the year it pops. In fact, it was just named the #1 country in the world to travel to in 2019 by Lonely Planet. And, honestly, it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. From dreamy surf coasts to quiet jungle retreats, to incredible wildlife and history, Sri Lanka has all the makings of one of the greatest travel destinations on the planet. And with two very distinct rainy seasons on each side of the island, there’s always somewhere that’s “in season,” meaning there’s no bad time to visit. Just hurry up and get there before everyone else does.

Plan Your Trip:

“Sri Lanka is a mesmerizing and magical place with something for everyone, and enough diversity to keep a trip interesting. It has stunning beaches, is a haven for budget travelers, has flavorful food, and there are oodles of heritage, wildlife, and incredible landscapes just waiting to be hiked.”
Meg Jerrard


Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe it

Al Mughsayl, Salalah, Oman

Perhaps the most underrated destination in the Middle East (which, yes, we include within our Asia awards), there are incredible places to visit in Oman for every type of traveler. From taking a 4 x 4 over majestic rolling sand dunes, to relaxing at a high-end resort on a pristine beach, to wildlife safaris, you’re likely to be surprised by the incredible array of activities on offer in Oman. Its capital Muscat may lack the pomp and circumstance of flashier Middle Eastern cities (Muscat has a skyscraper ban), but it’s a charming place to experience Arabian culture. Oh, and if you visit during late summer, you can witness the spectacle of tens of thousands of turtles hatching and make their brave first run towards the ocean.

“Oman appeals to me because of all the different activities that you can do there in just one visit. Safaris, dune buggies and beaches all in one trip? Count me in!”
Kamelia Britton


Asia’s secret gem

Bhutan, a top destination in Asia for 2019
Photo courtesy Tourism Council of Bhutan

A hidden gem of truly unspoiled beauty, Bhutan plans to keep it that way. The country is famous for severely restricting tourism in an effort to preserve its remote and uncommercialized status. But if you’re up for the challenge, Bhutan offers one of the most incredible travel experiences on the planet. You’ll find a rich and unrivaled culture not quite like anything else on this globe, bursting at the seams with tradition, color, and art. And the countryside of Bhutan is nothing short of spectacular: picture colorful prayer flags strewn across hundreds of stupas dotting verdant green landscapes and impressive sheer mountains. Traveling to Bhutan isn’t for everyone. But that’s exactly why it’s so special. 


Only the adventurous need apply

Altay mountains. Mongolia

Still very much off the tourist map, and not all that different than the majestic place described by Marco Polo, Mongolia has all the makings of a great adventure travel destination. Sleep in a yurt, or under the stars. Explore Buddhist temples, witness a nomadic festival, or see the Gobi desert on the back of a camel. And don’t forget about the budding food scene in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Whatever you do, get here fast: Mongolia won’t remain such an undiscovered treasure forever.

“Mongolia is all about nomadic life, and as a nomadic traveler I felt a connection to their culture. Their culture has become more modern, but when you go there you’ll still feel as if you have went back in time 25 years.”
Sherry Ott
“Mongolia is hands down one of the most incredible places we’ve ever visited. The landscapes across the Gobi Dessert will blow your mind. As gay travelers we are particularly interested in the progression of LGBTQ laws across Asia [and] love places like Mongolia and India who have not only legalized homosexuality, but have active gay scenes.”
Stefan & Sebastien 

Hampi, India

Step back in time

Hampi, India
Photo courtesy Red Savannah

You’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time when you arrive in the ancient village Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site packed with so many incredible historic temples, shrines, and forts that we’d fill this entire page if we tried to name them all. Plus, the landscapes here are positively surreal and something that can only be fully appreciated in person. Hampi makes for a perfect getaway for many reasons beyond its incredible history, however. Relax on the aptly-named Hippie Island, swim under waterfalls or in secret lagoons, or just while away the afternoon in a chique cafe. Whatever you do, you’re sure to be left wondering how this place isn’t on everyone’s list yet. 

“India is one of those places that’s always surprising and can so easily captivate you as a traveler. And honestly: there’s nowhere in the world quite like Hampi. Its Flintstones-like scenery and laid-back atmosphere stands in stark contract to other places in India, yet it still feels as magical as anywhere else—just maybe a bit more beautiful.”
Adam Groffman

Niseko, Japan

Japan’s best-kept secret

Niseko Japan, a top destination in Asia for 2019
Photo courtesy Niseko Village

Nope, that’s not Mt. Fuji, we swear. But Niseko’s Mt. Yotei certainly bears a striking resemblance to Japan’s most famous symbol. Perhaps that’s fitting, as this tiny village on the northern island of Hokkaido offers a sampling of the best that Japan has to offer: cherry blossoms in the spring, unspoiled nature in the summer, and white powdery slopes in the winter. Ski buffs will be particularly enthused to discover the world-acclaimed ski-in-ski-out offerings of Niseko United, four interconnected resorts that boast an impressive array of trails with truly unbelievable views of the surrounding winter wonderland. But no matter what season you visit in, you’re sure to be left wondering why Niseko isn’t a household name everywhere (yet).

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There you have it: the six top emerging destinations in Asia for 2019. Want more? Go check out the winners for every continent.

Special thanks to our judges for this Asia article: Mapping MeganHackeretteNomadic BoysTravels of Adam, and Otts World

Which of these destinations was voted by our readers as #1 in Asia for 2019? Go check out our readers’ picks for the best travel destinations of 2019 to find out!

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  1. YES! Oman is beautiful espically during winter! So much to see from Jebel Shams, Musandam to Salalah. Muscat is the capital with so much to see, (CamelOasis Oman)is a detailed travel guide if you plan to travel to Oman. Safe travels!

  2. Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and peaceful country. If you are stressed out and drained mentally, it is this place which embrace you with hospitality and its blend of customs and traditions. Breath taking hikes, trekking routes and various activies, Bhutan gives you the best experience of peacefulness and calmness.

  3. No Indonesia anymore here..?? Come on Indonesia has Raja Ampat is the Real Paradise in the WORLD and many more need to be explored.

  4. Amazing article and very informative also.This article will surely help the travellers planning to travel vietnam.There are many amazing places in vietnam but the southern part which is mui ne is quite popular among the tourists.There are many beautiful beaches & beach resort one of the best beach resort is bamboo village beach resort which is popular for its hospitality,amazing food & outstanding service.

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